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August 12, 2017 18:06

As wallpaper glue

Pasting wallpaper the walls belongs, no doubt, one of the most popular methods of decoration.Drapery rooms fabrics and tapestries known since ancient times - in the Middle Ages there were whole communities - shop upholsterers artisans whose skill was valued very highly and was constantly in demand.Over time, natural fabrics mainly were driven by cheaper paper tapestries, that is gained about the species to which we are accustomed today.

As wallpaper glue

As wallpaper glue

course, modern wallpaper are available not only from the paper - are actively used polymeric components, glass, various natural materials.But the main thing is different: the convenient form of release, good adaptation to different building designs, tried and tested gluing technology, high-quality adhesives - all these make it much easier this process finishes, and this does not have to be a professional craftsman.If in this respect there is some statistics, then, of course, it has shown that the vast majority of families holding pasting wall w

allpaper themselves.Of course, not everyone is immediately obtained quality - error, and sometimes even spoiled sheets are first of all.But well, that is the Internet - you can always find a clue as to how to hang wallpaper correctly, avoiding the most common mistakes.

What wallpaper to choose?

Article Contents

  • 1 What wallpaper to choose?
    • 1.1 main varieties of wallpaper
    • 1.2 How much wallpaper is needed?
      • 1.2.1 calculator for calculating the required amount of wallpaper
  • 2 process wallpapering
    • 2.1 Preparations
    • 2.2 Tools Required
    • 2.3 definition of gluing and cutting scheme wallpaper
    • 2.4 Prepare glue for wallpapers
    • 2.5 Basic techniques wallpapering
    • 2.6 Where to start?
      • 2.6.1 start from the window
      • 2.6.2 Start from the corner
    • 2.7 Pasting angles
    • 2.8 fill the remaining fragments of walls
  • 3 Video: Tips for artistswallpapering

main varieties of wallpaper

modern range of wallpaper - is extremely wide.The buyer has the opportunity to choose finishes for every taste - the material, color and embossed decoration on operational and environmental performance and, naturally, the degree of affordability.Let us consider briefly the main types of modern wallpaper:

  • Paper wallpaper - "old-timers" in the series finishing materials.They are attracted to the low price, a wide variety of design, the relative ease of self-gluing.However, they do not differ durability, as well as resistance to moisture and even more so - to the wet cleaning, so more suitable for residential premises and are not recommended for the walls of kitchens, hallways, bathrooms, etc.

One of the main advantages of paper wallpaper - ecological purity of the material and good water vapor permeability - the wall is "breathing."

Paper wallpaper , despite its fragility , remain very popular buyers

Paper wallpaper, despite its fragility, remain very popular buyers

However, and paper wall may vary.The most simple - single-layered wallpaper, or otherwise - of the "simplex".They are usually thinner multilayer less resistant to all external influences, and when glueing requires special accuracy - impregnated paper is easy to break the adhesive.

Double ( "Duplex") wallpaper - higher quality.The lower base layer is responsible for reliable fixation of finishing on the wall, and the upper - gives necessary decoration.These wallpapers denser printing quality are higher, more detailed, and often they have in addition to the paint and even embossed decoration.

Double paper wallpaper " duplex" - the quality of an entirely different order

Double paper wallpaper "duplex" - the quality of an entirely different order

Hang such wallpaper on the wall - is a lot easier, as they will not "crawl" on the disintegration or greatly change their linear dimensions.

Paper wallpaper can be smooth, have already said embossing, or have a structural surface.In the manufacturing process the two layers are added to the crushed waste wood, which gives chaotic structural drawing surface.Typically, these wallpapers are available in monochrome version (most of all - white) and are intended for pasting of walls under further staining.This approach is convenient because if fighting pasted qualitatively, the owners will be able to change with the times podnadoevshy color - coating can withstand multiple cycles of repainting.

Paper structural paintable wallpaper

structural Paper wallpaper for painting

In addition, the paper may be a base layer for other types of wallpaper - this will be discussed below.

