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August 12, 2017 18:06

Greenhouse Polycarbonate own hands

Nowadays greenhouses made of polycarbonate are quite considerable popularity among farmers and ordinary lovers of country life.In this article we look at the process step by step construction of greenhouses made of polycarbonate, as well as consider all the pros and cons of greenhouses made using this technology.

Greenhouse from polycarbonate made ​​with their own hands

hothouse from polycarbonate made with their own hands

advantages of greenhouses made of polycarbonate in comparison with analogues

Article Contents

  • 1 advantages of polycarbonate greenhouses compared to peers
  • 2 Disadvantages greenhousespolycarbonate
  • 3 determined the choice of the foundation for the greenhouse polycarbonate
  • 4 foundation for a greenhouse made of brick
    • 4.1 foundation for greenhouses from a bar
    • 4.2 frame Fastening to the base of the timber (piping from timber)
  • 5 Fixing a wooden frame to the base of the timber
    • 5.1 wooden greenhouse polycarbonate on the foundation of timber
  • 6 mount a metal frame to the beam
  • 7 mount aluminum frame to the foundationof timber
  • 8 Making greenhouse frame made of plastic (polypropylene) pipe
    • 8.1 basis for the framework of the plastic pipes
    • 8.2 Video - greenhouse made of PVC pipes with your hands (4 meters long)
    • 8.3 Covering greenhouses polycarbonate
    • 8.4 mount polycarbonate using profiles
    • 8.5 Video - connection technology polycarbonate sheets together
    • 8.6 Video - construction of greenhouses made of polycarbonate with their hands
    • 8.7 Video - build a greenhouse ofpolycarbonate
    • 8.8 Care greenhouse polycarbonate

Before you begin to consider the construction of the technology, let's note that the greenhouse polycarbonate has the following advantages in contrast to the "classical" materials for the construction of greenhouses, for example:

  • The strength of the material.It is proved that the polycarbonate versus polyethylene or glass, has a higher strength qualities and is able to endure physical impact better than counterparts.For example, polycarbonate is not subject to excessive loads on the roof in winter.Usually this does not insured by greenhouses made of glass, and in the winter from excessive snow load of glass may crack and come into disrepair.Polycarbonate
  • unlike glass is less susceptible to UV light, allowing the plants that are grown in the greenhouse polycarbonate smaller irradiated with ultraviolet rays.
  • has high (compared to peers) the qualities of thermal insulation due to the fact that polycarbonate - a two-layer material.
  • Resistant to temperature conditions.Greenhouse Polycarbonate can withstand as the Siberian cold (up to - 50 degrees C), and the Crimean hot days (up to + 60̊S).
  • material can be easily drilled, flexible (when heated), which makes it quite comfortable in operation.Furthermore, the material is light enough and divided into convenient sheets.Polycarbonate sheets typically have a size of 600 * 210 cm, which is the right approach makes it possible to hide the greenhouse 3-4 sheets.
  • important advantage is that unlike glass greenhouse, the greenhouse is capable of polycarbonate filter sunlight, because this reduces the chance of combustion plants under high temperature conditions.
  • And the last advantage of polycarbonate is its cost.The average value of greenhouses made of polycarbonate is much cheaper than glass greenhouses.

Olympus DIGITAL CAMERA In this article, we often mention the greenhouse glass.We recommend to read the article about how to make a glass greenhouse of the old window frames.Turn-based technology is accompanied by pictures will help you understand the technology 100%.

Disadvantages greenhouse polycarbonate

Greenhouse of low-quality polycarbonate bent due to excessive snow load on the frame

Greenhouse of low-quality polycarbonate bent due to excessive snow load on the frame

About the benefits of polycarbonate greenhouses we have already noted, but this material has its drawbacks:

  • Durabilitypolycarbonate.In conditions of excess polycarbonate is exposed to sunlight, the so-called "burn-out", which may result in sudden deterioration, which by its turn will lead to brittleness of the assembly.
  • quality polycarbonate sheets.There is a risk to buy low-quality polycarbonate sheets.Usually the sheet weighs about 10 kg.before you buy be sure to ask if the sheet is weighed its weight is less than 10 kg, then refrain from buying becausebefore you probably poor quality material, which may cause big problems in the future.
  • difficulties with the additional heating of greenhouses.Polycarbonate, like any plastic material is relatively low melting, making it difficult to install a heating furnace greenhouse.But the craftsmen are able to solve this problem, if you are interested in reading about heating greenhouses with their hands, then look at the material on our website.

determined the choice of the foundation for the greenhouse polycarbonate

There are many types of bases that can be used for greenhouses.It all depends on your preferences.If you are going to thoroughly establish a greenhouse at a specific location on your site for years to come, then it is recommended to use the tape, brick foundation or foundation on screw piles (new market).

