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August 12, 2017 18:06

Vacuum pump with his own hands

vacuum pumping equipment is widely used to solve various problems of domestic and industrial scale.Such units are mainly used to pump vapors and gases.

Vacuum pump

Vacuum Pump

Products are very comfortable, but its cost is unacceptable to many potential users.But the craftsmen have found a way out of the situation by learning to collect their own vacuum pumps, primarily under the fitting is other equipment.

Before handwritten manufacturing vacuum pump, check out the main principles of work and species of such devices.

Vacuum pump

Vacuum Pump

mechanism of action is based on the equipment creating the vacuum.Depending on the destination, the equipment in question is classified into low, medium, high and ultra-high vacuum pumps.

In everyday life the commonly used home-made simple design, made on the basis of common pumps, compressors and other equipment suitable for these purposes.

Modification of motor pump

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  • 2 liquid ring pump
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  • 4 Guidance on the use of the vacuum pump
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vacuum pump is made of ordinary lip pump used car owners.As a basis, you can even use a simple bicycle pump or other similar device.

The application of complex processing methods and special equipment is not necessary.Alteration of motor pump in complete vacuum equipment is carried out in several stages.

first step. Disassemble the pump source.

Dismantling manual pump car

Dismantling manual pump car

second step. Expand cuff automotive pump 180 degrees.By changing the position of the cuff air will not be pumped into the container and extend therefrom.Such equipment is perfect for a variety of tasks that do not require the creation of a high vacuum.

third step.Collect unit in the reverse discrimination.

Expand cuff

Expand cuff

fourth step. complete the installation of the check valve.To solve this problem, you can use the valve, taking part in air transfer from the compressor pumping capacity (tank).This valve must be installed between the hose pump and directly.

Putting the pump

Putting pump

Putting the pump

Putting pump

This simple domestic pump is ready.Provided a thorough and proper implementation of all the above manual steps to ensure sufficient tightness of each interface, the selection of a suitable plastic valve of high quality, a simple vacuum unit will be able to suck up to 75-85% of the total volume of air.For comparison - in the vacuum cleaner, this parameter is much lower.

liquid ring pump

The device of the vacuum liquid ring pump

device vacuum liquid ring pump

Vacuum liquid ring pump

Vacuum liquid ring pump

belongs to the category of low vacuum pumping equipment.The design is a body defined inside the plates.The plates are attached to the rotor.When immersed in liquid plates (most often water) is changed in its volume.

In the process of the equipment, the conditions are sufficient to provide 90-95 percent of the vacuum.To improve the index need to replace the water with another liquid having a higher boiling point, and provide cooling air pumped.

Among the advantages of the vacuum pump it is necessary to highlight the high service life, ensures that no friction seals and ultimate simplicity of design.

But there is a liquid-ring unit and a number of disadvantages, namely:

  • need to organize capture and disposal or recycling of the working fluid is lost from the inclusion of off-gas;
  • need for regular replenishment of working fluid volume in the equipment;
  • need for cooling fluid used to reduce the pressure of vapor generated.

Assembling Liquid ring vacuum pumps is performed in a few simple steps.

Detail of a vacuum pump

vacuum pump Detail

first step. Prepare the body of suitable size.The pump housing must have a cylindrical shape.

second step. Put into the housing shaft with fixed impeller.The wheel must be fitted with blades of relatively small size.

third step. Ensure supply of the working fluid in the pump housing.The liquid should be made so that under its influence the rotating blades.Founded centrifugal force will cause the liquid to go to the housing wall, and in the center of the device will create a vacuum.

Such pumps typically used in farming and in the production, in a city apartment from them is unlikely to be of any use, but the owner of a private house this unit can come in handy.


Liquid ring

Modification aquarium compressor



can use the equipment, established on the basis of domestic compressor, capable of pumping air if necessary to ensure a high rate of sparsity of high pressure.

In redoing aquarium compressor there are no complications.Areas of use of such devices is quite multifaceted.For example, some owners of such pumps are used to remove a specific flavor, arising in the process of alcohol distillation.

Also, this kind of vacuum pumps are suitable to perform all sorts of experiments, during which must be created in a vacuum stills and various fermentation tanks.

Disassemble the compressor

Disassemble the compressor

first step. Unscrew the fastening of the housing used by the compressor.This will help you a screwdriver.

second step. Disassemble inside the compressor unit, which included an element with the valves.

third step. Cut the body angle in a location convenient to take stock of the pump hose.Assemble said compressor assembly backwards and insert it into the case in accordance with the prepared hole.

Part of the modernization is marked in red

Part for the upgrading marked red

fourth step. Prepare the bottom wall of the details of the opening to remove condensate and accidentally penetrated into the water.

fifth step.Organize exhaust gases from vacuum pump system.To do this, use a suitable glue and pipe sizes.

As a result of the device, assembled in the reverse order, will pump out air instead of his discharge.

Swap valves

Swap valves

When the depression created by such equipment, it will be possible to reduce the boiling point of the working fluids.

Thus always keep in mind the fact that during the execution of such work through the unit will be held form pairs that are categorically desirable.Therefore, in the system it is necessary to enable the sump and the receiver - they will help drain the air.

Guidance on the use of the vacuum pump

on the use of the vacuum pump Guide

Guidance on the use of the vacuum pump

The application of the vacuum pump will be considered by the example of pumping water from the aquarium.In general, the features of the use of such equipment are almost the same for most situations.

Prepare the necessary adaptations.You will need:

  • pump core;
  • tee;
  • nozzle and nipple.

Insert the nozzle into the opening tee.It can pre-make of a suitable size tube.Next you need to screw the fitting on the valve with a previously created thread, and then pull the hose segment.Do not use a hose longer than 100 mm.

After that, you need to insert the core of the pump in the second end of the hose.On the opposite side of the pump core, perform a short hose connection to drain fluid in the drain.

Connect the hose to the basic allotment of the plastic tee, and then run a hose connected to a water tank.

Thus by the end of the hose must be attached aquarium siphon to prevent the tightening of land in the vacuum unit.

As a result, the system will operate in the following order:

  • you open the faucet;
  • in water enters the system;
  • hose in a vacuum;
  • water is pumped from the tank.

Once the required amount of liquid will be pumped out, you will block the flow of fluid using a crane and reach the siphon from the tank.

Now you have an idea of ​​the order of the independent production of various models of vacuum pumps.The information will allow you to make the pump-house and save quite a substantial amount to buy the finished device prefabrication.

Successful work!

Videos - Vacuum pump with your hands