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August 12, 2017 18:06

Installation of propylene pipes with their own hands

Recently, plastic pipes, which include polypropylene (PP), gradually replaced the traditional metal, not only in water, but also for heating.Not the least role in the ever-increasing popularity of playing easy installation - easy enough to perform the installation of polypropylene pipes with his own hands, even without special skills and knowledge.

Installation of propylene pipes with their own hands

Installation propylene pipes with his hands

positive qualities of PP pipes

Article Contents

  • 1 positive qualities of PP pipes
  • 2 Important installation nuances
  • 3 Stagefirst.Drafting
    • 3.1 Bussing heating
    • 3.2 Tap wiring
  • 4 Step Two.Welding of polypropylene pipes
    • 4.1 Video - Welding PP pipes
    • 4.2 Production welder
  • 5 Stage Three.Installation of the pipeline
  • 6 sewage system made of PP pipes
    • 6.1 Internal sewage
    • 6.2 Outdoor sewerage

These pipes have such advantages:

  • long service life (at least 25years);
  • large selection of connection fittings and other components;
  • absence of condensat
    e and various deposits on the surface;
  • immunity to aggressive external environment;

    PP pipes and fittings

    PP pipes and fittings

  • low noise;
  • strength;
  • low weight;
  • corrosion resistance;
  • ease of installation.

Attention!In most cases, the maximum allowable temperature of the working fluid is 90ᵒS (this includes products of "twentieth" and "twenty-first" brands).When the cold water supply, where the temperature often exceeds 20ᵒS used pipe "eleventh" to "sixteenth" mark.

Polypropylene pipes

Polypropylene pipes

Polypropylene fittings

Polypropylene fittings

Important nuances installation

compound PP pipes is carried out by means of threaded / non-threaded fittings.In turn, the product can be threaded:

  • one-piece;
  • detachable.

It should be noted that the installation affect primarily operating conditions.

  1. polypropylene All parts must be protected from fire.
  2. In case of tie, or a water meter storage tank, it is desirable to take a split threaded elements.However, a permanent connection is acceptable only for hoses.

    Water meter

    water meter

  3. use deformed or dirty coupling elements is strictly prohibited!As well as self-threading.
  4. When connecting the flat portions of the pipeline or transition to a different diameter of the couplings used.
  5. For turns, use the special elbows, bend pipe is unacceptable.
  6. tees are used for the highway branches.

After getting acquainted with all the necessary information you can get to work.

Stage One.Drafting

Installation work should begin with the drafting of the future highway.An important criterion in this case is ergonomic, so that the number of turns and connecting elements should be minimal.

heating Pin

Bussing heating

heating Wiring

At arrangement of the heating system is particularly important correctly compiled by the project, which should specify the location of such elements as:

  • clutch;
  • adapters;
  • fasteners;
  • corners;
  • heating equipment.

The line is connected to one or two-pipe radiators way side or bottom.

The circuit of the heating system

scheme heating

Attention!Equally important is the design and the possible thermal expansion of polypropylene - it should also be considered.

Tap wiring

Routing of water pipes in the bathroom

Pazvodka water pipes in the bathroom

There highway connects to a centralized system to supply the necessary sanitary equipment - toilet, sink, water heater, and so on.There are two ways to perform the wiring.

method №1. Open option.Several horizontal pipes are installed above the floor, and vertical - exclusively on the corners.All this allows us to make the pipeline less noticeable.

Method №2. Closed option.It is extremely difficult in the performance because it involves holding a preliminary maximum accurate calculations.Pipes (necessarily whole) walled up in the walls, and each junction should be freely available.

Routing of water pipes in the bathroom

Pazvodka water pipes in the bathroom

In addition, the wiring running water can be:

  • serial type (the budget and easy to embodiments);
  • collector type (collector used for water supply);
  • with passage outlets (not very popular).

Step Two.Welding of polypropylene pipes

Welding of polypropylene pipes

welding polypropylene pipes

This procedure required an electric jigsaw (cutting polypropylene) and special welding equipment.

Welding machine


Attention!Before starting work on the unit worn sleeve (nozzle) of the desired diameter.Next, using the thermostat is set corresponding to the temperature (about 260-265ᵒS), after which the device is heated (can be found in the manufacturer's instructions on the heating time).

Step One. While the machine is warming up, carried out the necessary measurements, the pipes are marked and cut.

Scissors for cutting polypropylene tubes

shears polypropylene pipes

Step Two. ends of the articles, which is planned to connect with each other, thoroughly stripped and degreased.

Step Three. With pencil notes depth of occurrence of each product in the pocket.Characteristically, it should remain at least millimeter gap, so the pipe does not abut the connecting fitting coupling.

