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August 12, 2017 18:06

Mezhventsovogo insulation for the timber which to choose

Despite the growing range of modern building materials, the use of natural wood for the construction of houses no hurry to give up.You could even probably even notice the opposite trend - the popularity of wood construction is only growing, probably because there is something to compare, and these comparisons play only "on hand" natural materials.Indeed, when measured by the aggregate quality - availability, low thermal conductivity, ease of processing, the absolute environmental cleanliness, ability to create a completely unique healthy atmosphere in the house - a timber is not able to match any of innovative materials.

Mezhventsovogo insulation for the timber which to choose

mezhventsovogo insulation for a timber pick

There are, of course, the tree and its drawbacks, and one of the most important is the lack of plasticity and susceptibility to deformation when external conditions change.How exactly would any were fitted parts for the construction of log or square log walls, finish the complete absence of gaps still impossible between them.This mean

s that it is necessary to provide a seal between the elements of the framework.For these purposes, use special material - mezhventsovogo insulation for the timber which to choose - tell this publication.

Even if the future owner of the house does not have carpentry skills and is going to bring to the construction of a log house team of specialists, will never harm will supervise their work.Unfortunately, quite often there are "shabashniki" are trying to capitalize on and accelerate the implementation of the work going on all sorts of unscrupulous "tricks", the consequences of which can become weak insulation, produvaemost walls.It is often detected only after some time, with the onset of cold weather, and often fix these flaws even require a full bulkhead.It is better to keep under control.

What is the main point of using mezhventsovogo insulation

Article Contents

  • 1 What is the main point of using mezhventsovogo insulation
  • 2 Species mezhventsovogo heaters and their specific features
    • 2.1 Natural mezhventsovogoheaters
      • 2.1.1 moss - insulation material for log houses
        • Video: how to harvest sphagnum moss for insulation log
      • 2.1.2 mezhventsovogo insulation based on flax
      • 2.1.3 Jute mezhventsovogo heaters
      • 2.1.4 heaters based on natural wool
    • 2.2 mezhventsovogo Synthetic insulation
      • 2.2.1 «POLYTERM»
      • 2.2.2 «AVATERM»
  • 3 Plastic sealants for caulking
    • 3.1 Video: sealant for log «NEOMID - Warm seam»
  • 4 Video: some guidelines for choosing mezhventsovogo insulation

Before proceeding to the consideration ofmezhventsovogo varieties of insulation, it is necessary to dwell briefly on his mission - then it will be easier to make the right informed choice.

  • use of such material greatly enhances the natural thermal insulation qualities of wood.The cold does not penetrate deep into the joints for log (lumber) walls, the wood less freezes from the outside, and this - the reduction in the number of cracks, and by and large - a general increase in the life of a wooden house.
Low quality insulation of joints between the logs or timbers leads to a deeper freezing of the walls and the rapid emergence of large cracks

Low quality insulation of joints between the logs or timbers leads to a deeper freezing of the walls and the rapid emergence of large cracks

  • Quality mezhventsovogo heater compensates for fluctuations in the volume of wood in its dried out or, on the contrary, the swelling of the high humidity.
  • Properly installed insulation prevents from entering the gaps between the bars of water or excess moisture, which can intensify the process of rotting wood or become a favorable environment for the development of centers of mold or mildew.
A very sad picture - the defeat of the fungus log is at the joints between beams

very sad picture - the defeat of the fungus log is at the joints between beams

  • The correct mezhventsovogo insulation becomes a barrier against the penetration of insects in the house.
  • seal the joints between the bars, not only do not allow blowing and cooling of the room - at the same time sharply reduced the level of noise penetrating from the outside.
  • Quality mezhventsovogo heaters do not disturb the normal balance of humidity and temperature in any weather conditions - Save important advantage of wood - the ability of the walls to "breathe»

So, the importance of this material for the construction of high-quality and durable log is difficult to overestimate.It remains to find out what types of heaters mezhventsovogo exist, and what the advantages and disadvantages of.

Species mezhventsovogo heaters and their specific features

It would be a mistake to assume that for warming mezhventsovogo joints fit any available material.It happens that the low price of some insulation materials provokes buyers in the acquisition of ill-conceived, such as mineral wool, but the result turns sad.

