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August 12, 2017 18:06

Sliding windows to the terrace

modern exterior holiday homes significantly different from the previous design style thanks to the emergence of new materials and construction technologies.One innovation that is becoming more and more popular, steel sliding windows to the terrace, as well as porches and gazebos.

Sliding windows to the terrace

Sliding windows for

terraces terraces previously often left open, so their use was possible only in warm dry weather.Today, with the advent of sliding transparent structures, from the outside of the area it was completely available to make a complete room where you can comfortably spend time, even if the street is rain or windy.

manufacturing and installation of sliding glass structures has been quite a number of companies.And if you decide to equip your veranda or terrace, a "mobile" transparent wall, you should choose an organization that has extensive experience in this field and gained a reputation as a bona fide performer orders.

advantages of a sliding window and door systems

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  • 1 advantages of a sliding window and door systems
    • 1.1 Lifting and sliding system
    • 1.2 Tilt-sliding system of PVC profiles
    • 1.3 sliding foldable
    • 1.4 Frameless glazing system
  • 2 Accessories for sliding systems
    • 2.1 PVC profiles
    • 2.2 Aluminium profile
    • 2.3 Leading producers profiles andaccessories
  • 3 Care sliding design
  • 4 Video: A variety of sliding systems for glazing of terrace

sliding systems much easier swing, and their comfort is in the following benefits:

  • Any of sliding systemsIt allows you to use the terrace area or veranda rationally as open flap will not interfere with the subjects established around the windows, and they do not need to clean every time when opening.
  • Blinds and curtains will last much longer, as they will not touch the open flap, so that they remain intact and not deformed.
  • In systems of sliding sash windows are securely fixed in any desired position - they do not slam shut and do not swing open from the draft or gust of wind.
  • Sliding Systems can only be installed as a window or at full height - from floor to ceiling, thus creating an overview transparent wall.
The presence of a transparent sliding walls often provided at the building design stage

Availability transparent sliding walls often provided at the building design stage

  • There frameless system of sliding windows that do not overlap the panoramic view even window lintels, leaving it completely open.Sliding
  • attach facade design architecture ease since they can be installed on both the first and the second floor.
  • Despite the apparent lightness and fragility, frame systems have a high durability and reliability, and the glazing used by most manufacturers, anti-shattering glass.

ver Balcony or terrace - and home decoration and functional room

How to build your own veranda in a country house - read in a separate publication from our website.At the moment if you are planning a terrace without glass wall, you can cover it from precipitation easy canopy polycarbonate .

Types sliding systems

Sliding systems are classified according to different criteria and are chosen in each case for reasons of expediency of their application.Thus, the system can be "warm" and "cold" - of course, they are quite seriously differ cost.

For example, if on the terrace or veranda provides heating for the room, not only in summer but also in winter, it is necessary to establish a "warm" window system which hermetically closes the wall in full or part.

Вполне можно предусмотреть "теплую" систему остекления, которая позволит пользоваться террасой и в зимнее время

It is possible to provide "warm" glazing system that allows use of the terrace and in the winter

choosing a design for a specific structure, it is necessary to take into account the glazing area, since it is not any kind of system can be mounted in a scheduled site, andespecially if there is a desire to establish a large area viewing window from floor to ceiling.

Despite the fact that the price of sliding systems is significantly higher than normal glass, they justify such value its functionality.The total costs of the installation will depend on the following factors:

  • total glass area;
  • kind of sliding system;
  • material of manufacture of frames;
  • glass thickness and profile type;
  • quality set of accessories;
  • decoration of glasses;
  • presence of mosquito nets;
  • standalone installation or with the assistance of professionals.

As mentioned above, the systems differ in their design and manufacture of materials.To select a suitable option, you need to have an idea of ​​what constitutes the basic types of sliding systems.

