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August 12, 2017 18:06

Autonomous sewerage own hands

Smartly furnished self-contained sewage is an important tool for the owner of a private area to effectively solve the problems of disposal and treatment of wastewater.Only after the establishment of a private house sewage is truly comfortable and comfortable housing, fully complies with all applicable standards.

Autonomous sewerage own hands

Autonomous sewerage own hands

Due to the sewer system, the residents an opportunity to enjoy the water without any kind of restrictions: gidroboksom install bathtubs, washing machines, etc.

Autonomous sewerage own hands

Autonomous sewerage own hands

with the arrangement of the unit autonomous sewage can cope without outside help.All work is reduced to the installation of tanks, piping and ensure the proper functioning of the created complex.

autonomous sewer requirements

Article Contents

  • 1 autonomous sewer requirements
  • 2 How does an autonomous sewer?
  • 3 Tips for installation elements of autonomous sewerage
  • 4 Guide for the Development of an autonomous sewer
    • 4.1 first step
    • 4.2 second step
    • 4.3 third step
    • 4.4 fourth step
    • 4.5 fifth step
    • 4.6 Video - autonomous sewerage own hands

Before carrying out measures on arrangement of battery drain, you need to study the relevant information and draw conclusions with regards to the effectiveness of a variety of existing systems.

Autonomous sewerage own hands

Autonomous sewerage own hands

Practical experience has allowed sufficiently analyze the available data and make a number of important conclusions as to what should be a truly effective and high-quality self-contained sewage systems.

system to fully cope with all the tasks assigned to it, it must meet the following requirements:

  • have a cleaning performance index as close as possible to 100%.The minimum allowable value - 95-97%;
  • be neat and compact;
  • ensure the purity of the purification process;
  • provide an opportunity to improve and increase productivity;
  • be simple and reliable to use;
  • have an adequate supply of resistance to load changes;
  • work without the formation of odor and noise;
  • have low power consumption;
  • not require significant financial investments in the arrangement;
  • have a simple design;
  • work effectively in a variety of climatic conditions;
  • provide the ability to easily perform repair and maintenance work.
    Specifications septic Locos

    Specifications septic Locos

    Technical characteristics of the various modifications of the septic tank Tapas

    Specifications of various modifications septic Tapas

    Specifications septic Alta Bio

    Specifications Alta Bio septic

Thus, a modern autonomous sewer presented a lot of different requirements.However, in practice it is much easier than in theory.

Ready drainage, furnished with all the recommendations will be without any complaints within a maximum period of time.The system will comply with the applicable health and safety standards, which will save the owner of unpleasant disputes with the relevant authorities.

How does an autonomous sewer?

Modern compact sewer system, the most convenient, practical and easy to install, as well as environmentally friendly.The most popular systems that combine the functions of cleaning and supplying oxygen to the working capacity.

The principle of operation of a septic tank

The principle of septic

Similar sewerage are created using the highest quality materials.Typically, the basic material is polypropylene.It is characterized by excellent performance durability, ecological compatibility, thermal conductivity and low weight.

Scheme of work

Scheme of

on the market today is a wide range of different stations of biological sewage treatment.At the same time they operate at approximately the same mechanism.For cleaning drains meet certain bacteria that use organic waste as an energy source.For the full life of such bacteria need oxygen.

septic YUBAS

Septic YUBAS

wastewater treatment system works on the simple scheme.In the first step, the artificial saturation of waste air, necessary for the life of bacteria.In the process of its development and eat bacteria mineralize organic matter, which is composed of sewage.

Such bio-stations are characterized by a very high rate of sewage treatment.As a result, the purified water can be used without any fear for watering garden plants or discharged into the appropriate place for this.

Wiring diagram TOPAS 5

Wiring diagram TOPAS 5

additional advantage of an autonomous sewer system is no need to perform complex calculations to determine the optimal dimensions of the camera and the estimated volume of waste water.

Information about the station design capacity is given in its title.For example, one of the most famous water treatment systems - aster drainage 5 - to cope with the cleaning of waste produced five users.A high-performance station under the name Topaz will be able to serve 150 or holiday cottage complex for 150 people.

Tips for installation elements of autonomous sewerage

The circuit of the underground septic tank installation

Driving underground installation of a septic tank

to autonomous sewer to fully cope with the solution of all of its tasks, the installation of its main elements should be performed inaccording to a number of requirements, namely:

  • slope of sewer pipe from the house to the tank must be in the range of 2-5 degrees.Otherwise normal sewage and smooth retraction is not possible;
  • to ensure a secure fit pipes and removing them at the risk of deformation of ground subsidence in the ground dug trenches should be carefully compacted or else pour the concrete layer;
  • pipe laying sewer system should try to carry on as it is possible more direct path;
  • joints elements sewer systems must be airtight.To ensure the required tightness, use liquid clay or the modern designed specifically for the job means;
  • length of straight sections of sewer pipes should not exceed 500 cm in the case of installation of 5-inch pipe and be no more than 800 cm in the case of laying 10-inch pipe;
  • container for collection of waste should be set at a minimum distance of 10 meters from residential buildings;
  • turns and bends should not be possible.If we exclude these areas it is impossible, in such places it is necessary to make manholes.

    Driving multicam septic tank

    scheme for multi-septic

Guide for the Development of an autonomous sewer

septic tank delivery to the installation site

septic tank delivery to the installation site

first step

Select a location for the installation of a septic tank.Minimum distance from the septic tank to residential buildings and roads - 5 m, from garden trees - 3 m to the water source - 50 m.

Select a location for the installation of a septic tank

Select a location for a septic tank

second step

Pit for installation of a septic tank

pit forinstallation of a septic tank

starts executing earthworks.Dimensions of the pit for the installation of a septic tank must exceed the dimensions of the tank itself by 30 cm on each side.

Technology is authorized to install a septic tank and a biofilter in a common pit.

Septic tank is lowered into the pit

Septic lowered into the pit

trenches for laying pipes outside dig a 2-cm slope at every 100 cm length of the pipeline.

third step

Ram bottom of the pit and fill it with concrete.Install a plastic container on the frozen tarmac.Additionally secure the septic tank on a concrete base with the help of ropes.

Septic cables attached to the metal reinforcement of the concrete pads

Septic cables attached to the metal reinforcement of the concrete pads

fourth step

Gather sewer system.Move the pipe to fit your scheme.At this stage fill expanded clay blocks and bioactive biofilter absorbent.

Connecting pipelines

Connecting pipelines

fifth step

Follow the backfill soil and sand or cement-sand mixture in layers.Each layer is thoroughly compacted backfill.At the same time fill in the septic tank water to a level slightly exceeding the level of the filled material.

The septic tank is filled with water

The septic tank is filled with water

pipes backfilled with sand first, and then the ground.Compacted backfill is not necessary.





connection pipes in the building are executed in accordance with the terms of your situation.In this moment all individually.

Thus, in a handwritten equipment Autonomous sewage system, there is absolutely nothing complicated.Ready complex will effectively cope with all the tasks incumbent on it, saving the owner from a variety of troubles related to wastewater treatment.Follow the instructions and all the necessary work.

Installation of septic TOPAS 30 LONG (scheme )

installation septic TOPAS 30 LONG (scheme)

Installation Infiltrator

Installation infiltrators

The lid of a septic tank

cover septic

Successful work!

Video - Autonomous sewerage own hands