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August 12, 2017 18:06

Wooden deck around the pool

If you have a suburban area, you will certainly have a desire to arrange it so that the time spent here, remember vivid impressions for a long time.

Wooden deck around the pool

Wooden deck around the pool

Someone makes a mini football field, one tennis court, someone closer to your garden to your liking.In this same article we will examine how to equip the space around the pool to be feel comfortable not only in water but also near the pool itself.And for that, around the pool, you can build a wooden deck, which will be located and a table with chairs, and chaise lounge, if you wish, you can even put a barbecue.

Swimming pool with terraced decking

pool with terraced decking

word, rest near the water in your yard will brighten up your leisure time, and the guests that you invite to itself, will not remain indifferent from such original solutions resettlement recreation area.

preparatory stage of construction

Article Contents

  • 1 preparatory stage of construction
  • 2 supports
  • 3 Beams.Location longitudinal
  • 4 cross beams
  • 5 Steps
  • 6 Basis for the railing and fence
  • 7 Deck plank
  • 8 railing and fence
    • 8.1 Video - Laying deckingpoolside
    • 8.2 Video - installation of decking fasteners to the Twin
    • 8.3 Video - terrace installation example + Cabin

For starters it is best to make a sketch of the design, which will need to be built.The plan will help to calculate the amount of materials to visualize the final material and to take into account the subtleties of various important buildings.

The first illustration shows the sketch of the pool, surrounded by a wooden deck will be built.Since in this case, specifically, the pool is not absorbed into the ground, and is above the ground, the platform around it is high enough, and the terrace will keep step.Around the perimeter of the wooden deck will be installed fencing design:

  • rails (Figure 1 are shown in green);
  • fence or Privacy Screen, the so-called this construction in the west (Figure 1 shown in red).The purpose of this element in the creation of recreation areas closed from prying eyes.
Figure 1. Plan terraces around the swimming pool

Figure 1. Plan terraces around the swimming pool

Privacy Screen - shaped carved wooden panel

Privacy Screen - shaped carved wooden panel

Note the direction of the boards.


We consider the project terraces on poles, each of which needs an individual foundation.

consider the option arrangement of concrete poles with a diameter of 12 inches each.

Ft Centimeters Inches Centimeters
1 30,48 1 2,54
2 60,96 2 5,08
3 60,96 3 7,62
3,5 106,68 3,5 8,89
4 121,92 4 10,16
5 152,4 5 12,7
10 304,8 12,7 32,258
11 335,28 11 27,94
12 365,76 12 30,48
15 457,2 15 38,1
20 609,6 20 50,8
  1. According to the draft dig wells corresponding diameter and a depth of about 4 feet.

    The wells in the preparation should have the same depth - 4 feet , or about 123 cm

    wells in the preparation should be the same depth - about 4 feet or 123 cm

  2. Once these holes are inserted into the so-called "sleeve" made of tar paper, sealed with adhesive tape.Above the surface of the ground they need to perform about 1 foot.

    Installed roofing material and placed inside the frame of the three reinforcing rods , wired

    Installed roofing material and placed inside the frame of the three reinforcing rods wired

  3. These "sleeves" is filled with concrete, and on top of installed metal connectors, which are secured wooden supports.
    The solution is brought into a wheelbarrow and pour formwork shovel , tamping or piercing mixture vibrators

    solution is brought a wheelbarrow and pour into the formwork shovel, tamping or piercing mixture vibrators

    Sample timber mounting to concrete pillars

    timber mounting Example of concrete pillars

to once again not to dig a hole, make a sketch with dimensions on whichand displays the coordinates of each leg.It is better, of course, to do on the plane plot, especially if in the construction zone there are plants, or are communication, then you do not have to uproot a tree or repair the plumbing.

Figure 2 shows the location of the concrete pillars (Footings), as well as their coordinates.If support falls on a water pipe, or near a tree grows, just move a little to the side support.It is better to calculate and draw on paper, rather than be faced with unpleasant surprises in the construction process.

