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August 12, 2017 18:06

The tracks in the country with their own hands

The way will be processed on a suburban footpath area depends largely on its entire design.Even in such conditions, when there is no possibility to perform laborious and expensive job, you can choose more affordable options that are designed and tested already craftsmen.

The tracks in the country with their own hands

The tracks in the country with their own hands

tracks in the country with their own hands can be made from a variety of materials, selecting the appropriate option from the selection below.For example, for this purpose perfectly suited ordinary brick or logs, logs napilennye of , round, medium size pebbles or conventional plugs of plastic bottles.There are removable versions of tracks that can be laid solely on the summer.By the way, these tracks can be also not only buy ready-made, but also to make their own.

In any case, before to lay any garden paths, it is necessary to carry out preparatory work.

design on paper

Article Contents

  • 1 design on paper
  • 2 markings on the ground
  • 3 Preparation of the bas
    e under the garden path
  • 4 Varieties of garden paths tosuburban area
    • 4.1 Brick footpath
    • 4.2 Video: master class for laying garden paths
    • 4.3 path of logs
    • 4.4 path of round river stones
    • 4.5 concrete path
    • 4.6 Video: example of the form for filling "paved" paths
    • 4.7 Garden paths of the caps
    • 4.8 National track of plastic plates
    • 4.9 «Garden parquet»
    • 4.10 Video: Varietyoptions for garden paths

Before starting work, it is recommended to start to plan a track on the site.This process can be carried out using a computer by downloading the appropriate CAD program , but you can just mark with a pencil on a sheet of paper.

Graphic design section will help you plan the best way

Graphic project will help to plan land optimally

First of all you need to place on the layout schematic house, farm buildings, connecting them to each other and paving the way to the front gate - it will be the main track, without which, in any case,not enough.

Then, you need to plan the paths leading from the house to the various zones of the site, such as a gazebo, swimming pool, playground or barbecue area.

Next, determine the location of other auxiliary tracks, which can lead to a vegetable garden or in the garden, watering the points of connection, some trees and other objects.

If there is a need, then, bringing the path to the garden or the garden, it is necessary to fork its so it was convenient to get to each site a corner in any weather, since no track is particularly unpleasant to navigate the "naked» earth in during or immediately after a rain.

Once drafted, can be transferred to the territory of the site.

markings on the ground

Preparatory works are essential

Preparations are crucial

To determine the width and direction of the tracks, it is necessary to partition the terrain.This is especially important if they are to be maintained in certain widths - for example, give all of the finished tiles or bricks.

In most cases, the upper layer of soil is removed by tracing the tracks

In most cases, when tracing the tracks removed the top layer of soil

marking is carried out using pegs driven into them and pull on the cord.To make it easier to visually estimate how it will look direction, and if the path width is sufficient, each border on each side can be a little lime waking .

At the same time on the ground marked the location of the flower beds , groups of trees or bushes , and other objects

the same time on the ground marked the location of the flower beds, groups of trees or bushes, and other objects

best option - if coupled with the track immediately to mark the location of the plant, which will be its frame, as the area looks a bit different,rather than in the project.

On the ground, planting shrubs and trees, which will be located along the track, you can set the tablet or decomposed rocks, and the boundaries of the future flower beds mark lime .

It must be remembered that the peelable pit should be slightly wider than the track itself, because in order that lasts for many years, it is necessary to protect both sides of stone or concrete curbs.From whatever material no plans to build a track, this preparatory part in any way improve the quality of work and enable it to function Laid-track long .

Making layout, you can begin the preparatory earthworks.

Basis of preparation under the garden path

To track is not scattered in a year or overgrown grass with the same sad outcome, it is necessary to conduct serious preparatory work.It should be remembered that the path should have a slight slope in one or both sides.In addition, the side of the slope is a small drainage ditch, which will drain the water in the rain.

