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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to connect the boiler to the water

can hardly be called living in a house or an apartment fully comfortable, if for any reason, temporarily or permanently, but there is no hot water.From this are not insured even the residents of apartment buildings in major cities - accidents happen, boiler outages, planned outages and supply etc .And as for the private sector or the inhabitants of suburban housing in general conversation special - all the problems provide themselves with hot water entirely borne by the owners .

How to connect the boiler to the water

How to connect the boiler to the water

How is it decided?To heat the water in the pan - not even discussed ... Set flow water heater - option good and not too difficult to perform.But wiser, perhaps, will always have at least a small supply of heated water - that is, to install water heater, in other words, boiler.This publication will discuss the main theoretical issues and practical advice on how to choose such a device, and how to connect the boiler to the water supply.

Types used in domestic boilers

Article Contents

  • 1 Types used in domestic boilers
    • 1.1 Boilers direct heating
    • 1.2 Boilers of indirect heating
    • 1.3 Combined boilers
  • 2 How to choose the boiler
    • 2.1 required capacity of the water tank boiler
    • 2.2 nominal and maximum cylinder capacity
    • 2.3 cylinder dimensions and exterior layout
    • 2.4 Corrosion protection
    • 2.5 Types of heaters
    • 2.6 manufacturing accumulating boiler tank Material
    • 2.7 control mechanisms heater
    • 2.8 renowned manufacturers
  • 3 How to connect the boiler
    • 3.1 Installationboiler wall
    • 3.2 Box boiler in the water system apartments
    • 3.3 Video: how to proceed with a metal pipe to plastic
    • 3.4 special attention - connection cold pipe
    • 3.5 Video: The importance of the safety installationvalve
    • 3.6 Video: how to install the boiler with his hands

So, leaving "behind brackets" instantaneous water heaters, as well as outdated and uncomfortable solid fuel «titans", pay attention to the modern boiler model.These devices can be divided into direct and indirect heating.And the type of energy source used direct heating boilers are divided into gas and electric.In addition, there are models that combine several principles of operation.

Boilers direct heating

In installations of this type of incoming energy source (electricity or natural gas) spent exclusively on the needs of hot water, without any intermediate steps.

Gas storage heater

Such a device does not have too large of distribution - it is rather complicated to install, requires the mandatory approval of the technical supervision authorities, it requires the construction of chimney systems of a type , appropriate ventilation to ensure the normal combustiongas.In some regions, mandatory installation condition was the presence of a special device - a gas analyzer.All this adds to their popularity among home owners.

Nevertheless , such boilers still "have a right to exist," but in terms of efficiency, they, of course, superior power.

What device accumulating gas boiler:

Driving a gas boiler unit

Driving devices gas boiler

  • Pos.1 - capacity, which made heating and hot water accumulation.Submission her through a tube (item 5)., And the fence - through the pipe (item 6)..The diagram is not shown, but the water tank is sufficiently thick outer casing with polyurethane foam insulation, providing long-term preservation oxen required temperature.
  • Water tank bottom has a total heat exchange wall (Pos. 2) with a combustion chamber, in which is installed a gas burner (Pos. 3).In addition, the heat exchange is carried out by passing hot flue gas through the central channel (pos. 9) before exiting the chimney (pos. 10 )
  • control unit as part of the established temperature sensor and thermostat (pos. 4) continuously monitors the level ofheating the water, as needed including or blocking the flow of gas to the burner (pos. 3).
  • Security Group (pos. 7) necessarily includes emergency valve, which pressure relief when suddenly the thermostat can not cope with the task of maintaining a certain temperature.
  • to the tank wall is not overgrown scum, in the boiler set magnesium anode (pos. 8).This material is much lower electric potential, so the free ions of dissolved salts will be deposited on it.These anodes are easy to change as needed.

So, despite the impeccable performance, these boilers were not "sales leaders" as difficult to install, and their cost - is much higher than that of conventional electric.

Electric boiler

This type of storage water heaters is the most popular among home owners.Installing such a device does not require tedious the negotiation procedures, significant alterations or construction and installation work. If there reliable power line to carry out installation of electric boiler can, perhaps, any good host, having a basic understanding of the production of sanitary works.

Basic diagram of the device electric boiler

Basic diagram of the device electric boiler

How does the electric water heater?They may have a different layout, but the concept still remains single:

  • external boiler casing (. Item 1) may have a particular decoration.From separated from the inner water tank (Pos. 3), a layer of polyurethane foam insulation (pos. 2).
  • supply of cold tap water is always in the lower part of the tank for welded pipe (Pos. 4).In order to capacity was not created turbulent fluid flows, incoming water is distributed through a special lens (pos. 5).
  • Fence hot water, on the contrary, is always done from the top of the tank through the tube set (Pos. 9 )
  • water heating takes place by means of electrical heating elements ( heaters ) of various types (pos. 7).
  • On the appointment of the magnesium anode (pos. 6) has been described above.
  • temperature sensor (pos. 8) associated electric circuit with electronic or electromechanical thermostat, ensuring the heating water to the set temperature by the user.

This boiler scheme of work some great shows in practice, if the device is selected correctly with regard necessary power and volume .Electric boilers are produced in large m m nogoobrazii shapes and sizes, they are quite compact, and most importantly - offer quite an affordable price.

