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August 12, 2017 18:06

Connecting the dishwasher to the water supply and sanitation

dishwashers To most people the attitude is still quite wary - whether to purchase expensive equipment, if to wash the dishes, in principle, is simple and manually.However, if you remember the very recent past, about the same as talking about automatic "stiralka" of food processors, even TVs in the early days of remote controls, and now without it is difficult to imagine a normal life.To good and convenient to quickly get used to, so many owners have already installed a dishwasher in the kitchen, already for no reason do not want to be deprived of this "convenience".

Connecting the dishwasher to the water supply and sanitation

connect the dishwasher to the water supply and sewerage

Their example was followed by others, and dishwashers are increasingly becoming an attribute of modern cuisine.However, this is not the kind of household appliances, which can simply unpack, plug it in and start using.In addition to the rather complex electro-mechanical "stuffing" and automation, such a device, in particular, of course, the degree are also sanitary appliance.It

is therefore extremely important point is the correct connection of the dishwasher to the water supply and sanitation."Initiative" is not welcome in this matter - will have to comply with a number of specific requirements.Let's try to understand this more.

few general guidelines for installing dishwashers

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  • 1 few general guidelines for installing dishwashers
  • 2 connect the dishwasher to the water supply and sewerage
    • 2.1 sequence of stepsand always there is a necessity in the stationary connecting
    • 2.2 connect the dishwasher to the water supply
    • 2.3 connect the dishwasher to the sewer
    • 2.4 Video: example of connecting a dishwasher

Presumably,if the owners do decide to buy a dishwasher, then they have already thought out in advance the place of its installation.In general, it depends on which model hits the spot - a compact tabletop or built-in kitchen furniture.Accordingly, there may be significant differences between the installation and connection of the device to the communications.

Dishwashers embedded and desktop types

Dishwashers embedded and desktop types

And in fact, and in another case, try to place the installation machine as close as possible to the area of ​​the kitchen sink.It is easy to explain - it is possible to connect the device to utilities, without resorting to a complex procedure, cutting into the pipe - enough to those formations and units, which supply water to the faucet and tap it from draining into the sewer cleaning.Extension of standard hoses of the dishwasher, in particular - of the drain, is not welcome, because the discharge pump capacity is limited, and it should not be overloaded, so as not to cause rapid wear.

However, this arrangement is not a dogma - it is possible to place the dishwasher and more convenient from the point of view of the owners, the place, but in such a way that within a radius the length of regular hose had a chance to tie in the appropriate water pipes and sewage (this example alsoIt will be discussed in the publication), or will have to think of laying additional section of pipe connecting it to the unit objectives.

Of course, the future site of the dishwasher installation must be previously placed upon the power line of the respective section, and has a separate outlet, always with the grounding circuit.Use extension cords should be completely ruled out.Water, humidity and electricity - is already enough dangerous "neighborhood", so no condoning such as: "Peter has so connected - and that's okay" - is absolutely unacceptable.

2016-04-22_172006 kitchen Electricity - issue of increased importance!

Distinctive features of any kitchen is not only a high level of humidity and the constant use of water, but also, perhaps, the greatest power consumption of electrical appliances installed in it.Refrigerator, microwave, washing machine, dishwasher, extractor hood, electric stove and oven, and that's not counting the lighting and small appliances!How to organize power supply for the kitchen - described in detail in the article of our portal dedicated installation wiring in apartment.

place for installation should be prepared - have an appropriate niche for tapping the desired size or free space on the countertop for desktop installation.The base to be securely position the device in a strictly horizontal position, with the support of all the racks in order to avoid excessive vibration or backlash.For each model, the dishwasher has its own requirements for site preparation, technical documentation provides the installation description, the kit typically includes all necessary mounting hardware.

Example circuits , installation instructions embedded type dishwasher

Example circuits, installation instructions Dishwasher built-in type

There is another nuance prepare to install the machine - it has to be taken into account in advance.Many models on the rear panel outputs are power cables and hoses that are offset to one side.Taqi, the allowable distance to the connection points may be different on the left and right of the dishwasher.Typically, this feature is also indicated in the manufacturer's technical documentation.

