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August 12, 2017 18:06

Pent roof for the garage with his hands

can only envy those motorists who have or had the opportunity to build your own real garage.Knowing the mentality of our men, it can be a high degree of confidence to say that the vast majority of the "lucky ones" will take over the construction of a handwritten "home" for your machine.In our time, it provided a lot of opportunities for the selection of materials for the construction of the garage - like from the standpoint of simplicity, self-erecting, and from the point of view of maximum efficiency.

Pent roof for the garage with his hands

Pent roof for the garage with his hands

Any construction is always crowned by a roof, and if, again, rely on the minimum cost, the best option becomes a lean-to structure it.In addition, the problem of some special decoration is usually relegated to the background, giving way to the construction of reliability and speed of its installation.It is these qualities and has said option.Thus, the pent roof for the garage with his hands, from carrying out the necessary calculations to the peculiarities

of installation - in this publication.

What dignity pent roof, there is a downside?

Article Contents

  • 1 What dignity pent roof, there is a downside?
  • 2 Options pent roof garage
  • 3 main parameters of a pent roof of the garage, holding their calculations
    • 3.1 direction of the roof slope
    • 3.2 definition of steepness of slope
    • 3.3 How to give a slope defined slope angle?
      • 3.3.1 Calculator excess wall to provide the necessary slope pent roof
    • 3.4 Determine the length of the rafters
      • 3.4.1 Calculator rafter length for pent roof
    • 3.5 cross sectiontrusses, installation step
      • 3.5.1 Calculator distributed load on the rafters of the roof pent
  • 4 installation pent roof garage
    • 4.1 Video: example of a pent roof mounting

Sogarage, in most cases it is seen as an auxiliary technical room, so when designing and building usually dominated by utilitarian approach - simplicity, reliability, creation of effective protection of the vehicle from falling precipitation.That is why so popular in this case have a lean-roof.

  • This design - is simple for independent calculations.It is based on the triangle - the "tough" with all two-dimensional shapes, which is described by simple and clear geometrical relationships.
Pent roof - it is a simple design for settlements and the erection of an independent

Pent roof - it is a simple design for the construction of settlements and self

  • cost of materials and components is always much lower than for even the most simple gable roof.Importantly, the saving in this case lumber in no way does not affect the reliability of the construction.
  • pent roof mounting system - simple and intuitive.For self-erecting such a structure does not have to be a skilled craftsman - subject to technical recommendations with such a task is able to handle any owner of the garage.This is another "plus" in terms of efficiency of construction - no need to resort to hiring professionals.
  • Another advantage - the speed of execution of works.Close the garage shed roof can be in a matter of days, whereas when choosing a more complex truss system and the time it will take much longer.

However, the owner of the garage when choosing a pent roof will have to accept some of its shortcomings:

  • Pent roof is more susceptible to snow load -at the expense of a small slope on its surface can be formed snow drifts.This is sure to be taken into account in the calculations.
  • This design does not imply or attic, or its operational capabilities will be significantly limited.
Loft with pent roof construction , or not at all, or whether it will be small and little functional

Loft with pent roof construction, or not at all, or whether it will be small and little functional

  • There are certain difficulties in providing high-quality thermal insulation of the garage, especially if the project is not expected to have at least a small atticpremises.
  • Finally, not everyone likes the look of pent roof without assuming any decorative frills.However, it is a matter of taste, and, if desired, a pent roof is quite possible to enter into a common "skyline" of their country estates.For many, this disadvantage is not significant at all.

Options pent roof garage

pent roof system is a series of stacked parallel trusses arranged in such a way that one end of them raised relative to the other to a certain height, to create the bias.Rafters are the basis for the installation of the necessary crates, and already she, in turn - for the selected deck roofing.

excess of one edge of the rafter on the other can be achieved in several ways:

  • Still in the process of designing one of the garage walls is planned above the other, by an amount (calculated on such excess will be discussed below).Two other walls in this case is shaped trapeze.
One wall of the garage is built directly above the other .

One wall of the garage is built directly above the other.

This approach is often practiced in the frame construction.Even in the preparation of drawings provided that the height of the supporting vertical studs with one hand will be higher.Thus, at different heights, with the necessary will? H beams and upper trim, which will play the role mauerlat.As a result, once the system is put ready pent roof, which will only mount the rafters, and then - the right crate.

The frame construction of the roof slope of the ramp provided by the difference in height uprights opposite walls.

The frame construction of the roof slope of the ramp provided by the difference in height uprights opposite walls.

What wall will vary in height, of course, will depend on the direction of slope.

- This can be cross slope, towards one side of the garage.Such a method is attracted by the fact that the rafters are shorter and often you can do the simplest scheme, without providing them with additional supports.

- Another option when building exterior wall above the back, and then the slope of the ramp is organized back.The length of the building in such a case, in relation to the garage, already reaches 5 ÷ 6 and even more meters, and without their gain is not enough.

  • If the project both walls of the building - the same height, or the lean-to roof structures built on earlier construction, the slope of the rafters can organize substituting for them in one hand stands the same height? H.Stands on top are usually combined strapping timbers, which will serve as mauerlat.
The walls are the same height , and with one of the parties under the rafters are installed racks .

walls are the same height, and with one of the parties under the rafters are installed racks.

In this case, the facade of the roof structure and remaining open gable triangles truss system after installation simply sewn wood or other material, in its sole discretion.

Artificial exterior wall pent roof - rack with the upper strapping timbers and plank siding .

Artificial exterior wall of the pent roof - rack with the upper strapping timbers and plank siding.

