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August 12, 2017 18:06

Hedge in the country with their own hands

Summer residence area - is a place that every owner of a country house can also arrange and equip the way he wants.If you connect the imagination and to spend a little time and effort, you can make a country station nice and cozy.

Green fence or hedge

green fence or hedge

For example, instead of ordinary and dull fence can be erected a hedge, which will be the real decoration of the territory.Also worth noting is that the fence of green plants to protect site from the eyes of strangers, and the noise, reduce the penetration of exhaust fumes, dust from the street.

Green fence or hedge

green fence or hedge

Types hedge

Article Contents

  • 1 Types hedge
  • 2 fence of wood for climbing flowering plants
    • 2.1 Step 1. Marking the location of the fence
    • 2.2 Step 2: Install the pillars
    • 2.3 Step 3. Installation of the fence paintings
    • 2.4 Step 4. Installation crates of wooden planks
    • 2.5 Step 5. Woodworking
    • 2.6 Step 6. Greening
    • 2.7 Videos - Original design ideas hedges
  • 3 plastic mesh to create a hedge
    • 3.1 Installation of plastic mesh to support hedge
    • 3.2 Video- Installation of plastic mesh
  • 4 hedge of conifers on the earthen shaft
    • 4.1 Create earthworks

The size of hedges of plants are divided into three types.

type hedge Description
Borders is small in height (up to 1 meter), for this type of fence lush shrubs used most often.Mainly used for decorative purposes to highlight areas of domestic space
Hedges To create this type of fencing is tall plants (1 to 3 meters), characterized by slow growth and good branching
Live Wall Plantswhich are planted to create a wall at the border should be different deep root system, good branching, shade-tolerant.Height - from 3 to 5 meters.These living fences perfectly protect the area from noise and dust, prevent the penetration of outsiders from the street

plants also combine perfectly with a fence made of different materials: wood, metal, natural stone and plastic.

fence of wood for climbing flowering plants

Fence from a tree for climbing flowering plants

fence of wood for climbing flowering plants

guard near her house does not necessarily make a high and monumental, you can create an unusual and festive colors of the fence.Framework for the design will be open-work wooden fence, and decoration - curly flowering plants.

Materials and tools for the construction of a wooden lattice fence design

Lattice fence

trellis fence

  1. pillars to support sections (40 to 40 mm).You can use a round or square timber.Height - 1, 5 meters.A third timber has to be dug into the ground that will ensure the stability of the structure.
  2. straps for mounting battens.
  3. crossbar.
  4. Antiseptic for wood.
  5. rope and stakes to ensure correct labeling.
  6. screwdriver and screws for wood.
  7. Mortar and crushed stone for fixing pillars.

Step 1. Marking the location of the fence

For these purposes, stakes and ropes.It's wise to correctly mark the length of the protective structure to accurately calculate the amount of wood and poles for the fence sections.

Step 2: Install the pillars



at equal distances from each other are dug pit depth of more than half a meter.Desirably, supports located at a distance of 1200 -1500 mm apart.Since the fence height of 2 meters, the poles dig in the ground should be 70-80 cm. Do not make the hole too wide, as you will need a lot of gravel and cement for fixing pillars.

Before you plunge into the ground poles, wood must be thoroughly impregnated with an antiseptic.Poles are installed in a horizontal position, pit backfilled with gravel and filled with cement mortar.This ensures a high quality fixing supports.For in the process of drying a solution of the pillars are not mowing, can strengthen their wooden struts.

We put in the deepening of pre- impregnated with an antiseptic timber supports

put in the deepening of pre-impregnated with an antiseptic timber supports

Step 3. Installation of the fence paintings

This step is performed after the concrete hardens.First with the help of self-tapping screws to the posts are bolted top and bottom cross bar.Together they form with supports power frame fence.Upper trims are mounted below the tops of the pillars in the lower 15-20 cm -. At a distance of 20-30 cm from the ground.

Step 4. Installation crates of wooden planks

Scheme wooden support grid

Scheme wooden support grid

How to grill for fence

How do grille fence

How to grill for fence

How do grille fence



Soas the fence is made specifically to support climbing plants, crate should be large cells.Shoots of plants must be easy to penetrate into the hole to completely cover the wooden structure.The laid crosswise strips of wood is best to bind each other with small screws.This will give the whole structure stability and strength.

Step 5. Woodworking

Once the fence is ready, you need to compulsorily treat the wood preservative deep impregnation.It is necessary to protect the wood from moisture and pests, especially if the strips are densely covered with plants.

