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August 12, 2017 18:06

Drilling of wells with their own hands

No country house can not exist without normal water supply.To carry water with you when you visit cottages in weekend days? This option is not even considered, because it hardly enough even for domestic needs.Constantly annoying neighbors with requests to fill up your water supply?It possible only until a certain time - anyone the human patience has a limit ... the water supply will be even more necessary if a country house is planned prolonged or even permanent residence, and in the surrounding area there is a desire to plant some flowers or crops.Outputs - connect to the centralized water pipeline system (in most cases it is simply impossible or associated with too high financial costs), or equipped on its territory an autonomous source of water supply.

Drilling of wells with their own hands

drilling wells with their own hands

Pro digging wells in detail in the relevant publication of our portal.However, very often organize such a complex hydraulic structure simply does not make sense - can be limited to water wells. thing is , too, does not such a simple, requiring special equipment and certain skills.The aim of this publication is put consideration of whether drilling their own hands possible.Consideration will be given kinds of wells, given the concept of technology of "tunneling" and "binding".As a result, the interested reader should he conclude - whether to take up the case himself, or still invite a team of experienced professionals.

Types aquifer wells

Article Contents

  • 1 Types aquifer wells
  • 2 Technologies drilling wells
    • 2.1 auger drilling
    • 2.2 Core drilling
    • 2.3 hydraulic rotary drilling
    • 2.4 Video: work a small-sized hydraulic rig
    • 2.5 shock-cable technology well drilling
    • 2.6 Video: an interesting solution for the organization of cable-drilling
    • 2.7 Video: drillingborehole shock-rope method
  • 3 drilling on
    • 3.1 country site How to drill Abyssinian well
    • 3.2 Video: illustrative example drilling Abyssinian wells
    • 3.3 well "on the sand»
    • 3.4 Video: ground improvement well

First of all, you need to understand what well may be used to provide housing water.There are three main types of , zavisyashih the depth and conditions of occurrence of the aquifer.

Water under land lies in several horizons.

Average location of the aquifers in the soil column

Average location aquifers deep in the ground

  • closest to the surface is the so-called perched related rather to the soil waters, which has an unstable character, not very clean, and for drinking and domestic purposes hardly used.Usually it is no deeper than 4 - 5 meters.
  • below , since 7 - 10 meters, must be sandy water horizons.They can be located at several levels, are separated by a watertight clay layers.The water is reasonably good filtration passed, and in most cases it is suitable for use.It is in these layers are oriented at digging and drilling of wells - Abyssinian or «on the sand."Lie these layers of water-bearing sandstone at a depth of 50 meters.
  • More below, under thick layers of waterproof clay, in the porous limestone thicker is the most powerful aquifer - artesian.The water here is under pressure sufficient for self rise to the surface.Artesian well - most optimal variation nt to I water - she alone can cover all the needs of several homes.It has she, and the longest period of active operation - usually up to 50 years.

However, due to the great depth and the need for penetration through the dense rock drill artesian well on forces only to specialists, using special heavy technique.Since this publication is devoted to the possibility of self-drilling wells, it will only be considered the Abyssinian and "on the sand".

For all the complexity of drilling, the organization of water supply is from a well is often more acceptable solution than digging a well.So, volumes earthworks are simply incomparable.Water in the well more susceptible to contamination flowering, occurrence of pathogenic bacteria therein.In addition, when successful prevailing circumstances, the well can be drilled directly into the basement of the house, as it will significantly reduce future costs for the installation of insulation and conduits, on on pine equipment and wiring your home water supply.

drilling technology

Well, well - it is a narrow vertical hole from the surface to the aquifer.How is it doing a?

auger drilling

auger drilling - one of the easiest ways.Bur with sharpened cutting blades arranged at certain angle to the axis, is screwed into the soil column.

Augers for various types of drilling operations

augers for various types of drilling

After passing a certain portion of the drill rises to the surface to purify the selected soil (sludge).With the deepening of the ground, with the drill rod built up additional links.

This technology is considered one of the most productive, allows carry out work even manually, using simple homemade devices , for example, drill a "mini-tower» - tripod with fixed via swivel on a rope drill string.Be sure to provide lifting mechanism - manual, using a conventional gate or winch , or mechanized.Independently remove entrained drill cuttings at deepening even a few meters will be almost impossible.

The scheme is simple auger rig

scheme is simple auger rig

Often found on the web publication of the possibility of manual drilling of wells in this method, without the use of any additional equipment.

Drilling by hand - inefficient and very difficult to comply with the verticality of penetration

hand Drilling - inefficient and very difficult to comply with the verticality of penetration

tell you the truth, it raises doubts about the authenticity, or, at least in qualitative carrying out of such drilling.It's not even force is applied - the muscular effort of the two healthy men, but still with well-chosen column lever for rotation, and should be enough.The catch lies in keeping the verticality of penetration - that it extremely difficult to achieve without an exact fixing of the drill.A deviation from the vertical - a shrinkage deformation tubes and inability to normal well strapping.

Small-sized drilling rig

Compact rig

often resorted to the use of small-sized drilling rigs, representing a metal base frame mounted with a movable frame driven transmitting rotation of the drill string.The design allows for smooth lowering and rise drive, providing the necessary and progressive efforts to pass the soil, and recess screw for regular cleaning.