Distances to the connection points of the left and right may be different

allowable distance to connection points on the left and the right may vary

Before proceeding with an independent installation of the dishwasher owner should very carefully assess their capabilities and skills.If there is any doubt in their own abilities, it is better to invite an experienced master plumber having positive recommendations (in this field strive for masteries considerable amount of candid "shabashniks").The fact that a breach of the installation instructions may well lead to the termination of the manufacturer's warranty.Often in large showrooms practiced proprietary installation at low cost, and sometimes even free of charge - as a way to stimulate consumer activity.This issue should be clarified immediately upon purchase.

In the case where such services are not available, but a challenge to master sees significant extra cost, it is not impossible and self-installation.And if "factor out" the already mentioned power line installation and features of the device in a niche, the main stage of the process of getting the correct connection of the dishwasher to the water supply and sanitation.

connect the dishwasher to the water supply and sewerage

sequence of steps, and there is always a need for a fixed connection

These steps can be performed in any order.By and large, more difficulties will take preparation for the connection - installation of all of the necessary elements.And, actually, switching emerging from the dishwasher hose to the water supply and sanitation will be the final step, which is carried out almost simultaneously with the final installation of the device in place.

Immediately you can make a reservation for one moment.Desktop dishwashers, in principle, can sometimes altogether dispense with the fixed connection to utilities.Water supply hose in this case is connected directly to the kitchen faucet spout (for this there are special adapters), and emptying hose is lowered and locked in a bowl sinks.

drain hose is not connected , but simply dropped into a bowl kitchen sink

drain hose is not connected, but simply dropped into a bowl kitchen sink

Sometimes such a scheme presented almost as an outstanding advantage - they say, the owners have the ability to make efficient use of space countertops, taking out of storage and placing the dishwasher only whenneeded.

let such "advantages" do not agree:

  • first - hardly such will be found owners who will carry a massive technique here and there.It's just inconvenient, and for the benefit of expensive devices will not work.And to use the dishwasher from time to time, "the holidays" - so why do it at all to buy?It should be a faithful helper in the kitchen, not the subject of "secret pride" of its owners.
  • second - from frequent connections and disconnections of water supply hose does not live long no connection - no threaded or flared.Not much is good for mixer - the extra load on the spout of his chatter.
  • third - dropped into the bowl sink drain hose from the dishwasher we conceal certain danger.Rough movement, a sharp head, a childish prank - all of which can lead to a loosening of the hose out of the sink with all its (literally) the consequences.
  • And the fourth - it's just uncomfortable.Simplifying a job during the initial installation of the device, the home team significantly complicate themselves further its operation.Work dishwasher will require continuous monitoring, and in addition, while there is a process of washing, almost "paralyzed" kitchen sink, which may be required for other purposes at this time.

So, the best way is still to be fixed connection to the water supply and sewage systems, regardless of the model type.And no appreciable difference in the order of performance of works - no.

connect the dishwasher to the water supply

begin to connect the water supply.

For a start - a small remark.Some people believe that in order to save the dishwasher is more profitable to connect to the pipe hot water, they say, will not be spent on expensive electricity heating water to the desired temperature for the wash program.

Indeed, some models support this option dishwashers.Moreover, there are even machines that provides connectivity at the same time to the two highways - hot and cold water.

Some models are designed for connection to the pipes of cold and hot water at the same time

Some models are designed for connection to the pipes, and cold and hot water simultaneously

It must necessarily be indicated in the data sheet.Connect the machine to hot water, if this opportunity is not stipulated manufacturers are prohibited.The electronics can not understand this, and this initiative frequently ends with "departure" programmed dishwashing algorithms.

But even if such a choice between hot and cold running water is provided, almost all masters in one voice are advised not to experiment, and to restrict the usual connection to the cold water.There are a number of logical explanation.

- Firstly, the quality of the hot water is often far from ideal.

