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August 12, 2017 18:06

Apparatus for welding of polypropylene pipes which one to choose

construction whether a new individual housing or planned capital modernization of utilities in an old house or apartment - in any case, the vast majority of the owners today prefer to abandon the use of steel pipes.They are replaced by lightweight, easy to install, aesthetic plastic.When assembling plumbing systems or heating circuits do not require complex operations on metal welding or cutting of threaded connections, so the installation work is made available to any owner of the average housing - and this is a substantial savings, since the wizard is not cheap.Yes, and the material - much cheaper than a steel equivalent.

Apparatus for welding of polypropylene pipes which one to choose

Apparatus for welding polypropylene pipes which to choose

From all variety of plastic pipes one of the leading positions in popularity gaining polypropylene.Low cost of pipes and accessories, a wide range of different coupling and locking elements - all this without undue cost and fast enough to mount a system of almost any level of complexity.However, there is one "but" - t

he special equipment required for this purpose.Afraid this is not necessary - a special apparatus is not so expensive, and learn how to use it can be very fast.Thus, the welding machine for polypropylene pipes which one to choose, to get hold of a reliable assistant, but at the same time - and not pay too much?Try to understand this publication.

Basic principles of welding polypropylene

Article Contents

  • 1 Basic principles of welding polypropylene
    • 1.1 Butt welding
    • 1.2 The coupling welding
  • 2 device for welding machinespolypropylene pipes
    • 2.1 apparatus for butt welding
    • 2.2 Washer for clutch manual welding
      • 2.2.1 Video: presentation of the welding machine for polypropylene pipes «Dytron SP-4a»
  • 3 Criteria for selecting the device for coupling the manual welding of polypropylene pipes
  • 4 manufacturers of welding machines milking polypropylene pipes, a brief overview of the models.
    • 4.1 Video: welding machine for polypropylene pipes «CANDAN CM 03»

to work on welding of polypropylene pipes was carried out efficiently, the master must be clear what processes are taking place at the same time provide secure, tight connection details.

-termoplastichny Polypropylene polymer.On heating to a certain temperature, it starts softening and melting, the transition into the liquid phase, but on cooling material regains its firmness, without losing their physical and chemical properties and mechanical strength.Hence, if the two parts made of polypropylene, heat at the connection to the level of softening, but while avoiding the deformation of the element, and then combined with a certain force, the molten layers interpenetration occurs.Well, after the polymerisation will reverse pair, wherein an almost complete solid - if you look at the incision site for this is the connection, the border between the two parts, probably not even be able to visually identify.

In the context of the good quality of the welded joint border never seen - it is absolutely monolithic unit

In the context of the good quality of the welded joint border never seen - it is absolutely monolithic assembly

So for welding polypropylene components necessary to provide two conditions - warming up phase reflow connection points and ensuring their compression to the interpenetration of the plastic and the final polymerization.This is ensured by the two main technological ways.

Butt welding

This technology is used to connect the same type of pipe the same diameter.It is extremely important conditions - ensuring strict alignment of the abutting parts and the careful preparation of the ends for a perfect fit of the original surfaces.

For butt welding of pipes of different diameters arranged coaxially strictly and carefully processed ends .

For butt welding of equal diameter pipe is exactly in line and carefully processed ends.

then performed simultaneous heating of both pipe ends mating to achieve the desired melt depth across the cross-sectional area.

Red arrows (Pos . 1 ) shows the area of ​​the melting polypropylene .Next - the step of docking and compression

Red arrows (Pos. 1) shows the area of ​​the melting polypropylene.Next - the step of docking and compression

Further, should the compression stage of mating parts - this is ensured by the application of mechanical forces, colliding vectors directed strictly along the tube axis.As a result, in places polypropylene melt occurs the effect of diffusion - mutual penetration of the polymer (2 pos.).This is followed by a waiting time required to ensure full cure and obtaining monolithic connection (Pos. 3)

Stages of the interpenetration of molten polypropylene and final polymerization butt joint

Stage interpenetration of molten polypropylene and final polymerization butt joint

technology seems simple enough, but in reality it is not so.As noted, the quality of processing of pipe ends to their strictly coaxial, to the value of applied force special requirements.Without special equipment to do this is almost impossible, and the cost of such welding systems - is very high.Therefore, this type of welding polypropylene domestic environment, is generally not used - it is claimed in the professional environment longer in laying trunk communications.