Errors in welding polypropylene pipes butt

errors in welding polypropylene pipes butt

Step Four. PP pipe fitting to put on a sleeve in accordance with the marks made, and all heating elements must occur simultaneously.

Attention!In case of bad nozzles (or vice versa - too free) one of the elements that immediately discarded.

heating duration depends not only on the diameter of the products, but also on the welding depth (this can be found in the table below).

Table waiting time

Table technological pause

Step Five. After a certain period of the product are removed and connected, with little effort nasazhivayas each other.Prohibited items at the same time to turn on the center line.

The welding of polypropylene pipes

welding process polypropylene pipes

Step Six. For several seconds after connecting to the primary adjustment is performed, further elements have been fixed.

Welding of polypropylene pipes

welding polypropylene pipes

Welding of polypropylene pipes

welding polypropylene pipes

Attention!The sequence of assembly is determined in advance.

If no gaps left at the junction, then it (the connection) can be considered quality.

Video - Welding PP pipes

Production welder

view of the fact that more or less a good welder worth more than a thousand rubles, it is cheaper to take it out or do it yourself.If you chose the latter, for the work should be prepared:

  • thermal paste for computers;
  • iron the old model;
  • bolt, washer to it;
  • electric drill;
  • sleeve (nozzle) of the desired diameter.

    Soldering iron for PP pipes from an old iron

    tips for PP pipes from an old iron

sequence of actions should be as follows.

Step One. In order to improve heat transfer soleplate processed thermal paste is then secured Teflon sleeve.last location is determined in advance - the wide part up or down.

Step Two. file away sharp "nose" for a more comfortable work near the walls.

Step Three. iron heating is carried out as long as the device does not turn off for the second time.

Step Four. Well, if iron is equipped with a thermal sensor - it will allow to accurately determine the heating temperature.But there is an easier way - through the lead.The metal is melted at 230ᵒS above, which approximately coincides with the desired welding temperature.

Further soldering technology is identical to that described above.

Stage Three.Installation of the pipeline

Pike polypropylene pipes step by step

Pike polypropylene pipes step by step

Welding of polypropylene pipe bell and spigot

welding polypropylene pipe bell and spigot

When laying the pipeline will need:

  • pipe;
  • tees;
  • ball valves;
  • plugs;
  • adapters;
  • challenges;
  • clutch;
  • separable connectors;
  • threaded fittings;
  • plastic clamps.

primarily performed basic installation of the system (plumbing, radiators, boilers, etc.), Then in accordance with the drafting of the future highway is marked.piping elements are connected together by couplings.

Attention!Hard to reach areas of the system are collected separately.

When it comes to heating and hot water supply, the thermal expansion is taken into account.To compensate for the latter, it is desirable to use a mobile connection.When mounting the first closed pipe shtrobiruyutsya wall (at appropriate locations groove width is done in two pipe diameter).

Filling fluid conduit is acceptable only after one hour from the end of the installation.Hydraulic test can be carried out only in a day.

The result of

Result of

The result of

Result of

The result of

Result of

sewage system made of PP pipes

As previously mentioned, polypropylene pipes are actively used in the regeneration of sewage.The installation procedure in this case has its own nuances.

Pipes made ​​of polypropylene

pipes made of polypropylene

Internal sewage

There are a number of rules that must be followed when sewerage equipment in the house.

  1. pipeline is laid at an angle in the direction of the sewer riser (about 3 cm per meter).
  2. If the room is not heated, the tube additionally insulated with mineral wool.
  3. You can not make sharp turns at an angle of 90ᵒ, instead, used the so-called easy bend.
  4. Ventilation for the outlet type - a mandatory component of sewage, which will prevent the penetration of odors in the home.
  5. toilet is connected only after the shell, otherwise, will stall the water trap.

Outdoor sewerage

Sewer pipes outside

sewer pipes outside

Step One. determines the diameter of the pipe, which depends mainly on the number of people living in the house.

Step Two.From riser sewer trench dug to a septic tank or cesspool.This deviation is observed, depending on the line of soil freezing, or piping is insulated with mineral wool.

Laying of sewer pipes

Laying sewer pipes

Laying of sewer pipes

Laying sewer pipes

Step Three. bottom is covered with "cushion" of sand.Its thickness must be at least 20 cm.

Laying of outdoor sewerage

Laying outdoor sewerage

Step Four. pipeline.It is important to avoid its possible sagging, or soon to break the connection.

Attention!The seams do not require sealing, t. To. In PP pipes outdoor applications already available rubber seals.

Horizontal drilling trench for the pipeline is carried out with the help of special equipment with jacks, pumps push action.The drilling takes place with a steel tapered tip.A similar technology is used in the construction:

  • auto and F / A-road suspension;
  • pipelines in cellars;
  • highways to work well.

Mounting PP pipe with your hands will help to save money, but only if the competent execution.