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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to build a poultry house for ducks with their hands

If in the garden there is a place where you can arrange a small barn and paddock, it is possible to breed birds.Today, many decide to try his hand in the poultry industry to grow different species of ducks.These home Plics unpretentious in the care and sufficiently hardy to high and low temperatures, so their breeding is not only very difficult but also quite a profitable business.

How to build a poultry house for ducks with their hands

How to build a poultry house for ducks with their hands

to the process of growth and reproduction was well ducks do not have to do too much away, but take care of creation for the birds comfortable living conditions will be necessary.Those owners who have decided to engage in the cultivation of a bird on the local area, inevitably the question arises on how to build a chicken coop for ducks with their hands, without incurring significant costs.We will try in this article to answer it.

room size for ducks

Article Contents

  • 1 room size for ducks
  • 2 What else is important to know about poultry houses for
    the content of ducks
  • 3 Varieties of chicken houses for the content
    • 3.1 Temporary shelter for ducks
    • 3.2 Stationary aviary for keeping ducks
      • 3.2.1 Birdman of wood
      • 3.2.2 property for ducks of bricks or aerated concrete
      • 3.2.3 aviarypolycarbonate
  • 4 Key elements of the barn-the house for ducks
    • 4.1 foundation for the house
    • 4.2 Roof
    • 4.3 Floor duck
    • 4.4 Video: constructionframe of the barn, it is quite suitable for the house
  • 5 internal arrangement of the house for ducks
    • 5.1 premises Lighting ducks
    • 5.2 space heating
    • 5.3 Floor mats
    • 5.4 airing premises
    • 5.5 Designated walking bird
    • 5.6 drinkers and feeders for ducks
    • 5.7 ponds for ducks
    • 5.8 Ash bath
    • 5.9 egg nests for laying

Before you buy ducklings need to determine what size would have room for them.For this it is first necessary to measure the space area in the area that can be allocated for this construction.

Total population of ducks should be in direct proportion to the square of the house

Total population of ducks should be in direct proportion to the square of the house

If the site is already live chickens, and they built a spacious coop, then they may well be temporarily or even permanently hooked five ÷ seven ducks - usuallythey get along well with each other.If the plans of the owners - buy a larger number of ducklings, better for them to build a separate house, and, depending on the square, count the number of birds that can settle in it.

example, one square meter of space must be rated no more than three adult ducks.These birds love to play, so if they erected a separate building, it is not necessary to do it in less than 16 m², even if it is purchased only 10 ÷ 12 ducks.Always bear in mind that most birds crowding in one room (the pen) causes excessive competition, so the birds get stress and experiencing serious discomfort, causing poor weight gain or even lose already dialed.

What else is important to know about the content of poultry houses for ducks

Besides size of the room, like in the construction of the house, always consider how contained duck, and what is required to provide for their comfortable stay and rapid growth.

Ducks, chickens unlike contained "one tier " - only on the floor

Ducks, in contrast to chickens, provides "one tier" - only on the floor

If the hen house should be a prerequisite is securing bars for perches, allowed the construction of nests in several floors, the ducks kept on the floor, which is covereddry litter.

can not keep ducks in constant dampness and dirt, as this is bad for the feathers of poultry.Well, if it is, in turn, will not be enough quality and dense, the bird may die in the cold season.

Aviary for keeping ducks better set on an elevated plot area

Aviary for keeping ducks better set on an elevated plot area

to house or shed for the content of this bird remained dry, it can not be installed in a low-lying area, which is a long morning fog and heavy dew accumulates.The most optimal option is a hill on the south side of the territory.

Ducks - a waterfowl, and they are very fond of fresh water, but it can get sick from the stagnant swamp of liquid.Therefore we can not allow water to stagnate under a poultry house or in the courtyard for walking.

If the elevation at the site is not available, you can raise a house to live birds at 300 ÷ 500 mm above the ground, setting it on the pier foundation - then in the room of the house is to create a comfortable living environment for any time of year.For the convenience of bird ingestion, to the entrance of a raised bridge puts barn with attached to it by horizontal bars.But it should not be too steep slope, as ducks will be difficult for him to climb.

