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August 12, 2017 18:06

Well your hands

for permanent or temporary residence in the country site water source is required, it is desirable that operates all year round.One of the most simple and inexpensive in construction of water sources is a well, which is quite possible to dig with their hands, almost without resorting to the services of specialized equipment.

Well your hands

Well your hands

Stage One.Choosing a place for the well

Article Contents

  • 1 Step One.Choosing a place for the well
    • 1.1 Where does the water?
  • 2 Step Two.Prepare everything you need
  • 3 Stage Three.Construction well
  • 4 Step Four.We protect the structure from surface water
    • 4.1 Video - Clay Castle
  • 5 Step Five.Equips well
  • 6 In conclusion.Protect from frost well
    • 6.1 Video - Building a well

First, consider the basic requirements for a well location.

  1. It should be placed as close as possible to the house, but not close to the walls.
  2. also important limiting distance from all possible sources of pollution - cesspools, landfill
    s, etc.
  3. The selected location should not be riding water (they are found in swampy areas) that can contaminate the water in the well.
Choosing a place for the well

Choosing a place for the well

Despite these low cost of building a well defined cost and effort is still required.Therefore, it is important to correctly pick up a place to the well provided permanent water in the required amounts.

There are many methods to search for a place for the well - with aluminum frames, willow twigs, glass jars, by observing natural phenomena or behavior of the animals.But one of the most effective and at the same time affordable ways considered studying landscape features.We do not find water (or find, but in a small amount) in those areas, which:

  • have significant elevation relief;
  • located far away from wells or other water intake points;
  • are at the steep bank of the reservoir;
  • densely planted with acacia or pine.

Note!There is also a place where the well will produce low-quality water.These places include low coastlines and dried swamp - water is often contains a large amount of manganese and iron.

various recesses and hollows - that the scope of our search.An indicator the presence of underground aquifers are plants such as willow, cranberries, birch and so on.The specific location for digging should be selected places where these plants are tilted crown.Finally, if the fruits of the newly planted apple rot, and she was sick, then lie close to the ground water, t. To. This garden tree susceptible to saturated soil moisture.

How to find water wells

How to find water for the well

From the diagram below you can see the plant species, as well as the depth proleganiya corresponding groundwater.

Note!Another effective indicator may be fog.In the hot summer in the evening or the morning where the water is very close to the surface, spreading fog.The density of the latter is directly related to the proximity of the aquifer.Characteristically, the observation of fog allows you to calculate the location for the construction of wells up to 75%.

Where does the water?

The types of wells

types of wells

built at the bottom of the well begins to accumulate water (it comes from the aquifer, which is also called the horizon) in size from a few tens of meters to several square kilometers.Horizon, "capacity" is enough to fill the well, usually lies at a depth of 4 to 20 m If at around 20 m aquifer still not detected, then further digging wells unprofitable -. Equip lighter well.

Step Two.Prepare everything you need

Water from the wooden well

Water from wooden well

construction of wells procedure is not standardized by any governmental regulations and standards.Classic device was formed more than a century, until acquired a modern look.

To do well with your hands, you need to prepare:

  • tripod of metal parts or wooden poles;
  • winch;
  • rope ladder;
  • shovel;
  • scrap;
  • material to strengthen mine.
Well of concrete rings

Well of concrete rings

On the latter point, the most promising material is concrete rings.They are durable (reinforced with steel rods ø1 cm and more), durable (service life is 50 years), frost-resistant and waterproof.

Product name
height x wall thickness, see inner diameter, see Weight kg
CS-7-1 10x8 70 46
COP-7-1,5 15h8 70 68
CS-7-3 35h8 70 140
CS-7-5 50x8 70 230
CS-7-9 90h8 70 410
COP-7-10 100h8 70 457
COP-105 50x8 100 320
CS-10-6 60h8 100 340
CS-10-9 90h8 100 640
CS-12-10 100h8 120 1050
CS-15-6 60h9 150 900
CS-15-9 90h9 150 1350
CS-20-6 60h10 200 1550
CS-20-9 90h10 200 2300
KO-6 7h12 58 60
CS-7-6 60h10 70 250

Concrete ring can be:

  • wall (abbreviation - COP), which are used for arranging the neck and fitfor all types of wells;
  • final assembly - are used in cases where the standard options are not appropriate, that is to these non-standard sizes;..
  • F / B rings - are used for drainage and sewage wells, communications, gas and running water.
Ring well

ring well

There are other types - with the overlapping plate, with the bottom, teams and so on.To avoid bias ring after mounting them equipped with special slots that prevent the time shift.

Note!For the well on a suburban site is best used for wall products KC-10 or KC-15 (figures - an inner diameter in dm).

After site selection and preparation of all necessary construction can start.

