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August 12, 2017 18:06

Water heaters how to choose a good model - species description

bothered to adapt to the schedule of the hot water or warm water at all in the pots and bowls?Then it's time to buy a water heater!Today, manufacturers offer a huge range of boilers distinguished by the method of heating the water, the source of energy and a number of technical and operational characteristics.The following information will help you understand the intricacies of selection vodogreyki and come to the most successful solution.

Water heaters


boilers Classification according to the method of heating water

Article Contents

  • 1 boilers Classification according to the method of heating water
    • 1.1 Cumulative vodogreyki
    • 1.2 Flowing water heaters
    • 1.3 The inlet heater
  • 2 boilers Classification energy source
    • 2.1 Wood boilers
    • 2.2 Electric boilers
    • 2.3 Gas vodogreyki
    • 2.4 Solar heaters
  • 3 Main technical and operational characteristics of boilers
    • 3.1 Power
    • 3.2 coating tank
    • 3.3 reservoir volume
    • 3.4 Safety and reliability
    • 3.5 Video - Water heaters how to choose a good model - typesdescription

In accordance with the method of heating water all the existing boilers can be classified on the storage and flow.

Models of water heaters

models of water heaters

Cumulative vodogreyki

design of the storage water heater is a sealed tank.First container is filled with liquid, and then only it begins heating.The main characteristic of the boiler is accumulating its scope.

Specifications storage water heater Ariston Shape Small

Specifications storage water heater Ariston Shape Small

Storage water heaters , circuit

storage water heaters, circuit

electricity consumption average.All current models of water heaters can operate in standard and high speed.Standard mode is suitable for regular use, fast, specially designed for those situations when suddenly there was a need for a small amount of warm water.

Among the important advantages of the storage tank should include ease of installation and connection to the water supply, ease of use, the possibility of including in the common electricity grid.

The device of the gas water heater

device gas water heater

The main drawback of this kind of units is their size.Thus, the larger the volume of the tank, the heavier it.We'll have to not only figure out where to put the barrel, but also to make sure that the wall can support its weight.

Electric water heaters Ariston

Electric water heaters Ariston

storage water heaters are best suited for installation in apartments and houses that are used for permanent residence.

Storage water heaters are best suited for installation in apartments and houses that are used for permanent residence

storage water heaters are best suited for installation in apartments and houses that are used for permanent residence

Flowing water heaters

Driving device instantaneous water heater

Driving device instantaneous water heater

The right choice of heater

correct choice heater

Such units are deprived of keyshortcomings their accumulative "brothers".Instantaneous water heater - is a compact unit that provides almost instant hot water.The liquid is heated in the process of passing through the boiler, which eliminates the need for its accumulation and saving the space required to install the device.

Instantaneous water heater

instantaneous water heater

main disadvantages instantaneous water heater - this is a high energy consumption and heavy loads on the network.At the same time this kind of units demanding wiring - simply fix the device on the wall and turn it into a power outlet in most cases impossible.

The unit of electric instantaneous water heater

device electric instantaneous water heater

Flow models are best suited for kitchens, villas and houses not used for permanent residence.

Instantaneous water heater in the kitchen

instantaneous water heater in the kitchen

The inlet heater

Liquid water heaters

Liquid water heaters

For areas without running water (garden, garden, etc.) is perfect for a bulk water heater.The structure is made as an average volume capacity of 15-20 liters.The product has a light weight, which allows to hang it almost anywhere.

Design and installation of the inlet electrical heater

device and install an electric water heater inlet

principle of using this heater the following:

  • in a container filled with water;
  • heater is included in the grid;
  • after a while (depending on the power installed heating element), you can open the tap and use heated water at its discretion.
Schematic diagram of the inlet of the electric water heater

Schematic diagram of the inlet electrical heater

If necessary vodogreyke connected hose showerhead.

Specifications of bulk electric water heaters

Classification of boilers according to the source producing

energy When choosing a water heater should pay attention not only to the liquid heating method, but also the source of energy.There vodogreyki able to get energy from:

  • firewood;

    wood-burning heater

    wood heater

  • electricity;
  • gas;
  • sunlight.
solar water heater

Solar Water Heater

Wood boilers

The principle of wood vodogreyki largely similar to the mechanism of action of the stove - to generate heat burned wood.Such heaters are mainly used in country houses, in public and private swimming pools, trains, etc.

Wood burning boilers

Wood boilers

plant consists of three main elements: a. The furnace tank and a mixer.In the furnace the solid fuel combustion occurs.The heated air flows into the pipe, which was started through the tank and its heat to the fluid.

Such a water heater has many drawbacks.Chief among them is the need for regular laying the fuel manually, which is not particularly convenient.Also disadvantage of this design is the relatively long time of heating water.

Electric boilers

Electric water heaters

Electric boilers

Electric water heaters

Electric boilers

most popular modification of the water heater.Heating water by means of powerful heaters installed inside the structure.The advantages of electric heating are the following factors:

  • ease of installation and connection;
  • economical operation;
  • high efficiency;
  • ability to use virtually anywhere there is access to electricity.

Gas vodogreyki

Gas water heater

Gas water heater

Such installations are widely used in a private household.They can connect to both a stationary pipeline and to cylinders of liquefied fuel.

gas installation is very easy to use, but in terms of economics, they lose much their electric counterparts.

