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August 12, 2017 18:06

Wall hung lavatory bowl with the installation of a select

Choice modern plumbing in our time is so great that, coming to a specialty store, it is easy to get lost in the patterns and structures of various objects and instruments.Therefore, going to make repairs in the room bathroom, it is best to understand the purpose and arrange necessary for him instruments and accessories to immediately assess the possibility of their connection to water and sanitation.

Wall hung lavatory bowl with the installation of a select

toilet hanging with the installation of a select

toilet - a necessary plumbing device that during the overhaul changes are usually mandatory.There are two main types of structures toilets - a traditional, ie floor, and less common, but is rapidly gaining popularity hanging option.Common to all the familiar and time-tested device is installed on the floor and no doubt among users about its reliability.But when you select the second option often raise questions and one of them - hanging toilet installation with which to choose for it to be reliable and durable.

Benefits toilet harness

Article Contents

  • 1 Benefits toilet harness
  • 2 What is the installation and its design features
    • 2.1 Criteria for selection of the installation for a suspended toilet
    • 2.2 main types of installations for suspended toilets
    • 2.3 Overview for suspended toilet installations models
  • 3 Suspended toilets
    • 3.1 selection Criteria suspended toilet
    • 3.2 Overview models hanging toilets
    • 3.3 Video: Hanging toilet with the installation «Geberit DuoFresh Sigma40»
Suspended toilets have many advantages over traditional floor

Suspended toilets have many advantages over traditional floor

it should be noted that the suspension arrangement has several advantages over a traditional toilet.Such pronounced advantages include:

  • becomes possible to completely hide in the wall or decorative boxes plumbing communication, which often violate the aesthetic design of toilet room.
  • harness design eliminates the fastening toilet to the floor.
  • In addition, under the toilet floors are completely free, and it is accordingly entails the following benefits:

- it is possible to install the system "warm floor" on the entire surface of the floor bathrooms, without resorting to complicated bypass configurations of pipes, cables or heating mats;

- greatly simplifies the process of laying ceramic tiles on the entire floor, there is no need of complex cut-outs in the brittle material;

- if the tiles already laid on the surface of the floor, you do not have to think about how to fix it on top squat toilet without damaging the surface;

- the owners it is possible to smoothly carry out the cleaning in every corner of the room, which is very important to maintain cleanliness in the bathroom;

- advantage is the compact design that allows for maximum efficient use and so a small area bathrooms;

  • Installing a suspended toilet bowl - a reduction of the noise level of the water drain, as the tank is built into the wall or box.
  • system usually involves two levels of intensity discharge water, which helps to save considerably on its payment of water consumption.
  • And, of course, extremely important is the aesthetic side of the issue - Suspended toilets really look very advantageous.

To determine the choice of suspension options, few will get information about the toilets themselves - need to start to figure out what is the installation, and what it can be.

What is the installation and its design features

Installation called skeletal system , which , in fact, attached himself toilet and all the necessary auxiliary devices and mechanisms

installation called skeletal system, which, in fact, attached himself the toilet, and all the necessary auxiliary devices and mechanisms

installation called frame system, embeddeda wall or a decorative box, which fixed all the elements of a suspended toilet bowl and flushing tank, valves, water and sewer pipes, other devices or mechanisms.The special features of the design include the following:

  • drain tank installed in an installation made of plastic instead of ceramic.It is made of the reasons that the polymer is always easier to ceramic products, which greatly reduces the load on the system framework.A tank of external data into account does not go - it still will not be seen.
  • tank designed for this system differs from the conventional in that the discharge switch is on its front panel, while in traditional cisterns, it is placed on top of the container.
Differentiated use of water at the sink can achieve considerable savings

Differentiated use of water at the sink can achieve considerable savings

  • The suspended discharge button design system differs from conventional reservoir by the fact that it consists of two branches, one of which provides a complete emptying of the container, andthe second - only half or ⅓ of the total.This is especially important in cases where for the water to pay for water meter readings.
  • will go only drain button and directly the toilet fixed to the weight After complete the installation design in the room bathrooms.
  • There are two ways of fastening the installation - only to the wall surface or the wall and the floor.Both mounts - are reliable and able to withstand the weight load that extends to four kilograms.
  • Suspension systems can be included bowls with a variety of modern and convenient forms of the water distribution system at its drain, which greatly facilitates the care of the bowl, as well as for a long time retains its "new" look.
  • very important to know that the size of the niche or ducts for the installation of plumbing should ideally coincide with the parameters of sanitary items.Therefore, conceiving the acquisition of such a system, the place of its installation is required in advance to fathom.There are models with upper sliding effluents to be installed in the desired width, but in this case the load on the wall will be considerably increased.

Criteria for selection of the installation for a suspended toilet

Choosing the right installation - it is even more important than themselves decide on the toilet

correctly select the installation - this is even more important than to decide on themselves toilet

To make the right installation choice for suspended toilet bowl, it takes into account some of the features:

  • first of all, you need to pay attention to the parameters of the place in which it is planned to install a system, as it will be guided when buying installation is necessary on them.In that case, if you can not find the right frame size, you have to buy a model equipped with moving elements, allowing the frame to fit the parameters intended for her niche.
  • If you plan to purchase a set at once with a toilet, particular attention should be paid and on its design and workmanship.This element of the overall design is especially important, and the criteria for its selection will be discussed separately below.
  • selecting the appropriate model installation, it is necessary to conduct a thorough check of its configuration, as in the absence of the individual parts may be impossible to produce a complete assembly structure.The installation may have different parts, but is recommended to acquire structure having the following elements:

- supporting frame;

- set of fasteners;

- cistern;

- button toilet tank;

- adapter for flushing the knee;

- soundproof materials.

