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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to select an ironing board for home

Ironing board - it is very convenient attribute of any household, but, unfortunately, he has not in every home.And the main reason for this are the small floor space and quite bulky size of the product.Be that as it may, the board always takes a lot of space, as it is known, is always in the "deficit" in the conditions of the standard urban apartments.Therefore, the majority of housewives, leaving the position appropriate for the process of ironing table surface or commodes, flooring them blankets or covers.

How to select an ironing board for home

How to select an ironing board for

home, however, there is a solution.Current models of ironing boards developed taking into account this factor.To understand how to select an ironing board for home, that it is convenient and in everyday use, and does not take up much space, you need to consider several designs of this convenient device, and the criteria for selecting the optimal model.

Criteria for choosing the ironi
ng board

Article Contents

  • 1 Criteria for choosing the ironing board
  • 2 Variety designs ironing boards
    • 2.1 Traditional design
    • 2.2 collapsible ironing board
    • 2.3 Folding ironing board
      • 2.3.1 Video: the original design of the ironing board with accommodation in wardrobe
    • 2.4 ironing board, ladder
    • 2.5 ironing board, dresser
    • 2.6 Ironing board, is fixed to the glass or other smooth surface
    • 2.7 Ironing board with built-in steamer
      • 2.7.1 Video: multifunctional trouser complex «Polti Vaporella Stira & amp; Aspira»
  • 3 trouser press
  • 4 overview models ironing boards
What requirements must comply with quality ironing board ?

What requirements must comply with quality ironing board?

very important to define the requirements for an ironing board, as it should be comfortable in all respects for the hostess, ideal size for a particular room.

  • First, ironing board should fit the growth of the person who most often will use it, or it must be equipped with a function of the height adjustment.
  • Adjust the desired height and secure fit countertops in the same position should be easy and reliable.
  • If the board is traveling, it must be lightweight and easy to transform the design, otherwise it simply will not want to lay out once or, conversely, to add and remove.
  • strength - this is one of the most important conditions for the surface elements and retaining devices for ironing.The board should stand steadily on the floor, not loose and does not sag during its operation, since at this time the structure will experience a certain load.
  • ironing surface of the board must have sufficient space for easy ironing of any size things because of this parameter will directly depend on the quality of the work performed.
  • working surface of the board should have a smooth, soft surface of natural material that will not melt from the high temperatures of hot iron.Otherwise, the instrument will remain part of the molten mantle tissue, which can spoil the thing is subjected to ironing.Case must be periodically erased, so it often makes removable.
  • Ironing board should not be too large, so that it can be stored and used even in a small area on the premises.
  • design is usually equipped with a convenient and reliable stand for iron.In some models on a stand fixed socket, for the most comfortable connection of electrical appliance.

These are the basic, most essential quality that should have ironing board.In such a list of every woman can add their own requirements, such as design, placement method, special design and additional equipment of the device.

Variety designs ironing boards

Nowadays, the market can find a lot of models of ironing boards, different designs and sizes, which may be mobile or stationary intended for fixing.To know what they are and how they can be stored, you should consider a few basic types of this device.

Traditional design

Ironing board "classic" layout

Ironing board "classic" layout

Most housewives are very familiar to the most simple, the "classical" board design for ironing, consisting of a working surface made of a metal lattice or plywoodand folding legs, adjustable to three - four levels of height.

A simple device is a conventional ironing board

Simple device conventional ironing board

Ironing surface in models of this type is covered with foam, and on top of it is put on cotton, linen or made of water-repellent material non-stick removable cover.The board has a rectangular or trapezoidal shape with rounded corners and, most often, in the rear part of fixed metal stand for iron.Standard sizes of such products is 1300 × 300 mm and 1500 × 380 mm, but they may vary in one direction or another.

This design of the ironing board is quite cheap, but has some serious shortcomings, which bring inconveniences in the process of ironing and storage.

Plywood board with a basis may be afraid of high humidity

plywood board with a basis may be afraid of high humidity

  • If the worktop is made of plywood, it over time when exposed to high temperatures and steam can be deformed and exfoliate.
  • If the working surface is a metal mesh, the structure is more durable, but it has a smaller stiffness and stability.Furthermore, choosing such a product, you need to pay attention to the quality of the grid and the reliability of its fastening to the frame, as sometimes new workers have a mesh surface of the marriage.Such a frame of the ironing board must always be reinforced with metal ribs, passing under the mesh surface, otherwise it will eventually begin to sag.
Board with a working surface of a perforated metal sheet

board with a working surface of a perforated metal sheet

  • Choosing an economy version of the ironing board, it is better to buy a product with top made of perforated sheet metal, which give rigidity and be free flowing and moisture vapor.Such a working surface does not prosyadet not sag.
  • very important to pay attention to the joints and fixing construction details - they can be carried out by means of screws or rivets.Not recommended to buy models, elements of which are fastened by rivets, as over time they have become loose property, after which the structure becomes flimsy and shaky.If you select a board with screw connections, they always have the ability to pull up with a standard screwdriver.
  • Fixing legs when folding the ironing board can be carried out in two ways - stepped and smooth.Smooth control allows you to raise the board to any height, but over time this system is shaken and badly holds the board at a specified height, so is recommended to choose a more reliable - step locking system.
  • to the board was stable, her legs should go across the width of the working surface of the edge of the board, but the same factor makes the design less compact when folded.It is recommended to purchase the product, equipped with legs with chrome or stainless steel coating - though such an option would cost a bit more expensive, but over time, the details will not scratch and does not lose its original appearance.At the ends of the legs have to be put on rubber or plastic caps, as a floor covering damage to the inevitable without these elements.Moreover, these nozzles to prevent slippage of the ironing board on the ground.
  • Cheap at the price of ironing boards can be equipped with a support under the iron, or do not have it.It is recommended, of course, buy the product, equipped with this device, or even better, if the electrical outlet is installed on it.Stand should be firmly connected to the metal frame of the working surface.Do not choose the model, which is used as a stand metal brackets that are installed in special landing slots, as this design is unreliable and unsafe.
Shelves for otglazhivaniya sleeves can be purchased separately , and get only if necessary.

rack otglazhivaniya sleeves can be purchased separately, and get only if necessary.

