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August 12, 2017 18:06

The high beds with their own hands

traditional land processing requires a lot of time and physical strength, and the harvest is not always as expected.That is why more and more gardeners equip their sites high on the beds, allowing effortlessly get a great harvest of vegetables annually.Make high beds with their own hands can be anyone, because it does not require special skills or special equipment.

The high beds with their own hands

high beds with their hands

advantages of high beds

Article Contents

  • 1 advantages of high beds
  • 2 materials for fencing
  • 3 Optimal size high beds
  • 4 correct device high beds
    • 4.1 Step 1. Woodworking
    • 4.2 Step 2. site preparation
    • 4.3 Step 3. Assembling the frame for beds
    • 4.4 Step 4: Install the design
    • 4.5 Step 5. Filling the beds
  • 5 device beds of slate
    • 5.1 Step 1. Marking
    • 5.2 Step 2. Preparation material
    • 5.3 Step 3: Install the frame
    • 5.4 Step 4. Filling the beds
  • 6 Care of the beds
    • 6.1 Video - The high beds with their hands
    • 6.2 Video - High beds of slate

compared with conventionalthe beds in bulk is much more advantages:

  • garden can be divided even on the site, it is unsuitable for agriculture;
  • digging and weeding the garden replaced a slight loosening of the soil;
  • in confined spaces easier to remove weeds;
  • high bed of easy to install and just as easy to disassemble;
  • between the beds can be put track and walk on them in any weather;
  • plants mature faster, which is especially important in cold regions;
  • in the regeneration of high beds provided good drainage;
  • culture beds easily protect from frost by covering with a tarpaulin or agrovoloknom.

In addition, the garden of bulk beds can be very decorative, so you can break it down next to the house.

The high beds with their own hands

high beds with their hands

materials for fencing

High bed frame is a certain size, the interior of which is filled with soil, compost and fertilizers.Most often, frame made of rectangular form, and collect it from the board, slate, branches, plastic and other materials.

Tree - the most affordable, easy to install and environmentally friendly material.To use the beds assembly boards, beams, small beams.Disadvantages: requires a protective timber processing, quickly darkens and loses its appeal, is short-lived.

High beds

High beds

vine and twigs - inexpensive and original solution.Wicker wall look very attractive, can be given any form of a bed.Disadvantages: weaving vines requires skill, service life of such a frame is very short.

stone and brick - an option for areas with classic architecture.Very reliable and durable material, attaches decorative garden beds.Disadvantages: high cost, on the creation of the beds will require more time, it is difficult to dismantle.

High ridges with terraces tiers of bricks with their hands

high ridges with terraces tiers of bricks with their hands

Plastic - a great alternative to wood.Sheet plastic is easy to assemble and disassemble, it is strong enough, has an attractive appearance, a very durable and relatively inexpensive.Disadvantages: some plastics are composed of harmful substances, therefore not suitable for the garden.Environmentally friendly material has a certificate, which must be presented at purchase.

High beds

High beds

Metal - comfortable and durable material, ideal for shaped beds.If necessary, move the skeleton of metal will not be difficult, as well as to dismantle it.Exterior walls of metal trim, they can be painted in any color or paint the ornaments.Disadvantages: to build metal welder curb needed skills, sheet metal price is high enough to protect against corrosion requires high-quality surface.

The high ridges of the sheet metal

high ridges of the sheet metal

Concrete - a great solution for multi-tiered arrangement of flower beds or vegetable garden on a slope.The walls can be made monolithic or assembled from individual concrete blocks.The concrete surface is easy to decorate, it is the most robust, durable, has a neat appearance.Disadvantages: a long process of installation, high cost of materials, additional requirements for the device drainage system.

Making beds slate - it is quite simple and the budget option.Install the wall can be very fast, it is the kind of stuff for a long time, for decorative slate can be painted in any color.The main drawback - the fragility of the material, so installation should be handled with care.

