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August 12, 2017 18:06

Gas cooktop burners 4 how to choose

When the time comes to change the unusable or hopelessly outdated physically and morally gas stove, many owners today prefer not to buy a new model of the same traditional layout, with the united oven.More and more people make choices in favor of cooktops, because of their aesthetics, compactness, ease of operation and ease of maintenance.

Gas cooktop burners 4 how to choose

gas hob 4 burners how to choose

similar kitchen appliances for many still a novelty, and not everyone knows on what parameters should choose suitable model, what an interesting functionality can be incorporated into such a product.To at least partially fill the gap in this information, the subject of today's publication becomes a gas hob 4 burners how to choose what to pay attention to "new thing" has not caused an unfortunate disappointment was the faithful assistant masters at the same time "working" is also a stylish decoration kitcheninterior.

main advantages hobs gas stoves to

Article Contents

  • 1 main advantages hobs gas stoves to
  • 2 What is evaluated when choosing a gas hob?
    • 2.1 Type gas hob
    • 2.2 Dimensions hob
    • 2.3 material manufacturing the front surface of the panel
    • 2.4 type, shape and positioning of the gas burners
    • 2.5 management gas hob and additionalthe functionality of the device
  • 3 Leading manufacturers of gas cooktops and a brief overview of the models
  • 4 Video: tips for choosing the hob kitchen

Perhaps those people who for all his life used to exclusivelyto cookers, it will be difficult to "budge", so that they have overcome "the threshold of mistrust" for household appliances of the new generation.For a start they need to become familiar with the advantages that gives its owners a gas hob:

  • first thing that comes to mind - a saving of useful kitchen space.To be honest, not all families are often enjoyable to use the oven, and it often turns into a banal storage for unused pans.When you use the hob if the oven is not necessary, the space under the sink can be useful as a place for the other built-in appliances such as a dishwasher.If the oven is still in demand, the electrical functional model it is possible to put both in classical layout, bottom, or in any other convenient location for the hostess.
Gas hob and electric oven are spaced so that there is the most convenient mistress

gas hob and electric oven are spaced so that there is the most convenient mistress

  • When installing conventional gas stoves between it and the items of kitchen furniture on the left - on the right is always clearance.Oddly sealing this space - is still there begins to accumulate dust, dirt, grease accumulations, which are a breeding ground for insects or microorganisms.In case of tie the hob in the worktop, this problem can not be just.
  • We host appears more opportunities for self-regulated kitchen space, so how to choose the right place for flat panel - much easier than the cumbersome plate.In principle, it can be any convenient domain which will meet applicable safety regulations.This question, of course, require a specific agreement with the gas service, but the problem is completely solved.
the kitchen corner is often a " dead space" , but here it perfectly blended cooking gas panel

angle in the kitchen is often the "dead space", but here it perfectly blended cooking gas panel

  • Care desktop panel cooking gas - is much easier than the cumbersome plate.
for hobs care not pose any difficulty

Care hobs do not pose any difficulty

  • Current models of cooking gas panels are equipped with very comfortable controls and a reliable safety system.
  • Perhaps for "tricked out" gas cooktops and electric inferior counterparts, but are less inertia: a reaction to the change of the flame intensity or off - almost instantly.A man who all his life used gas stoves do not have to break their habits and tried and tested methods of preparation of various dishes, but the cooking process will be even easier.
  • Finally, no one probably will dispute the fact that the interior of the kitchen with hob always looks much neater, la and the panels themselves much nicer legacy slabs.
Cooking gas panels fit perfectly into any style kitchen interior

cooking gas panels perfectly fit into any style of kitchen interior

So advantages - a "bunch", but significant shortcomings, perhaps not immediately evident.The absence of the oven, as already mentioned, if you want to easily compensated by the installation of a convenient electric oven.And in terms of prices, many cooktops - are readily available, do not exceed the cost of conventional plates "classic" layout.

What is evaluated when choosing a gas hob?