  • Quite often complete with a model of the board are additional devices, such as a shelf for ironing sleeves or grid for hanging clothes, which greatly increase the price of the product, but few people use them.In addition, all these additions make the product more difficult and cumbersome, which is very inconvenient, especially for smaller rooms, where there is no possibility to establish a board permanently, and you have to collect it and to lay out every time you need something to iron.So you should think very carefully whether these devices or to purchase better options neotyagoschёnnye unnecessary elements needed.

collapsible ironing board

Another alternative means for ironing - a folding board, which can be easily removed in a drawer furniture cabinet or chest.This model is perfect for those who do not have enough space for installation and storage of the classic design of the board.

Ironing board is hiding in the drawer cabinet

Ironing board is hiding in the drawer cabinet

Foldable board can be fixed to the side walls of conventional drawer, which has a sufficient width and height, as well as a strong attachment to the sidewall.In other designs of folding boards is only part of the exterior of the drawer - it is fixed on special guides that serve as side walls.

When the board is folded, and the drawer is pushed into the cabinet, it will be indistinguishable from a normal standing nearby.

The design of the folding retractable ironing board

design folding retractable ironing board

board has a special attachment at the ends of which are mounted rollers that are installed in the guide.When nominating a box spring mechanism lifts the folded half an ironing board on legs, mounts, and it can only be expanded before ironing.Focusing for the most part of the board is unfolded exterior drawer.

When folded ironing board generally does not take useful space

Folded ironing board generally does not take useful space

After completion, the board is folded and pushed deep into the structure of the cabinet, taking its initial position.The compactness of this model can be described as the most important advantage of it, since it does not take a single square centimeter of the room during storage.Foldable ironing board can be placed in a box having a width of 360 ÷ 500 mm.The total length of the guide in the unfolded form is not more than 950 mm.

Another option is foldable board is different from the previous one in that it set the rotary mechanism.The advantage of this model is that it will be sufficient for a box having a total depth of 350 ÷ 500 mm.Based on the fact that, as a rule, chests or cabinets have a depth of not less than 600 mm, it can be concluded that such a structure can be set at any piece of furniture.

Pull-out ironing board with the rotary mechanism of the working surface

retractable ironing board with rotary mechanism

worktop board in this case is not only folded in half, but also rotated 90 degrees.Retractable mechanism design differs from previous more compact thickness, so under him box can also be used lower.

in open support for the sliding mechanism and most of the board is a facade panel box, so its bond with retractable swivel design must be sufficiently reliable.Installation of the rotating mechanism is simple and can easily be carried out independently, as to install only need a screwdriver or screwdriver.

Folding ironing board

quite popular flip design of the ironing board, which can be wall or built-in wardrobe.Some models have a turning mechanism designed for the movement of the board 180 degrees.

Ironing board flip-type burying into the wall niche

Ironing board flip-type burying into the wall niche

Such a model is not worse than the previous folding design saves space in the apartment, and in addition, can perform additional functions.For example, the wall may alternatively be aesthetically and practically more noticeable to others, not only if the board is raised to the wall and fastened to it, and is hidden in a special conduit made in size and shape of the ironing board.

The original cabinet is transformed into an ironing board

original cabinet is transformed into an ironing board

In addition, when you open this box design can serve as a stand for the iron, and it may be hidden electrical outlet.On the box more often the door is fixed mirror or decorative panel, which is not only a disguise for the whole structure, and even the interior decoration.

mechanism that converts a structure is simple and easy to use, easy to board a drop before starting work, and raise upon completion.Such systems typically are marketed complete with duct-locker, and their installation consists of two steps - determining the optimum locations in the room model and reliable fastening on the wall.

If you prefer the model of the ironing board, which is attached to one of the walls or partitions wardrobe, you should choose a design with a slightly different twist mechanism, which will turn the product at 90 degrees, not only from a vertical to a horizontal position, but also to put it along the cabinetor perpendicular to it.

Foldable model , vertically retractable in the closet

Foldable model, vertically retractable in the closet

Video: the original design of the ironing board with accommodation in wardrobe

Ironing board, ladder

This unexpected solution versatility ironingboard is perfect for both private homes and for apartments.About this construction can not say that it is compact, but able to perform at least three functions - a convenient and stable ironing board, ladder and an original bookcase, which can serve as a bedside table or stand for vases with flowers.

Original multifunctional design of the ironing board

Original multifunctional design of the ironing board

How to use this design when folded - will depend on the material and design, in which it is made.Such a transformer may be made of wood in a retro style, or metal in high-tech style.This diversity allows you to choose a model for any interior and write well-formulated with other pieces of furniture.

Metal Transformers: ironing board - ladder

metal transformer ironing board - ladder

design of this model, the ironing board is designed so that when activated in a horizontal position, it becomes a reliable and durable work surface for ironing.When the board is raised vertically, a transformer becomes less reliable ladder that will never be superfluous in any economy.It is used not only in making repairs, but also during regular cleanings.If you do not want to use the structure as a stack, then the period of lack of demand, it can be taken on the balcony or simply hide in the closet.

Ironing board, dresser

Ironing board, chest of drawers will not only functional but also decorative element of the interior and is perfect for storing children's clothes and various accessories.