Varieties of chicken houses for the content of ducks

Temporary shelter for ducks

If appropriate utility room on the site is not yet available, and the ducklings have already bought, then at the time of construction of the house, you can isolate a place for them portable partition.This will require a timber with a minimum thickness of 50 mm and a metal mesh-netting with a mesh of 20 × 20 mm.

In the summer the house to a stationary ducks complete equipment can be kept and the temporary corral

summer to complete the equipment of the house stationary ducks can be used and the temporary corral

This enclosure must be a wooden frame, fully sheathed mesh, open only on the lower side.Temporary aviary will be in demand and after how to build a major "home", as it can be used as a platform for walking ducklings or a small number of adults.Due to the mobility of the pen after the ducklings vytopchut and pecked out all the grass on a closed net area, it is quite possible to be moved to another location area where the grass is still enough.

This arrangement will not allow birds to disperse and protect it from birds of prey, as well as the penetration of dogs or cats.Ducklings will be safe, but at the same time - in the fresh air and the sun, which is very useful for their immunity, growth and development.

To ducklings were very comfortable, the pen should be sure to put a basin of water and a bird feeder filled with food.

Stationary aviary for keeping ducks

order to build a shed for stationary ducks can use different material - is wood, brick, aerated concrete blocks, or polycarbonate.

Birdman of wood

Wood - an excellent material for the construction of the house, because it is warm, "breathing" and environmentally friendly.For the construction of timber can be used for various types - from logs to boards ..

The main elements of a simple wooden frame farm building

Key elements of a simple wooden frame Combining

Thus, for the frame of the barn creates a crate of timber of various sizes in the section.For example, use a more powerful beam of 120 × 120 mm and a partition wall 70 is sufficiently × 70 mm for the upper and lower trim.Casing frame made board or plywood.

Another option is the use of wood - is an outbuilding, composed entirely of timber.However, such a poultry house will cost quite expensive.

Major poultry house , built of logs

Major poultry house, built of logs

third way to use wood for building facilities for ducks - a log house.But no matter what type of wood is chosen, the walls still require good thermal insulation.

Frame shed 1 Frame hen house - quickly and affordably!

For buildings of the economic purpose is most often chosen option frame construction.For example, the construction of the process stages described in the article « How to build a shed with their hands », which is available on our portal.

property for ducks of bricks or aerated concrete

Birdman of aerated concrete or brick will cost more than an outbuilding, built from other materials.In addition to the high cost of construction of brick - a complex process that requires a certain amount of experience in this work, and if practice perform masonry not, you will have to hire a specialist.

Brick or block aviary is good for their durability and solidity , but it will be difficult to maintain optimum temperature for ducks

brick or block aviary is good for their durability and solidity, but it is more difficult to maintain an optimal duck temperature

The advantages of the construction of the shed of this brick or blocks include durability and strength, and to the major disadvantages is that the structureget cold enough and require reinforced insulation.Birdman of aerated concrete or stone would be difficult to heat, so the heat is retained poorly within such outbuildings.

Birdman polycarbonate

In regions with mild winter climate of poultry houses for the ducks began to build, and polycarbonate, for some semblance of greenhouses.Polycarbonate material is well keeps the heat inside the room, since it does not create draft because virtually airtight walls.

The new trend in home construction - hen house made ​​of polycarbonate

new trend in home construction - hen house polycarbonate

transparent panel will ensure that there will always be enough daylight in the greenhouse, poultry house, and due to the fact that the cellular multilayer polycarbonate good at trapping heat, construction of it is quite possible to beheat of the existing types of simple heating.

Key elements of the barn-the house for ducks

foundation for the house

foundation device for the house will depend on the material from which built its walls, as it is their weight load directly affects the deepeningbase.

  • for wooden buildings

example, wood-frame building has a small weight, so, raising aviary in this manner, it is possible to do entirely without foundation - to raise the structure on the racks resting on flat ground.