Solar Heaters

rapidly gaining popularity kind of equipment for the heating of water.The basis of design - special collectors.They accumulate the solar energy and use it to heat the liquid in the storage tank.

Solar heaters

Solar Heaters

main advantage of solar water heaters - economical operation.Such devices do not require the application of external sources of supply.


  • relatively high price;
  • long heating time;
  • depending on the light level.

    Solar water heaters

    Solar water heaters

For continuous use of solar water heaters do not fit.

Main technical and operational characteristics of boilers

Performance instantaneous water heaters

selecting the optimal method of heating and the most convenient source of heat, you can proceed to the consideration of the key characteristics of the water heater.When choosing vodogreyki pay attention to the following points:

  • power unit;
  • material coating the inner tank and its volume, if the selected model is cumulative;
  • reliability and safety of operation.


Ariston water heaters

heaters Ariston

From this index directly depends on the duration of operation of the device and the intensity of water heating.Among all of the models of water heaters are considered to be the best electric and gas, with the gas equipment, ceteris paribus, on average 2 times superior to the performance of units operating on electricity.

Gas unit operates at constant power and warm water as soon as possible.Device capacity of 3.2 kW for 4.3 hours can heat 150 liters of water by an average of 50 degrees.

The electrical models for fluid heating heating elements meet.Typically, boilers are equipped with 2-3 heating elements with a total capacity of 2-3 kW.If you need a large volume of hot water is not available, part of the heaters can be switched off to save energy and

Thus, for a family of 3-4 people is enough water heater capacity of 2-3 kW.For the rest, be guided by your requests.

tank coating

From the inner coating material accumulating boiler service life of the unit depends on many things.Total use 3 types of coatings: deposition of titanium-based, glass porcelain, stainless plating.

Electric storage water heater made ​​of stainless steel

Electric storage water heater stainless steel

best option - coating on a titanium or stainless basis.Such spraying calm will last 7-10 years or more.Stainless steel and titanium endure temperature swings and normally are resistant to all sorts of impurities present in the composition of the water.

Storage water heater Timberk RE4 50 VH, covering - glass porcelain enamel

Storage water heater Timberk RE4 50 VH, coating - enamel steklofarforovaya

glass porcelain - a budget option.However, for long life vodogreyki with internal coating can not count - manufacturers give them a maximum of 1-3-year warranty.Glass porcelain does not tolerate aggressive exposure and high temperatures.In such circumstances the material quickly covered with microcracks and begins to rapidly deteriorate.

To extend the life of the internal coating manufacturers bundle their products with special magnesium anode.In vodogreyke with stainless steel or titanium coated anodes, such change is usually not necessary.If the inner walls of the tank are covered with enamel, replacing the magnesium anodes have to spend at least annually.

If magnesium anode deep depressions , it crumbles , the metal falls into the hands of the replacement is necessary

If magnesium anode deep depressions, it crumbles, metal pours into the hands, then the replacement is necessary

reservoir volume

Capacity is a key parameter storage vodogreek.In determining the optimal amount of thought of everything so that water is not just enough, and it was with a small margin.

Water heaters with different volumes

heaters with different volumes

Tank Capacity Pick up according to their needs.So, for washing dishes and enough tank to 10-20 liters.If the boiler will heat water for showering, bathing and other household needs, pay attention to the model of not less than 80-100 liters.

Important!Tank capacity is directly linked to a number of other parameters.The capacious boiler, the more time will be spent on water heating.And place a large barrel takes a lot.

points of consumption Shower / kitchen sink Shower / kitchen sink Shower / kitchen sink / bath Shower / kitchen sink / bath
Number of users 1 2 3 (2 adults + 1 child) 5 (2 adults + 3 children)
consumption volume of hot water 10-30 liters 50-820 liters 80-100 liters 150-200 liters
Recommended cylinder capacity of 50 liters 100 liters to 150 liters 300 liters

Safety and reliability

When choosing a water heater should pay attention to a number of additional parameters.First of all, get in the technical description of the model the maximum heating temperature.The best option - 60-65 degrees.

Well, if the boiler is equipped with a temperature sensor and thermostat.

Equally important is the quality of the interior tank insulation.The more effective it will be, the lower the result, you have to spend money to pay the bills.

Selecting heater - not such a difficult task.Now, you own all the necessary information for this purpose.Determine the most suitable option for you to heating, the most convenient source of energy, optimum power and other relevant characteristics, and go for a new water heater.

water consumption

water consumption and the volume of the tank

IP - is the electrical safety class, which is indicated by two digits

IP - is the electrical safety class, which is indicated by two figures

IP - Lass electrical safety of the boiler.
first digit of the IP - boiler protection against foreign bodies
Explanation second digit IP - protection from water Explanation
0 no protection 0 no protection
1 protection against large foreign bodies (the size of a hand) 1 protection from falling on top of water droplets
2 protection against medium foreign bodies (size of a finger) 2 protection from falling on top of the water droplets,when the shell is deflected through an angle of 15 °
3 protection against foreign bodies measuring 2.5 mm 3 protection from the rain spray angle 60 °
4 protection against small foreign bodies(less than 1mm) 4 splash protection in any direction
5 partial protection against dust 5 protection against water jets
6 complete dust 6 protection protection against powerful water jets
7 protection against temporary immersion in water
8 protection from prolonged immersion in water

Video - water heatershow to choose a good model - types, description