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August 12, 2017 18:06

Stairs to the second floor with their hands

Recently, construction of suburban homes often is not limited to a single floor.In order to expand the space being built or the second insulated and is in suitable condition for comfortable living attic.This means that without a ladder in the interior of the first floor can not do.

Stairs to the second floor with their hands

staircase to the second floor with his hands

staircase to the second floor with their hands could easily be collected from the final set, which can be purchased in companies profiled engaged in the development and manufacture of the interior of the functional element.The proposed directories you can pick up the staircase, which perfectly fit into the atmosphere of both floors, and will be comfortable and safe for ascent and descent for all family members.

possible to try and build a ladder on their own, but in this case it is necessary to make an accurate calculation , since the usual crudity of design element for all the house may well be travmaopasnym «simulator."

In addition, you need to decide is what ro

le will play in the interior staircase.It can be completely invisible, and not a decorative ornament of the room, and can become the center of the composition, around which will build all the decoration of the room.

Therefore, in order to choose the appropriate instance, although better would be schematically draw the ladder, which wanted see his house, and you can find a ready-made version and adapt it to a certain room.

Before you choose a model ladder, it is necessary to know how does it work, and how to calculate it correct settings.

main constituent elements of the ladder

Article Contents

  • 1 main constituent elements of the ladder
  • 2 Types stairs
    • 2.1 stairway
    • 2.2 ladder design and rails
    • 2.3 Video: installation of wooden stairs and rails
    • 2.4 screw Half-floor staircase
    • 2.5 Video: installation of a spiral staircase
  • 3 to stair design requirements
    • 3.1 Video: errors in the design andconstruction of stairs
  • 4 calculation ladders parameters and production of details
    • 4.1 ladder parameters calculation
    • 4.2 Video: example of calculation march interfloor ladder
    • 4.3 Making stairs details
  • 5 mounting the stairs
    • 5.1 Video: another interesting version of the staircase to the second floor mounting

stair design has many components, some of which are mandatory, while others may not be included in the device of some species of this plant.

Basic structural elements of stairs

main structural elements stairs

Thus, the ladder can not do without steps and pillars that support them - these are the main elements of the simplest designs of interfloor staircase.

  • step itself consists of two parts - vertical and horizontal.The first of these is called the riser , and the second - the pace. riser is support for the tread, but sometimes manage without her .
  • supports can be of two types:

- string - a beam supporting the stage with their ends;

Footfall and string

arrive and string

- kosour - beams supporting steps below.

  • rails - is also an important element of the stairs, although there is not at all its forms.But if a family has children or elderly people, without them you can not do.
  • balusters - vertically mounted support for handrails, which are most often not just a functional staircase detail, but it decorative ornament.This element can be made of different materials and have different shapes.

Since there are different types of stairs, each of them can have the details that are needed specifically for a particular design.

  • front - this item is used for the device of a spiral staircase.On the rack certain step fixed stage a special form, which form a spiral, rising from the first to the second floor.
Staircase rails

ladder rails

  • Bolz - this special bolts, which are also supporting elements of the stage, they are mounted in the wall and directly on the stage themselves.They do not apply to everyone, but only for certain types of ladders.

Types stairs

learning, what elements comprise a ladder, need more to understand how each type looks these designs, installed between floors.


This kind stairs - popular for private homes any type.It consists of one or more straight marches, equipped evenly spaced steps.As it is convenient to go up and down, but the disadvantage of this model is that it need to have plenty of space in the room.

The most common - FLOATING

most common - FLOATING

If the ladder consists of several marches, each of them must have at least 3 ÷ 4 and no more than 15 steps.Failure to comply with this standard can lead to comfort not lift the stairs.Typically, the number of stages in each march is 8 ÷ 11 pieces, and a special area set between the marches.Their sizes are multiples of the average step length.

  • Open staircases can be closed and open.The first of these are in the design stages podstupenniki , and the second - arranged without them.Open option is useful in cases where the level has insufficient width.
  • Open staircases can have steps, fixed on kosour or on the string.These parts are selected boards having a thickness of not less than 45 ÷ 50 and better - even 60 ÷ 70 mm.If
  • straight stairs without turning has more than 8 - 9 steps, it is recommended for strength and divide it platform.
  • In case staircase built with a slight twist, its called turning, and sometimes on this site instead of the site suit stage, which is called zabezhnymi.
Winders quarter turn staircase

winders quarter turn staircase

  • addition given above types FLOATING may be:

- quarter- - the angle of which at the turn of 90 degrees, and arranged them, mainly ,at the junction of two walls;

- poluoborotnye - turn them has an angle of 180 degrees;

- circular pattern - marches consistently form 360 degrees of rotation.

ladder design on rails

name of these stairs to the Bolza derived from the German word « volzen », which means bolt.Thus, a ladder, fixed screwed.In fact - it mounting detail in the form of a pin having at its ends threaded.With the help of their steps and fences are bonded to each other and are mounted on the wall.These adaptations design looks light and air.It contributes to this and the lack of podstupennikov .

An elegant staircase rails

elegant staircase rails

In addition, this model can be extended to certain section of the wall, and can look quite compact.Despite the seeming ease, design reliable and durable, it is able to withstand hundreds of kilos, so the stairs to the Bolza are becoming increasingly popular.