Figure 2. Location of supports

Figure 2. Location of supports

mark the location on the site supports, dig a pit for them and their Grout.Do not forget to set the raw concrete supports connectors for the pillars.After hardening concrete attach vertical supports in metal connectors.The use of support pillars as cross-section of 4x4 inches, since the height of the terrace is less than 6 feet.If the height is more than 6 feet, supports for the poles to be used with a cross-section of 6x6 inches.The metal connectors should put the appropriate size.

The third figure shows a diagram of the supports of the concrete used in the project.

Figure 3. Scheme of concrete poles

Figure 3. concrete supports

Beams.Location longitudinal

Further, according to the project, must be installed on a vertically arranged support beams.This is the next step in the construction of the terraces around the swimming pool.

In accordance with the load mounted triple or double girder.In a case where between adjacent beams arranged in a row, no more than 12 feet, the beam put double as considered in this project where between each two closest beams not more than ten feet.

cross-section of the longitudinal beams can be different, ranging from 2x4, and ending with 2x12 inches.This choice will depend on the number and the distance between adjacent lines of the longitudinal beams.It is best to use as little as possible of supports, beams, respectively, and lines is also smaller, and the distance between them is greater.But you do not have to dig a lot of holes for the support, which is not so easy to erect.

fourth picture - it beams scheme.The size of these elements is 2x10 inches.

Figure 4. Schematic of beams

Figure 4. Schematic beams

cross beams

After will be installed on the supports the longitudinal beams, set on top of them cross.At this stage it is important to stand equal to the gap between the parallel bars as placed.This value will depend on two conditions:

  • both will travel along the deck boards (beams across or at an angle);
  • deck board will be made of any material.

If the board steles at an angle, the distance between adjacent transverse beams will be 12 inches.If the deck was covered with boards perpendicular to the joists, then the distance will be either 16 or 24 inches between the beams.

transverse beams are installed at a distance of 24 inches, if the following materials will be used for deck boards:

  • iron wood (Ipe Wood),

    Decking Aype (iron wood)

    Decking Aype (iron wood)

  • tiger (Tiger Wood),



  • polymer board.

    Terrace board of wood-polymer composite

    Terrace board of wood-polymer composite

These rocks have very high durability, and slightly deformed in bending under vertical loads, so the beam can be positioned at a considerable distance from each other.

also durable and resistant materials used for deck boards are plastic boards.Their advantage consists in the fact that they do not need a protective paint coatings and also have no knots, which reduces the strength of materials.

This project used enough soft material, namely cedar deck board.Therefore, the cross beams are fixed with an interval of 16 inches.

Decking from Western Red Cedar

Decking from Red Cedar

For transverse beams are most commonly used beam cross-section 2x8 inches.

Figure 5 shows how it will look skeleton wooden terrace around the pool with established crossbar.

Figure 5. The wooden frame around the terraces with established crossbeams pool

Figure 5. frame wooden terrace around the pool with established crossbar

Once the beams are installed, they should be connected together, as shown in Figure 6, to design became an integral and the most stable.

Figure 6. Bundle terrace boards

Figure 6. Bundle terraced boards


The next step in the construction of a wooden terrace will be setting the framework for the steps.Serve basis stringers, which are spaced 16 inches apart.

Driving stringers

scheme stringers

For their production used a board with a cross-section of 2x10.To all the steps were the same length and height, you need to start to make a template for a single stage, and after a series mark on the workpiece stage for kosoura.

Stair stringers - a wooden board or a timber with a rectangular sawtooth teeth

stringers staircase - a wooden board or timber sawtooth rectangular teeth

for comfortable lifting and lowering the stairs, the size of each step in the first place should be the same, and secondly, the height and tread depthmust be within certain limits.For this height dimensions of 6 to 8 inches, while the depth of - 12 to 16 inches.

There are, of course, and custom sizes of steps, but more often they are made within the limits given above.

underneath all the stringers are connected to a single board structure stability.Figure 7 shows the structure of steps and terraces.