The beds of slate

The beds of slate

High beds at the cottage

high ridges in the country

Optimal size high beds

size and shape of the beds unmade every gardener chooses at its discretion.And yet, there are optimum parameters under which the bed will be most effective:

  • height from the ground 15-50 cm;
  • width of 90-120 cm;
The optimum size of the high beds

Optimal size high beds

If the bed is poured on fertile soil, it is made of 15-20 cm in height. This is enough for a good harvest.If the soil at the site is not suitable for agriculture, a bed is raised to 30 cm composting beds made even higher -. 0.5 m Sometimes the wall is raised very high, which allows not to bend during tillage and planting, but it increases the consumption of material.and it requires more time for the resettlement of the garden.In addition, when a large width of the frame work the soil at a height inconvenient.

How to make high flower bed

How to make a bed high

width of the beds should be sufficient for the two rows of plants.With this planting all the plants will receive the same amount of air and sunlight, which is very positive effect on productivity.More series leads to the fact that plants get average less air shaded, are pulled up, and the yield falls.Treating bed of standard width is also much easier than too broad.

length unmade beds is not critical, therefore, is limited only by the size of the site.The most common option - a bed length of 1.5 to 3 m;They are compact, carefully look at the garden.

correct device high beds

an example taken from the bed of the fence boards;This option is the most convenient and inexpensive.

In operation required:

  • bayonet spade;
  • roulette;
  • drill or screwdriver;
  • building level;
  • circular saw or jigsaw;
  • screws;
  • board 50x200 mm;
  • bar 50x50 mm;
  • primer;
  • construction mesh.

Step 1. Woodworking

Driving high beds

Driving high beds

boards are cut-to-size frame, then cover on all sides antiseptic impregnation.Can be used for these purposes, used oil, and to prevent the entry of harmful substances into the soil after treatment is recommended tree upholster film on one side.Especially the lower edges of the treated boards, which will be in contact with the ground.Cant is sawn into pieces 50 cm in length and also impregnated with a protective agent.After this, the building material spread out to dry.

Driving high beds

Driving high beds

Step 2. Site preparation

Planning a bed to be illuminated by the sun for at least 5 hours a day.Mark out the boundaries of the beds, clean the stones and branches, dug perennials.If desired, you can dig the ground with shallow grass - it will increase the permeability of the soil.If the soil is very tight, trodden enough to remove a layer of sod around the perimeter markings on small depth to make it easier to put the frame.

Step 3. Assembling the frame for beds

frame assembly


frame assembly for beds

frame assembly for a bed

Dried boards knock pairs shields and interconnected by means of bars.The height of the panels is equal to the height of the beds, the long side of the frame is further reinforced by transverse bars in the center.Since the length of the bars is greater than the height of the walls, they should protrude above frame 10 cm. This will be the frame legs.To improve the appearance of the structure, on the perimeter of the frame stuffed laid flat on the board edges are cut at an angle of 45 degrees.At the end of the frame can be painted on the outside.

frame assembly for beds

frame assembly for a bed

Step 4: Install the design

Set design

Installation design

Ready frame is transferred to the installation site;exhibit design partitioning, making recesses for the feet, check the location of the building level beds.If necessary, enclose pegs or, on the contrary, remove excess soil.The design must be as straight as possible, all the angles on the same level.Finally, pour the soil on the walls around the perimeter and sealed, to leave no gaps.