Boilers of indirect heating

In private homes (sometimes - and in apartments), where you installed the stand-alone system of closed type with single-circuit water heating boiler for hot water boilers are frequently used indirect heating.In these devices the water, which used for household and hygienic purposes (in other words - sanitary) gets heated not by direct heating and by heat exchange with the heating circuit, for which circulates the heat transfer fluid (process water or other liquid).

fundamental unit of indirect heating boiler shown in the diagram:


So constructed boiler of indirect heating with coil heat exchanger

External housing ( poses 1.) Insulation layer ( poses .2) and the inner tank ( poses 3) -. , all similar to a conventional direct heating boiler.

A pipe (pos. 4) to the tank enters the cold sanitary water, whose flow is sprayed with a special baffle plate (Pos. 5).Fence hot water is produced through a nozzle at the top of the boiler (pos. 6).

also generally provides circulation pipe (pos. 7).It creates a separate additional circuit, for example, through a heated towel rail , with constant hot water circulation.These achieve two goals: first, a hot water pipe always hot water temperatures of approximately one;and in - second this scheme simplifies a rather complex system of maintaining the desired temperature of domestic hot water.

Nozzles poses .8 and poses .9 - Box in the home heating system, input and output in a spiral heat exchanger ( pos. 10), through which the heat transfer away from opitelnogo boiler hot water system.Such "coils" may be larger, for example, one connected to the heating system, and the second - to system of solar heat accumulators.

boilers have a large volume (over 150 liters) usually a window Audit (pos. 11), a closed flange stub.In this window, by the way, it is often possible to install an electric heater - heater, making so boiler versatility.

magnesium anode (pos. 12) - a required element of all modern boilers.

indirect heating boiler must have its own security group, monitoring and control unit (pos. 13), thermal sensors for generating control signals ( on. 14).

Boiler indirect heating may have a slightly different design, so-called " tank in tank » :

Бойлер косвенного нагрева по принципу "бак в баке"

Boiler indirect heating on a "tank in tank»

all pretty much the same, only the circulation of technical heating fluid goes through the outer vessel « A2.Inside it has an internal tank "B", which is carried out, the heating of sanitary water.The surface of the inner tank is made of corrugated for increasing the heat exchange area of ​​the active.

indirect heating boilers characterized by high capacity (of course, with appropriate power boiler), efficiency.Alas, they have drawbacks too much.First, they are "tied" to the heating system, and upon the occurrence of warm days and disabling boilers simply do not work.Secondly, a boiler - it is a massive structure, which occupies a lot of space, which is especially important for cramped conditions of urban apartments.Probably, from the point of view of convenience, it is preferable looks double-boiler.And third, indirect heating boilers somewhat "capricious" in terms of adjustments and maintain the desired temperature - John needs is complex and cumbersome system of management and coordination with the heating circuit.

Combined boilers

boilers have both direct and indirect heating has its significant advantages and significant shortcomings.The full account those and other , to create a sort of "symbiosis» both schemes - posed such a problem in front of developers combined boilers.

Scheme - one of the typical examples of such devices, the boiler of the family of models « SMART ».

Comfortable but quite expensive model universal boiler , combined type

Comfortable but quite expensive model universal boiler, combined type

As can be seen from the figure, the boiler is assembled by "indirect" circuit " tank in tank ", but additionally has its own electric heaters ( TANS).These may include, for example, when thermal energy heating system is not enough to lifting sanitary water temperature to the desired level (often this happens, when in the off-season, autumn or spring, the heating boiler is not used for a nominal power).Naturally, when the heating season ends on TANS lie a full load to provide hot water at home.On the one hand - it is convenient, on the other - the system is rather cumbersome, and moreover , combined boiler does not solve the problem of space savings - it also needs a lot of extra space.

So, to sum up line under the first publication section, we can say that the best choice in terms of ease of installation, reliability and ease of use will still be electric water heater direct heating.And the fact that it is somewhat less efficient - this issue should be resolved zealous approach to the use of hot water.

How to choose the boiler

range of modern home appliances could easily put in a "dead end» - which model boiler for apartments prefer to rely on what parameters?It's clear that the instrument has to "fit" in the interior of the room - however, this selection criterion does not have to become decisive.In the first place always look at the performance of the materials of manufacture of basic units, availability and reliability control systems, control and emergency protection.

required capacity water tank boiler

Boilers produced in large m m nogoobrazii volumes - from capacity mini devices about 8 ÷ 10 liters, up to powerful units with accumulationtanks 200 liters or more.The principle of "the more - the better" here is absolutely not acceptable .It makes no sense to overpay for a completely uncalled amount of hot water, and, in addition, lose still wasted and precious place in close apartments.The best approach to a choice from a practical point of view.

volume heater should depend the number of and type of points draw- hot water in an apartment or house, the number of living in it man, so that the needs of all the residents are met equally and to the maximum extent withoutany neudobs TV to I other.

Boilers are able to heat the water to a very considerable temperatures even close to boiling point.However, with the economy and safety positions optimum level of heating is considered +60 ° With .Let this value may seem small - it's very hot water, the temperature of which does not stand arm.Naturally, this water needs to be diluted with cold.The table below shows the approximate performance of hot (60 °) water flow and, accordingly, diluted to a comfortable temperature:

Hygienic and economic needs optimal water temperature (° C) approximate total water consumption(liters) necessary amount of warmed up to 60 ° water (liters)
Average handwashing 37 1,5 ÷ 4 1 ÷ 3
Showering 37 35 ÷ 50 17 ÷ 25
Bathing with bathing 40 150 ÷ ​​180 85 ÷ 120
morning washing, brushing teeth, shaving 37 12 ÷ 15