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August 12, 2017 18:06

Rig your own hands

Create your own source of clean water - one of the main stages of arrangement of the private sector.Typically, water supply problems are solved by creating a hole.The most significant item of expenditure of this event is the payment services professionals involved in drilling.

Rig your own hands

Rig own hands

However, with a strong desire, you can save considerably on the implementation of such an event, collecting a homemade rig and performing excavation work on their own.Making such a unit would require appreciable labor and time-consuming, but it will be compensated.

There are several varieties of homemade rigs.Check out the key features of each of the existing options, choose the most suitable for your application installation type and proceed to the assembly.

Rig your own hands

Rig own hands

Species rigs

Article Contents

  • 1 Species rigs
  • 2 Benefits homemade installation
  • 3 assy homemade rig
    • 3.1 first step
    • 3.2 second step
    • 3.3 third step
    • 3.4 fourth step
  • 4 Other models rigs
    • 4.1 drill rig with a "chuck»
    • 4.2 Simple auger rig
    • 4.3 Video - rig own hands
Mini drilling

Mini drilling

Covered units are classified in accordance with the features of drilling methods.

Thus, when the cable-drilling soil collapses heavy load attached to the support frame, which ribs, in most cases connected to the pyramid.Load simply lifted up and thrown down as many times as needed to create the desired size of the recess.

Drilling cable- way

well drilling cable-way

Rotating the Boers at the same time simpler and more difficult to handle.Such equipment requires much less physical effort on the part of the artist, but the construction of these rigs is more complex - many constituent elements of the system simply can not be done by hand without special equipment and appropriate skills.

Driving drilling

Driving drilling

As a result of the required elements necessary to buy or order the same.However, the cost is still significantly lower when compared to the cost of the installation of the factory assembly.

In general, there are 4 main types of drilling rigs, namely:

  • units working on cable-method.Outwardly, this structure has a base frame form a triangular shape.Directly attached to the frame with a solid wire bailer;
  • installation screw type.In the case of such equipment land section is provided with a special screw.Deepening in the ground during drilling are not washed;

    Types of drills auger method for drilling wells

    Types of drills for drilling wells auger method

  • rotor assemblies.It operates using principles hydraulic drilling;

    Rotary drilling

    Rotary drilling

  • rotary manual mechanisms.The simplest form of installation.The design does not include in its membership a motor - instead applied physical force.Requires irrational labor-intensive, so rarely used.

    Rotary drilling wells

    Rotary drilling

Benefits homemade installation

  1. relatively low cost.Ready Rigs are several times more expensive than their homemade counterparts.This self-made mechanism in no way will yield to the more expensive installation of factory assembled.
  2. Specifications homemade unit fully compliant equipment prefabrication.
  3. compact size and relatively low weight.
  4. Ease of use and maximum mobility.With the help of a small makeshift set, you can perform the drilling, even in the most remote areas.
  5. high speed of assembly and disassembly.
  6. Easy transportation - exploded a homemade rig easily placed and transported in a passenger trailer.

    The process of drilling wells

    process of drilling

assy homemade rig

for DIY assembly rig enough to own a minimum of experience with welding machine, electric drill and grinder.

Be prepared to provide the required adaptations.You will need:

  • tool for creating the outer inch thread;
  • Bulgarian;
  • wrench;
  • galvanized tube half an inch, and the eviction of a similar size;
  • sanitary cross.

Prepare everything you need and proceed to work in accordance with the step by step guide.

first step

Drilling rig with your own hands

drilling rigs with their hands

Prepare pieces of pipe for making the main part of the drilling device.The pipes will be attached to the spigot and the cross necessary.To do this, prepare in the segments ends two-centimetric thread.

to the ends of several segments weld sharpened metal plate.They will serve as the tip.

This setup includes a number of drilling with a constant supply of water, through which improvement directly deepen and removal of soil will be easier.

Drilling rig with your own hands

drilling rigs with their hands

To connect the water supply to any opening cross harvesting the water pump or hose.Connection is made using a suitable adapter.

second step

Proceed to connecting construction parts to threaded connections.Connect the lower end of your working pipe section preform well equipped with tip.The connection is made using the eviction.

drilling will be carried out directly by deepening the pointed tip with the rotation of the working unit.Billets with lugs must be of different lengths.First, you use the shortest possible tool.Once the meter is ready about deepening replace short tip slightly longer.

Drilling rig with your own hands

drilling rigs with their hands

third step

Collect foundation drilling construction of the profile square section.In this case, the base will be a stand with supporting components of the structure.The supports are connected to the main rack by a transition area by welding.

to the square profile, attach the platform and engine.Himself profile is fixed to the desk so that he could move around the rack.Dimensions profile used should slightly exceed the size of the rack.