  • Non-woven wallpaper.More recently, a serious "competitor" plain paper began to act fleece.In fact, these two materials are "relatives" because both are made on the basis of natural cellulose, and the difference is only in its processing technology.Thus, the interlining is also considered quite harmless, and even its use in medicine.
Fleece on the base material of manufacture is the " relative" paper

Flizelin for base material manufacturing is a "relative" paper

This nonwoven fabric is also easy to bear paint, applied printing images, he gives in embossed, although the variety of design non-woven wallpaper is still inferior to the paper.Due to the fact that the material is less hygroscopic, is much less prone to soaking and the concomitant strain, he became an excellent basis for the manufacture of wallpaper.We can say that of all the types of wallpaper non-woven it - the most easy-to-gluing, and to cope with the problem should be able to master even the inexperienced.

Non-woven wallpaper is very easy to glueing .

Non-woven wallpaper is very easy to glueing.

other words, non-woven wallpaper, preserving the main advantages of paper, are still a "step forward", as they have many advantages, including - more durable and resistant to external influences.The only thing they are seriously losing - it's availability, since the price is already much higher.

Another important feature, which can be viewed as a disadvantage, and as a virtue.Fleece has a translucent structure, so that in a purely non-woven wallpaper background can shine even wall surface.It is not always good, but on the other hand - why not take the opportunity to give the wall an interesting shade!

As paper, fleece may be used as a base layer for other types of wallpaper.

  • Vinyl wallpaper

More specifically, this two-layer paper or wallpaper on a paper basis, with external decorative coating of PVC.

Maximum resistance to moisture and abrasive loads have vinyl wallpaper

maximum resistance to moisture and abrasive loads have vinyl wallpaper

outer polymer layer is not afraid of humidity, abrasive loads, so decorate the walls may well be subjected to periodic cleaning, including with the use of detergents.It is, in principle, and determines the scope of application of these wallpapers - they are ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, toilets, hallway.But for premises, especially for a bedroom or nursery, a finish is better not to use - the walls are not "breathe", condensation may appear on them, and the light characteristic "flavor" of PVC many may not like.

Vinyl wallpaper - quite heavy, so they need a special bonding structure - it is always indicated on the package.

Clerk vinyl wallpaper - are very diverse: from the textured pattern with a deep relief to the bright multicolored paintings, including - with photo printing, or with a very accurate simulation of stone, wood and other natural materials.

  • Fabric wallpaper is also on a paper or non-woven based - rather expensive, though, agree, give the walls a very unusual design.Can be made from flax, silk, jute textile, felt, velor.

Fabric wallpaper gives the room a special warmth and walls add heat insulation and soundproofing.However, such a good finish attracts dust that can firmly sit between the fibers, so cleaning with a vacuum cleaner will have to be carried out with enviable regularity.

The room , decorated with fabric wallpaper

room, decorated with fabric wallpaper

pasting of wallpaper - the lot of masters, and beginners to take up such activity is not necessary - there is a risk to spoil a very expensive material.

there are other, more "exotic" types of wallpaper - based on glass fibers or glass fiber, natural materials -probki, bamboo or palm fiber, quartz and metallic (foil) decorative coatings.They will not stop, because the scope of the I am finishing - narrow, but an independent label without relevant experience - is simply impossible.

Many have heard about the "liquid wallpaper".But this is in general lies in another plane, and closer to the finishing technology plaster works, rather than to the label sheet material.

2016-04-05_195638 What is it - "liquid wallpaper"?

This technology gives a very interesting effect of decorating the walls. How to decorate a wall "liquid wallpaper» , and even how to make the necessary for this material with their own hands - read the special publication of our portal.

Before buying wallpaper owners must clearly define - what performance the material should become prevalent.

for residential rooms, especially bedrooms and children, should be emphasis on the environmental friendliness of the material - it is necessary to maintain a healthy, supportive atmosphere for breathing, completely eliminate the possibility of allergic reactions.However, good pick up material that will still be at least occasionally subjected to a light wet cleaning.

But for kitchens require coatings that have to be washed frequently - fatty evaporation from the slab will inevitably fall on the walls.To narrow hallways, probably, come to the fore durability for the bathroom - the hydrophobicity of the outer layer.

