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August 12, 2017 18:06

Repair of gas columns with their own hands

Any professional will tell you, "geyser is potentially dangerous equipment, so trust its maintenance and repair can be extremely skilled in the art."However, the ability to understand what kind of element is out of order and what it may lead, certainly can not hurt.

Repair of gas columns with their own hands

Repair of gas columns with their hands

In addition, with the elimination of some faults do not affect the specific gas equipment can cope on their own.Check out the description of the typical failures and recommendations for action in case of detection.

The device of the gas column

device geyser

heater refuses to ignite

Article Contents

  • 1 heater refuses to ignite
  • 2 heater goes out
  • 3 Water comes out with a weak pressure
  • 4 column "pops»
  • 5 column enough heats water
  • 6 When the heater is turned on starts to smell gas
    • 6.1 Video - Repair of gas columns with their hands

equipment may no longer light upfor several reasons.

The device of the gas column

device geyser

First of all you need to make sure in good pilot.If it is not, contact the gas supp

lier.The specialist will clean or replace the faulty item.To touch it yourself it is impossible - it is dangerous.

Driving gas column device

Driving device

geyser In modern units with electronic ignition in the absence of the ignition gas is not supplied - it cuts off the valve.The user learns about it by an appropriate indicator.In some situations, this problem is solved by simply replacing the batteries.This point specify in a statement.If the manufacturer does not provide such advice, it is better to contact your gas supplier or a third-party repair service.

At one point, the column can not be burned

At one point, the column can not be ignited

The battery pack for the firing speakers

Battery Pack for

column ignition column does not light up when there is no ventilation draft.To check the thrust level of the tray to the ventilation grating a strip of paper.If the sheet does not change its position or change the same it is not enough expressed, with a thrust of obvious problems.In apartment buildings the cleaning of ventilation wells involved in the utility - please refer to it.You can do it yourself with the help of a metal wire brush tied to a flexible wire suitable in length (hose, etc.), but utilities such unauthorized actions usually do not approve of.

ventilation cleaning

Ventilation cleaning

Often burners do not work because of deterioration of the membrane.This design element quickly deformed, the torch run mechanism becomes less sensitive and does not work when you turn on the water.Even in expensive heaters membrane wear for 5-8 years - this, unfortunately, can not be helped.

Often burners do not work because of deterioration of the membrane

Often burners do not work because of deterioration of the membrane

turn on the water at the maximum for testing.If a power speakers are on, the problem is definitely in the membrane.The replacement of this element can be performed in-house.

To do this, follow these steps:

  • unscrew the nuts from the water unit (usually 2);
  • unscrew the screws, by which the water is held in the gas unit (usually 3 screws);
  • disunite assembly halves and you'll see a rubber membrane.If it is not flat, and considerably deformed, replace it.To do this, buy in a specialty store similar product.If possible, give preference to the membrane of silicone - it will last much longer than their simple rubber counterpart.

At this stage you can check the water intake of the filter device.If it is clogged, clean it or replace with a new same.For cleaning simply unscrew the nut from the water supply, remove the grid and wash it or replace the new, depending on the state.

heater goes out

Water heater goes out

heater goes out

If the heater is turned on, but it goes out, the problem in most cases is a bimetallic temperature sensor is required to protect the equipment from overheating.Also, due to malfunction of the heater element can not be included at all.

This problem has two main scenario.

  1. In the first scenario, the burner is properly lit, the equipment is functioning for some time without any complaints, and then goes out and does not give any sign of life for some time - attempts to ignite the heater to nothing lead.Usually after 20-30 minutes the equipment is turned on again, and history repeats itself.This is due to excessive sensitivity of the sensor.As a rule, it is "innate", iethis factory marriage.Independently to do something very difficult.It is better to contact the manufacturer for warranty repair service.
  2. Under the second scenario, the column can be turned off at random, and sometimes does not turn on at all.The reason, as a rule, is to wear the insulating material of the conductor bimetallic sensor.There is a banal short to ground, in which the safety valve is activated, and the column starts to behave abnormally.

