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August 12, 2017 18:06

The furnace for the house of bricks with their hands

question of how to lay down the furnace for the house of bricks with his hands, does not cease to be relevant today, as the warmth and comfort have always been important for human conditions for a good rest after a busy day.Therefore, in recent years more and more city dwellers moved from prefabricated blocks of flats in private homes, where there is an opportunity to create a comfortable environment all year round.

The furnace for the house of bricks with their hands

oven made of brick houses with their own hands

Due to the demand for different models of stoves, engineers continue to develop new versions, suitable for buildings with different areas.It should be noted that even in the case when the house has all the "benefits of civilization", a small and cozy stove will never be superfluous, and help out in different situations.For example, it is possible to heat in the cold spring or autumn evenings, when the street is wet or rain without starting the heating system.This facility will help create in the house optimal balance of temperature and

humidity, which will be comfortable for the person.In addition, the oven will be an excellent assistant in cooking or dried vegetables, herbs and fruits.

Since there are many different models of heating installations, you should opt for an independent masonry ovens with the most affordable, easy to read charts, especially if you experience in this craft is small or even non-existent.Naturally, it is necessary to take into account other factors that directly affect the efficiency of the furnace - is its power dimensioning functionality, as well as important is the aesthetic appearance.And to choose the right model of the furnace, it is necessary to consider the criteria that need to be guided by defining the desired option.

How to choose the optimal variant of the oven?

Article Contents

  • 1 How to choose the optimal variant of the oven?
    • 1.1 Choice furnace installation site
    • 1.2 calculation of the required power rating and firewood consumption
      • 1.2.1 Calculator for solid fuel intended flow
    • 1.3 types of brick wood-burning stoves
  • 2 Basics masonry furnace design
    • 2.1 Essential masonry oven
    • 2.2 foundation under the stove
    • 2.3 Pre masonry oven dry
    • 2.4 Installation iron elements oven
  • 3 projectmulti-function oven with dvuhkolpakovoy poryadovkoy
    • 3.1 General characteristics model
    • 3.2 materials
    • 3.3 poryadovkoy description and masonry works
    • 3.4 Video: dvuhkolpakovoy masonry stove - part 1.
    • 3.5 Video: masonry dvuhkolpakovoy furnace - part 2.

Choice furnace installation site

to the furnace was fireproof, efficient, and its capacity was used to the extent possible, this structure must be properly set, considering some of the nuances.

  • First, decide what area you can select to install a furnace.
  • then need to determine the specific place:

- the oven is set in the center of the room, dividing it into separate zones;

- built into the wall, between two or three rooms;

- is being built near the wall, it is indented from 250 ÷ 300 mm, if you want to heat only one room.However, one should bear in mind that this option is the losing, since most of the heat generated by the rear walls, will not be used to the full.

Several variants of the furnace placed in the home

Several options furnace placed in the home

  • choosing the approximate location, it must immediately mark, starting from the ceiling using a plumb, as the flue pipe must pass through the attic ceiling between the beams and rafters, and at a distance from themat least 120 ÷ 150 mm.
  • Allocating space for the furnace, is taken into account the fact that its foundation is necessary to provide more seats than its base, 100 ÷ 150 mm on each of its sides.
  • To avoid any problems with regulatory agencies, at the installation location must take into account not only the recommendations presented above, but also the rules developed by experts and set forth in SNiP 41-01-2003.

calculation of the required power consumption of firewood and evaluation

furnace will not be effective and will not be able to heat the house, if its capacity is not enough for a particular area.It also takes into account the region's winter temperatures, which are located, heated building, the number of windows and doors in it, the level of insulation of walls and floor, height of ceilings and many other conditions ..

For example, the higher the ceiling, the greater the volume of air is necessary to warm up,and the more glass area, the faster the heat will go out of the house and, therefore, will have to choose the furnace with increased capacity.Usually buildings with non-standard glazing and others do not fall under the average level calculation parameters must produce expert individually, based on the specific characteristics of the house.

But in general, you can rely on the average values.So, for well insulated buildings with conventional glazing, ranging from 50 to 100 m², with ceiling heights of 2.5 to 2.7 m can have the following standards of thermal power per unit area (Wstr):

Region Russia, which is under construction The specific capacity of the heating system, Wstr (W / m²)
Southern regions of the country (the North Caucasus, the Caspian, Priazovskiye, The Black Sea region 70 ÷ 90
Central Black Earth,Southern Volga region 100 ÷ 120
central regions of the European part, Primorye 120 ÷ 150
Northern regions of European part, Urals, Siberia 160 ÷ 200

This value is more accurately can be foundand a local construction company.And it is possible to recommend a detailed and fairly accurate algorithm for lovers of independent calculations.

2016-02-27_130757 As an accurate calculation of the required heat output?

Each room is unique, and for heating of two seemingly equal in size rooms may require different amounts of heat energy.Method of calculation of the heating capacity of the plant is presented in a special publication of our portal dedicated choice of heating boilers .

Having the data for a specific region and the size of the heated area (S), the furnace power for it is calculated according to the formula:

Wsum = S (m²) × Wstr (kWh / m²)

For example, consider the capacity of the furnace for brickhouse located in the central part of Russia, and having an area of ​​75 m² .