If the room is a lot of sunlight, you should pay attention to the wallpaper resistant to fading, or ultra-violet rays quickly spoil the original appearance trim.Can make their own adjustments and domestic animals - such as cats often show obvious indifferent to the surface with a soft supple vinyl wallpaper.

The style wallpaper the room - this is a private affair owners, although in this respect there are some recommendations.They are available on our portal.

2016-04-05_203203 When making space wallpaper you must adhere to certain canons

example, the design space for sleep requires a special approach, so it is important to know how to choose a wallpaper Bedroom .If desired, you can create a very cozy interior bedroom with wallpaper two kinds .And another article of the portal will be useful to owners of apartments who want to wall in the room own okleit photo wallpapers .

When buying wallpaper should not only listen to what you said Sales, but also to familiarize themselves with the labels on the packaging of the rolls.There should be an icon, which carry a lot of very useful information.Samples of marking icons are shown in the table below:

type marking icon Decoding values ​​icon type marking icon Decoding values ​​icon
P1 Low humidity, only for the period pastingWallpaper p11 wallpapering does not require alignment pattern
p2 allowed regular wet cleaning wallpaper. p12 symmetrical arrangement combines with the label drawing, the horizontal alignment
P3 Wallpapers increased resistance to moisture, an unlimited number of wet cleanings. p13 combines with the label requires the drawing sheet offset by the amount of half of the rapport, the diagonal placement of the figure
P4 Wearing admitting wet cleaning with a brush. p26 Rapport - step pattern vertically (numerator) and the displacement of sheets to align it (the denominator)
P5 Increased durability of wallpaper surface, moist unlimited number of cleaning using a brush and detergent. p24 Wallpaper glued overlapped and aligned through-cutting of both layers
p14 Low resistance to ultraviolet rays of the sun. P6 Glue is applied to the cloth wallpaper
p15 Wallpapers satisfactory lightfastness. p7 adhesive is applied to the wall
p16 Good resistance to ultraviolet rays. z8 Wallpapers coated with adhesive, which is activated by soaking
p17 Wallpapers high resistance to UV light. p25 associated finishing materials can be offered for this type of wallpaper - curbs, rails, curtains, etc.
p18 Wallpapers maximum resistance to UV puddle. p22 duplex wallpaper with paper backing and a top layer of embossed
p23 Wallpapers increased surface resistance to mechanical stress (shock, scratching, etc.) of 19 Wallpapers entirely removed, in the dry state
z9 All sheets of wallpaper glued in one direction. p20 When removing wallpaper from the wall stratified
p10 Wallpapers reversible bonding - each next sheet is turned by 180 °. p21 to remove the wallpaper from the wall required hydration

How much wallpaper is needed?

selected wallpapers for pasting room particular must be purchased at once, with a certain margin.This certainly calls attention to the production release of the game.This is extremely important - all the rolls must be made on one machine and one of its filling color.The fact that the products of the same brand, collection, model (type), but issued by different parties, to be materially different in shade.It is sometimes unnoticed in the store, but after the wallpaper will be pasted on the wall of the plane, the difference may be noticeable to the naked eye, and the whole effect is spoiled by a neat finish.

Be sure to check when buying : all rolls must match not only the article but , without fail , the release party

sure to check when buying: all rolls must match not only the article but also, necessarily, a party release

If suddenly during the operation will be admitted defacing paintings, there is no guarantee that during the second trip to the storethere will be the wallpaper of the same party, so that the establishment of minimum reserve - is necessary.

next question - the number of rolls required for pasting room.It would seem - nothing fancy, square wallpaper roll - known area of ​​the walls in the room, minus the window and door openings - also know it is possible.We will only find the ratio of the second value to the first - and immediately get the required number of rolls.

Important: here and beyond can be referred to the height of the ceiling.It seems appropriate that, under this value is understood, rather, the height of the walls papered area, but it can be significantly less than the total height.For example, below is a non-removable plinth, and top - decorative border.