Special operating conditions require mezhventsovogo heater and relevant characteristics - low thermal conductivity, mandatory elasticity and resilience bulk form after compression, durability, strength, fiber structure to fracture, resistance to biodegradation, to the effects of sun, high and low temperatures, andwhile maintaining the naturalness, while remaining completely "clean" and harmless for the environment.

Mezhventsovogo insulation under high compression between the timbers or logs should not be compressed, lose elasticity and thermal insulation qualities

mezhventsovogo insulation under high compression between the timbers or logs should not be compressed, lose elasticity and thermal insulation qualities

Suffice it difficult to find a material that would fully meet all the stated requirements.Nevertheless, a number of natural or synthetic insulation is very close to perfection, and therefore are widely used especially for wood construction.

Natural mezhventsovogo heaters

history of wooden architecture dates back centuries, and the problem of insulation of their homes people have always faced.Naturally, in the course we were a variety of natural materials that were available.Gradually a kind of "selection" - did not meet the expectations of the materials out of use, and those that have proved their worth, are actively used today.

Moss - insulation material for log houses

Residents of the taiga forest and the central and northern strip, where there is usually a lot of wetlands, have long been used to insulate homes moss.Interestingly, this affordable natural material not only protects the house from blowing, but also provides long-term preservation of wood.Unbelievable but true - even after decades of operation log cabins remained intact, and x them could easily be disassembled and used for construction of the new location.

Traditional material for insulation mezhventsovogo - moss

traditional material for mezhventsovogo insulation - moss

's all about the natural qualities of certain mosses - in their biochemical composition includes a large number of phenolic acids, which, as we know, is a powerful antiseptic, it is easy to straighten out most putrid and other pathogenic bacteria.Of course, the contact with a heater capable of transmitting logs and log more resistant to biodegradation.

Mosses are actively used in construction today.His qualities they have long been justified, and especially attracted by the fact that the material -practically free, except their own labor costs for raw materials procurement.

course, work with the heaters of moss - is more complicated than with ready-tape materials.But in some cases, their use becomes even more efficient.This is especially true for buildings constructed from manually processed logs or profiled bar.In such circumstances, it is such a material would be easier to control the thickness of the layers for the most dense filling gaps between crowns.

In addition, none, I guess.Another heater can not be compared with the moss on created in a wooden house indoor atmosphere.It is characterized by a unique forest aroma, rich, among other things, medical components, which are able to provide health benefits for people with chronic diseases of the respiratory system and skin.

Of course, not all of the mosses available in our nature diversity suitable for such purposes.As mezhventsovogo insulation used only two types - sphagnum and "Kukushkin flax."

  • Sphagnum sign perhaps all those who have ever been in the swamp-moor.Usually thickets of moss covered with dense marshy forest area, an extremely thick green carpet.
Forest swamp overgrown with moss , sphagnum

Forest swamp overgrown with moss, sphagnum

Collect this moss is simple - by quite easily, breaking with the root part of thick beams.

The collected beam sphagnum

Torn beam sphagnum

recommended for sphagnum to go to a good clear weather to gather moss life as much as possible dry on top.The fact that the sphagnum not used immediately - it requires a certain drying in a shock under a canopy, from one to two weeks.And the land was in the collection of the material, the shorter the period of preparation.

The dried sphagnum is ready for insulation works

The dried sphagnum is ready for insulation works

Do not be afraid that after drying the stems and the leaves become brittle - in fact of the dignity of the moss, it dries.In contrast, for example, the grass does not lose its qualities, remaining solid and resilient and retaining porous mass that determines high thermal insulation properties.

Laying sphagnum in the construction of log

Laying sphagnum in the construction of log

Laying wreaths on dry sphagnum - business quite troublesome, requiring some skill - need to achieve a uniform and complete snuggling of logs or timbers throughout.But wood is a highly effective natural protection.The antiseptic properties of moss Sphagnum expressed just at the maximum extent.No wonder it is used since ancient times as a healing agent in folk medicine in the war surgery, veterinary etc.