But if the greenhouse in your area is still a seasonal or temporary, then it is recommended to use a light foundation of timber, which is being built in a few hours.

Besides seasonality important condition for the choice of the type of foundation for the greenhouse is a shallow water table in the area.If the groundwater level is low in the basement is quite suitable as a belt or a brick foundation, which is distinguished by its reliability.Otherwise (if the groundwater level is high), the strip foundation is not suitable, becausethere are risks of deformation of strip foundation, and with it the whole greenhouse structure.

At a high water table, use the universal type of foundation - a foundation for screw piles, or from a bar.

Various options for the foundations of polycarbonate greenhouses

Different variants of foundations for greenhouses Polycarbonate

Which option to choose a foundation to decide in any case you.Below, we provide a description of all types of foundations for greenhouses, but the foundation of the project - it is only the first task with which you have to face during the construction phase greenhouses, so carefully approach to solving this issue.

The project for the foundation of polycarbonate greenhouses

foundation project for greenhouses Polycarbonate

foundation for a greenhouse made of brick

Besides light and ephemeral foundation of the timber before the home master raises the question, can make reliable and solid foundation?If you really think about it, then present to you the perfect solution - the foundation of brick with a cement base tape.

The foundation of brick for greenhouses

foundation brick for greenhouse

Such a foundation can last for decades, but here as always for the period affects the correctness of its construction.Consider the process of erecting the foundation of brick in detail.

  1. First make a trench depth of 40 to 60 cm. Will be sufficient.Then pour the sand cushion concrete base.
  2. Puts a number of masonry.Number of rows of brick masonry depends on your imagination, so you want a greenhouse above the more rows can install.
  3. further laid a layer of roofing material for waterproofing.
  4. anchor bolts to fasten the sill.Piping can be made even from a bar.

below in the photo look at step by step instructions on building the foundation for a brick from polycarbonate greenhouses.

Brick foundation for greenhouses .Step by step implementation of the technology of erection .

Brick foundation for greenhouses.Step by step implementation of the technology of erection.

Continued .for the construction of a brick foundation Steps

Continued.The steps for the construction of a brick foundation

foundation for greenhouses from a bar

foundation made of timber - a simple solution for those who do not want to mess around for a long time with the construction of the foundation.For the construction of this structure, will require:

  • beam diameter of 50 * 50 mm.
  • iron pegs for fixing the timber to the ground (provided if you do not do it on screw piles or brick base) and linseed oil.
  • Linseed oil is required in order to warn the wood from premature rotting due to direct exposure to the soil and weather conditions (humidity, rain, condensation).

Before we come to the technology construction of a foundation of timber, we note that the foundation of the timber can be mounted not only on the ground (which is why he quickly rot), but also on the brick support or screw piles, and then makepiping from a bar - this is the best option.

The use of timber in the construction of the greenhouse foundation

use of timber in the construction of the greenhouse foundation.

frame Fastening to the base of the timber (from timber trim)

Greenhouse polycarbonate in most cases requires a reinforced frame.That framework - is the basis of design in the construction of polycarbonate greenhouses.The frame can be made of different materials, but the main materials are:

  • wooden bar;
  • aluminum rails;
  • Metal pipes;
  • Metal Corner, etc.

Craftsmen mainly used wooden beams in the construction of elements of the framework, but the tree as mentioned above is strong enough rot and second drawback is - the complexity of the design analysis for the winter period.When using wooden frame - it becomes a problematic issue.Consider the different options for the frame greenhouses on lumber foundation.

Fixing a wooden frame to the base of the timber

Fixing a wooden frame can be done in several ways.It all depends on your abilities and skills to use a saw and an ax.Well, if you're familiar with the basics of carpentry, then this work will not add to your problems.So, there are the following ways of connecting the frame struts from ordinary timber:

  • method of complete deforestation.
  • partial cutting method (vpolbrusa).
  • Fixing by metal brackets.
Methods for mounting racks of timber

methods of fastening struts of lumber to the base of the tree

Which of these methods is to give preference in frame construction - it is a matter of skills.Attach bar definitely easier with the help of metal brackets (it must be at least 2 mm in width).It is safer to fix the timber by using the method of full logging, provided that you are able to properly perform this type of work.

