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August 12, 2017 18:06

Robinson oven with his own hands

For lovers of country trips, fishermen and avid gardeners become indispensable mobile oven compact size, fits easily into a car trunk.Most recently appeared on the market small collapsible furnace having a very eloquent name "Robinson".Make oven Robinson with your hands is quite possible, especially as in this case, it will cost even much cheaper than the finished version.The advantage of self-manufacture of this instrument is to upgrade capabilities that expand its capabilities.

Robinson oven with his own hands

furnace Robinson with his hands

should be noted that on the basis of this simple design can be made stationary and the furnace for the house and garden, so it could be called universal.If you set a goal to make it on their own mobile oven such as "Robinson," you should consider what configuration it can be, and only then determine the choice of model.

construction and operation of the furnace

Article Contents

  • 1 design and kiln operation principle
    • 1.1 Video: demonstration of the camp missile furnace "Ro
  • 2 Hikingfurnace type "Robinson»
    • 2.1 first variant camp oven
    • 2.2 second variant of camp stoves - "Antoshka»
    • 2.3 furnace "Robinson»
      • 2.3.1 option copied from industrial design
      • 2.3.2 improved version of the oven "Robinson»
    • 2.4 Video: homemade rocket type metal stove

furnace "Robinson" is the so-called missile design, and based on which were created many models,they differ significantly in size and even functionality.

Conventional missile furnace consists of a firebox, connected to the chimney pipe.The fuel tank can be arranged horizontally, vertically or at an angle, connect directly to the chimney or to have between the two elements of the horizontal section of the pipe, which extends the path of the heated air and creates an additional heated surface.

This diagram shows the different versions of the missile firing furnace location:

Typical schemes of rocket stoves

Typical schemes of rocket stoves

1 - Vertical furnace connected to the chimney pipe segment, which lengthens the path of the hot air from the furnace to the outlet.The connecting portion may be used as a cooktop.

2 - Vertical furnace, located next to the pipe, allows one to quickly warm up the whole structure.

3 - Furnace, fixed to the tube at an angle, makes it more convenient fuel bookmark.

4 - Two vertical furnace flanking pipe having a larger size in cross section.This design helps to heat much faster with the contents of container mounted on top of a special support.All

rocket stoves have about the same working principle.It lies in the fact that during the initial combustion of the fuel-tank embedded in the fire-generated gases having significant energy potential afterburned in the vertical pipe section.To do this, made a special channel of the secondary air, which ensures its feeding, a kind of "suction", directly to the base of the vertical pipe.That is, the rocket stove in this regard a certain way resembles the work of the pyrolysis power plant.As a result, at the outlet of the furnace in the upper portion thereof, the maximum temperature is reached, which can be used for heating water or cooking food.

top of the pipe in the most simple configuration of the oven is mounted fixed or removable attachment - to install water tanks or other utensils.

big advantage missile furnace can be called its economy so as to achieve the desired result does not need a large amount of fuel.In order for it to function qualitatively, it is often quite a handful of dry kindling or dry grass.

Video: demonstration of the possibilities of rocket camp oven "Robinson»

  • The same principle works and rocket stove is installed for space heating.This structure is known from ancient times, and has been traditional in the homes of many Eastern nations.
Fixed rocket stove heated stove bench

stationary rocket stove heated stove bench

With these ovens not only heat the room - their warm couch used as heated beds.

By the way, in our time, too, are in no hurry to give up and use it for heating of this design in private homes.In this model, the furnace chimney pipe section considerably elongated and extends under the entire stove bench, which transfers the heat of the combustion products.It turns out a kind of large "battery" of heating that can heat a large area.

