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August 12, 2017 18:06

Water supply in the country with their own hands

importance of full water supply system in the country can not be overestimated.Without a constant supply of site maintenance becomes extremely time-consuming, and ordinary washing up turns into a real challenge, not to mention the use of modern household appliances that require connecting to the water supply and sanitation.

Water supply in the country with their own hands

Water supply in the country with their own hands

That's why virtually every owner of a suburban area wants to build a full-fledged water.To cope with the solution of this problem may well be their own hands.This is, firstly, an invaluable experience, and secondly, a great opportunity to save, giving up a third-party masters services.

The overall plan of how to make cottage water

overall plan of how to make holiday plumbing

Device features a private water supply system

Article Contents

  • 1 Device features a private water supply system
  • 2 Selecting a source of water supply
    • 2.1 Centralwater
    • 2.2 dug well
    • 2.3 well
  • 3 Summer and winter water pipes
    • 3.1 Summer version
    • 3.2 Winter version
  • 4 Drafting
  • 5 Installation water supply system components
    • 5.1 first step
    • 5.2 second step
    • 5.3 third step
    • 5.4 fourth step
    • 5.5 fifth step
    • 5.6 sixth step
    • 5.7 seventh step
  • 6 Providing hot water
    • 6.1 Video - water supply in the country with their own hands

better if running water planning will be performed at the stage of drafting the suburban area and the house.A full project includes a series of drawings and documents, including:

  • phased plan performance;
  • scheme placement of pipes and the main elements of the water distribution system;
  • estimates, etc.

    aqueduct scheme

    scheme aqueduct

For everything boiler-water meter unit is necessary to allocate a small room on the first floor of the house.It will be 3-4 m2 enough space.Conveniently, the water input node and the necessary technical devices are located in the same room - it gives the owner the ability to fully control the water supply process.

typical private water supply system includes in its membership the following equipment:

  • pipeline.Suitable products made of polypropylene, metal plastic and metal;
  • set of taps and fittings;

    Pipes and fittings

    Pipes and fittings

  • pump;

    Surface pump to lift water from the well

    Surface pump to lift water from the well

  • gauge;

    The pressure gauge DM 02 Meter

    Gauge Meter DM02

  • expansion tank;

    Expansion tank

    expansion tank

  • pressure switch;

    Pressure switch RD- 2P ( Rosma )

    pressure switch RD-2P (Rosma)

  • elektrosoprovozhdenie with full automatic protection;
  • purification filters to remove suspended solids and various contaminants from the water;

    Water filter

    Water filter

  • water heater.Set as necessary.In most cases, more convenient is the cumulative model.

    Practical storage water heater for cottages

    practical water heater to give

Selecting a source of water supply

During the design suburban water supply system to select the best source of water.Check out the options available and choose the most suitable for your case.

centralized water supply

Centralized water supply

centralized water supply

simplest and most convenient option.It is important that the pressure in the system was sufficient to deliver water to the building.Otherwise, the need to buy an additional pump or also consider other methods of water supply.

water in the building will be served by a system of pipes and fittings.

In this case, for the installation of running water is usually no need to buy any additional devices - simply need to dig a trench, lay the elements of water and crashing into the central highway.

Centralized water supply in the country

centralized water supply to

cottage In the absence of a central highway connecting consider the following options.

dug well

mine pit

dug well

method is suitable for sites with the depth of the underground aquifer of not less than 8-10 m

mine for well settling 2-3 people effort -. Alone for too long and difficult.

Digging wells

digging wells

The main advantage of the described embodiment is to limit system simplicity - to care for and repair it will be on their own.The content of such wells in the normal state requires no tangible costs.

The main drawback is strictly limited water supply.Not every individual well be able to give as much water as is necessary to meet all the needs of the family.

The unit water supply from a well

water supply device from the well

It looks well with summing up the pipe and run-flat submersible pump

It looks well with summing up the pipe and run-flat submersible pump

Before you give preference to this option, you calculate the necessary amount of water and set how much water will be able to give a well.

Construction of water supply system on the basis of the mine pit requires a surface pump.The equipment is relatively inexpensive and easy to maintain.

Surface pump for water from the well cottage

Surface pump for water supply from wells suburban

Connecting surface pump

Connection surface pump


If an underground aquifer lies deeper than 8-10 m, will have to drill a well.Pleasure is not cheap - drillers take quite substantial money for their work.

Driving running water from a well

scheme running water from the well

But spending once the money for the resettlement well, you will provide your cottage clean water in the required quantities.If you wish to save you can try to negotiate with the neighbors and make a well in a few houses.

How to conduct water from the well

How to conduct water from the well

in this case you will need a special wells submersible pump arrangement for the water distribution system.Such equipment is much more expensive than their surface counterparts, but in terms of the effectiveness of clean water it has no equal.

nuances of running water from the well installation

Summer and winter water pipes

Previously, you most likely have heard such definitions as a summer and winter water systems.Learn the basic properties of these options, it is possible that even the simplest version of the summer will be able to meet your requests.Otherwise, you can go directly to the study of the following sections of the manual dealing with the full arrangement of plumbing.

Summer version

Summer cottage on the water

Summer water supply in the country

Features such aqueduct clear from its name - operation of such a system is possible only in the warm season.There are fixed and collapsible system modifications.

collapsible summer water has a very simple structure: it is enough to connect the hoses to the appropriate parameters for the pump and lay them on the soil surface so that they do not impede the normal movement on the dacha.

