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August 12, 2017 18:06

The circuit connection dimmer

More recently, the only available possibility of lighting dimming was the installation of the device, called a rheostat.The power of these resistors was approximately level with the load.Of course, it could close my eyes, but not decreased with decreasing brightness power consumption - extra power is simply dissipated.Therefore, dimmers used to adjust the brightness only where this has been a need, for example, in the theaters.

Rotary dimmer

Rotary dimmer

However, the situation changed dramatically with the advent of the semiconductor market, known as the Shockley diode and triac.It is through them and designed modern dimmers, allowing to quickly and easily adjust the brightness of the lighting.

Video - How does the dimmer

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    • 0.1 Video - How does the dimmer
  • 1 Basics dimmers
    • 1.1 Video - Simple LED bulb and dimmer
  • 2 Features dimmer device and its connection scheme
    • 2.1 Video - How to choose the dimmer
  • 3 connection and operation of a dimmer: what everyone should
  • 4 Installation Manual dimmer instead of the usual switch
    • 4.1 Video - Wiring dimmer
    • 4.2 Video - Connect LED strip to the mini dimmer

Basics dimmers

Standard dimmer switch is connected like an ordinary, ie,open circuit in the luminaire power.Dimensions of the reporting regulator and fasteners for installation in a niche also coincide with the same simple switch settings.Consequently, with the installation of the dimmer can handle anyone with ideas about how to connect your traditional light switches.The only important point terminals to the load and the phase must be connected strictly in accordance with the scheme given manufacturer.

Basic information about the dimmers

Basics dimmers





All presented today dimmers can be divided into two broad classes: the rotor (they swivel) and button (e).



Table.Some dimmers

Types dimmers Explanations
dimmer for incandescent lamps and halogen lamps with a voltage level of 220 In this case, it is the magnitude of the applied voltage determines the intensity of the glow lamp filament.
Dimmer, designed for low-voltage halogen lamps powered via transformer is responsible for converting the output voltage of the dimmer to the desired value.If the lamps are designed for voltage of 12-24 V, the electronic transformer is needed, providing soft handling current source.
LED Dimmer (dimmer led) and a dimmer for fluorescent lamps. task dimmer for LEDs - to give the desired results quickly and smoothly adjust the strength of the luminous fluxes.
Touch Dimmer The main difference between the sensor device (dimmer viko) is the ability to control the flow of light using a subtle touch of a button to a specific area.It can be equipped with an infrared receiver for the remote control.
Rotary dimmer Assumes easy rotation of the rotary member.
Pressure dimmer Assumes repeatedly pressing
keys Single dimmer Can be used as a single lamp, and a number of light sources combined into a common group.
Group dimmer to control multiple light sources.

most widely used rotary controls.Light intensity control such devices is performed by simply turning the handle in the desired direction.Pushbutton dimmers also more convenient and flexible in the light brightness control plan.In addition, electronic dimmers allow for parallel connection of buttons and control the lighting from several different places.In practice, the number of places is limited to 3-5.In this case the wire length should not exceed 10 m.

Basic information about the dimmers

Basics dimmers

Also on the market is represented by a group of devices that allow you to control the brightness of lighting remotely using the remote.However, these dimmers are an order of magnitude more expensive than the above.

most popular, as already noted, use dimmers rotary type.That we consider them in the present manual.

Video - Simple LED bulb and dimmer

Features dimmer device and its connection diagrams

Rotary dimmers from different manufacturers have the same device - only their quality is different.Also, some differences can be present in the interior equipping regulators: in the design of some of these additional elements are included, a positive influence on the stability of the dimmer control and improve the smoothness of the brightness.

Work dimmers on the following principle.To the lamp lighting is switched on, the triac dimmer to pass current.To this should be a voltage between the electrodes of said semiconductor.It appears as follows.

Wiring the dimmer for LED strip

scheme dimmer connection for LED strip

In the event of a positive half-cycle of the capacitor charging occurs through a potentiometer.At the same characteristics of the potentiometer is directly dependent on the speed of the capacitor charge.A key function of the potentiometer is a change in the phase angle.When the capacitor voltage to a value sufficient to open the semiconductor dimmer triac opens.At this stage, there is a reduction of its resistance, which allows the lighting device to burn until the completion of the half-wave.The negative half wave behaves like a positive, becauseShockley diode and triac are symmetrical, so the current trend for them does not matter.

As a result, the voltage supplied to the load, is the "echoes" of half-waves following each other at a frequency of about 100 Hz.It is because of this when the lighting device to the minimum brightness may appear flickering.