Template for paving garden path

Typical scheme paved garden path

  • first thing in the seats, which will host the track removed fertile layer thickness 15 ÷ 200 mm.To the depth of the pit was about the same across the its length, it is necessary to control its bumpers with a ruler.
First off trench with smooth edges that will track boundaries

First off trench with smooth edges that will border the track

  • Next to save the evenness edges future paths inside the entire length of the walls of the pit, set the board, but before it is desirable to pour for them andcondense some sand.
  • If the pit will be limited by concrete curbs, their width should be greater than the height of the walls to Kotlova on 70 ÷ 100 mm.Borders are set at the level, and that they have not moved, they were fixed reinforcing rods that pierce GRU nt ext dry your trench near the borders.rods must be from 250 to 350 mm and the segment need clogged 200 ÷ 300 mm.Remaining above the surface of the soil and the pin will hold border in the desired position.
Installation of concrete curbs with mandatory supervision height of their location

Installing concrete curbs with mandatory supervision height of their location

  • If the pit wall turned rough due to excessively loose soil, then the walls, too have drive reinforcing pins, and then installed, pressing them, bordersby exposing them to the level and also fixing other hand pins.
Засыпка гравия или щебенки для создания "подушки" ...

gravel backfill or gravel to create a "cushion» ...

  • Further, at the bottom of the pit is filled gravel or gravel mixed with sand or cement .The thickness of this layer can be from 50 to 100 mm after compaction.
... And thorough compaction of up to a maximum density

... and thorough compaction of up to a maximum density

  • After filling and distribution of the trench, produced periodic hydration resulting surface and its thorough rammer.

View bombarded with material will largely depend on the overall thickness of the "cushion", the type of the top decorative coating.Also, do not forget that the "pillow" and the upper facings often must still accommodate a layer of sand.

Varieties of garden paths to suburban area

As mentioned above, the path can be constructed of different materials.It is necessary to consider the installation of some of them to accurately determine the choice of the most appropriate option.

Brick footpath

From brick obtained enough reliable , durable and aesthetic path.It is laid out, in principle, on the same technology as the paving tiles or pavers.To track this lasts for a long time, you need to choose the high-quality clinker brick and conduct work very carefully.

  • basis under the path, with compacted sand top layer should be well leveled using home-made rules.
Leveling sand substrate rule

Leveling sand substrate rule

Rule is made of planks with perfectly flat and smooth end faces.The board should have a length of 200 mm longer than the width of the path.The corners of the bottom of the board to cut the brick thickness.The upper, longer, uncut part of the board, will serve as a focus and stop at the alignment layer of sand.

  • When all the sand layer is aligned, you are ready for installation in the side lane of bricks, which are set on edge and are driven by half the width of the sand with a rubber mallet.
Укладка и вбивание линии "пограничных" кирпичей

Installation and hammering the line "border" bricks

  • If the device path is not provided for border, the side bricks are bonded to each solution, and after hardening and removal of the formwork need to be fixed to the outside of the reinforcing pins, andthen arrange podsypku of rubble that must be bude reflux Carefully ram.
  • After installing the side bricks on both sides of the path, you need to decide what pattern will be posted mid-track.Brick can be installed on the end, or lay on his wide face.
Laying brick walkway

laying brick walkway

  • to brickwork was tight, you need to put a row along and the other across the path, driving the bricks in the sand at the same level in height with the framing.However, that path was the most reliable , advise seal the bricks together with a solution of glue, cement-based, designed for outdoor work - it will also reduce the ri sk etc. orastaniya grass in the cracks between the bricks.

solution is desirable to put such a way that he had not acted on, and remained inside the masonry, and therefore , it does not need too much.

Filling the joints between the bricks with sand

grouting between the bricks with sand

  • After the laying paths, gaps between the bricks are filled with sand.For this, he poured out on the trail and brush with a long nap is distributed first on one site, then in another - and so on until all the gaps are filled completely.

remaining excess sand are swept from the surface of the same brush .