Lifting and sliding system

Lifting-sliding design works on the principle wardrobe.When you open the window, lifted it slightly, loosening the clamp at the bottom of the sash part.Because of this, the frame without applying much effort shifted to the side of the frame width, located directly next to it.

Glazing on the basis of up-and- sliding system

Glazing on the basis of up-and-sliding system

When you close the window, the mechanism works like pressing.The frame is pressed at the bottom, connected by seals, and the window rises in place.The design is set rubber profile seal, which makes it completely airtight, allowing you to keep the heat inside the house, as well as to eliminate the penetration of moisture from the outside.

Driving lifting and sliding mechanism

scheme lifting and sliding mechanism

design should consist of at least two frames: one carrier, and the second - the mobile.guides installed on the bearing part of the construction, which will move the frame - one or two.In addition, very often it provides a guide for the mobile mosquito net.

This type of design is highly resistant and durable, able to withstand the massive frame with glass with the maximum size, reaching up to 2000 × 3000 mm.These systems are often used to create the sliding partitions between the rooms inside the house and for the protection of terraces and verandas from external influences from the street.

In suburban homes glass walls helps the visual unity of space at home with nature, if they are located on the side of the building overlooking the side garden or forest.This structure can provide a reliable barrier to the cold air, atmospheric moisture in all its forms and from annoying insects.

Made lifting-sliding design of aluminum or PVC profile.Provided the installation of such a system in the wall, the threshold is usually made low, barely noticeable.

One of the advantages of such a system - the almost complete lack of acting threshold

One of the advantages of such a system - the almost complete lack of acting threshold

In the open state threshold is not shared by the inner space of the area streets, so with the full opening of the valves is a full merger of the two spaces.

Tilt-sliding system made of PVC

profiles This option is a sliding system more like a swing in a familiar windows PVC, but the sash opening, its movement occurs in two ways - for themselves and in the direction (the so-door work inmany tourist buses).

To open the window, pulled the flap (with its rollers are moved to the next placed runners), and then shift to the desired distance.Typically in such a system has a lock device capable of locking the sash in any position - this clamping mechanism for the handle is rotated in a certain position.In addition, the tilt-sliding system provides a mechanism that allows to reveal and fix a shutter on ventilation.

Various provisions of the sash window tilt- sliding systems

Miscellaneous Provisions sash tilt-sliding windows system

The system is installed rubber seal, which in the closed position of the window provides thermal, hydro and sound insulation of the room at a high level.

This window design is great for its installation in the glazing of terraces, verandas or balconies.On the balcony or loggia sliding system is mounted on a side of the boundary to the ceiling.Due to the fact that when you open the flap does not take extra space, you can save a certain area of ​​a small room.

When installing the system in a transparent partition on the terrace, we should remember that it will be necessary to have a threshold, which is not desirable step, as polyvinyl chloride, alas, is not designed for extremely heavy loads.Therefore, if the structure is still mounted in the said capacity, then it is recommended to purchase a special door sills, which will protect it from damage and prolong the life of the system.

Sliding foldable

Sliding folding partition structure in another commonly called "accordion".It consists of several flaps, which when folded open aperture at its full width.The flaps are moved to one side and compactly installed at the wall.If necessary, one or two open flaps.

Сдвижная складная конструкция, в просторечии - "гармошка"

Sliding foldable design, in common parlance - "accordion»

This sliding version can be made of aluminum or PVC profile.Aluminium parts increasingly used for such a construction, since they are much easier to PVC, but at the same time able to withstand fairly large loads without damage and deformation.

Принципиальная схема сопряжения створок "гармошки"

Schematic diagram of the interface flaps "accordion»

However, when planning the installation of "bunching" should take into account some limitations:

  • This system is used only as a "cold" partition, so it is ofteninstalled inside the building - between the rooms and on the terrace only as a protection against the rain or wind."Accordion" is simply unable to fully heat and soundproof room.
Folding doors and windows system may not be a reliable barrier to the cold street

Folding doors and windows system may not be a reliable barrier to the cold street

  • design can only be used for the opening having a width of not more than 6500 mm and height of 2300 mm.
  • Number of wings in the system should not be more than seven pieces.