- Secondly, it is that the water temperature in the hot water pipe exceeds the required level of heating installed for the dishwasher.It seems to be - nothing terrible, but this again may "mislead" software appliance control unit.

- Third, it is no secret that with hot water problems happen many times more often than with a cold, and in summer, during the maintenance work in the boiler, in general can be a long trip.It turns out that in similar situations will have to switch to manual dishwashing or urgently carry out switching to cold flow.Is it too troublesome?

- And fourthly, in matters of economy - also it's not so obvious.Modern dishwashers class and above have a very rational expenditure and water and electricity, and do not have to "make a dent" in the budget because of the bills for electricity.On the other hand, if the apartment is equipped with water meters, and the water flow in the dishwashing have to pay for the "hot" rate, and it is also rather big.

decide, of course, the owner, but good advice - it is connected to the cold water.

Now, actually, about the connection.There may be several options.

A. The simplest solution - when the place of installation of the dishwasher and its hose length provides the ability to connect to the pipe, which is attached to the flexible connection, which goes to the kitchen faucet.

For this tool need only a wrench, sealing preroll, and will need to buy a special pass tee with crane, designed specifically for such purposes.

Most migratory tees for connecting home appliances to the water has approximately the same arrangement

Most migratory tees for connecting home appliances to the water has approximately the same arrangement

This tee is threaded ½ inch "mother" for zapakovki to pipe water pipe (item 1.) To the opposite edge - thread ½ inch "daddy"(pos. 2) to connect back flexibles mixer, that is, provides a through passage of water.The side branch is equipped with a threaded portion of ¾ inch (Pos. 3), is ideally suited for connecting hoses dishwashers or washing machines.Crane (pos. 4) allows to open and close the water supply in the direction as needed.Connecting

not be easy.

  • overlain valve common cold water supply to the apartment.Then, you can open any hydrant (the best - located at the closest level to the floor), to relieve excess pressure in the split-off portion of household plumbing.
  • Next, use a wrench to turn away a nut flexibles mixer exempt threaded portion of the nozzle.If necessary, the remnants of the old pre-roll is removed from it.
  • next step is wound sealing preroll, in the direction of tightening the nut.FUM tape can be used for this purpose, but a more reliable connection can be sealed by conventional flax tow obmazyvaniem with a special paste type «Unipak».
Probably , the best by far sealing materials for the installation of plumbing systems

probably the best to date, sealing materials for the installation of plumbing systems

  • On podmotannuyu thread tightly wound tee.When tightening is necessary to ensure that a side entrance with a crane was in a comfortable position for hose connection of the dishwasher.

Here you can immediately point out one important point.Many modern dishwashers are equipped with "aqua-stop" system having a solenoid valve which instantly block the flow of water in the hose if there are signs of leakage (pressure drop).The body of the valve - large enough in size and is located on the side of the hose, which is connected to a water pipe.

Block " Aquastop " hose to the dishwasher

Block "aqua-stop" on the hose dishwasher

This means that in preparation for the work, and has particularly when installing the tee, you must consider how the rise this block "aqua-stop" if there is enoughIt will be a place for him.

  • After the tee installed, you can immediately install a new location flexibles kitchen faucet, changing the rubber O-ring, if necessary.
  • Crane tee translates to "closed", and then you can open the shared water supply - will be able to immediately check the assembly for leaks, and if necessary - to carry out lift.
Union nuts water hose have their own seals , twisted by hand and do not need reeling

union nuts water hose have their own seals, twisted by hand and do not need reeling

  • final step is screwed hose plastic nut of the dishwasher.It has its own seal ring and no podmotok do not require.Tightening be produced without the use of any tools whatsoever - quite well applied hand force.

This, in fact, the option to connect to the water directly beneath the kitchen sink can be met.But it is worth paying attention to one caveat.

Ready node connecting the dishwasher through a tee

Ready node connecting the dishwasher through a tee

Using tee scheme is convenient when connecting one extra point of demand.However, in practice, the space under the sink is often loaded with much stronger.