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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to choose a water filter under the sink

water that comes into our homes and apartments on the city communications or independent sources is almost always far from perfect and requires some training, especially for use in food applications.It may be contaminated with solid suspensions, contain unacceptably high concentrations of various salts and other chemical compounds characterized by high rigidity, and in addition, is not excluded, and its biological contamination.Even if urban stations, cleaning is carried out diverse, complex water treatment, while traveling through the old pipes, water can become contaminated again in time so that gets to the tenants of apartments in a completely unsuitable for consumption as food.Buy bottled for these purposes - it seems to be out, but it is inconvenient, and quite expensive.It is best to establish an effective home filtration system that has always been free access to clean, safe water.

How to choose a water filter under the sink

How to choose a water filter under the sink

owners of private houses in this issue a little bit easier - th

e presence of ancillary facilities allows you to mount a multi-level treatment system, the more so when you use a stand-alone source of water without it is still not enough.And what about the standard of apartments to tenants who counts every centimeter of usable space?There is a solution - almost every kitchen under the sink is a free niche in which is a trash can, or just collects empty glass jars.What is not a place for a water purification system?But a water filter under the sink to choose to solve the problem once and for all?Let's try to understand the diversity of these treatment systems.

principal filter unit under the sink

Article Contents

  • 1 principal filter unit under the sink
  • 2 main drinking water purification stage
  • 3 How to choose a filter station Sink
    • 3.1 main condition - to have information about the quality of the incoming water
    • 3.2 Criteria for selection filter under the sink
  • 4 overview models of filters with the installation under the sink
  • 5 Video: recommendations on the selection of a water filterwith the installation under the sink

the same filters under the sink differ from his other "brothers"?

Usually a console design, compact enough to fit in the space under the kitchen sink.

The basic filter unit for water under the sink

Basic filter apparatus for water under the sink

console itself (pos. 1) is a sort of "assembly site" on which are mounted all the elements of the filtration system.Most often it is performed in a suspended form, for mounting to a wall (wall cupboard), though there are options for installing on a horizontal surface.Furthermore, filters meet the body execution model.

In addition to filtering stations "classic" layout , there are models with installation on a horizontal surface , as well as the body , closed execution

addition filtering stations "classic" layout, there are models with installation on a horizontal surface, as well as the body, closed

The console mounted filtration units (pos. 2) for different purposes.The water passes through them in series, being subjected to a particular type of filtration and purification.The filtration modules can be of a bulb to install the replacement cartridge (Pos. 3), but there are also collapsible modules.The number of modules may be different - from one in the most simple filters to five and even more in high-tech water purification systems.

Also filter modules, the system can be equipped with a reverse osmosis water purification unit (pos. 4) and other water treatment devices.

Each filter has a set of pipe with fittings for connection to the water supply (item 5.), And output (item 6). - Supply of purified water on tap.In systems with reverse osmosis is usually still provides connection for discharge of dirty water to the drain (sewer).To connect the set includes flexible hoses (pos. 7), with the tap tee tapping into the water supply (Pos. 8).As a rule, there is a set of valve intake clean oxen (pos. 9), which is installed on the kitchen sink next to the mixer.

key (pos. 10) is used for unscrew the filter modules as needed to replace them and to reverse the installation.

Set the filter system cumulative actions

Complete filter system cumulative actions

Filter station with the installation of a car wash can not only flow-through, and the accumulative operating principle.In this case, the kit includes a membrane pressure accumulator, which accumulates pressurized cleaning water held.Conveniently, from the point of view that the disposal of the owners always have a certain reserve, even in the case where, for whatever reason, stopped feeding.