Frameless glazing system

For cold glass verandas and terraces are increasingly used frameless glazing system.When fully closed structure forms a continuous glass wall, with no frames and dividing racks.

Very impressive it looks frameless glazing terrace or veranda

Very impressive looks frameless glazing terrace or veranda

For this system uses a thick, anti-shattering glass, so it is reliable and safe to use, so is resistant to mechanical shocks reasonably possible.When opening

appropriate glass blocks alternately moved to one side of the opening on special rails, which are installed at the top and bottom.Open sash compactly against the wall, so almost no usable space.

Стеклянная безрамная "гармошка", аккуратно собранная у стены

Glass frameless "accordion", neatly gathered at the wall

This design is useful as a transparent wall or window so that it is available for regular maintenance both sides of the glass blocks.For

cold glass designers often provide exactly enough so designed, particularly in those cases when it is necessary to achieve the effect of the open space.

Accessories for sliding systems

Sliding systems assembled from profiles made from different materials: it can be a plastic - polyvinyl chloride (PVC), aluminum, steklokompozit, alumo or even just pieces of wood.The most affordable and therefore - the most popular and common are systems made of PVC and aluminum profiles, which are quite durable and aesthetic.Other profiles are not cheap and are used to create sliding systems in rich mansions or expensive hotels.

Frames for sliding structures are fitted with double-glazed windows with double and sometimes even triple-glazed windows - this factor depends on the climatic characteristics of the region in winter and places the installation of doors and windows.

conv How warm room with panoramic windows?

For these purposes, special heating devices are designed, which are installed below the windows or even embedded in the floor surface.We are talking about electric or water heaters can , which create a kind of heat veil that prevents entry of cold in the room.More details - in a special publication of the portal.

frames of said profiles in combination with glazing will protect premises from external noise, dust, cold air, moisture and foreign odors.In addition, various systems, if desired, can be acquired by a mosquito net that in some systems, as well as the sash can move, and in others - are installed permanently.

PVC profiles

systems of PVC profiles, though the most affordable, have a number of advantages, so the material can be described as the most popular of all used for the manufacture of sliding structures:

  • Created glazing has an aesthetic,neat appearance.
  • surface frames can be easily wet cleaning, including the use of household detergents.
  • material has sufficiently high resistance to any reasonable mechanical stress.
  • This polymer is resistant to low and high temperatures over a wide operating range.
  • PVC profile is durable, not exposed to the ravages of moisture, ultraviolet rays, so do not deform and retains the original appearance throughout the operational period.
  • Profile PVC produced in various colors, including quite capable of reliably simulate the texture of wood.
  • When using this material allowed the expansion of built-in functions, such as installation of anti-burglary protection and remote control.
High-quality PVC - profile must be inside a sturdy metal reinforcement

quality PVC profile must be inside a sturdy metal reinforcement

drawbacks have profiles made of PVC, there is little, except for one - it is a great weight of the resulting structure, which limits the width and height of the valves.

PVC profiles are manufactured all kinds of sliding structures mentioned above, except, of course, frameless.

Aluminium profile

design of the aluminum profile is characterized light weight and elegant.Most often, these systems are installed for the "cold" glass terraces, porches, gazebos or device intrahouse dividing partitions.

Nevertheless, produced aluminum profiles of which are doing and "warm" sliding systems that can maintain a comfortable temperature in the room and quiet at any time of the year.Therefore, ordering the construction, you need to focus on where the system will be installed and what functions it should perform.

Складные створки-"гармошки" из алюминиевого профиля сложной конфигурации

Folding stvorki- "bunching" of aluminum profile complex configuration

If you set the sliding system made of conventional aluminum profile designed for the "cold" glass, in winter the room temperature will be closer to the temperature outside.