Step 6. Greening

For braiding transparent fence planted plants able to curl , they are called lianas .The most famous vine - a grape

for braiding transparent fence planted plants able to curl, they are called lianas.The most famous vine - a grape

Growing grapes

grapes Growing

After installing the fence you can start planting and design of the structure.If the owner of the garden loves bright and dense flowering plants, the issue can hedge using climbing roses, barberry, hydrangeas, spirit.

How to plant a hedge

How to plant a hedge



Videos - Original design ideas hedges

plastic mesh to create a hedge

Climbing plants on a chain-link fence

Curlyplants on the chain-link fence

Plastic - a fairly strong material that can easily withstand changing weather conditions, high humidity.If you want to protect the suburban area originally and at an affordable price, you can use for this purpose a special plastic grid for climbing plants.Advantages of this are obvious barriers.

  1. Lightweight.
  2. Resistance to corrosion.
  3. Ease of installation and assembly.
  4. affordable price.
  5. variance of sizes and colors of the plastic canvas.
  6. good light and water permeability.
  7. temperature resistance.
  8. strength and durability.

Installation of plastic mesh to support hedge



Tools and materials

  1. plastic mesh.The dimensions depend on the area fenced territory.
  2. poles to fix the grid, you can use wooden or metal supports.
  3. Rubble.
  4. Cement.
  5. Clamps for fixing mesh to the posts.
  6. metal wire.

    Tensioning device enclosure

    tensioning device fences

Step 1. Since painting plastic fence itself is lightweight, strong poles are not required to deepen.Positioning support is desirable at a distance of 1.5-2 meters apart.For mounting pillars to dig pits with a depth of 40-50 cm. After the installation of pillars in deepening the required sleep gravel and pour the cement.JAFI such designs 2-3 days.

Tensioner fence

Tensioner fence

Step 2. After the poles will be firmly fixed in the ground, you can proceed to the installation of a plastic fabric.Canvas need not be cut into pieces.If the supports used metal pipes, it is possible for them to weld special hooks for which the mesh will be attached.If welding can not be implemented, it is possible to use ordinary plastic clamps.

Fixing grid

grid Fixing

Step 3 .When mounting the grid is important to comply with uniform tension of the material.It is impossible to slack canvas.If the distance between the supports is greater than 1.5 meters, it is advisable to use a wire which will serve as the upper and lower ribs.The wire is stretched along the top and bottom edge of the grid is fixed for the poles.

Step 4. Connection mesh fabrics must pass through the supports.It is impossible to increase the canvas between the pillars.

Step 5. After the fence from the grid is set, you can start planting design.Plastic - durable material, it can easily withstand the weight of the grapes, ivy, honeysuckle, Trumpet.These perennials will become a real decoration of the infield area and reliably will hide from prying views.

Along this fence is to plant plants and will soon be a beautiful hedge

along this fence is to plant plants and will soon be a beautiful hedge

Plants are kept for the grid

plants cling to the mesh

Close to the hedge would be appropriate live Arch

Near the hedges would be appropriate live arch

Video - Installation of plastic mesh

hedge of conifers on the earthen shaft

Hedge of conifers on the earthen shaft

hedge of conifers on the earthen shaft

If for some reason the site owner does not want to set a standard fence made of wood or metal, but dreams of a safe andhigh fence, you can pay attention to hedge on the earthen shaft.Plants, coniferous or deciduous, densely planted on the ground of the pillow.

plus of this method of creating a lot of hedges: Land area is securely insulated earth embankment.The shaft allows to plant trees on the hill, which reduces the period required to reach a certain height plants.But there is in this mode territory fences and cons: Land shaft can occupy a lot of space.

Hedge shaft

Hedge shaft

Create earthworks

Step 1. Select an area on which is mounted a hedge on the dais.shaft width can vary from 50 cm to 1 meter.

Step 2. creates a framework for the earthworks.To land is not crumbled, want to create a double-sided frame made of brick or natural stone.Between the bricks or masonry will pour land.Side clutch, which is closer to the portion to be higher than the second side clutch half.For example, the height of the inner masonry is 1 meter, outer - 50 cm

Step 3. between clutches covered with earth, which subsequently planted coniferous or deciduous trees..

resulting tilt shaft ensures drain excess moisture, and the side walls prevent subsidence of the soil.

Plants on the shaft

Plants on

shaft It is worth knowing that the construction of a fence - the process is fairly labor-intensive and requires a lot of time and effort, especially if you want to enclose a large plot.But, hedges, serving as an impregnable bastion, over time, will defend the country site visits from outsiders and views better than metal or wooden fence.

Hydrangea hedge

Hydrangea hedge

Flowering and ornamental deciduous shrubs for hedges

Flowering and ornamental deciduous shrubs for hedges