Lightweight design may not require the foundation - it will be enough hard-packed area

Light design may not require the basement - will be enough hard-packed area

If frame aviary is scheduled to lift off the ground on these racks, you can solve several problematic issues:

- room for ducks will not syret from the soil, andinside it is warm and dry;

- The house will be more difficult to get the ducks to rodents and other predators;

- Under the shed formed a sufficient space which necessarily oblyubuyut duck on hot summer days, as there will always be a coolness and shade.Uprights

may be metal pipes, recessed into the ground at 350 ÷ 400 mm and reinforced cement mortar (a kind of mini-pile) or metal studs welded to the frame made of the same tube diameter of 100-150 mm.

If the structure is raised above the ground, under the recommended throughout the house make the filling of the small fraction of expanded clay, which does not tolerate rodents.For the filling you need to prepare a recess by removing the top layer of soil at 100 ÷ 120 mm, and then the resulting space is filled with the entire depth of expanded clay.

Bottom rail shed on the pier foundation

Bottom rail shed on the pier foundation

frame can be raised at the pier foundation, which does not need much to deepen, if desired, as the building was put to him, will not give a heavy load.

A small house for ducks on wooden legs

small house for ducks on wooden legs

If you plan to have only a few birds, it is sufficient to install a small house that requires no foundation at all.If it is installed on the ground, it is possible to carry out the preparation of this zone and covered it, and rammed crushed stone, sand and then after putting the pillow on which is placed a flat sheet of slate.He would be a solid and level foundation for a small house.

log house or cobblestone structure should be the foundation of a commitment, as it has a considerable weight.It may come as a columnar or pile, and the tape base.

columnar 1 How to build a pier foundation?

For wood of the house does not need a strong foundation, but it should not cause reliability concerns.How build a pier foundation - read in a separate publication from our website

  • to the house of bricks or

blocks Under construction of brick or other heavy building material foundation to make sure to have significantly deepening it in the soil.The most optimal option for stone buildings would be kind of a belt base.

To frame the house band foundation fits best

to brick the house is best suited strip foundation

If you plan floor of the house for ducks to arrange a concrete screed, then it can be done immediately after the foundation of the tape freezes and pick up strength.Deepening the foundation into the soil will depend on the thickness of the walls, but it should not be less than 400 ÷ 450 mm.


roof of the house for ducks may have any of the existing structures, but the most common because of the ease of installation are lean-or dual truss system.For their coatings can also be used any roofing material, which is affordable.The most commonly used conventional slate, but if you plan to enter a house for ducks in the overall design of the landscape, then use a flexible or ceramic tiles or corrugated board of a certain color.

Special requirements , in addition to insulation, a roof structure is not presented

special requirements, in addition to insulation, a roof structure is not presented

If provided attic office in the house, then the additional roof insulation is not required, but if it will get pent-free construction of the attic, must necessarily be insulated undercoveringspace, securing, for example, polystyrene thickness of 30 ÷ 50 mm or penofol.After fixing the insulating material, the roof is sheathed inside plywood sheets - they were fixed with screws on timber rafters.May be provided and the wooden filing insulated ceiling.

Floor duck

floor in the room for the ducks can be earthy, concrete or wood.

  • Earthen floors - too cold for the winter period, and because of this will vyholazhivatsya entire room.In addition, if the ground is not compacted, in a room will create dirty slurry, especially near the water tanks.But ducks respond well to the ground floor without a covering, if it is stacked warm bedding.
Ground floor, strewn with sand

Ground floor, strewn with sand

  • concrete floor more hygienic and easy to clean, but it is too cold, and also requires a deck of thick insulating layer of natural materials - hay or straw.
  • Wooden floors warmer, but they need to be sure to patch up all the cracks, or use for floor covering decking.In addition, floor joists recommended to raise above the surface of the soil at least 100 ÷ 150 mm.But, even if it is made wooden flooring floor, without thermal insulation flooring winter still not be able to do.

Video: Construction of frame barn, it is quite suitable for the house

internal arrangement of the house for ducks

After the erection of the structure under the hen house, the second task, which will have to decide over the maintenance of its will-necessary.

This process is required, as for normal growth and weight gain ducks need to create the most comfortable atmosphere.