Scheme of gas movement in a stationary rocket stoves with stove bench

scheme of gas movement in a stationary rocket stoves with stove bench

  • Another option missile furnace may be a small brick structure, folded in a country house or in the garden area.And if it is laid out in the yard, as a temporary option, the bricks do not even attach solution.The main thing - to observe the location of all its components.
Rocket stove can be paved and brick

rocket stove can be paved and brick

This furnace model is often invited to presentations of communities for survival, which are quite common, for example, in North America.Such a furnace can be made in any of these circumstances.In extreme cases, suitable for her arrangement ordinary stones found nearby, and large gaps between them can be repaired normal underground.

  • more complex, but also a functional design, based on the same principle of operation is the rocket stove, cooker, which will become an indispensable helper in the country or in a private house in the summer.A large surface of the plate at the same time allow to cook a few meals or to heat water and save on electricity or other fuels, as to justify its purpose oven, it does not even require a large amount of firewood.
Advanced missile oven with hob

improved rocket stove with hob

Hollow inside plate panel passes through their space hot gases that can be heated to very high temperatures.Then, the products of combustion discharged into the chimney located on the opposite side from the fuel hopper.

  • But such a portable version of the camp oven has sovcem small size, as is made of conventional galvanized bucket, which is usually covered with heat-resistant paint on top.
Rocket stove of a metal bucket

Rocket furnace of a metal bucket

inside buckets set design of the two tubes, welded together and performing the function of the furnace and the chimney.Inner bucket space between its walls and the pipes filled with sand (in field conditions), or a small fraction expanded clay.This kind of "liner" will provide heat riser in order to ensure that it is actively occurred afterburning pyrolysis gases.Thanks to this "stratum" will require significantly less fuel to cook food or warm water.

It is important to calculate the correct gap, which must be formed between a container stand (in this case made in the form of a lattice) and the pipe.Too large or small lumen or reduce the oven heat, or become a hindrance to the normal gas combustion process.

  • Similarly, we can proceed in the nom if you want the device to rapidly heat a small amount of water, for example, for brewing tea or in extreme field conditions.To do this, you can build a small stove of conventional metal cans.In order to start using it to boil water, or at least a little bit warm, need only a handful of wood chips or dried grass.
The simplest oven Rocket can be made of tin cans

The simplest oven-missile can be made from tin cans

on submitted photos can be clearly seen that to make such a structure is a snap.It is enough to have on hand two large metal cans, one of which will go to the production of two pipes - vertical and horizontal, and the second will serve as the outer shell-shell.

Такая "малышка" позволит быстро согреть воду в экстремальных условиях

This "baby" will quickly warm the water in extreme conditions

stand base container with water can be done easily from the bottom or lid banks cut from her middle, then make an incision on the inside of the resulting circle, and tilting them downin the form of legs.This stand perfectly set to the edge of banks.The stand can also be made of steel wire, neatly bent several segments and cementing them together.

Hiking oven type "Robinson»

Today in the sale are a variety of hiking compact type of rocket stoves with different names, including "Robinson".However, an experienced master, looking at a device like device, immediately sort out its design and be able to make a drawing, in which it will be easy to produce.

It is clear that the production of these furnaces will be available only to domestic masters who are skilled locksmith and welding, and are available to the Council of the equipment and tools.

2016-02-23_172402 Every good householder should be familiar with welding technology!

In everyday life, private home very often there are situations when no welding is very difficult to do.Not only have the machine - you need to have certain skills.We hope that the special article of our portal dedicated to the basics work with electric welding , will be a good tutorial for beginners.

must know that all camping stoves operating on the principle described above, there are common parameters that should be taken into consideration in the preparation of the drawing-circuit, otherwise malfunctions may occur in the design of the operation.These characteristics include the following features:

  • vertical pipe should have a height of at least two times greater than the length of the furnace hopper.
  • height of the fuel hopper, mounted vertically, should be approximately equal to the length of the horizontal connecting portion of the furnace and flue hole width.
  • The best location of fuel card will be setting it at an angle of 45 degrees, as it is the ash-pit optimal clearance, and it is convenient to stack fuel.
  • recommended that the fuel bunker entrance section was approximately equal to the same parameter of the vertical pipe.

first variant camp oven

Such a model camp stove - simple in design and manufacture, and is extremely compact in size.For it does not require large amounts of material, and make it possible in just a few hours.

