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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to build a cage for rabbits

How to build a cage for the rabbits on their own?This question usually arises from beginners who have decided to go rabbit breeding.Experienced farmers themselves usually develop convenient for itself the structure to facilitate the care of animals.

How to build a cage for rabbits

How to build a rabbit hutch

cells may be different in structure and made of different materials.They make quite simple or additionally equipped with "amenities" such as summing up the water or heating.The cells build a lot will depend on the planned number of rabbits, their breed and size, the availability of materials and compensation from the place where it will be installed, the willingness and capabilities to equip its various devices, as well as the ability to work with tools and instruments.

placement cell

Article Contents

  • 1 place cell placement
    • 1.1 Street cells
    • 1.2 cells were placed in a room
    • 1.3 Combined option dilution
    • rabbits
  • 2 design and size of the cells
    • 2.1 single-stage and multistage design
    • 2.2 Cages for kindling
    • 2.3 Cages for young
    • 2.4 Cage for adult rabbits
    • 2.5 Cagewith aviary for walking
    • 2.6 cells to breed rabbits "giants»
    • 2.7 Cage for rabbits Californian breed
  • 3 Feeders and drinkers for rabbit cells
    • 3.1 drinkers
      • 3.1.1 Automatic waterers
      • 3.1.2 Nipple drinkers
      • 3.1.3 Vacuum drinker
      • 3.1.4 Throttle drinker
      • 3.1.5 Suspended drinker
    • 3.2 Feeders
  • 4 independent manufacturing multi-tiered cells
  • 5 Video: an interesting option for cell

rabbits cages for rabbits can be located in commercial areas, such as, for example, as a barn, or on the street.Therefore, they can be divided into three categories according to their location and method of breeding rabbits:

  • year-round outdoor seating cells when animals are constantly in the air.
  • Year-round maintenance of pets in the room.
  • Combined dilution option, ie in winter the rabbits are in the room, and with the onset of warm weather are translated into the street.

Experienced breeders believe that the most appropriate way to the breeding of these animals is a year-round maintenance of the street, as it favors the development of immunity to various diseases and the formation of healthy, high-quality hair.In addition, in growing rabbits on the street, in females is significantly improved productivity, which increases the number of rabbits in the litter, and their endurance.

Street cells

Cages for rabbits often set on the street in the event that planned breeding large number of animals - and more than a hundred individuals.

Experienced breeders recommend year-round maintenance of rabbits on the street

Experienced breeders recommend year-round maintenance of rabbits

Street Convenience everything rabbitries in outdoor environments is more space and ease of care of his "menagerie", since each of the cells need to be cleaned periodically.

To build street cells are used quite durable materials, as the design has to be reliable and stable - these qualities help protect the rabbits from the adverse environmental factors, as well as penetration into the cells of prey animals - dogs, foxes, cats or rats.

A very good solution for outdoor cells - protruding roof visor

very good solution for outdoor cells - protruding roof visor

desirable that the building was located under a canopy with a large front visor to any precipitation, as well as direct sunlight greatly bothered pets.

Two- cell with dedicated " warm room "

Two-cell with dedicated "warm room»

If rabbits round will be on the street, you need to take care of the insulation of one of the parts of the cell.These animals tolerate low winter temperatures, but will still be out of place to create for them a comfortable environment and a special place where they can bask in the very cold days and nights.

cells were placed in a room

Rabbitry , located in a barn

rabbitries housed in a barn

cells were placed in a windproof spaces can be completely made of metal mesh, attached to the wooden frame, have a wooden slatted floor.If breeding is carried out in the premises of pets, it is important to think carefully convenient removal of their waste.

Combined option rabbits breeding

The compact cell , which is not difficult to move to the right place

Compact cell, which is easy to move to the right place

This kind of rabbits content can be practiced in the mobile cells that during the warm period are submitted to the street, and in the cold season seton the premises.