Type gas hob

First of all, you should determine if the need for a brass plate, and if there is - whether it will be mounted on the usual scheme - under the hob or elsewhere cuisine.May depend on the final selection of the correct model.The fact that all cooktops are divided into independent and dependent.

  • Associates - a relatively small group of models.They can not be installed and run separately - requires mandatory installation of brass electrical cabinet directly under it to provide the necessary switching between them for general management.Moreover, some sensitive gas panel did not even have their own controls = - they are brought to the front panel of the oven.
An example of a set of sensitive gas hob and oven .The panel can not be even controls

example set dependent gas hob and oven.The panel can not even be controls

course, both devices are performed in a single design style, and their installation provides a complete "band".

Independent gas cooktops - the most common, and are much more popular and consumers, as they can be installed on your own, the only only - with reference to a gas pipe.If the oven is no need, the question generally is simplified to the limit.But even if the oven is needed - to such a panel it is possible to pick up any independent model, based on personal preferences, functionality and affordability.And to set the oven is also allowed in any user-friendly place.However, even there is no need to have the same manufacturer devices.

Dimensions hob

Presumably, if the landlord thinking about purchasing the hob, it involves and about the place of its installation, and has information on the possible amounts allocated under her countertop area.Hence, it is necessary to make a start.

majority with four cooking surfaces are made about the standard size - it is about 600 mm wide and 520 ÷ 530 mm in depth.Dimensions may vary by 5 ÷ 10 mm in one direction or another, and this usually depends on the placement of the panel control panel - the front or side.

Typical sizes with four gas hob

Typical sizes with four gas hob

These dimensions make it possible to perfectly fit the panel in a standard countertop depth of 600 mm, leaving the required 50 mm clearance between the appliance and the wall of the room.

However, these dimensions are by no rule without exception.For example, a narrow countertops is quite possible to choose a gas hob, in which all four burners arranged in one row.The depth of this model can be only 350 ÷ 400 mm, of course, by increasing the length of the frontage - it reaches up to 1000 ÷ 1100 mm.It looks such a cooktop - very original, and fits perfectly in the "small-format" countertops.

This hob is perfectly located on a narrow table top

This hob is perfectly located on a narrow countertop

Those who are not sorry to give extra money for "vintage" can come to taste the original model is quite unusual curved shape.Ease of use of this not affected - all burners and controls - at a glance.

This original cooktop certainly give the interior originality particular cuisine .

This original cooktop certainly give the interior originality particular cuisine.

in the illustration above, you saw how you can enter the hob sample size in the corner of the kitchen.But, in addition, if desired, you can acquire the model specified for the angular placement.Probably no need to explain, as this effectively saves valuable space.

Model specially designed to be placed in a corner of the kitchen

model, specially designed to be placed in a corner of the kitchen

But that's not all.In recent years, rapidly gaining popularity cooktops, manufactured on a "domino effect".Models of this type generally open up unprecedented opportunities masters in matters of planning and management of the kitchen workspace.

Hobs "domino" - is a modular system.Each section has a depth of 500 m, and the width is typically - 300 mm.The module may be equipped with two gas burners conventional one, but the increased power.A combined version, where one gas burner, and the second - electric.

A variety of gas modules such as " dominoes "

Variety gas modules of the "domino»

Issued and other interesting domino modules that can optimize the working kitchen space and create the conditions for making the most unusual dishes: deep fryers, roasters, hobs with grill, grill, steamer, baking andetc.There are sections with built-in hood and even the food processor.

A set of cooking - modules "domino" with two gas burners , hob with grill and kitchen built in hood in the middle.

whole complex cooking - modules "domino" with two gas burners, hob with grill and kitchen built in hood in the middle.

Location module determines the owner.They can be installed close to each other - for this purpose, special mounting brackets jumper.

"Domino" Mounting bracket for mounting the modules .

mounting bracket for installing the modules "domino".