Wsum = 75 × 0,14 = 10,5 kW

Usually furnaces developers immediately indicate thermal power their designs.However, often there are other units - kilocalories per hour or megajoules.It does not matter - they are easily converted to watts and kilowatts:

W kcal MJ
1W 1 0.859845227859 ≈ 0,86 0,036
1 kcal 1.163 1 0,042
1 MJ 277.77 238.85 1

In our case, for example,calculated in kilocalories power will be equal to:

10500 × 0,86 = 9030 kcal / h

Now you can calculate the efficiency of the future of the furnace, which largely depends on including the quality and type of wood used as fuel.At the same time we must not forget that the usual brick wood-burning stoves do not have a high efficiency.Usually it is estimated at about 70%.If there is data on the specific model of the furnace, the specific value is inserted.

Each type of solid fuel has a calorific value - the amount of heat that is released during the combustion of 1 kilogram.Clearly, in kilograms and tons usually assessed only bulk fuels - coal or briquettes and firewood, as a rule, measured in cubic meters of storage.This figure, thus, depends on the specific gravity of a particular type of potential indicators (from the mass and volume of the warehouse) the main types of solid fuel are shown in the table.

wood Breed average calorific value of dry wood mass, Qm (kW / kg) average calorific value of dry wood on storage volume, Qv (kWh / m³) (coal and briquettes - kWh / t) same - wet wood (not held at least one year of drying cycle)
Beech 4.2 2200 1930
Oak 4.2 2100 1850
Ash 4.2 2100 1850
Rowan 4.2 2100 1850
Birch 4.3 1900 1670
Elm 4.1 1900 1670
Maple 4.1 1900 1670
Aspen 4.1 1750 1400
Alder 4.1 1500 1300
Willow (Willow) 4.1 1400 1230
Poplar 4.1 1400 1230
Pine 4.4 1700 1500
Larch 4.4 1700 1500
Fir 4.4 1600 1400
Spruce 4.3 1400 1200
charcoal and briquettes:
Anthracite 8.1 8100 -
charcoal 8.6 8600 -
coal 6.2 6200 -
Lignite 4.2 4200 -
Fuel briquettes 5.6 5600 -
Peat bricks 3.4 3400 -

calorific value unseasonedfirewood shown for contrast - how lost power output.Of course, expect to be still on the wood that have passed the required cycle dry.

2016-02-27_150924 Preparation of firewood - a serious question!

oven to justify its purpose and served as long as possible, it should be to "feed" the right fuel.About that, any wood is better , their main characteristics, rules harvesting, drying and storage - in a special publication of our portal.

average daily weight of fuel consumption to provide the necessary heat transfer is determined by the formula:

V (kg) = (Wsum / Qm) × 24 hours

To calculate the volume - all the same, but instead of the calorific mass Qm substituted value Qv .

Knowing the daily consumption, it is easy to determine the weekly, monthly, and even for the entire putative heating season - to be aware of the upcoming costs for purchasing or procurement required amount of firewood.

To facilitate the self-calculation below is a handy calculator, which has already laid the necessary relations.The calculation is performed for the dried wood.

calculator for calculating the estimated consumption of solid fuel

Enter the requested values, and then click "Calculate the estimated amount of fuel"
thermal furnace capacity, kW
Specify furnace efficiency (default - 70%)
Specify the type of wood and the type of solid fuel
beech oak rowan ash birch elm maple aspenalder willow poplar pine larch fir spruce anthracite charcoal coal lignite fuel wood fuel briquettes peat briquettes

Do not be afraid too much importance- consumption can be much lower, since it is designed for the most adverse conditions.In fact, in the serene windless days or during thaws fuel will spend significantly less.But you have to be ready for anything!

types of brick wood-burning stoves

Of course, you need to decide the type and furnace - this criterion is chosen depending on what home owners want to get from the erected structure, that is, on the desired functionality.

Heating furnace brick house divided into the following types:

  • Multifunction boiler-heating furnace can be called the most demanded.Depending on design features implemented in such ovens are used for home heating, cooking, baking bread, water, heating, drying fruits, vegetables and herbs.
Multifunctional heating and cooking stove

Multifunctional heating and cooking stove

developed design, equipped with stove bench, which may well serve as an additional heated bed.

boiler-heating models are usually built into the wall between the kitchen and living quarters.Thus it solved two problems at once - is heating two rooms and providing cooking.

  • furnaces designed to heat only selected less frequently.Clean heating model is often equipped with a water circuit that connects to the water heating system of the house.Since this structure has a unique feature aimed only for heating, it is usually trying to establish between the two, three or even four rooms.From that, how many rooms you plan to heat a furnace selected size and design capacity.
A typical example of the heating furnace

typical example

heating furnace should be noted that this option furnaces, if equipped with a large furnace door with clear glass, it may well be used as a real fireplace, because its design allows you to enjoy the game of fire through the glass or openfurnace flaps.

  • Melting ovens usually have a compact size and consist of a department for cooking, which includes a stove and oven and chimney.One way or another, and this structure gives off heat in one or two rooms, depending on the location, but the heat a large area, such furnace is incapable.Most of these models are set in small cottages, used in the warmer months, when heating during the cooler days and nights is enough, even a compact oven.
The main purpose of such an oven - cooking

The main purpose of such an oven - cooking

advantage of such models can be called its simple design, in a scheme that can handle even the novice craft in the furnace.

It should be noted that the small oven will not be superfluous, not only in the country but also in the ordinary private house, even if it is supplied to the gas supply.

defined the oven model, which will meet all the necessary parameters, you need to choose the correct material of its construction.

Basics furnace masonry construction

Essential masonry oven

to the oven had a respectable appearance and lasts as long as possible, you must purchase for its construction quality material and save on this wise.The main materials are the bricks and mortar.

  • for basic masonry need red brick.