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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to make a pool in the country

not always in the place where the land is rural, there are noteworthy pond , but, you see, rest by the water is always very pleasant.That is why many owners of cottages, are trying to create in their territory cozy area with a pond, which would with maximum reliability repeated small pond , arising from natural conditions.

How to make a pool in the country

How to make a pond in the country

Pond in the country with their own hands to do is not so hard, and even , despite the rather popular opinion, it is available at a price, since some of the materials for its arrangement it is possible tosimply find on your site.For example, after the deep digging the garden or flower bed usually found stones, which are themselves only interfere in the beds, but it is useful for the design of the pond.

For the "seedlings" for pond plants, those that prefer to grow directly in the water or nearby, it can go to the nearest river or lake, and thus they also will not cost anything.

To find out how many and what kind of materials requi

red for the device small artificial pond, you first need to determine the place of its location and the area, it may take .

Choosing a place for artificial pond

Article Contents

  • 1 Choosing a place for artificial pond
  • 2 marking and preparation of the site for the pond
  • 3 Materials pond device
  • 4 process of creating a suburban pond
    • 4.1 pond of old metal bath
    • 4.2 pond of finished plastic shapes
    • 4.3 Waterproofing pond foil or rubberised waterproof cloth
    • 4.4 Video: Just a pond withpolymer film
  • 5 Organization filtration pond
  • 6 decorating suburban mini-pond
    • 6.1 Video: master class for the Development of an artificial pond at the dacha

plot on which will be an artificial pond , must meet certain requirements, giving him the opportunity to serve for as long as possible without cleaning and create comfortable conditions for rest of people around him.

  • Pond should not be placed in a shaded too place as plants without sunlight will quickly rot and die from waterlogging.
  • Not suitable for reservoir and fully open space, which will allow direct ultraviolet rays constantly throughout the day to fall on the surface of the water - so she quickly bloom, become turbid, and the pond will start soon , turning into a swamp.The best option for a standing body of water will penumbra, where "direct" the sun will appear in the mirror of water for 5 ÷ 6 hours at night.
  • positioning this element of landscape design is best in the valley, but around can even make the eminence to keep pond and plants along the coast from strong wind - usually , they are more like a calm, almost windlessweather.
  • Do not hold pond under the tall trees, as falling leaves will keep his litter.It is best to plant shrubs of medium height around him.
  • Pond is typically built on distant from the site at home, as any body of water - a favorite habitat of various insects (including blood-sucking, such as mosquitoes or gadflies), which are highly undesirable in the house.
  • In addition, choosing a place for the pond, it is necessary to take into account its overall plan system suburban area.The fact that the total "design" must be included not only the capacity , filled with water, but also the coastal part of the reservoir , which requires a special design.

Marking and Preparation under pond

defined and carefully measured in all directions pad under pond , it recommended to immediately perform a small sketch-drawing future pond on top (in the foreground) and in the context of(in depth and profile).This graphic « document » will help not only the right to dig a trench and place for the pond, but also in the future - aesthetically decorate it.

At the beginning of the work - drawing sketches and drawings of the future reservoir

At the beginning of the work - drawing sketches and drawings of the future reservoir

next step is site layout.The planned locations are set pegs, and they stretched a rope .

pond usually has a smooth shape, but sometimes it is made with straight lines and shapes.In order not to make a mistake when digging the pit, and not make it bigger or smaller than need its exact shape is usually celebrated limestone lines, which are applied on top of the soil or laying a conventional hose.In this case, it is fixed inside the mold of the future pond pegs or fittings segments.

Marking pond with an old piece of hose

pond markup with the old hose

piece Then, in the middle of the form marked the deepest place of the future of the pond, which is marked as the chosen method.

If the pond has several levels of depth, it is recommended to mark each of them (roughly the same contours, which we are accustomed to seeing on maps or maps).

excavation begins always with the deepest place in the pond , which is usually located in the middle of the shape or shift to one side or the other.

One of the most labor-intensive operations - earthworks

One of the most labor-intensive operations - earthworks

The lowest point in the pond may have a depth of half a meter to 1, 6m .If pond planned to breed fish, then, of course, it must have sufficient depth for this, which can vary between 1.5 and even up to 2 meters or more.

Several levels of the pond - is taken into account during the opening of the pit

Several levels of the pond - is taken into account when digging the pit

should always focus on one point - choosing the size and shape of the pond, you need to correctly calculate their physical and financial capabilities.Despite the lower cost of the pond arrangement, compared with the construction of the pool, all well have to spend a lot.The sum of the total cost will depend not only on the size of the reservoir , but and from its complexity, and from choose to work materials.

Materials pond device

It is clear that if the planned construction of an artificial reservoir , it is necessary to achieve the most reliable waterproofing - that the water did not go below a set for her level pond not shoaling and swamp.In short, waterproofing questions come to the fore.

desired level of waterproofing can be achieved in several ways:

  • a small scale - you can use an old tub, covering her protective layer against possible corrosion.This method of organization allows the pond to save a lot of (if in a shed, for instance, lying useless old bath), but unfortunately, pond is not very large.
Quite a small pond can be made of the old baths

Very small pond can be made of the old baths

Nevertheless , this solution has still one obvious plus - easy maintenance such reservoir change the water if necessary - to "staffing"hole for water drainage can be connected to the drain pipe and make it tap into a drainage ditch.

  • often used a special plastic forms for device pools and ponds.

This artificial capacity also can be connected to the drain pipe, but main its advantage over conventional bath in that it has several levels of depth and can be sufficiently large size.