The coupling welding

And this is - it is the technology that is available for use in all conditions.Requirements for careful alignment of mating parts and ensure the necessary compressive force - will not disappear, but their implementation is achieved in quite a different way - by elaborate pipe and coupling sizes.

The dimensions of the pipe and fittings before welding operations

pipe and coupling dimensions before welding operations

outer diameter of the pipe ( Dnt ) is always slightly larger than the inner diameter of the sleeve ( Dvm ), ie in the normal state of the connection is impossible.

For compounds made simultaneous heating pipe outer surface and the inner surface of the sleeve.The length of the warmed plots with respect to the edge parts - approximately.

The heating surfaces of mating parts for the polymer melting zone (Pos . 1 )

heating surfaces of mating parts for areas of the polymer melt (Pos. 1)

After warming up to make enough effort to hand, so that the pipe went into the sleeve to a depth of penetration.Mistake alignment with the connection software, in this case, it is difficult (although some control is needed all).Diameter of parts such that in itself provides the necessary compression force in the interface area - just enough to hold the parts in a predetermined position to the mutual penetration and polymerization of the material.

The formation of zones of interpenetration of molten polypropylene (Pos . 2 ) and polymerisation (Pos . 3 ) .Applications great physical effort - is not required .

Education zones of interpenetration of molten polypropylene (Pos. 2) and polymerisation (Pos. 3).Applications great physical effort - is not required.

The example shows the clutch, though in practice it may be fitting, adapter, valve, tee and other fittings - the principle remains the same, as they all are equipped with exactly the same muff connection portion.

muff variation of a flare connection.The only difference is that the pipe sections are connected without coupling - it is provided at one end of the socket.For the rest, the principle remains the same.

Device devices for welding polypropylene pipes

Apparatus for butt welding

As already mentioned, butt welding of polypropylene in a private building or repair used very rarely.Nevertheless, the fundamental device unit deserves at least a superficial examination.

Typically, such a device is more like a machine, a mechanism which is assembled on the frame with guides, which move blocks with clamps, clamps for two trumpets, providing precise coaxial fixing pipes.Most of these are equipped with clamps Stirrup inserts segment, designed for different pipe diameters.

One of the machines for butt welding of plastic pipes

One of the machines for butt welding of plastic pipes

Includes electromechanical milling cutter - sided disc coulter, both ends of the pipe shall communicate to the ideal state.Trimming may be removable, as a separate unit, or folding, to swivel.

After stripping stage trim is removed, and in its place between the two pipes is installed flat circular heating element that provides a warming and the start of the melting material.The heater can also be completely removable or folding hinge.

The next step is the compression phase - the heater is removed (swings), and mobile units with clamped pipes are moved towards each other.The necessary force can be provided hydraulic or mechanical transmission - a worm, screw, lever, etc.

Different models of machines for butt welding of polypropylene and polyethylene pipes

Different models of machines for butt welding of polypropylene and polyethylene pipes

Such devices - different in size and type of actuator may be universal or designed for a specific range of pipe diameters.The common feature among them - the high cost, which makes their use quite uneconomic in a domestic environment.Yes, in this and there is no need - for the installation of any pressure and gravity pipelines in the house or flat enough coupling welding, all the more so for short lengths she is the best solution, and the quality of the compounds obtained even higher.

Washer for clutch manual welding

And this is - it is the equipment that will come in handy when creating a handyman or remodeling your home plumbing or heating system.Mechanical drive, as already noted, is not required - enough muscular effort of man.Therefore, the design of the device is extremely simple.