    Contact the service center for warranty repairs

    Contact the service center for warranty repairs

address to the gasman does not make sense - the defect is clearly not a "gas."Trying to get rid of the damage on their own also not necessary - you can just dolman unit.Contact the service center for warranty repairs.

Water comes out with a weak pressure

The water comes out with a weak pressure

Water comes out with a weak pressure

This happens most often due to clogged scum column heat exchanger.Usually the cause of clogging becomes long "idle" pilot operation.The apparatus heats a heat exchanger to a temperature sufficient to cause evaporation of residual moisture.

water current is absent, scale is not washed out of the heat exchanger until the next turn on the equipment, it hardens, resulting column ceases to function normally.Normally saves cleaning of the heat exchanger.In severe cases it is necessary to change.

To replace it is better to contact the professionals, but with cleaning can cope on their own.Prepare a screwdriver, rubber hose, open-end wrench and asbestos fabric gaskets.Buy the hardware store a mixture of the descaling.Usually it is called - descaler.More than a budget option - washing vinegar essence.Work in this order.

first step. Consistently remove fittings and housing with heater.

second step. Shut off the water at the entrance and open the hot water tap, preferably as less as possible removed from the column.

third step. Unscrew the water supply pipe from the heat exchanger, and then move it to the side.After unscrewing the nut column heat exchanger begins to release water.Total it will drain about 1 liter.

fourth step. Put the hose of suitable diameter of the entrance to the heat exchanger and lift it slightly above the heater.Insert the attached hose ordinary funnel and begin slow, thin stream pour the finished solution (instructions given on the packaging of the preparation).Rush is not necessary.Will you pour too quickly - simply eject antikipin back, and you will not like it.

Flushing the heat exchanger of the gas column

Flushing the heat exchanger of the gas column

Leave the cleaning agent in the heat exchanger of the heater for 2-3 hours (usually required time indicated on the package).

Substitute under the water tap suitable container and gently renew the fluid supply to the heater.Watch what comes out of the hose.It turned out a lot of mud, and then the pressure became normal?All is well.Otherwise the situation will have to perform a re-washing.Typically, the need for repeated washing only occurs when you use vinegar.Descaling in most situations to cope with the first time.

Column "pops»

" Pops " Column

Column "pops»

In such a situation it is better to turn to a professional.He will perform the adjustment, make that without knowledge of the case is extremely difficult, and the column will start up normally.

You can learn about the causes of such a failure for the overall development.Two main reasons:

  • gas is supplied under a too high pressure.The heater comes on too active, leading to the disruption of the fire;
  • gas is supplied at too low a pressure.The heater burner enters the air, which leads to microexplosion regard the human ear as cotton.

column heats the water enough

Column enough heats the water

column heats the water enough

This usually occurs because of insufficient high-power water heater.The user begins to demand from the equipment more than it can do.

two solutions to the problem:

  • cease to abuse and at the same time do not open the hot taps at all points of water intake;
  • buy more powerful speakers.

also inadequate heating of the liquid can occur due to clogging of the burner.Look at the color of fire.Under normal conditions it is bluish.If the flame turned yellow contact gasman.Trusting such repairs can be extremely professional, asthis is the "gas" failure.

When the heater starts to smell gas

Column smell gas

Column smell gas

problem is more than serious.Neither of which a handwritten repair and do not think.Turn off the heater, shut off the gas valve, provide adequate ventilation permanent housing and immediately call the gas service.Arrived on the team will assess the problem and take appropriate measures.

Now you know the basic fault of the gas column and you know how to behave when they appear.The main thing - keep in mind the security.Do not try to correct the damage, for the removal of which you do not have enough skill - it can lead to irreparable consequences.

Video - Repair of gas columns with their hands