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August 12, 2017 18:06

A flower bed with his hands

Sale house, full of flowers of various colors, always with their beauty attract the eye of passers-by.Skilled gardeners distribute the plants so that they bloom lasted all warm season, that is to replace the one flowers in the flower bed should certainly come others.

A flower bed with his hands

flower bed with his hands

flower bed with his hands, arranged by special rules will allow to enjoy immediately a variety of flowering plants, and they will not obstruct each other.

There are several types of traditional club, but every gardener necessarily trying to add to this diversity still and beds own invention . And , when the device in the course are, it would seem most inappropriate for this landscape decorative items.Skillful hands of gardeners are able to stop in the original flowerbeds abandoned tires, stones, that were unearthed in the processing of the garden, cut branches, stumps remaining from the cut old trees and many other garden attributes or objects of any kind, that is unlikelyuseful in the ho


Those who are looking for new ideas to help decorate the plot, a good idea to become familiar with a variety of options for flower beds.Perhaps among them there and one that will encourage of independent creativity and help make your site beautiful flower garden.

It should be noted that the creation of a flower garden is available to every gardener. But of course , whatever option may have been selected , have to make some effort and certainly diligence and accuracy for its production .

main types of flower beds

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  • 1 main types of flower beds
  • 2 main types of beds
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  • 3 Nuances arrangement of flower beds in the area
  • 4 Phased execution of works
  • 5 Making unusual flowerbeds
    • 5.1 flower bed of tires
    • 5.2 Video: master-class on making mini-beds from oldtires
    • 5.3 raised beds of logs
    • 5.4 Video: interesting variant of the compact beds of waste wood
    • 5.5 Multilevel bed with walls of stone
    • 5.6 flower garden with wicker walls
    • 5.7 Manufacturingvertical beds
    • 5.8 Video: sample manifest creativity - original beds

all used to call any flower beds, but it's not quite true , as the landscape painters shared beds into several types.From the variety of developments in this sphere of creativity designers, the most popular managed to become the following varieties of flower beds:

1. flowerbed

A flower bed with stone border

flower bed with stone border

flowerbeds called walled high or low border location fairly regular geometric shape,which may have a different area, depending on the size of the area.On the flowerbed planted various plants 3 ÷ 10 species that can be distributed in the form of certain pattern or randomly.

2. rabatki

This kind of flower bed is a band having different widths , ( it varies, usually from 200 to 1000 mm).In this type of flower beds often use one or two types of plants of the same height.

Rabatki - original lawn fence

ridges - the original fencing lawns

ridges, usually planted along the garden paths at their level, or can be raised to certain height using low embankment and laid out from the stone or other material wall.

3. Border

Border in certain extent similar to ridges, however, is different from her that always lands on the level of the garden paths and never rises above.Border must consist of a single plant species having one or more colors that are densely planted long strip 200 ÷ 500 mm.

Floral border should not greatly rise above the lawn

Floral border should not greatly rise above the lawn

4. Mixborders

This kind of flower bed is not certain forms and can be planted with a variety of plants randomly. mixborders often planted along the paths leading to the house.The only thing, that should be observed when planting this species flower garden - e that the , that taller plants are planted behind the low, to an overview of the beds was as complete as possible.

The original complex mixborders

original complex mixborders

mixborders usually create a lifelike natural area on a separate section of garden.

5. Array

Array called significant in the area occupied by their flower garden, planted over large areas.It can reach 20 ÷ 30 m², and it is usually planted in large areas.The array can have different shapes and planted with usually perennial plants that retain until late autumn foliage.

An array of rose bushes

array of rose bushes

main types of beds

Landscape designers have developed many different option beds, which can decorate adjoining site like for only warm season andyear round.The latest developments are increasingly present not only those plants which are covered by greenery in the spring, but evergreen species.

addition, replacing one-level, familiar to all the flowerbeds actively come multi-level, which are decorated with well-chosen plants to each other.

1. Traditional bed

on traditional flowerbed mostly trying to plant plants that will decorate the garden from early spring to late autumn.

A small round Traditional bed

small round Traditional bed

Flowers are planted so that the bed should ideally not empty a single day.For example, some plants bloom in early spring - it daffodils, crocuses, primroses, tulips, muscari and others.Should begin summer flowering varieties and them - autumn.

It is important to take into account height, planted plants.The correct shape and location of the flower garden allow you to see the whole flower meadow.

Mid-beds are usually raised above the general surface of the soil at 120 ÷ 180 mm.From the center to the edges, it has a bias in the 4 ÷ 8 degrees, that is, it turns slightly convex form, which also contributes to a good overview of the entire surface.

2. Regular beds

regular beds features simple geometric patterns.When the device of flower beds is not hidden, and vice versa - emphasizes their artificial origin.Plants planted in a flower garden should have a variety of desirable - contrasting colors with each other, and close to the lighter shades darker necessarily planted , to emphasize crisp lines and the correctness of the figure.

Regular bed - required clearly defined boundaries and form

regular bed - required clearly defined boundaries and form

Such beds can be filled from both flowering plants and herbs with colorful leaves.Ornament created on a bed, can be both symmetrical and asymmetrical.

3. Irregular

This type can be compared to mixborders , since irregular flower bed filled with a variety of plants , like spring and evergreen .It is designed to be an ornament of the garden throughout the year.However, there are options when the flower bed planted with plants that bloom only in the spring.

