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August 12, 2017 18:06

A pond in the country with their own hands

small pond is able to decorate and diversify any country site.And it will be even nicer if to build a pond with his hands.It may seem complicated, but in the presence of high-quality instruction is no problem should not be.

A pond in the country with their own hands

Pond in the country with their own hands

Floating rate ornamental fish - the best decoration of the pond

floating flock of ornamental fish - the best decoration of the pond

Traditionally, the work begins with the preparations.

Step 1. Determine the location and size of

Article Contents

  • 1 Step 1. Determine the location and size of
  • 2 Step 2: Determine the material
  • 3 Step 3: Prepare supplies
  • 4 Step 4: Roy pit
  • 5 Step 5: Puts film
  • 6 Step 6: Setting up your decorative pond
  • 7 practical advice on arrangement of the reservoir
    • 7.1 Video - Creating a pond on a summer residence

first determines the place in which is located a decorative pond.To do this, we consider the following points:

  • near there should be no trees, that their roots can damage the bottom of the structure, and the leaves -
    clog water;..
  • place should be open, as well as illuminated by the sun at least 6 hours a day (it will increase the intensity of the algae reproduction without prejudice to terrestrial plants);
  • possible, it is desirable to leave room for future expansion of the pond;
  • reservoir area should not exceed 3% of the total area.
Winding Pond cottage

Winding Pond cottage

short, the smaller the area, the easier it is to carry out the construction work.In terms of the depth of the reservoir is divided into three levels:

  • for plants near the shore;
  • shallows for hardy water lilies;
  • penetration, which will spend the winter fish (if we breed them).

Note!It is undesirable to make the pond too deep - just enough to make penetration in 1.6-1.8 meters deep (that is, below the level of soil freezing).Area burial shall not exceed one fifth of the entire pond.



Step 2: Determine the

Materials Materials that can serve as a basis for a decorative pond, quite a lot, but the most popular ones are the options below.

  1. Finished plastic molding, for which it is only necessary to dig a hole the corresponding depth.Simple and fast way that does not require large financial costs.The only drawback is that which is not always possible to give the pond a desired shape.

    Ready-made plastic molds

    Finished plastic mold

  2. Sturdy (often PVC) film 0.5 mm thick - ideal for a small pond.For larger constructions it is desirable to use a material more dense.Tellingly, the film when using the pond can be given virtually any shape.

view of the fact that the construction of a decorative pond of form can hardly cause any problems, we will consider in more detail the second option of building.

Step 3. Prepare

supplies in the work required:

  • PVC film;
  • roofing material;
  • round stones;
  • rope;
  • stone slabs;
  • shovel;
  • sand;
  • bricks;
  • small fraction gravel.

prepared all the necessary, proceed to the next step.

Driving devices pond waterproofing

scheme pond device waterproofing

Step 4. Roy pit

Step 1. First, create a sketch of the future reservoir on the scale, indicating the size and the width of the curtains (shelves for plants, that is,top design stage).This helps to avoid possible difficulties not only in construction, but also in the planter.

also think through the focus of the composition - a large original stone, for example, a sculpture or a tree.

Step 2. With rope or sand outline the prospective path of the reservoir.Be sure to check that all the banks were at the same level, then use the shovel make the cut turf on the perimeter of the pond.

Making layout

Make markup

Making layout

Make markup

Step 3. now proceed to excavation.First, dig a trench on the first level of depth (30-40 cm) and mark a line on which will move deep in the second mark (90 cm).Then create the deepest level (up to 1.8 meters, if we plan to breed fish) extract the last portion of the soil.

Pit pond formed by the characteristic terraced - curtains planter

pit pond formed by the characteristic terraced - curtains planter

Note!It is recommended to regularly check the level of the coasts during the digging of the pit.In the absence of a water level appropriate length, can take simple long board and fasten it to the 50-inch device.

Step 4. for digging the pond, it is desirable to use the services of specialists in this kind of work, accompanied by a small excavator, because the work is hard enough.But even if this stage of the work, it was decided to carry out with your hands, you should be prepared for the fact that the pit will collect moisture and will have to dig into the dirty slush.To derive benefit from the water pump can be (but specifically designed for pumping liquids with solids).Nearby you can dig one more hole to release water back.



Multilevel artificial pond

Multilevel artificial pond

Step 5. Carefully inspect the bottom of the pit ready for branches, sharp rocks and anything that may damage the film.Check the levelness of the shores, align them as necessary.

Carefully inspect the bottom

Carefully inspect the bottom

Step 6. On the perimeter of the pond dig deep ditch of 20 cm for fixing the film.Then, with a rope for measuring dimensions determine the required size of the film, adding 0.5 m on each side.

During the excavation can be faced with the problem of where to put the land out of the pit.An excellent solution to this problem is to raise the level of the site by the uniform distribution of the soil over the entire area of ​​the garden.There is another option - to use the land for the construction of an alpine slide.

Step 5. Puts film

film Placement

film Laying

Step 1. covers the bottom of the pit a 15-centimeter sand "cushion", carefully tamped it.