One simple option for independent production

One simple option for independent production

oven has odne important design feature - the lower part, serving as the bottom of the fuel chamber (grate) made mobile, so it can be put forward, laying her right amount of wood and push it inheating tank.If the chips are long, then put forward a lattice can be used as a stand for their installation.In addition, retractable grille inserts greatly facilitates periodic cleaning.

for this model need:

Name materials Dimensions number
pipe square 150 × 150 × 3 450 mm 1 pc.
150 × 150 × 3 300 mm 1 pc.
steel strip 300 × 50 × 3 mm 4 pcs.
140 × 50 × 3 mm 2 pcs.
metal grille 300 × 140 mm 1 pc.
or steel rod to its manufacture Ø 3 ÷ 5 mm 2,5 m

works are carried out in stages and include the following operations:

  • on workpieces made of square tubescounting done, since one of their edge should be cut at an angle of 45 degrees.Then the "grinder" manufactured sections.
  • next step of the pipe must be carefully welded to each other, to get the kind of "boots".
  • At the top of the riser pipe at its corners or in the middle of each side must make cuts of 20 mm in depth and 3.5 mm in width.They will be installed stand for containers.
  • Next, she made stand.For this purpose, one of the strips 300 mm long is cut in half.For the second you need to outline the middle of the strip and welded to it on both sides of prepared lengths to get the shape of a cross.
  • Of the two remaining strips and short segments of length 140 mm welded frame drawer.Here it is necessary to make the fitting and take into account the fact that long strips must not be welded to the sides of short strips and overlapping them.
  • Top spot welding finished frame grab ready-grid or cut to length steel rods of the frame with a distance of 10 mm from each other, they will serve as a grate.
  • Then, on top of the pipe is installed under the container stand and grille slides into the heating silo.Now it is possible to carry out tests of finished ovens.
  • If the test events were successful, after the metal has cooled, the furnace can be painted with heat-resistant paint.
  • Although not provided in this design, but the same is recommended for all sliding frame further weld the handle to help regulate it more comfortable location.

second variant of camp stoves - "Antoshka»

This furnace is a little more complicated to manufacture, as it has a greater number of elements.However, work still is quite feasible, if all you need to prepare for it.

Печь-ракета модели "Антошка"

Rocket Stove "Antoshka" model

advantage of this design is that it provides additional heated plane.For example, on a stand positioned on a vertical pipe, it is possible to set the capacity for cooking, and further plane above the flue hopper mounted at the same time be used for heating water.

To produce this model, you need the following blanks:

Name materials Dimensions number
Square tube for the manufacture of fuel hopper 150 × 150 × 3 mm, length 450 mm 1 pc.
Square tube for producing bottom ash-pit camera 150 × 150 × 3 mm, length 180 mm 1 pc.
Square tube for vertical furnace portion 100 × 100 × 3 mm, length 650 mm 1 pc.
Metal plate for the panel on the furnace 300 × 150 × 3 mm 1 pc.
Metal plate to close the back of the tube furnace hopper 150 × 150 × 3 mm 1 pc.
Metal bracket for stand 50 × 50 × 3, length 300 mm 1 pc.
50 × 50 × 3, length 450 mm 1 pc.
valves or rod for stand-over Ø 8 mm, length 300 mm 4 pcs.
valves or rod to grate Ø 8 mm, length 170 mm 8 ÷ 9 pcs.
Triangular metal gussets to install the hob Steel 3 mm.Dimensions are adjusted precisely after the fuser assembly. 2 pcs.

Further, certain elements need to work a little.

  • mark up the vertical pipe, as its bottom part should be cut at an angle of 30 degrees.By marking the cut is made.