Summer cottage on the water

Summer water on

giving everything to fit the system of silicone and rubber hoses.The connection is made using special adapters.Also available in specialty stores more modern items for the connection of hoses - tabs.One side is a latch equipped with a spring-loaded connector, and on the second there is "ruff."With the help of these latches hoses are connected quickly, reliably and simply.

Most often such a collapsible system is used for irrigation.To organize on its basis a full water supply for domestic use decisions meaningless.

Wiring pipes for summer water

pipework for summer water

Laying the stationary summer water runs underground.Flexible hoses are not suitable for the arrangement of such a system.The best option - a pipe made of plastic.

Pipes stationary seasonal water pipe laid on the depth of one meter.After the season, the water from the pipes need to deflate, otherwise with the arrival of cold weather, it freezes and spoil the pipeline.

view of this, the pipe must be laid with a slope towards the drain valve.Directly valve is mounted far away from the water source.

Winter version

This water can be used throughout the year.

Water supply in the country

Water on

giving everything to fit the pipe system made of polyethylene and polypropylene.The first sold at a lower price and installed without special tools.The latter are more expensive and require the use of a soldering iron pipe during installation.However, as a result of additional parts for installation of pipes on the basis of polyethylene you spend more money than on additional products used in the installation of polypropylene pipes.

Sewerage own hands make water?

recommend that you familiarize yourself with the step by step installation of sewerage technology in the country - a reference to the article.

Also read about drilling our own hands.

And do not forget to see the article about how to select a pump for the well, link here.

Water pipes are laid with a slight slope towards the water source.The pipeline must pass on the 200-250 mm below the frost line.

The slope of the pipes

Slope pipes

There is also an option with the laying of pipes at a depth of 300 mm.In this case, it is sure to perform additional insulation of the pipeline.With the functions of insulation copes polyethylene foam.There are special products of cylindrical shape.It is enough simply to put a CYLINDRICAL polypropylene pipe and as a result the product is well protected from the cold and other adverse effects.

The additional insulation is needed not only to pipe water pipe winter, but also a source of water.

Polystyrene " shell " for the insulation of pipes

Polystyrene "shell" for the insulation of pipes

For example, a well insulated for the winter and the snow is thrown.These measures will be sufficient to protect the structure from cold.

well Warming

Winterizing well

Surface pumping equipment if used is equipped with a caisson.Caisson is a pit with additional insulation, equipped next to a water source, equipped with a pump.



Installation of automatic pumping stations can only be carried out in a room temperature that does not drop to negative performance even in the most severe frosts.

Typical unit pumping station

Typical device pumping station

sewage system is also in need of insulation.In his absence, freeze drains and disrupt the work of drainage system.

Warming of sewer pipes

Warming sewer

will now be considered by the full order of arrangement of the aqueduct, which can be used at any time of the year.

Wiring pipes , boiler and expansion tank

layout of pipes, boiler and an expansion tank


Start by making the system design.First of all, decide on the equipment.Check the location of the water intake points, calculate the required number of fittings, select the optimum material of manufacture and the type of water pipes.

Plastic tubes are most often used.It is durable and reliable products to fully cope with all the tasks incumbent upon them.When the pipes of plastic does not rust, which allows them to sew up the wall, unlike metal counterparts.

Make a detailed scheme of the future pipeline.In the drawing, select all sizes.So you can calculate the optimal footage and determine the right amount of accessories.This hardware is recommended to buy with 10-15 percent margin.

Also, you must decide whether you will be to choose and buy all the necessary equipment, or immediately buy the finished water intake station.At this point refer to their personal preferences.

Installation components plumbing

first step

Dig a trench from the water source to the point of entry of the pipe into the building.

second step

Install pump.deep type of equipment is lowered into the water source.Surface pumps are mounted as close to the well or the well.The pump is performed in a heated room or in the caisson.

Pumping station

pumping station

third step

Connect the water pipe to the pump set.The free end of the tube is connected to the attach fitting with five pins.

fourth step

Plumbing Systems

Plumbing systems

to a free output fitting, connect the storage tank, pressure gauge and pressure switch.The volume of the storage tank can reach 400-500 liters and more.This device is provided with the optimal pressure in the water supply system.In addition, water can be stored in case of emergencies in the storage tank.

fifth step

to the remaining free choke tube pin is connected, and then slide pipe aligned and to the bottom of the trench dug straight into the house.Also at the bottom of the pit is necessary to lay a secure cable to connect the pump and accumulator.

important that the outlet is designed to enable the above-mentioned units is properly grounded.

sixth step

Installation of water supply system in the country

Installation aqueduct on

testify before the insertion point of the pipe to the building fit the stopcock.It will allow you to block the water supply when required.

seventh step

ensure proper operation of the external piping, pour hole and proceed to the installation of internal wiring.

Regardless of the source of supply water pipe system is highly recommended to equip pollution control devices

follow the internal wiring in accordance with the previously prepared scheme.At this point you are guided by their own preferences.Do everything so that in the future you will be comfortable to use the Supply Pipe.

Installation of internal water supply in the country

installation of internal plumbing to

dacha At the end you will equip the water intake point, connecting mixers, appliances, and so forth.

Providing hot water

If necessary, provide hot water can man up your water system water heater.There are storage and flow variations of such equipment.In the cottages is more convenient to use storage tanks.

Installing the water heater runs on a standard scheme for such equipment.

How to connect the water heater

How to connect the water heater

Now you know the order in which the installation is done and the plumbing system must take into account that for the success of all related activities.Do everything in accordance with the above guidance, and your water will properly serve for many years.

Successful work!

Video - Water supply in the country with their own hands