Step 5. Filling the beds

first floor close grid construction and nailed it on the edges of the walls of the frame.The grid structure protects against the ingress of moles and mice.Then laid geotextile, which will not allow weeds to germinate.Next, fill the beds operate in layers:

  • small twigs, bark, large chips, leaves;
  • poultry manure, rotted manure or compost;
  • fallen leaves, twigs, bark, grass;
  • fertilizer;
  • fertile land.
Filling beds

Filling beds

thickness of each layer is 10 cm. Mix layers do not need to, but well leveled and compacted necessary.If the soil at the site is not very good quality, it is best to use the purchase soil.After filling the bed of well-watered and allowed to stand for a couple of days.During this time, will settle a little layers and sealed.From above it is recommended to cover the black frame agrovoloknom, which provides the best heating of soil and prevents weed growth.

fruitful beds

Fruitful beds

make high beds recommended in the fall or late summer, the layers are well perepreli and plant roots get the most nutrients.If the beds are mounted in the spring, you need to fill them at least a month before planting, and several times copiously shed water to seal.Such a construction is easily converted into teplichku: for this frame mounted on plastic or metal arch whose ends are fixed to the walls using bolts.On top of the arc is attached plastic wrap or a special agrovoloknom.

fruitful beds

Fruitful beds

Device beds of slate

device for bulk beds can be used as a flat and undulating slate.beds mount technology in this way is very simple and the power of each.

The bed of slate

The bed of slate

Table.Wave slate

profile sheet Dimensions, m leaf area, sq.m Weight kg
8 wave 1,75 x 1,13 x 0,0058 1,9775 26,1
7 wave 1,75 x 0,98 x 0,0058 1,7150 23,2
Prices of flat slate

Prices of flat slate

To work needed:

  • sheets of slate;
  • Bulgarian;
  • bayonet spade;
  • a piece of chalk or a pencil;
  • roulette;
  • level;
  • rubber mallet;
  • drill;
  • wooden pegs or metal rods.

Step 1. Marking

in a selected area mark out the boundaries of the beds and installed beacons.Along the perimeter of narrow grooves are dug to a depth of a bayonet.If the soil is good, then remove all the fertile layer inside the mark, emptying his near future flower beds.

Step 2. Preparation Material

Optional mounting of a flat slate

Option Bonds flat slate

The connection parts of the longitudinal side of the beds

Connection parts of the longitudinal side of the beds

sheets of slate laid on a flat surface, measure out the desired length and carry a chalk line across the waves.After that, the Bulgarian slate cut along the lines.Pegs impregnated with bitumen mastic or used oil, and if used as a rack cutting metal bars, spend processing corrosion preventive compounds.

Step 3. Setting the framework

High ridges of slate

high ridges of slate

first sheet of slate installed vertically in groove angle from the markings.Then put the next sheet with an overlap into a single wave, level, inciting the top with a rubber mallet to both sheets at the same height.Check the location of the upper edge of the slate building level, if necessary, pour or removed from below the ground.Strengthens the walls of metal bars or pegs, which are driven from both sides to a depth of 0.5 m. So in turn put all frame plates, the trench is filled and once again check the horizontal level.Then tamped the soil at the walls, the excess is removed.

Step 4. Filling the beds

The bed of a flat slate with corners

The bed of a flat slate with corners

On the bottom you can put old newspapers, cardboard, pieces of wallpaper, the next layer - chopped firewood, bark and sawdust.Then fall asleep fine chips, put vegetable waste, peat or compost.And on top of all that sprinkled the ground, which was taken out at the beginning.Liberally sprinkled bed of water to wet all of the layers, and leave for a few days.When the compacted bed, you can start planting.

Care of the beds

When the plants sprout, planting should be well watered and zamulchirovat.Break through the layer of mulch weeds immediately removed.After harvesting, loosen the surface and seeded green-manures.Before the onset of cold weather all the vegetation is mowed, leveled on the bed, poured from the top layer of soil and covered with a black film in the winter.Periodically, you need to inspect the frame wall, replace or repair some parts.

Ground between the beds often fall asleep fine gravel, gravel, straw, sometimes seeded lawn grass.In such circumstances, the garden is always well-groomed, weeds do not grow, it does not stick to the shoe dirt.Optionally, you can lay out a track from the tile and brick, or pour concrete.

Video - The high beds with their hands

Video - High beds of slate