The exact opposite - chaotic irregular flowerbeds

complete opposite - chaotic irregular flowerbeds

would seem that completely ill-conceived heterogeneity of different plants, including shrubs or dwarf trees, with leaves and flowers of many colors, randomly planted in the flower bed area, should create an incredibly picturesque cornergarden.

Its members are often included dwarf evergreens

Its members are often included dwarf evergreens

in irregular beds never even created likeness exact figure, so they can be called the exact opposite regular variant flower bed.

Nestle irregular bed is usually along the tracks or under the windows of the house.

4. Vertical

vertical beds are usually satisfied in order to save space on the site.Flowers planted in cages filled with special mixtures in pots mounted on metallic construction sites or on special brackets, or in boxes that are installed on each other certain way.

Vertical bed - convenient for a lack of space on the plot

vertical bed - convenient for a lack of space on the site

Sometimes vertical flower beds arrange a screen or even a flowering wall.For such beds are used lavishly blooming hanging, basket plant.

5. necessarily have a pattern, reminiscent of oriental carpet ornaments Carpet bed

Carpet beds.To achieve the desired effect is possible only in the event that used frequently planted low plants that its leaves and flowers are able to completely close the surface of the soil.

Original , but it is very difficult to design a carpet bed

original, but it is very difficult to design a carpet bed

addition, usually selected plants contrasting light and dark colors for background and pattern.

should be noted that these beds are perfect for large areas of suburban areas or parks.In others, cramped space conditions, the image will be lost and just blend into the background.

6. Circular bed Circular

flowerbed arrange around trees, large boulders, towering arbors and other objects or buildings.Plants in them can be planted randomly or flat colored circles.This will be a wonderful decoration of bed even the small area, so it takes up little space.

Around each tree can organize beautiful flower bed

Nearly every tree you can organize a circular flowerbed

Trees, of course, have any villa territory and means - under each of them can be arranged in such a decoration area.If the issue area in this way, the whole garden will be decorated with floral islands different colors.

7. Monoklumba

Monoklumbami called beds, made up solely of one color grade.These beds may have different shapes and sizes.If well-chosen variety, if desired, to ensure that the next will coexist two types of plants that will bloom one by one .For example, a spring flower bed close carpet of tulips and flower garden in the summer will be a rose garden.

A classic example monoklumby

classic example monoklumby

With monoklumb divide the territory of the plot area, arranging them along the tracks or arranging one-color glade.

These flower beds are well suited , like plant is tall and dwarf varieties, with lush buds.

8. Arabesque

flowerbed "arabesque" should have a clear , but the complex shape of a flower, butterfly, leaf tree or abstract pattern with pronounced edges.Some beds even make a single frame, which is placed nutritious soil mixture for flower seeds or seedlings, consisting of a chosen type of soil and fertilizer.

Flowerbed - arabesque

flowerbed - arabesque

Others beds, arabesques are traditional for form a bed on which planted plants at certain lines - they will play one of the selected forms of plant or, for example, the wingedinsect.

9. raised beds

raised beds is the most popular for installation on the sites, although quite laborious in arrangement.For it is necessary to lay out a side of the stones, wood or other material on certain height, and then fill out this form drainage, soil fertilizer.Total all the land and the construction work is not so simple and easy.

Raised above the plot level flowerbed

Raised above the plot flowerbed

However, the advantage of such beds is that the plants planted in her , will be protected in certain degree of playful animals that can trample land (most often,it concerns young "ill-bred" pups), and this is especially important when the shoots just appeared.

raised beds can be planting any plants.Of course, you must first know what type of soil is best suited for them, and put it layer around the roots of plants or plant nutrient in soil mix flower seeds.

10. flowerbed waza

excellent decision to arrange a bed of flowers in tank that simulates a vase, or a specially purchased for this large vase for indoor flowers preferred form.

Flowerbeds , the vase can , if necessary , rearrange the section of

flowerbed-vase can, if necessary, rearrange the section of

capacity filled with soil mixed with a special mixture, which can be purchased at flower shops.

convenience of this option the flower beds is that it , if desired can be transferred to the right place on the territory of the garden, and in the winter - general away from the street in the business premises.

similar method to arrange a bed can probably be called the simplest of all existing, as it requires a lot of space and landing mixture.In addition, with the depletion of soil it can be easily replaced.

Video: A variety of flower beds - there is to take a sample of

Nuances arrangement of flower beds in the area

settled in the area flowerbed simply, when you consider all the nuances its creation and siting rules its installation.Improper resolution of these issues, the plant will die, and the bed for the most part - stand empty, and therefore work will be done in vain.

  • The first thing to determine - this installation location or arrangement of flower beds.From that, where it will be located, selected plants, which will be comfortable there, where you want to place a flower garden. If flowerbed arranged for specific plants, it is necessary beforehand to study their characteristics and "preference", as some can not live without direct sun and constant light, while others, like poluzatenennye place.
  • to bed happy with the tenants and guests of the house all year round, it is necessary to put in her evergreen plants, or make complex landing, that will include plants, flowering in spring, summer and those, that remain green and in winter.For the beds are very good dwarf pine shrubs arborvitae and spruce, and representatives from the grassy - juniper, lavender and other original and fairly undemanding plant.
  • Depending on the type of flower beds and places its location, you can often use a variety of multi-tiered.For example, it is perfectly suited for flower beds, located near a fence or a wall.