Step 2. to protect the PVC film from damage laid a layer of roofing material (stacking produce overlapping).

Step 3. strewn bowl reservoir film.We make it free, with a small margin on the banks.the film ends presses the bricks.

Butyl tape for pond

Butyl tape for pond

Note!For greater elasticity of the film, it is desirable to carry out laying on a sunny day - under the influence of the temperature of the film is better reach and easy to bend around all the projections of the pit.

Step 4. Fill the pond with water, but cut the excess film is not in a hurry.You must wait about 24 hours to polyvinylchloride covering took the final volume.Then cut the tape, lay it in a pre-done edge trench, and folded the rubble fall asleep.

add personality

add personality

Laying on the edge of the stones

laying stones on the edge

Fill the pond with water

Fill the pond with water

Fill the pond with water

Fill the pond with water

Note!Often the width of the film is not enough for the whole pond.In such cases, several pieces joined together by means of soldering.

Step 6. Equips decorative pond

Step 1. In order to prevent the shedding of land in the reservoir bowl strengthening the edge.This can be done using:

  • stone blocks;
  • plastic pipes, nailed to stakes.

spread the edge of natural stone (although you can use bricks, tiles and other materials), a group of boulders, or decorate one big lump.

Step 2 .We spread the bottom of the reservoir with gravel or stones.Then put the pre-cooked plants in plastic containers, and we arrange for Curtin.It is desirable to use plants, oxygenating (such as Hornwort, lily, Bog and so on.).After that the pond can be completely filled with water.

Note!For proper selection of pump and hydro-chemical products is necessary to measure the volume of the reservoir.To do this, the water is changed, remove the water meter readings before / after the filling process.

Step 3. can make a small stream for permanent circulation of water - this will prevent the stagnation of the latter.To do this, we raise the source is somewhat higher reservoir level and set the submersible pump to deliver water from the bowls.We plan to decorating the mouth of the stream, which can be used:

  • stones;
  • containers of glass or clay;
  • vegetable planting.

Step 4. At the bottom of the pond submersible pump set, stretch the tube to the source and connected them to clean the filter.The latter must be pressurized, ie provided with the reverse cleaning, t. To. He is much more effective than usual.

For circulating water in a pond , the pump is mounted on its bottom , from which the water is supplied to the purification filter and back into the reservoir

To ensure the water circulation in the pond at its bottom the pump is installed, from which water is supplied to the cleaning filter and back into the pond

Installation of pump

pump installation

Installation of pump

pump installation

All pond in the country with their own hands ready!It remains to be cleaned regularly from dirt, use special tools, animating water and prevents excessive proliferation of algae, as well as to remove the plants to winter time.

practical advice on arrangement of the reservoir

During the construction of the pond is difficult to avoid some mistakes, especially a composite plan.For this reason, you need to know about the common blunders that make gardeners.

plant growing areas Plants
Seaside Resort Softwoods, elderberry, ferns, meadowsweet, lilies of the valley, Bada, etc.
coastline Mimulus, pussy, kaluzhnik, Veronica porucheynaya, Highlander snake, forget-me, etc.
Plants to decorate shallow water (to a depth of 5-20 cm.) Air, reeds, Susak umbrella, cattail, arrowhead, etc.
Deepwater plant 30-150 cm lily, Potbelly
plants to decorate the surface of water (floating on the water surface) Duckweed, vodokras, telorez
The filter for the pond

filter pond

  1. First of all, it is container gardening.Yes, there is described this option as it is the most common, but the fact is that the use of plastic containers prevents the development of plants.Gardeners are afraid to sleep pond land, most likely due to the prospects of the dirty water.But nothing to fear, because the ground for aquatic plants contains a large amount of clay, which strengthens the roots and not washed with water.But if this option is you are still not attracted, then do so, as mentioned above.
    How to make a decorative pond in the garden

    How to make a decorative pond in the garden

    Plants for ponds

    Plants Pond

  2. also often adorn the shore rocks of the same diameter.It is better not to do, that is. To. A similar body of water it looks very boring.It is recommended to combine the small stones with larger, but not "too far", that is, not to overwhelm them offshore.



  3. too deep ponds resemble, so to speak, of stone bags.According to recent research companies engaged in excavation work, is more profitable to dig deep waters, because their services are paid for by cubic meters of excavated soil.But if the breeding of fish in your plans is not included, then a deep pond does not need.

Finally, scheduling self-construction of the pond, first work out - take, for example, a miniature pond, and only then proceed to a more dimensional compositions.This will significantly increase the chances of success.

Instantaneous heating water pond

Instantaneous heating water pond

Living pond will not only please your eyes on warm summer evenings , but also bring some benefits in the fight against insects

Living pond will not only please your eyes on warm summer evenings, but also bring some benefits in the fight against insects

The most attractive corner of the garden

most attractive corner of the garden

Pond at the cottage


up the good work!

Video - Creating a pond on a summer residence