  • It is important to take into account the construction and method of assembly, as sometimes to a common set will need to purchase additional fasteners.
  • must be remembered that for some models it is very difficult to find a replacement - this factor is also better to think in advance by examining customer reviews.If one of the necessary components are not included in the original packaging, it is better to pick it up and to purchase together with the installation, and otherwise would be wiser to give up all of this purchase.Do not rely on the words of the seller that the missing elements in the kit can be easily found anywhere else.Absolutely not logical - if it is not in the shop assortment, implementing the installation, it is unlikely that it will be possible to pick up other outlets.
  • is important to determine which design will be fixed on the wall structure.If this is the main wall, the installation of the installation is carried out using anchor bolts.If they are not included, they have to be purchased separately.
  • In some cases, flushing button although included, but you can choose her another model, more like on the design registration or by the presence of one or two buttons on her panel.What is better to choose a button - will depend on the preferences of the buyer, but a double button to help save on water consumption.

main types of installations for suspended toilets

installation for a suspended toilet bowl can be one of three types of design.How they work - is to understand more.

Installing the toilet collected on the principle of modular design

installation toilet, collected on the basis of

  • modular design Modular installation is a plastic tank is enclosed in a solid metal reinforcement frame.Included with this system are necessarily fasteners for mounting the toilet.Modular design is most often built into the wall completely, and it is used not only for the suspension, but for the squat toilet.

best option for a place of its installation will be ready niche in the room combined bathroom and separate toilet.Quite often used as a niche rear wall of the toilet room, which is then closed with a decorative partition of the drywall.

This type of structure is fixed solely on the main wall of the room.

the positive side, the block installation, you can take it to an affordable price.

Frame installation for suspended toilet

Frame installation for a suspended toilet

  • Frame installation structure is metal frame, which has a high durability and reliability.Its installation can be carried out on the wall, at four points on the wall or on the floor.

For obvious advantages of this species is the fact that it can be installed on any wall construction.Frame necessarily equipped with elements for fixing the toilet, drain system and sewer taps.

Such a frame may be mounted on a straight section of a wall or in a corner.Additionally, the design is not only suitable for the suspension of the toilet, but sink basin and bidet.

Robust installation for corner placement of the toilet bowl

reliable installation for corner placement of the toilet

  • Corner Frame installation is used if you plan to save space to install the toilet (bidet, sink) in the corner of the room.They are fixed on the wall or on the wall and on the floor.Their design is reliable and stable, but the price of such frames is typically much higher than in the previous two fastening systems.

Review installations models for suspended toilets

Choosing installation system for installation in a particular location, you need to take into account its design features.It should be remembered that the frame is completely hidden in the wall or partition, so for him there will be no permanent free access.And this, in turn, means that it is best to immediately acquire a quality product and reliably produce its installation to this issue does not return.

The following table shows examples of installations for suspended toilets, choose those models that have earned high marks among professionals - plumbers installers and consumers have experienced this equipment in practice.However, as can be seen, absolutely perfect product is not seen.The following table will be given a more detailed analysis of the these models.

Model name, country of origin elements included in the kit design type rating on 10-point scale approximate price, rubles (April 2016)
«Cersanit DELFI Leon»,

University 1
- installation;
- hanging toilet;
- drain button;
- fixing.
Framework 8 7500 ÷ 7800
«GROHE Rapid SL»,

- installation;
- fasteners;
- tank;
- soundproof lining;
- button to drain.
frame height of 1130 mm.
Framework 10 11500 ÷ 14600

University 3
- installation;
- flush button with two keys;
- soundproof lining;
- a tank with a dual flush;
- fasteners;
- fittings with rubber sleeve for joining the toilet.
Construction height 1120 mm.
Framework 10 12000 ÷ 12700
«Geberit Duofix UP320»,

University 4
- installation;
- button for dual flush.
Construction height 1120 mm.
Framework 10 12300 ÷ 14500
«Wisa 8050»,

University 5
- installation;
- hanging toilet;
- cistern;
- toilet seat;
- flush button;
- fasteners;
- soundproof lining.
Construction height 1180 ÷ 1380 mm.
Framework 8 22000 ÷ 28800
«Jika Zeta»,

University 6
- installation;
- hanging toilet oval;
- a tank with a dual flush;
- dual flush button;
- fasteners;
- seat and cover with lifter.
Framework 7 11000 ÷ 12500
«Roca Debba A34H998000»,

- installation;
- a tank with a dual flush;
- hanging toilet square shape;
- seat and cover with lifter;
- fasteners.
Framework 9 17900 ÷ 19800

And now - promised reviews, both positive and critical, of those consumers who have already tested these models in their bathroom.

  • «Cersanit DELFI Leon» - installation with a suspended toilet bowl, the Polish production.It has an affordable price compared to other manufacturers, who even set does not include the toilet.The model refers to the products of an economy class, but despite this, is quite positive reviews.

Consumers did not arise claims on quality fixtures and plastic parts.Problems can arise in the event of a breakdown mechanism cistern, components which could not find, and will have to completely replace it with a new element.

From the reviews on this design are its advantages and disadvantages :.

On the positive model «Cersanit DELFI Leon» include:

- reliability - for some users, it runs smoothly for 5 ÷ 7 years;

- affordable cost of the set.

Cons Products:

- sometimes sinks drain button;

- mounting studs have a length of 240 mm, therefore not suitable for all walls;

- is almost impossible to find spare parts for the replacement;

- a collapsible frame adapters are made of plastic.

  • «GROHE Rapid SL» (38,750,001) - this set of German production.It does not include the toilet, so when it is necessary to count certain acquisition costs also on the accessory, because it is desirable to select and purchase simultaneously with the installation.