Construction of filtering stations can vary greatly and the number of modules , and the presence of the built-in pump , requiring connection to the power supply

design filter stations can vary greatly and the number of modules, and the presence of the built-in pump, requiring connection to the power supply

For some models of filters under the sink, especially with the reverse osmosis module or buffer tank requires increased pressure in the water pipe system.To ensure these conditions, the plant can be equipped with a built-in pump, which, in turn, will require connection to the mains.

variety of models and a wide range of filter modules or replacement cartridges to allow them to pick up water purification system is optimally suitable for the existing conditions.However, in order not to be mistaken with the choice, you must first understand how the work of water purification steps.

main drinking water purification stage

Depending on the degree of contamination of the incoming water, it can be subjected to various purification steps.

  • First of all, the water must necessarily pass mechanical filtering, that is, free from suspended matter, particulate matter.They not only reduce the taste and organoleptic quality of water, but other purification quickly clog modules.
Cartridges mechanical treatment

Cartridges mechanical treatment of water Cartridges

mechanical cleaning work on the principle of conventional filtration - water passes through the fine pores and firm suspension retained.Filter elements themselves may have a mesh structure, or be made of polypropylene - a foam, a nonwoven pleated or wound to form "ropes".The degree of purification in such cartridges can be up to 5 microns.However, no matter dissolved in the water, nor the majority of microorganisms such filters do not linger.This module can be safely attributed to the turn of the preliminary preparation for further purification.

  • Many problems can create great content in the water of dissolved iron.This useful in principle to human health when the element becomes high concentration "whip" tap water.Not only that, it is the problem of "domestic" character - an unpleasant, metallic taste, rusty water color, red spots on wash clothes etc.The dissolved iron can cause poisoning and even lead to the emergence and development of systemic diseases of the body.Iron

water may be present in free form dissolved element (divalent iron), and is not amenable to mechanical filtration no.Almost is not delayed any filters organic colloidal iron - suspended particles so small that they pass through the pores.But already hydroxide - a solid residue, as well as ferric iron - that is what we see in the form of a fine rusty plaque on the dishes in the sink and etc.And already forms may be separated by settling and filtration.

Finely divided insoluble ferric hydroxide , and it - what we call the rusty patina

insoluble finely divided ferric iron and hydroxide - what we call the rusty patina

There are several ways to deal with a high iron content, but they all boil down to activate the reaction with the oxygen in the water, or feed artificially (aeration).The oxidation colloidal or dissolved iron becomes insoluble forms which are already removed by filtration.Of all the technologies in everyday life, at home compact filter only applies non-chemical.The cartridges (modules) is a special filling of mineral (dolomite, zeolite, etc.) or synthetic ( "VIRM", "IWF", "Pyrolox") origin, which in itself is not reacting, playing the role of a powerful catalyst, providing full oxidationprocess.

Cartridges for water iron removal

Cartridges for water iron removal

The resulting reaction slurry of fine insoluble remains in filling or in the built-in cartridge strainer, or completely removed in the following stages of treatment - in the sorption unit.

  • water Next problem - the so-called stiffness.This phenomenon is due to the high content of calcium and magnesium salts.Hard water is unpleasant to drinking and cooking because it has a bitter taste from her quickly overgrown scum typical dishes, there are poorly soluble and ineffective cleaning and erasing compositions.
A very common problem - hard water, with all its consequences

very common problem - hard water, with all the consequences

main method of water softening food necessities is the use of ion exchange resins.The principle of operation is that when passing through a water tight filling in hardness salts are replaced by natural magnesium or calcium molecules more active metal - sodium.A sodium salt already does not adversely affect the quality of drinking water.

Cartridges - water softeners

Cartridges - water softeners

technology such purification of salts of rigidity suggests the possibility of regeneration of the ion exchange filling.However, in the compact filter units are commonly used print cartridges that can not be reversed.With a large degree of water hardness such elements will have to change too often.Therefore, when very hard water is more rational to use a reverse osmosis system, which will be described later.