The most common unit of an apparatus for welding polypropylene pipes

most common unit of an apparatus for welding polypropylene pipes

Any machine has a handle (pos. 1) to be able to carry out welding work on the weight, in remote places.Because the handle is usually out cable (Pos. 2) for connection to the power grid 220 B.

on the unit (Pos. 3) placed monitoring and controls.This heat indicator (pos. 4) and the control thermostat (pos. 5), which allows to set the desired heating temperature (for welding polypropylene pipes of small and medium diameter typically exhibit heating +260 ° C).The red LED indicates the heating element, green - on the achievement of the required temperature and ready for use.Some current models of welding machines can be equipped with digital display and operation.

main working part of the device - it is, in fact, the heater itself (item 6)..On most models, it is made in the form of a thick plate xiphoides form, although there may be other variations - this will be discussed below.Inside the heater placed electric coils that provide quick resistive heating its surface.

on the surface of the heater has several through holes - each of them is necessary for the installation before starting a pair of heating elements (item 7). - Mandrel and sleeve, designed for one pipe diameter.The clutch is necessary to heat the outer surface of the pipe, mandrel - for the inner surface of the connecting element (fittings, couplings, adapters, etc.) These elements are fastened in pairs on both sides of the heater with a screw connection with the head of Allen.On the heating element, depending on the model, typically it provides the ability to install multiple (two or three) pairs of sleeves and mandrels that in the process of resetting is not distracted by the transition to a different pipe diameter.

Includes virtually all devices are devices for installation on the floor or on a bench (pos. 8) .. This can be a platform or stand of a different design, but with the possibility of obligatory fast and easy removal of the device, if necessary, and returnits installation.

The range of sizes of standard pairs of clutch - mandrel .

Size range of standard steam-coupling mandrel.

Couples clutch-mandrels are usually included, but can be purchased on its own, for example in the case of lost or needs to be replaced due to wear.Typically, for domestic water and heating circuits is enough range of 16 to 50, at least - up to 63 mm.

the most common design of the device has been presented above.However, there may be species specific.

There are devices designed for large diameter welded pipes.They have a high capacity of the heating element and its special form, which allows to install the appropriate large sleeves and mandrels.

Apparatus for coupling welding polypropylene pipes of large diameter

coupling device for welding large diameter polypropylene pipes

xiphoides form of heating plate is also not a prerequisite.Available devices with shortened heater, designed for two pairs of nozzles, arranged one above the other.With such a device is much easier to operate in confined spaces.

Since the heater is a form convenient to mount the pipe in confined spaces .

With this form of heater is more convenient to mount the pipe in confined spaces.

Recently, rapidly began to earn the popularity of the original models of machines with cylindrical rod-shaped heating element.For them, however, used slightly different configuration and a method for fixing and coupling mandrels - they "bow" in the likeness of the heater cylinder clamp, settling with diametrically opposed.

Apparatus for welding of polypropylene pipes with rod heater

Apparatus for welding of polypropylene pipes with a rod-shaped heater

Installation sleeve and mandrel in this embodiment in no way tied to some predetermined hole position - the master is free to arrange them in any area of ​​the rod by moving to the edge, or vice versa,in the handle, placing multiple pairs, etc.Furthermore, it is possible to set a certain spread from the horizontal plane - this is sometimes useful especially when welding difficult nodes directly on the installation site.By the way, a variety of devices may have both lateral arrangement of the heating cylinder - some masters in certain circumstances, is easier to work with just such a tool.

Welding machine with perpendicular arrangement of the heating element

welding machine with perpendicular arrangement of the heating element

Such devices usually attributed to the professional class, but they are increasingly began to appear in the arsenal of domestic craftsmen.

Video: presentation of the welding machine for polypropylene pipes «Dytron SP-4a»

About methods of doing welding work in this publication will not be told.Firstly, it has been mentioned in the beginning, when considering the basic principles of polypropylene welding and secondly - devoted to this subject a special article.

IMG Installation polypropylene pipe - it is available to everyone!

process welding polypropylene pipes - is clear and simple, requiring only a good system and compliance with the established technological methods and modes.Read more about this - in a special article portal dedicated to it installation of polypropylene pipes with his hands .

In this publication it is better to go to the question of how to find the right machine, what criteria to evaluate when purchasing.

device selection criteria for manual welding coupling polypropylene pipes

First of all, you need to correctly identify the range of problems that will be solved with the help of the acquired unit.If the unit is required for one-time work at home with polypropylene pipes of small diameter or for modernization of existing utilities in the house or apartment, it makes no sense to choose the expensive equipment.With such problems quite manage quality inexpensive medium power appliance.