Drilling rig with your own hands

drilling rigs with their hands

When selecting a motor, always pay attention to the indicator of its power.For optimal drilling conditions will be sufficient motor power of 0.5 horsepower.

Drilling rig with your own hands

drilling rigs with their hands

Drilling rig with your own hands

drilling rigs with their hands

Drilling rig with your own hands

drilling rigs with their hands

Drilling rig with your own hands

drilling rigs with their hands

power control is performed by using a reducer.It is necessary to attach the gearbox shaft flange.By means of the flange bolts attach another flange.Between these two flanges must be made of rubber washer.Thanks to the rubber gasket will flatten shock loads that occur during the passage of the different types of soil.

fourth step

Connect the water.The liquid should be fed non-stop to the main working tool through the drill.Without a well-organized supply of water quality of the equipment will be reduced.

solve the aforementioned problem can be below the flange by setting a special device made from a steel pipe.Prepare the pipe section in 2 holes with a certain shift in relation to each other.

Next you need to do on both sides of the pipe end a groove for arrangement of ball bearings.You should also prepare inch thread.One end of the pipe is connected to the flange, and on its other end working elements are installed.

In order to create additional proofing tools created, place it in a special tee made of polypropylene.Connect to the middle of the tee adapter to connect the water supply hose.

Other models

rigs the whole process of assembling the majority of existing species rigs remains the same.The frame and other elements of the structure under consideration are prepared in a similar way.It can only change the main working tool of the mechanism.

Learn about the production of different varieties of plants, make the appropriate working tool, and then attach it to the support frame, and connect with other required elements, using the recommendations of the instructions discussed above.

drill rig with a "chuck»

Drilling rig with a " patron "

drill rig with a "chuck»

main working element of the unit is a cartridge (glass).Independently make such a cartridge can be of thick-walled pipes with a diameter of 100-120 mm.The optimal length of the working tool -. 100-200, see the rest, be guided by the situation.When choosing the mounting frame size you have to consider the size of the cartridge.Think about everything so that in the future you will be comfortable to use ready-made rig.

working tool should have the greatest possible weight.On the bottom of the pipe segment make triangular wedge.Thanks to them the soil will be more intense and quickly mellow.

Rig your own hands

Rig own hands

can leave the bottom of the workpiece even if desired, but it will need to be sure to sharpen.

Make a few holes in the top of the cup to attach the rope.

attach the chuck to the base frame with a durable cable.The length of the cable is selected so that in the future holder was free to rise and fall down.This is essential to note the planned depth of the source.

To improve the efficiency of digging you can connect the unit to the assembled motor.A cable with a cartridge in such a situation will be wound on the drum gear.

Provide face cleaning from the ground can be achieved by incorporation into the bailer design.

Use this installation is very simple: you have previously manually create a hole in the place of the drilling diameter greater than the diameter of the cartridge, and then start to alternately raise and lower the cartridge into the hole until the desired depth is reached.

Simple auger rig

Homemade screw

Homemade screw

main working element of such a mechanism is a drill.

Drawing of drilling auger

drawing drilling screw

Driving interturn screw rings

scheme interturn screw rings

Make a drill from a metal pipe having a diameter of 100 mm.On top of the workpiece make a screw thread, and on the opposite side of the pipe auger Organize.The optimum diameter of the drill for the home-made unit - about 200 mm.Couples turns is enough.

Separation Schemes drill drive

scheme Partitioning drill

Attach welded to the ends of the workpiece pair of metal blades.You have to fix them on such a principle that when the vertical arrangement of the facility knives arranged at an angle to the ground.

auger drill


To work with this installation was the most convenient to connect the tee piece of metal pipe length of 1.5 m. Fixing perform welding.

Inside tee must be equipped with a screw thread.The very same tee screw the piece five-foot collapsible rod.

To use this setting, it is most convenient for two - each employee will be able to take up the half-meter pipe.

drilling is performed in the following order:

  • working tool deeper into the ground;
  • 3 is turning brown;
  • loosened soil is removed and cleaned.

    The method of drilling wells for water by a screw

    drilling water wells method using screw

Repeat the cycle until a meter around the recess.After the post will have to extend by an additional piece of metal pipe.For fastening pipes used clutch.

If the planned improvement of the well deeper than 800 cm, fix the structure on a tripod.At the top of this tower there must be a hole large enough to smooth the movement of the bar.

During drilling the post will have to be periodically increased.With increasing length of the tool will significantly improve the design and weight, manage it manually would be very difficult.For convenient use the hoist winch, made of metal or solid wood.

Now you know in what order to gather simple rigs and the use of such units.The knowledge gained will help you to save on the services of third-party drillers.

Successful work!

Video - Rig own hands