If desired, they can be spread over the surface countertops at a certain distance.Nothing prevents over time, after the first experience of use, change metami section, there to achieve the most comfortable for the hosts of their location.

Similarly, you can assemble yourself cooking surface of any shape with the required amount and types of gas burners and other useful options.

material manufacturing the front surface of the panel

consumer choices presented panels of different materials - depends on the appearance of the device, its cost and, of course, particular care.

  • most "budget" options are cooking with enamelled steel panels coated.They are presented in a rich variety of tint, ie it is possible to pick them up to the general color design kitchen.Besides the usual glossy enamel can be used, and powder coatings, giving the surfaces a pronounced matte effect.
Gas hob with enamel coating

gas hob with enamel coated

Such coatings - resistant enough, but requires adherence to certain rules of treatment and care.Thus, not excluded chipped enamel with a strong impact, for example, because of the heavy dishes of the equation, and any peeling over time, can become a "nest" for the development of corrosion.

requires special care when cleaning the surface - abrasion may scratch the surface.If the accident occurred on the surface of the panel fire products, it often ends with a pronounced darkening stain the enamel.

Advantages - low price and a wide range of color choices.

widely popular hobs with a stainless steel surface.They are characterized by a pronounced metallic sheen, which fits well, perhaps, in any style of interior.They can be in gloss (polished) or matt version.

Hob stainless steel

hob, stainless steel

Scratch stainless steel abrasive action - is much more difficult.Accented beats, too, is not so bad - maybe just stay a little dent.But the lack of it may be noted that on this surface is always very well stand out even minor contamination, even from the dried wet spots or fingerprints.To care for such panels is recommended to buy special detergents, and cleaning is necessary to carry out often enough.

Many cooktops stainless steel is also classified as a relatively inexpensive instrument available to most buyers.

  • Very nice look digester gas from a glass-ceramic panel.However, it should here be prepared to pay quite a decent amount.And this, incidentally, is not entirely justified.
Hobs vitrified look impressive , but it unreasonably expensive

Hobs vitrified look impressive, but unreasonably expensive

Yes, these panels look very impressive - they are deeply attached to the color, sometimes applied to a certain pattern.They are easy to care for - from the surface can be easily removed any dirt.But glass ceramic itself rather designed for other purposes - it has a high thermal conductivity, so is widely used for electric cooktops.And in the case of gas burners that quality is absolutely no demand, and the extra spending will be directed at providing an impressive view.

Of course, the use of such panels requires careful owners - a strong blow can lead to chipping or cracking, especially at the edge of the surface.There is another very important drawback - the glass-ceramic "adequately" respond to burning sugar - like clean spot in the event of contact with the panel will be extremely difficult, since it is literally "soldered" into the surface.

  • Alternatively, glass-ceramic, are not inferior to her in appearance, but it is more advantageous in terms of cost, are panels of tempered glass (often used in everyday use, the term "gas on glass").
The hob is made ​​of white frosted tempered glass .

hob white frosted tempered glass.

Caring for such panels, especially with the use of special funds - is very simple.The sale is put in charge a lot of design options, plain or with printed pattern.The only thing is, of course, be taken into account - though tempered glass, but still expose him inadvertently to impact should not be as it is possible the appearance of chipped or cracked.

type, shape and positioning of the gas burners

Typically, gas cooker panel equipped with various types of burners.

  • most common - is the conventional burner, giving one flame crown.They may vary in diameter, and, accordingly, issued combustion gas heat capacity.Although there are models with crowns in the form of the quadrilateral.It looks original, but any special functionality is not responsible.
Panel with gas burners are rectangular

panel with gas burners are rectangular

  • very convenient burners increased heat output, with several flame crowns - they allow you to quickly heat the large bowl of a large volume, after which it will be possible to rearrange the usual burner.In addition, the demand model panels, equipped with WOK-burners.In it, apart from a few rows of flame, there is a special form of support for utensils with spherical bottom.Very convenient for the preparation of a number of dishes, particularly typical of oriental cuisine.