When the stand is attached to the lower attachment does not matter what method (full logging, vpolbrusa or with metal parts).To stand is not loosened until the upper strapping (mounting the upper holding beams), it is necessary to make special mowing on each rack.Mowing help fix has not yet formed the design of the frame of the greenhouse.

The use of time mowing

use of temporary mowing

Wooden greenhouse polycarbonate on the foundation of timber

So, in the previous chapter, we looked at the process of creating a wooden foundation, and then mount a wooden frame to the beam.It's time to see step by step creation of a wooden greenhouses made of polycarbonate.

sequence works:

  1. Set the wooden foundation of the timber;Foundations do on brick pillars, on screw piles, or on the ground.If you choose the last option (the foundation on the ground), then tearing a trench, laid a layer of sand, then laid a brick litter height at least 2 peschanotsementny brick or block, then a double layer of roofing material, and finally strapping wooden beam.
  2. When the foundation is finished.Begin to fix skeleton racks.Skeleton racks are fixed on the technology "vlapu" or "vpoldereva" for reliability possible to fix the metal area.In addition to the corner desk fixed mowing.
  3. stands ready.Make the top of the harness timber at the bottom strapping technology.
  4. Then came the construction phase of the roof.The roof can be made, Shed, gable or oval.Step by step instructions for the construction of wooden greenhouses made of polycarbonate can see in the photo below.
Step by step the process of manufacture of polycarbonate greenhouses

stepwise process of making polycarbonate greenhouses

mount a metal frame to the beam

on piping from a bar iron frame is fixed with anchor bolts, but the ways of securing better to think in advance.The photo below shows the mounting process of the metal frame rails just with anchor bolts to the piping of the timber.

Fixing the frame to trim from a bar

frame fixing to the piping of the timber

mount aluminum frame to the foundation of timber

As mentioned above the frame can be made not only of metal and wood, and aluminum rails.Aluminum frame - it's quite practical material, which is easily subjected to the saw cut with the help of a jigsaw for metal and screwing it screws for fixing to the piping of the timber and to fix the polycarbonate to the aluminum rails.

main thing in this case - is to drill all the holes in advance.This structure will not deform as a result of drilling holes in an uncomfortable position.

Aluminum frame for greenhouses

Aluminum frame for greenhouses

Making the frame greenhouses made of plastic (polypropylene) pipe

It should be noted that the above methods of construction made of polycarbonate greenhouses have many advantages, but one disadvantage- it is their difficulty in dismantling the subject.Disassembly is usually needed when we do not plan to leave the greenhouse for the winter or spring, and want to use a greenhouse made of polycarbonate in the summer.Come to the aid of plastic tubes.

Polypropylene pipes - it's a great assistant for the construction of greenhouses of almost any shape.The pipes are easily cut with an ordinary jigsaw that allows you to carry out an installation with virtually no greenhouse project.In addition, unlike the wooden frame, no condensation in polypropylene tubes that does not lead to the appearance of mold and tend to premature wear of the construction due to weather conditions.

A simple version of the erection of greenhouses frame of polypropylene pipes

simple version of the construction of the greenhouse frame of polypropylene pipes

only issue which will need to be defined in advance - a greenhouse frame will be collapsible or fixed.Collapsible frame is twisted by means of screws, and a stationary frame welded forever.

The photo above was an example of the simplest greenhouses of plastic pipes, but as you can imagine with a slight increase under the influence of wind or other weather conditions, this structure may be subjected to strain, and the culprit is too light weight of the structure and the absence of a basis under the framework.

basis for the framework of the plastic pipes

As a basis for the framework, which will stiffen our design will need the following materials:

  1. wooden bar thickness of 6 mm or 8 mm.for the construction of ribs.Long timber should meet the necessary size of your greenhouse.
  2. beam to create a basis of foundation (if you have not already done it).
Making stiffeners in the greenhouse of polypropylene pipes

Making stiffeners in the greenhouse of polypropylene pipes

sequence works:

  1. Make the foundation of timber and fasten it to the ground with metal stakes.
  2. Putting greenhouses skeleton of plastic pipe.Fixing is done using special crosses intended for plastic pipes.
  3. polycarbonate Fixing to plastic pipes by means of screws.