Video: how to harvest sphagnum moss for insulation log

  • «Kukushkin flax» actually has nothing to do with the present flax nor cuckoos.The name apparently came from a certain similarity of the fiber structure and small leaves.A silhouette cuckoo resembles a box, which is formed on top of the stalk of the plant.
Thickets " Kukushkin flax "

Thickets "Kukushkin flax»

This moss grows as extensive meadows on peat bogs, and you can quickly collect in large quantities.It is recommended to seek forest "plantations" - where "Kukushkin flax" not be saturated with water.The length of the stem protruding surface usually - 150 -200 mm, but sometimes they even reach a height of 400 mm or more.

Bags collected " Kukushkin flax ."

bags with collected "Kukushkin flax."

for its collection already recommended rather cloudy, cool weather - it is believed that under such conditions it is better to retain its quality.Assembled moss laid long strips for easy drying, but it can not be over-zealous - over-dried stems are somewhat brittle, and have even carried out before laying their hydration.Incidentally, this is often placed on the insulation crowns even directly after picking.Without further drying.

The layout of a heater for logs crown

layout insulation for logs crown

layout is carried out in layers, interleaved fiber direction.After the construction of log protruding fringe zakonopachivayut in the joints between the bars.

In the operation of the house qualitatively laid insulation must not deliver a hassle - it's inside interface does not age, not scattered, good support for the balance of moisture in the wood.The disadvantage can be considered that "Kukushkin flax" willingly consume food, many birds trying vykolupat it from the slots.Very thorough konopatka, and even better - a cover insulated joints and even jute rope.In addition, the outer konopatku still have to be updated from time to time - outwardly projecting fibers gradually become brittle and overfly.

mezhventsovogo insulation based on flax

One of the traditionally long been bred in our corner of the crop is flax.After processing the collected raw fine fibers become material for the manufacture of fabrics and rough and short - we were in tow.A direct destination hemp has always been - Caulking cracks.

It looks like an ordinary linen, hemp

It looks like an ordinary linen tow

Tow, in principle, a very good thermal insulator and seal, but to work with it in the construction of a log house - as easy as with moss.It is difficult to spread the material necessary layer with approximately the same density, achieving complete filling of cracks and gaps.Moreover, this disadvantage may be even worse windy weather.Another shortcoming tow - its fibers are very fond of using the birds to build their nests.

much more convenient to use a special mezhventsovogo insulation material on the basis of flax.It is often called lnovatinom or flax felt.And for its production have been used for flax waste is not sorted, and high quality raw materials.As a result, special handling is obtained using pressing nonwoven fabric with a thickness of 5 to 8 mm, it is cut into strips of various widths (from 8 to 200 mm) and commercially available in rolls of up to 20 meters long.

Rolls lnovatina - very handy when building a log house

lnovatina Rolls - very handy when building a log house

width rolls is chosen depending on the timber size or available profiled grooves on it, designed specifically for packing tape mezhventsovogo insulation.If necessary, for a snug fit crowns practiced stacking two or more layers - depending on the geometry of timber or logs.Styling itself is simple - the insulation tape being targeted to wood staples stapler, ie windy weather will not be able to prevent.

The band heater is secured to the beam clamps stapler

band heater attached to the beam brackets stapler

Typically, when installing such a heater in the timber without any special profiling or try to avoid the beam so that it hung on the sides of the wall being built.It is better to bend the edges during installation inside - so you can avoid the tedious procedures followed by caulking.

Some methods of installing insulation between the joists tape and the logs crowns

Some tricks installation tape insulation between the beams and logs crowns

Virtues in lnovatinovogo tape insulation - a lot:

  • He gives even a reliable seal on all the installed length and width detailswalls.
  • slots are not blown by the wind, which ensures a high level of thermal and sound insulation.
  • Material is stable - it will not crumble over time, crumble, etc.In
  • material - good vapor permeability, and in addition, it promotes normal moisture balance - or absorbing excess moisture from the air, or giving them back to the atmosphere.
  • Lnovatin - completely harmless even for asthmatics and people with a tendency to allergic reactions.
  • About easy installation - already mentioned.

Disadvantages material:

  • Lnovatin insufficiently protected against biological destruction - debate or rotting.In addition, it may start nests very pests - bugs, moths, grinders and others.So, the question antiseptic treatment of wooden components is of particular relevance.
  • Flax fiber in any way take away the birds to build nests.It takes a very careful konopatka, and even better - embedding all joints jute ropes.