Figure 7. Frame terraces and future steps

Figure 7. Frame terraces and future steps

Basis for the railing and fence

Before you lay a deck board, you need to install poles and fence railing.As columns used timber with a cross section of 4x4 inch.The height of the fence 6 feet, enough to make the rest area is closed.But railing height can be in two sizes.

  1. If the height is less than 6 feet of terraces, the railing made of 3 feet.
  2. At a height of more than 6 feet of terraces, railings increase to a size of 3.5 feet.

distance between the posts and railing of the fence should be no more than 6 feet, so the design was sufficiently reliable.

Figure 8 poles for railings and fence already fixed on the main frame terraces.

Figure 8. Diagram of fixed columns for fences

Figure 8. Scheme of fixed columns for fences

Deck plank

Now you can proceed directly to the installation of the deck boards on the surface of the terraces, and the sheathing step.Board in any case is not installed without gaps.When the boards swell from moisture increase in volume, and if there is no gap, they will dissolve each other therebetween.It's as if you lay a laminate against the walls, leaving the clearance and space for expansion.

Installation diagram decking

Installation diagram decking

boards can be fastened with screws or nails, it's someone as comfortable and what tools are available.If you are going to beat the deck board with nails, that will facilitate the task of automatic nailing.They at times will be faster, and most importantly - your fingers will remain unharmed.

Installation of decking with their hands

Installation decking own hands

When laying the deck boards are not necessarily each of them vymeryat to within inches.At the edge of the terrace board can hang a little, just after the whole terrace is laid out, you will have to walk along the contour with a saw and cut the excess.The result of stacking the deck board is shown in Figure 9.

Figure 9. Sheathing terraces

Figure 9. Sheathing terraces

on the surface of the stairs is spread the same deck board, as well as on the terrace.It is also possible to sew up the steps and vertical boards, so it was not visible inner frame.These steps are called closed type, and it is such made in this project (Figure 10).

Figure 10. Boarding steps

Figure 10. Boarding steps

railing and fence

When deck terraces and stairs carpeted, you can install a handrail and fence.

Examples of decorative fences - scheme

Examples of decorative fences - circuit

design data structures are very diverse, and materials that can be used to manufacture components of barrier sections may be different.

For example, for the handrail sections can include the following elements:

  • glass partitions;
  • balusters vertical or horizontal, made of metal or wood;
  • combined insertion.

easiest way to collect first section of the railing, and then just install them between the legs.But you need to accurately vymeryat gaps between the pillars to the right to make a section and not to be mistaken with the size.

This project used section, the contour of which is a bar cross-section 2x4 inches, and inserted inside the glass.Glass should take a minimum thickness of 3/4 inch.Figure 11 shows one such section.

Figure 11. Section of protections

Figure 11. Section of protections

When all sections are made, they can be installed on-site, as shown in Figure 12.

Figure 12. Installing the fence sections

Figure 12. Installing fencing sections

Since this terrace is not high, inas handrails for the stairs at the top of the handrails are made hand, so it was easier to go up and down, without losing his balance.If the terrace above 6 feet, it is desirable to do the steps and along the full section of fencing.

used to fence a board cross-section of 1x6 inches, which is stuffed to the horizontal supports with 0.5 inch intervals.The easiest way to fill out, since, and have to make additional stiffeners inside pretty hard dock boards and support.At the thirteenth illustration represented the end result of construction.

Figure 13. The final result of the construction of terraces around the swimming pool

Figure 13. The end result of the construction of terraces around the swimming pool

Of course, after all the work necessary to apply paint to be protected from moisture and termites, respectively, terrace will serve much longer.

for this type of building terraces, deck board is changed every 5-7 years, but the frame will last for decades, if you have it made from specially treated wood, which is called pressure treated wood, and has a characteristic green color.

It helps in the construction of the construction of three-dimensional model on a computer.With this model you first, will be able to clearly see the end result and see the different designs and make changes before you start construction.Secondly, using this model, you can easily calculate the material, and do not buy too much, that will help to save.

Good luck to all construction and a pleasant stay!

Decking around the pool

Decking poolside

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