This approach often allows for savings in the construction of the main walls of the garage - leave less bricks or blocks, and the laying process will be faster - no need to display additional trapezoid side wall gables.

  • If the walls of the same height, and then resorted to another reception - on the "ground" mount trusses, and then set them to a specific step in the mauerlat.
The roof structure is a " suite " set by roof trusses

roof structure is a "suite" set trusses

Generally progress is made one such farm, thoroughly tried on and adjusted to the place.Well, then it becomes a template for the "cloning" - she made the rest of the sample, in suitable conditions on the ground.When all farms are ready - go to the final installation.The lower corners are attached to farms mauerlat, upper - strapped together timbers, creating a single rigid structure.

This approach is particularly useful when a large distance between the walls of the builder commits to strengthen the rafters.A farm in itself is rigid structural element as combines and original beam ceilings and truss leg defined between the reinforcing webs - studs or braces.

Roof trusses combines the properties and floor beams and rafter

roof trusses combines the properties and joist and rafter

Another obvious convenience - in a garage will be much easier to hem ceiling, if necessary, also insulate it - horizontal beams farms provide all possibilities for this.

Another option - when the garage is attached to the finished solid wall previously erected building capital.

Another option - the garage is attached to the previously constructed buildings .

Another option - the garage is attached to the earlier construction of the building.

In this case, one end of the rafter rests on the set on the wall at a certain height brackets or support beams, and the second - on uprights with strapping - in the case of frame construction or on an attached mauerlat near the wall.In any case, the fulcrum is located besides the calculated altitude difference? H.

Garage with pent roof is attached to the house

Garage with pent roof is attached to

home, if necessary, instead of a wall of the house rafters are mounted and roof trusses, by analogy with the previously considered case.

main parameters of a pent roof of the garage, holding their calculations

So, if you decide to build a garage on the pent roof, it is necessary to define its basic parameters.

From the raw data, as a rule, are only the size of "the box" garage - its length and width.Hence we begin to "dance."

Initial data for calculations - the length of the garage ( B) , the width ( of L ) , the planned direction of the roof slope .

Initial data for calculation - garage length (D), the width (L), the planned direction of the roof slope.

direction of the roof slope

First of all, you should determine in advance the direction of gradient of slope, guided by considerations not only convenient and easy installation of roof system, but also taking into account the prevailing wind direction at the construction site.

slope of the roof is recommended to perform it on the windward side, so that air traffic does not create lift, but rather presses down the roof structure.Although the garage, as a rule, low-rise construction, and can almost completely from the effects of wind dig other buildings, however, the prevalence of the wind may be due to the peculiarities of the terrain or the neighboring area - open space, forest clearing, etc.And, of course, a role in choosing the direction of the ramp can play and the specific area - a common "background" design area layout storm sewer system or other factors.

definition of steepness of slope

next step - it is necessary to determine the slope of the ramp, that is, with the value of α angle.

For uni-roofing this angle is typically less than 25, the maximum - 30 °.If the slope is too large the building itself looks ridiculous, and most importantly - the roof becomes very vulnerable to wind load.Too small deviations, less than 10 °, are also undesirable, since in this case, increases dramatically the importance of snow load on the ramp, hampered the outflow of water, especially during thaws or start mass melting of the snow.

On slope angle seriously affected and the type of roofing.If the owner of the garage in advance a preference to a particular material for a roof, for example, to sustain the overall design of the territory, it must be guided by certain rules when calculating the slope of a pent roof.

Below is a diagram showing the allowable types of roofing for different angles of slope of the roof.

The diagram according to the angle of slope of the linear dimensions , allowable types of roofing

Diagram dependence of the angle of slope of the linear dimensions, allowable types of roofing

Note that the slope of the ramp in the diagram shown in three different versions - in degrees and in the ratio of lift height (? H) to the base length (D or L), which, in turn, can be expressed as a fractional or percentage ratio.Having at hand such a scheme, it is easy to convert one unit of measurement to another.

number in the circle indicates the types of roofing, and the arrow running from them, indicating minimum allowable value of the slope of the roof, under which they can be used.

Designation Scheme Acceptable type of roofing

Coverage shingle, wood chips, natural shingles.
Natural piece-tile, slate and bitumen-polymer tiles.
flat roof: at least four layers of coil coating based on bitumen, with foreign-grained small fraction of gravel, recessed into the molten mastic.
same thing, but only three layers of material with the necessary grit.
same thing, but without the obligation of gravel packing.
When using roll material - two layers deposited on mastic "hot" way.It allowed the use of metal or some types of corrugated board.
slate Asbestos cement corrugated sheets reinforced profile.
Clay tiles.
flat sheets of slate reinforced profiles
Sheet steel roofing with standing seam panel.
Slate asbestos-cement corrugated usual profile.

How to give a predetermined slope angle of the slope?

next question - how to give the right slope angle.

If value α and with the direction of the slope ramp defined, then, knowing the source parameter of the length or width of the garage (), it is easy to define and the desired height difference? H , which has already been mentioned more than once.

If the walls have a certain thickness (for example, are made of blocks or bricks), the survey of linear construction parameters D and L carry on their outer edges.

To calculate use the known trigonometric formula:

H = L ( D ) × tg α

to not force the reader to look for the value of tan and conduct independentcalculation, calculator posted below, which will perform the calculation in seconds.If desired, you can "play" the values ​​to find the best valid option.

Calculator excess wall to provide the necessary slope pent roof

Enter the requested values, and then click "Show value exceeding ΔH"
Basic length (D or L),along which organized slope of the roof (m)
planned angle of the roof slope alpha (degrees)

Determine the rafter length