  • Further, when the path is almost ready with its laterally removed from the shuttering boards.On the outer edge of the track is filled rubble middle fraction and gently compacted, and on top of it freely poured even layer of gravel.
  • Bricks for brightness of color and prolong its service life recommended process of penetrating primer and after drying it - varnish, which is suitable for stone in outdoor conditions.
Brick path after finishing impregnation and a special varnish

Brick lane after impregnation and finishing with a special varnish

With some kind of admission of such paths may be those which are made of thick paving slabs.What is the process - shown in detail in the video.

Video: Master Class for laying garden track

path of logs

Option number 1

It looks nice on the site path paved round timber

It looks nice on the track area, paved Kruglyakov

for "paving" the path columns, you must take the dried wood one solid rock.Round timber must have a smooth surface, so it is necessary to saw them very carefully.

Slices of logs should try to make as smooth

Reza logs should try to make as smooth

Then the surface is cleaned and leveled stumps.

Perhaps some of the top end of logs have additional trim sander

may end upper part of some of the logs have to further trim sander

  • paths taken for the device logs of different diameters, so as to obtain as close as possible to fill the space of the pit.

Kruglyakov height should be twice the height of the walls of an excavation, apart from the hard-packed gravel , ie bars should be raised above the ground, which is located around the future path for 100 ÷ 130 mm.

  • Once churbachki blanks will be prepared, you need to treat them the lower part of antiseptics that protect the wood from biological pests and adverse impacts on her soil moisture.
Antiseptic logs

Antiseptic logs

This is best done by setting the hemp at a time in container with the liquid and leaving at 3 ÷ 4 minutes.On the remaining surface antiseptic simply applied with a wide brush. Before installed in a pit paths rods of carefully dried.

  • After drying hemp dipped in "Kuzbass nail" for a few seconds - it perfectly protects the wood from moisture.However, the disadvantage of this composition is that its structure is destroyed by exposure to ultraviolet rays and overheating.However, if they are processed by only the lower part of the stumps, which will be closed by the wall of the pit, sand, gravel and geotextile, these harmful effects do not threaten.

By replacing the lacquer can serve as a conventional heated sludge, which when cooled forms on the surface of stumps sufficiently dense film - she was not afraid of any high temperature or sunlight.

  • prepared roundwood from the trunks of different diameters are beginning to install on compacted at the bottom of the pit gravel follows:

- By the transverse wall of the pit at the beginning of the path is filled with a small amount of sand.

- Then, set the first row of logs.It must be good to choose the size that it was established as tightly as possible.

- Between logs poured sand to the level of the top of the pit wall.

- Next, set the next row, and also sprinkled with sand.

Installed and rods of compacted sand

installed and compacted sand rods of

- Similar cyclical manipulations continue to the end of the path.

  • At the edge of the path is filled and compacted the sand border.

Option number 2

Yet another option using Kruglyakov-stumps , which is arranged in conjunction with rubble or gravel.

The second option , when hemp create only border track

second option, when hemp create only border track

In this case of stumps mounted only a border, and the remaining steps of working with the soil removal, loose sand and installing stumps to the walls of the excavation carried out in the same way asand track, fully arranged from churbachkov.Proce ss ohodit forth in the following sequence:

  • At the bottom of the pit is poured and compacted "cushion" of sand ;
  • Then, on the edge of the future track installation made of stumps, which are driven by one level and covered with sand.Sand bedding compacted directly at the bottom of the stumps ;
  • After border of brёvnyshek fully tiled, the entire surface of the track is laid geotextile edges which folded at stumps on 80 ÷ 100 mm ;
Flooring geotextile to prevent weed growth and improve the quality of the drainage paths

Flooring geotextile will prevent weed growth and improve the quality of the drainage paths

  • The next step is a mound of gravel or from srednefraktsionnogo rubble directly on the geotextile ;
Filling the space created by gravel paths

Filling the space created by gravel paths

mound of gravel spread over the entire area of ​​the track evenly.If necessary, the layer is increased since it must be equal to the height of the entire portion of soil level.