Stage Three.Construction well

well construction

Building well

Outset that deal alone will not work - you need at least one more person.

  1. One of the workers (called "miner") proceeds to dig the ground to the desired location on the diameter of the uses scrap, gets in the way stones are also removed for destruction of heavy soil.
    Digging wells

    Digging wells

    Building ( digging )

    Construction (digging)

  2. second man at this time is close to the mouth of the mine and up to the surface of selected rocks and soil with the help of a tripod, winch and bucket.

    Tripod , to which the hand chain hoist is suspended

    tripod to which the hand chain hoist suspended

  3. recommended to acquire, and the third assistant, who will replace the "miner" of, say, every half hour.
  4. It is important that for the "miner" provides the most comfortable working environment.To do this, you need to ventilate the mine - mechanized pumping device or a conventional umbrella.

all actions are performed in this order.

Step 1. Puts the first concrete ring on the place of the future mine."Miner" undermines wall ring, with the deepening of it sinks deeper.It is advisable to use the product for the first ring with tapered pins or pointed, to facilitate the promotion down.

Installation of concrete rings

Installing concrete rings

Step 2. After the upper edge of the ring will reach the same level with the ground, put on top of another and continue to work.The weight of each ring is about 600-700 kg.

Step 3. Two people are enough to be pushed to the ring to the workplace.But if you can use the tap, it is better not to neglect, t. To. With this special equipment you can more accurately lower ring on the seat.

If the soil is dry and strong, you can go deep 2-3 meters, and after that with the help of a crane to install multiple rings in a row.

Digging wells

Digging wells

Digging wells

Digging wells

Digging wells

Digging wells

Step 4 .Similarly to continue the procedure until the aquifer is not achieved.As practice shows, for a standard working shift (8 hours), you can put 3 concrete ring.

Note!The proximity of the aquifer can be seen on the small springs spurting from the walls, and rapidly falling temperature.

After the fontanelles delve even a few meters, then bottom of sheltering "cushion" of crushed stone (it will serve as a water filter).

Step 5 .Mine is pumped drainage submersible pump.The more water is pumped out of the well, the greater will be its debit.

Drain pump for well

drain pump for the well

Drain pump for well

drain pump for the well

Step Four.We protect the structure from surface water

to support the well-purity must be properly protected.Water should only come into the shaft bottom, in connection with which the wall must be reliably isolated.For this ring firmly connect with each other, resorting to one of two possible ways.



  1. Drill wall rings and fix them by means of metal clips, which were planted on the Bolts.
  2. is twisted steel wire rings, catching her by loading eyelets.To twist the wire using a metal rod, for example, scrap.

Note the waterproofing of joints between the rings!If the water will seep through the seams, it will lead to contamination of the well.To close the joints should be used in this matter, which will not affect the water quality.

External and internal sealing of concrete rings traditional bituminous materials

External and internal sealing of concrete rings traditional bituminous materials

Stitches strengthen as follows.

Step 1 .Fit into the gaps between the pieces of linen rope rings (different material - natural and environmentally safe).

Step 2 .Ropes obscure solution of sand, cement and water glass.In this way we will achieve a reliable sealing, which also will be completely neutral in contact with water.

Step 3. over the top ring swarm meter deep pit.

Step 4 .Gidroizoliruem outer ring surface using a liquid bituminous mastic.

Step 5. Puts rings around the upper insulating layer (can use either a foamed polymer such as polystyrene).

Step 6. Fall asleep a trench around the well with clay.This is called "clay Castle".

well Clay Castle

Clay Castle well

well Clay Castle

Clay pit lock

Video - Clay Castle

Step Five.Equips well

But the drilling shaft and the strengthening of its construction is not limited to the well.For this Equips the upper part of the structure - headroom.

Warming of the well tip

Warming tip well

around the well equip blind areas - a small area of ​​concrete or gravel well compacted.Pavings must leave at least 1 m away from the mine on each side and, importantly, being built after a certain time after the end of construction, when the soil settles.

Blind area around the well

blind area around the well

Driving the structural layers of the blind area

scheme of structural layers of the blind area

Blind area from a mixture of clay and crushed mint

blind area of ​​a mixture of mint clay and gravel

Warming of the blind area

Warming otmostki

also on the design are building a shed to avoid falling into the shaftprecipitation.If the water supply pump is used, it is better to close the mine completely, leaving a small hole for hose and cable.

In conclusion.Protect from frost well

If the aquifer is too close to the surface, the water can freeze in winter.In such cases, the design is based on the "house" and for insulation you can use any available material (eg, foam or mineral wool).Furthermore, the water supply pipe must be introduced into the shaft below the level of soil freezing.

The scheme, which is shown below, for the system used immediately two wells - one directly for water, the other - to supply water to the surge tank.

Warmed well house

well warmed house

Video - Building a well