Несмотря на "воздушный" вид, лестница на больцах является очень надежной

Despite the "airy" look and rails staircase is very reliable

Naturally, such an arrangement can not be located in the middle of the room, as it must necessarily be attached to the wall, the main condition for the installation - it its material strengthfrom which it is built.

ladder rails on quite difficult to calculate their own, but it can be purchased in kit or to order it to professionals to manufacturer with reference to the specific conditions of the house.

Video: installation of wooden stairs to the Bolza

Installation of this construction is rather complicated, and it is better to entrust a qualified craftsmen who will be able to assess the possibility of its installation.Therefore , before you purchase a set, it is best to first consult with specialists.

spiral staircase between the floors

This design is more complicated to install, but has the advantage that it occupies the minimum area of ​​all existing options, so are ideal for areas with limited space.In addition, this ladder can be installed in any convenient location and the room, if desired, to make it center of the interior of the composition, as the design has enough aesthetic appearance.

Spiral staircase - saves space , but it is not always convenient to carry dimensional objects

spiral staircase - saves space, but it is not always convenient to carry dimensional objects

Spiral staircases options can be of different types, but the two-storey house is best suited model consisting of the rack and wedge-shaped steps.To choose a metal pipe rack or a wooden support.

Reception and spiral staircase steps

front steps of the spiral staircase and

  • rack itself is fixed to the floor first floor and in the inner lining or attic ceiling.
  • On her narrow side fixed stage and rotated so that the overall structure like a spiral.
  • on the wide side steps set balusters, the top of which is fixed in the handrail, repeating the spiral direction of the assembly.

Video: spiral staircase installation

uncomfortable in this model is the fact that it will be difficult to raise or lower the down some massive piece of furniture.In addition, by choosing to install such a model, you need to know that the less for it opening intermediate floor, the staircase will be steeper and more inconvenient.

Calculate helical structure is simple.For this defined area in the room where it is installed, calculated its center - this is the place rack installation. Next, vymeryat distance from the rack to the boundary - it will span the width , ie .steps length.

for comfortable walking on a ladder , mid-size stage should be at least 200 mm, and the widest part should not exceed 400 ÷ 420 mm.

This design is quite possible to produce and collect yourself, if skills in working with wood, and the ability to calculate the load on the selected material. However, if there is no confidence in their abilities, it is better to entrust the work of a specialist, as very properly arranged design traumatic .

Requirements for the construction of stairs

Before starting work, you must learn to be met by the design requirements of the stairs.

Stairs must meet certain safety requirements

Stairs must meet certain safety requirements

Security - this is perhaps the most important condition.For it has been fully carried out, it is very important to accurately calculate all the parameters:

- calculated angle of the slope, width and height of the steps, the method of fixing the first and last of them;

- if the stairs are not located between the two walls, fence set needed, and its height shall be not less than 800 ÷ 850 mm;

- if a family has young children, balusters that support the handrail fence, they should not be located further apart than 100 ÷ 120 mm;

- steps width should be 200 ÷ 300 mm;

- ladder to withstand large enough load - for homes they are 300 ÷ 350 kg / m²;

- it is impossible to stage it was slippery - always thought out the texture of their outer coating;

- the whole structure must be firmly and rigidly fastened between floors;

- desirable to set design on the corner of rise more than 45 degrees;

- spans the width can not do less than 850 mm, the optimal variant of the same - it is 1000 ÷ 1200 mm;

- Steps will be less traumatic if it split sites into two or three parts;

- attachment to structural elements must be made of high quality material, so they can not save;

- if the wooden parts are processed independently, it is necessary to bring them to a perfect smoothness and the appropriate size, set design or templates.

Video: errors in the design and construction of stairs

Calculation ladder parameters and production of details

As for independent manufacturing and installation march design with steps laid on kosour - the most accessible and convenient and safe to use, then it is worth considering its .

first thing you need to do - this calculation produce place, the number and size of steps, as well as the width of the span stairs.

Calculation ladder parameters

Calculation construction stairway as follows :

  • taking as a basis the room height and the length of the whole or part of the wall - the place that is reserved for the installation of the stairs.By reducing these values ​​to scale, is drawn right-angled triangle in which the hypotenuse is the very stairs, and the legs of - height lifting and floor.

ideal for mounting ladder is considered an angle of 45 degrees, but it can be changed , depending on the wishes of the owner of the house, and floor space.

  • Comfortable tread width must be at least 200 mm, so the floor leg, leaning on on positive integer its length, divided by this amount.The resulting number of stages is marked in the drawing.
  • height podstupennikov , easy to move, should not exceed 100 ÷ 120 mm.To calculate it, you need to lift the height of the total divided into a selected height podstupenikov and also transferred to the drawing .
  • Thus, it is possible to calculate the size of kosoura laying stages.
  • Width ladder will depend on the preferences of residents and size of the room.

Video: example calculation march interfloor ladder

Making stairs details

To properly make the details necessary to accurately move to the dimensions of the material to make the drawing, and to pick up high-quality well-dried wood.

Mutual adjustment of ladder parts

Mutual fitting parts stairs

  • The hardest - perfectly straight stringers cut it out, as this will depend on reliability and durability, as well as design aesthetics.These carrier elements selected board coherent without cracks and knots numerous large thickness of at least 45 ÷ 50 mm.
  • Fabrics entered may have a width at 1,5 - 2 cm longer than the space provided for them on kosour, plus the thickness of podstupennikov .Footfall should be perfectly smooth with rounded neat edges, and it is also very important to consider.For these selected board 30 ÷ 35 mm.
  • If you planned to make a ladder covered with podstupennikami , they also need to be made carefully.