Installation diagrams dimmable devices : a.adjustable from one place , b .with two first places and the room , the dimmer is used as a passage control

installation diagrams dimmable devices: a.adjustable from one place, b.with two first places and the room, the dimmer is used as a passage control

parameters of structural elements a regulator may vary among different manufacturers, but the principle of operation of this device is practically not changed.Properties resistors and capacitors affect only the performance of the ignition points, as well as the stability of the fixture.Thus, the lowest brightness of the light is provided by a minimum value of the resistor, and the highest, respectively, at the maximum.

incorrectly connected dimmer will still work, but in this case, his work is also wrong

In practical scheme is allowed to include any triacs, taking into account the load capacity.However, the allowable voltage devices must not be less than 400 V, becausethe value of the instantaneous voltage in domestic electricity supply can "jump" up to 350V.

Video - How to choose the dimmer

connection and operation of the dimmer: what everyone should know?

How to install a dimmer switch

How to install the dimmer

Before buying a dimmer, and install it in place of a conventional circuit breaker, check out important facts about the device in question.

Many users are mistaken, considering that the installation of a dimmer will significantly reduce lighting costs.In fact, when the minimum brightness saving lamp is unlikely to exceed 10-15%.The rest of "extra" energy dimmer simply dissipate.

dimmer devices designed terminal blocks

device dimmer purpose klemnyh pad

connection and operation of the dimmer must be conducted in compliance with the following rules:

  • regulator can not be exposed to excessive heat.The maximum allowable temperature in the room - 27 degrees;
  • the load is connected to the regulator must not be less than 40 watts.At lower values ‚Äč‚Äčthere is a significant reduction in service life as the lighting and the regulator itself;
  • dimmer can be used only in conjunction with lighting fixtures listed in the data sheet.

considered controllers are designed to work with certain types of loads.So, most of dimmers can only be used to regulate the brightness of halogen lamps and incandescent light bulbs.Use them in the same complex with fluorescent lamps, LED lamps and most energy-efficient lighting is impossible, sinceit leads to their very rapid breakdown.

Connection principle dimmer

connection principle dimmer

If you want to connect to the dimmer LED lamp, buy specially designed for this controller model.

Pre necessarily check with the store employee, whether purchased dimmer to work in conjunction with the source of light your home is calculated.Also make sure that the regulator output corresponds to the total capacity installed in your home fixtures.

Installation manual dimmer switch instead of the usual

How to install the dimmer

How to install the dimmer

Replacing traditional switch on the rotary control will not cause any difficulties, becausethey are established on a similar principle.You just need to carefully study the technology and adhere to the established order.

The circuit connection dimmer

first step .Turning off the power supply and further convinced in his absence by a special screwdriver indicator.

Wiring ( changing switch on the dimmer )

Wiring (change in the dimmer switch)

second step. Remove button switch installed.

third step. Unscrew the screws ensuring fixing decorative switch box, and remove it.

Removing the switch

switch Dismantling

fourth step. Turn off fixing screws and pull out the mechanism of the switch from the mounting box.Dimmer we can install in the same box.

fifth step. Turn off electrical wires from the switch.

sixth step. We see the two free wires.



One of them (the feed phase) is connected to the switch, the second - to the chandelier.Carefully study the diagrams shown in the manual for the dimmer or on the cover of his body.

Driving dimmer

scheme dimmer

To parse it , it is necessary to unscrew the locknut and remove all laths

To parse it, it is necessary to unscrew the locknut and remove all laths

Dimmer dismantled

Dimmer unassembled

Dimmer unassembled

Dimmer unassembled

Dimmer unassembled

Dimmer unassembled



In the case of dimmers, as noted, it is necessary to strictly adhere to the order of connection recommended by the manufacturer.Phase cable (on the scheme it is red) is connected to terminals of the dimmer, signed by both L-in.Next cable (on the scheme it is orange) connects to a terminal controller, signed L-out.

Installation of the dimmer

Mounting dimmer

seventh step. Insert the dimmer in the installation box.To do this, gently Fold the wires enter the controller in the Escutcheon, strut tighten the screws, apply a decorative frame, fix it with the screws and set the regulating wheel.

Connect the wires and insert the dimmer in a box

Connect the wires and insert dimmerv box

eighth step .Check job set the dimmer, after turning off electricity.To check the turn knob dimmer until it engages in a counter-clockwise - the lamp will not light up.Gently turn the knob clockwise direction - after clicking on the same fixtures will start gradually increasing the voltage, which will indicate the gradual increase in brightness.

tighten the mounting

tighten mounting

Dress all laths and swivel wheel

Dress all laths and swivel wheel

Dress all laths and swivel wheel

Dress all laths and swivel wheel

Dimmer is connected and functioning properly.We can take it into operation.

Successful work!

Video - Wiring dimmer

Video - Connect to the mini LED strip dimmer