In another case, if resources permit and place cells are constructed in two places - on the street, and in the barn.This way of farming is unlikely to suit those farmers who breed a large number of pupils, for the installation of winter and summer cells require quite a large area.

design and size of the cells

cells rabbitry can be available as single and multistage.In addition, their design may vary depending on the primarily intended - for kindling, rearing or for the maintenance of adult dogs.

single-stage and multistage design

cells are single-stage and multi-tiered, but they have no more than three tiers.

  • single storey cell

single storey buildings rise above 700 ÷ 800 mm ground and covered with a roof of slate or metal sheet.If this version of the buildings will be on the street, it is best to choose a slate roof, as the metal heats up quickly, and rabbits are very poorly tolerate extreme heat.

For ease of cleaning it is recommended to make a tray with a groove for easy cleaning

For ease of cleaning it is recommended to make a tray with a groove for easy cleaning

for the collection and removal of animal waste in single-tiered cage frequently arranged metal tray, made in the form of runoff, for the convenience of its regular cleaning.

  • Multilevel cell

Most practiced stacked cells, which may have two or three tiers, and each of which is placed a different number of sections.Such designs often are made from bars, boards and galvanized mesh, and use them for breeding rabbits as outdoor and indoor.

Multi-storey cage

-tier cell

Such cell structure called shedami - they tiers with sections arranged one above the other, which helps to save a lot of area.

best option is considered a bunk structure, as it will allow for comfort care and monitoring of pets.

Shed recommended to lift above the ground at 500 ÷ 600 mm when installed in the room, and 700 ÷ 750 mm in the streets.Such a cell is considered the best for the content of the rabbits, so it is used more often.

When construction of multilevel cells, between each of the tiers should be a space of at least 150 mm high.Above the cells installed sloping metal roof.In the space between the tiers and under the lower tier fixed inclined flow.They are required to rabbits wastes do not fall into the lower cells, and did not stay on the bottom of the roof and dripping on the ground or in a structure arranged behind a common or separate for each stock tiers.On each of these tides on the sides bent bumpers that do not allow waste to fall out of this plane.

Cage carpeted with hay pallets inside

cell carpeted with hay pallets inside

Some owners prefer to use removable plastic trays that are installed on the skids under the slatted floor, and can be removed for cleaning and washing.

Another option - trays are installed directly in the cells.In addition, sometimes it makes the cell and with a solid floor.Both of the latter option is probably still not very convenient, because the litter in the cells have to be changed quite often - once every two - three days.

Cages for kindling

in cells intended for kindling, arranged on the sides of the special chamber, or provide space for a mobile liquor.The design with a fixed separation walls, a removable floor and ceiling are made solid, so it should be well insulated and drafty, or rabbits will die.

Require special attention to sections of the cells for kindling

require special attention to sections of the cells for kindling

floor in the rest of the cell, where the feed department, made of wood or metal.

liquor Mobile is a fully enclosed box with a round hole for entrance.The box should also have an additional side door to be able to clean it and dry.

Small portable liquor kindling solves the problem in almost every cell.

small portable liquor kindling solves the problem in almost every cell.

Mobile liquor is convenient because it can be adjusted, if necessary, in different cells, and it is easier to carry out cleaning and change of bedding.

This chamber is insulated dry, damaged moldy hay or shavings.The fine dust is not recommended, because they can get into the respiratory tract of young rabbits, and they will die.

If OKROL carried out in winter, it is recommended to put over the electric heating pad to create a comfortable environment for the rabbit a few days before his liquor.

Heating the mother liquor using a lamp

heating the mother liquor using a lamp

In cold weather, without heating the mother department often do not work, so instead of hot water bottles can also be used a conventional light bulb, which is kept constantly switched on during this period.It is placed in the compartment located behind the wall of the chamber masterbatch.By selecting this option heating, you need to take care of fire safety, so the camera where it will be light, be sure to sheathe a thin metal sheet.

Another way to heat the part of the cell is a heating cable to a "warm floor" system, which is fixed at the bottom of the liquor, and on top of it is placed a removable floor panel.Using this option, be sure to provide the cable located in the cell, it was intact, with no splices.This system is installed according to the rules, allows the temperature of the mother branch, depending on outside temperature - it can be connected to a thermostatic regulator.

to cells located in the premises of the barns, queen cells is best done by mobile, so they can be put to the street for a thorough cleaning, ventilation and drying in the sun.If the built-in scheduled uterine chamber, the floor must be removable.