Another option - use special polymer molds for artificial reservoirs

Another option - use special polymer molds for artificial reservoirs

Such containers are often made of plastic, custom, size, provided by the customer, is completely appropriate and possible sites, and the idea of ​​its owners .

  • The film coating the surface of the pit dug as a waterproofing will cost much cheaper plastic mold.In addition, this approach allows us to make an individual, invented completely independently pond configuration.

film lay on the entire surface of the excavated pit, clutching her at each level of depth reservoir rocks.In addition, it shall be made sure and coastal space.(About 700 ÷ 900 mm from any point of the coast) and also fixed with stones.

When used outside the waterproofing membrane , in principle, no

When using waterproofing membrane limits, in principle, no

Sometimes instead film using rubber (rubberized) canvas, but it cost much more expensive than dense film.

film or other insulating material, you can choose any color and even make the pond more aesthetic.However, do not forget that if you choose a light coating, clean pond have much more.

addition waterproofing foundations pond bowls, need and other materials that will be needed for the arrangement of the coastal area and the bottom of the reservoir created , especially when in and around, and at the bottom will be planted plants.

  • Requires sand for bedding under film , if it will be used.
  • necessary prepare loam and gravel - they go to create bottom pond soil in which the plants will be planted .
  • to mark, as already mentioned, is prepared roulette, rope and pegs, or any suitable hose length (in extreme cases - the usual diluted izvёstku).
  • need stones of different sizes and colors.When using film as waterproofing bottom recommended to choose the stones do not have sharp corners and edges , to avoid damaging the cover, especially in those areas that will be under water.
  • From tools need shovels and bayonet spade drill to loosen the soil.
  • In the future will be a question of pond plants for planting and a filter to clean and oxygenated water.Particularly relevant will be the last item in the case , if the pond is planned to settle some animals (fish and amphibians).

process of creating a suburban pond

Since the order and amount of work significantly differ from each other depending on the choice of waterproofing the excavation, it is best to consider all of these methods separately.

Pond of old metal bath

Pond , arranged with bath, make the easiest, but it is quite small in size.

  • work begins, as always in such cases, with the markup site.And to make the job a snap.

For this bath set ground on selected place.And then not be easy to project its most protruding part ( ie. The upper rim) ground.Then you need to add approximately 150 mm to the marked line.

Projecting bath for digging the pit

Projecting bath for digging the pit

  • Next, bath removed, and on the marks dug pit, which should be the height of deeper baths without feet to approximately 150 ÷ ​​200 cm - it will be required to sand cushion device.
  • After pit is ready, in the place where it will be in the bath side of the hole for drainage, digs a pit with a diameter of 250 - 300 mm, which should be deeper lower level Kotlova on to 200 ÷250 mm.Further, the pit filled srednefraktsionnoy rubble or gravel .
Sandy and drainage layers under the bathroom

Sandy and drainage layers under the bathroom

This additional « capacity » will serve as drainage for the gradual removal of water if necessary her replacement in the pond.

  • falls asleep designed to pit the surface of the soil at the bottom of the pit, it is necessary to enclose a kind of formwork, as around is covered with sand cushion.

for fences need to use some auxiliary element, which will pass water.This may be, for example, a round plastic canister, in which cut off the bottom and top, and side walls of the caves, through which water will go into a sandy base.The canister is filled to the brim and gravel « drainage» , and around her is filled, leveled and compacted sand.

Drain hole bath should fall on the drain pit

drain hole bath should fall on the drain pit

  • bath set hole on the drain.Before completing her water hole to drain closes conventional stopper.
  • After installing the bath prepared for her «a bed" side clearance between it and the ground and filled with sand, which is moistened and gently, but thoroughly compacted.

There is another, more complex to install a variant of the drainage created a mini-pond, where a hole to drain Join reflux rubu, which was then in the usual way with a slight slope discharged into the drain hole.In this case, after the excavation device, you need to dig a trench for laying drainage flow.At the bottom of the trench, also a small sandy base, fit the pipe, which is connected to the drain hole deepens bath.

Bath completely and sealed the gates on all sides by sand

Bath completely dug and sealed on all sides by sand

If you choose this option, then drain the pit at the bottom of the pit is not arranged, and a bath with connected siphon mounted on supports (bricks), then the segment is connected to the drainage pipelaid in the trench.And only after that under the bath and around she poured the sand.

Subsequently decoration completely hide the presence of the metal bath

subsequently decorated completely hide the presence of the metal bath

After sand is compacted around the pond can be carried out decoration.It is carried out the same for almost all artificial mini-reservoirs , so this phase of the work can be considered later, after it becomes clear all device types three suburban ponds.

Pond of finished plastic shapes

installation made of plastic form is a bit more complicated than a bath, as in this case, commonly arranged leveled transitions.For each of them it is necessary to dig a stage which will be wider ledge 100 ÷ 170 mm - distance later also should be filled with sand.

  • markings made directly on the form itself, which is set to 200 ÷ 300 mm above ground level - this is the thickness of the sand cushion on the bottom of the pit and under eaves-depth level.Install the plastic form on bricks or on the usual box, it will be easy to determine the depth of the pit, and the height at which the different levels will be.
Marking under the existing form of artificial pond

Layout under the existing form of artificial pond

  • Further, for the GRU nt etc. oetsiruetsya bottom of the form and the size immediately added 100 ÷ 120 mm cushion of sand along the outside walls of the circumscription.
  • Then, the same procedure is carried out with each of the levels and with the upper rim shape.

noted in in se parameters, you can proceed to the excavation works.

  • first pit is dug for the deepest place of the future of the pond, then removed GRU nt to I lower level, then for the average - and so to the top.