  • The tap water is often the presence of chlorine is clearly felt.It is not excluded, and the admixture of dissolved hydrogen sulfide, with a characteristic putrid odor.Often there are certain oil concentration, heavy metal salts, of various organic compounds.All this leads to a deterioration of the water quality of food, and can also pose a serious threat to human health.

solves these problems with a sorption filter backfill.In most cases - is activated charcoal or special minerals that are able to withdraw water from the harmful chemical components.Also, such fillers are catalytic oxidation processes and also simultaneously serve as a mechanical filter formed by the retaining solid precipitation reactions.

Cartridges for water treatment sorption units

Cartridges for sorption of water purification units

Variety sorption purification units - very large.In some of these composition can beg to "focus" on a particular lack of water, such as a high content of free chlorine or alternatively, the dissolved organics.Available in cartridges, filling of sorption which, moreover, does not leave almost no chance of pathogens - water flows and biological treatment.

  • The highest rates of water purification from all possible contaminants have units operating on the principle of reverse osmosis.
The principle of reverse osmosis module

The principle of reverse osmosis module

essence of their work lies in the fact that the water at a certain pressure literally forced through a membrane having a pore measured by hundredths and thousandths of a micron.The membrane is usually performed in the form of helically laid roll (pos. 2), which gives a large working area.

The resulting stream (. Item 1) is divided into two - the permeate (. Item 3), that is, purified water passed through the membrane, and the concentrate (. 4, Pos) which are all removed from the permeate impurities.Purified water is the consumer, and the concentrate is discharged into the drainage system (drains).

The table below speaks volumes about how deep cleaning gets water in the reverse osmosis module

free ions and salts possible concentration in tap water, mg / l content in the permeate, mg / l degree of purification (selectivity),%
Calcium 61 0.2 99.6
Sodium 150 3 98
Potassium 12 0.3 97.4
bicarbonates 19 0.7 96.2
Sulfates 189 0.4 99.8
Chloride 162 2.9 98.2
Nitrates 97 3.5 96.4
total dissolved solids (TDS) 693 11 98.4

not pass reverse osmosis membrane molecule organic compounds.They are delayed, in addition, many bacteria, and even viruses.In short, the output is water, which is close in quality to distilled.

  • Water flowing reverse osmosis purification, not all have to taste due to the almost complete absence of mineral salts.Portrayed rumors that she even harmful to human health, but it is only innuendo - all the necessary supply of minerals a person gets from food.but the correct taste quality of drinking water is to help special-mineralizers modules that are installed after the reverse osmosis unit.
Modules - mineralizers


for the rational use of the resource-mineralizing blocks on some models of filtering stations with installation under the sink provides two circuits poldachi water consumption - normal, without mineralization.for cooking, after mineralization and - for drinking purposes.

  • apologists for virtually complete sterility outlet water filter station available under the sink with integrated UV exposure.
Ultraviolet water treatment unit

module ultraviolet water treatment

UV rays kill almost all known bacteria.However, such a filter would require connection to the mains.

There are other modules of varying degrees of pre and postochistki, as well as giving the water received any special qualities, eg, saturating it with silver ions.

How can I make such a unit circuit has a very high flexibility.Consumers have a great opportunity to choose the appropriate model and a set of cartridges to it, based on the actual conditions by making, if necessary, focus on one or another stage of purification.But for this it is necessary to know how to make a choice.

How to choose a filter under the sink station

Choice of filter systems for their homes should begin with a precise understanding the baseline.It is necessary to have information about the characteristics of the feed water in an apartment or house to decide on the necessary methods of cleaning.

main condition - to have information about the quality of the incoming water

no secret that in recent years, the cases, when salespeople go from door to door, show trusting owners a variety of "colorful experiments", urging themin terrible quality of the water and forcing the purchase of expensive equipment.Not always it is so desired.It is better to take care of the quality of their water source.

For this is the best option - to pass a water sample for laboratory testing.Moreover, the analysis should not trust the company's employees engaged in the implementation and installation of filters - the party is clearly concerned, and can attribute to something that is not really.Anyway.