This drilling method is generally used in shallow water, soft terrain - it is here that it shows the highest efficiency and performance.However, he has a lot of drawbacks:

  • A similar drilling technology can be difficult to cope with who got in the way of solid rocks , thick layers of clay, stony layer.There are special drills with carbide-tipped, which can sometimes help in this case, but sometimes must either relocate or move to a different drilling technologies.
Screw carbide tipped

screw carbide tipped

Problems may occur when hit on the "perched" or layer "quicksand» - even a shallow well will be permanently filled with dirty water, mixed with sand, which ultimately hinder the work.Therefore , with this method of drilling often carry out continuous parallel wells of planting, with the deepening of the soil.

difficulties arise and pass, soil liquefaction sites, on the eve of the aquifer.The blades of the screw can no longer keep to myself sludge, and therefore have «rearm" column drill - a spoon, which enables you to capture and rise even semi-liquid consistency.

Bourg- spoon of dry and saturated soils

Bourg-spoon of dry and saturated soils

make or acquire similar to drilling equipment to drill one - two well on its area - very profitable.It is better to use the services of the organization who give such sets rent - check the availability of such firms will be easy for local residents or neighbors in the dacha settlement .

On the Internet, no, no, yes, and there are recommendations to be used for such purposes augers .It will be a big mistake to use tricks such unit aquifer wells, if it does not apply to professional equipment with plenty of power and strength, and if in its technical documentation expressly stated such opportunities.They stand like models are very expensive and give them out, hardly anyone would agree.

Do augers handle large depths - the big question

cope Do augers with large depth - a big question

augers same household or semi-professional class is very useful for breaching holes and relatively shallow wells for piles, poles, tree planting and etc .Apply similar tool at considerable depths - a sure way to "ditch" technique. Especially because without permanent installation keep augers while working at considerable depths, even two people - a very difficult and even dangerous.

Core drilling

Technologists in principle is similar to auger drilling, but cutting portion of the drill has a completely different device.Sam drill - a hollow cylinder on the bottom of which there are soldering of high-strength materials that can cope with any density soils.Slurry accumulates in this case, inside the "cup" and is cleaned periodically during lifting of the drill to the surface.

Bourg- glass core drilling

Bourg-glass core drilling

This technology allows you to get well very precise diameter.However, in a self-sinking this method is almost never used because it requires a special stationary equipment providing an even distribution of the simultaneous efforts - on the rotation of the drill and its forward motion down.

hydraulic rotary drilling

As the name implies, provides continuous feed drilling in slaughter water (drilling mud) at high pressure.Pressure and fluid flushes cuttings to the surface, and in some cases also rotationally drives the drill itself - bit.

  • Water under pressure can be supplied to the body of the drill string, and then gravity , together with mud, go through the annulus (between the wall of the pipe and the rock) - this method is called direct washing.
  • Applied and backwash when drilling solution is fed into the well through the annular space, and then is pumped out of the tube cavity.This technology is considered to be more effective, but oa and more expensive, requires a very complex and powerful equipment for pumping semi breed.

hydraulic rotary drilling is most widely used for industrial and exploration works on almost any depth.Apply it and drillers order houses arrangement artesian wells, using special equipment, mounted on a car chassis .

Compact plants for hydraulic drilling .The pump is installed directly over the drill string

Small installations for hydraulic drilling.The pump is installed directly over the drill string

Issued and small-sized plants for hydraulic drilling with direct washing.

Such plants often can be rented, but only use it is quite difficult to drill shallow wells for water.The difficulty is that the sand aquifers very heterogeneous in their depth and thickness, and to control ingress to it with a constant supply of water into the well - is virtually impossible.

Video: Work a small-sized hydraulic rig

Such technology is more suitable for drilling in the advance certain depth when the preliminary geological survey pinpointed the place of occurrence of water-bearing layers .

Shock-cable technology well drilling

This drilling method is often "scold" his labor intensity , but he, nevertheless , remains one of the most simple and reliable .This causes its widespread use it in these conditions in this article.

essence of technology lies in the fact that the excavation is carried out by successive blows of a hollow drill "glass» - cylinder honed certain way lower sides.He rises to certain height and then free fall down.Breed, compacted, hammered into the glass, and is cleaned periodically with rise to the surface.

Бурильные "стаканы" для ударно-канатной технологии

Boring "glasses" for the shock-cable technology

Advantages of this method - the opportunity to work on almost any soil, no need to build long shta ng pr and care to a considerable depth, simplicity of the equipment used, which essentiallyYou can even make your own.

The scheme is simple shock rig


simplest shock rig Certainly, similar method requires significant effort , and if you use only muscle power (and rollers with the manual drilling technology found on the web), the installation itself become a kind"power simulator », and the performance will be at the same time low.However, craftsmen and find interesting solutions to retrofit their facilities.

Craftsmen often modify settings for easy operation

Craftsmen often modify settings for ease of

They use electric drive for lifting drilling glass and establish a mechanism, similar in design to the system of automobile clutch, to ensure the free fall drill downthe desired height.

Video: an interesting solution for the organization of cable-drilling

This allows drilling clearly control structure traversed layer of soil that is water-bearing sand immediately will have an effect.In this drill the glass is replaced by a bailer - a special tool, equipped valve system that allows bail to the surface of soil liquefaction.

Different types zhelonok

Different types zhelonok

bailer required diameter can buy or make yourself.The valve system they can be different:

  • in the form of a flat leaf, opening inward ;