Two- single-tier cell with built-in queen cells

Two-single-tier cell with built-in queen cells

Each of the sections of this type cell typically has a length of 1000 ÷ 1200 mm, depth 550 ÷ 650 mm height on the front side 550 ÷ 600 mm and 400 ÷ 450 mm on the rear wall.The built-in camera makes uterine width 350 ÷ 400 mm.

Cages for young

Cages for calves should be designed for the maintenance of 8 ÷ 20 rabbits at a time between the ages of three to five months.Group area of ​​the cell is made at the rate of about 0.25 - 0.3 m² per pet, with a wall height of not less than 350 mm.

Special conditions of detention must be created for young

Special conditions of detention must be created for young

If the cells are made multistage and installed on the street, they must rise above the ground not less than 700 ÷ 750 mm.

cell option for the young

cell option for young

If the floor is assembled from wooden bars, they should protect from rabbits, securing their top metal grid, as kids often try to chew on the wood or scratch her paws.For this purpose, suitable wire mesh with a thickness of 1.5-1.8 mm and a cell size of 16 × 40 mm.It can be grown in a cage for rabbits do all mesh floor, but it is necessary to organize them and warm room.Net floor is good that there is a constant airing cells and spontaneous removal of waste that protects rabbits from infectious diseases and parasites.

In cells for young warm nesting department must also be well insulated for the winter period, roughly the same way as for the newborn rabbits.For insulation used hay or straw, laid thickness of 15 ÷ 20 mm.Do not opt ​​for artificial insulation materials, as they do not affect the growth and development of kids of all breeds of rabbits.

Cage for adult rabbits

Cage for adults is completely mesh facade wall

Cage for adults is completely mesh facade wall

Adult rabbit breeds having an average size, made cells with sections depth 600 ÷ 700 mm, the facade height 600 mmand a length of 1000 mm - is the minimum dimensions for the comfort of the adult animal specimens.For these uses the same cell block structure in each of the blocks is two cells separated by a wall.

The front wall of the cell - door adult rabbits

front wall of the cell-door adult rabbits

must be provided and the union of these cells into one, such as the mating period - for this wall between them make removable.Sex cells for adults is recommended to do a galvanized mesh.

It is important to note that pets must be free to move around inside the cells, as this will depend on their growth and development.

cell with aviary for walking

This cell design is well suited for keeping calves or for rabbits of reproductive age.Cell consists of two parts - a fully enclosed walls and roof area and a mesh cage.Connect the two departments round or rectangular entrance, carved in the rear wall of the cell with solid surfaces.Rabbits in these cells have the ability to move freely and safely, which is favorable for their development and growth.

cell variant with aviary for walking

cell variant with aviary for walking

dimensions of such structures may be different, but usually the depth of the closed cells 600 ÷ 650 mm and depth of the enclosure 800 ÷ 1000 mm.More often than not built conventional single storey block consisting of two separate cells, and then, if there is space behind it, it is attached to the mesh enclosure.

Cages for "giant" rock rabbits

large breed rabbits myasoshkurkovoy "giant" require a different approach, since it is not the standard cells are arranged for them, and with greater options.Individuals of this species grow to a size of 550 to 650 mm in length, and their weight is from 5.5 to 7.5 kg.From these figures, and it is necessary to make a start, making construction drawing project.

For krolikov- " giants " require special conditions of detention

For krolikov- "giants" require special conditions of detention

for one adult rabbit "giant" size cell need not less than 960 mm in length, 700 mm in depth and 600 ÷ 700 mm in height.

For this breed calves, in which one is the average litter eight of rabbits require a cell 1.2 m² and a height of at least 400 mm.

Since kroliki- "giants" have quite a lot of weight, sex cells should be strengthened - it also lay a galvanized mesh, but made of thicker wire, for example, 2 ÷ 2,2 mm.