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August 12, 2017 18:06

Rocket stove with his hands drawings and manufacturing process

Rocket stove with his hands drawings which certainly would like to have in your home most of the archive masters can be made, in principle, even for one day, because its design is a snap.If you have the skills to work with tools, read drawings, in store the necessary materials to do a simple stove of this type will not be difficult.It should be noted that it can be made from a variety of materials that are there at your fingertips, but much will depend on where the furnace is planned to be installed.Oven-rocket is somewhat different from other heating devices operating principles, and can be both fixed and portable.

Rocket stove with his hands drawings

Rocket stove with his hands drawings

Stationary furnace-mounted rockets inside the house along the walls or on the allotted cooking area in the yard.If the furnace is installed indoors, it is able to heat the room, the area up to 50 square meters.m.

Stationary Rocket stove with a heated stove bench

Stationary Rocket stove with a heated stove bench

Portable missile variants oven typically have a very small size, and it fits e

asily into a car trunk.Therefore, when the road, for example, on a picnic or to the country such stove and water will boil, and cook dinner.And fuel consumption in the kiln-rocket quite small as it can be used even dry twigs, small sticks or tufts of grass.

The principle of the rocket stove type

Article Contents

  • 1 The principle of the rocket type stove
    • 1.1 simplest design of the rocket stove
      • 1.1.1 Video: the simplest option raktenoy stovesold balloon
    • 1.2 advanced missile furnace design
  • 2 Increasing the heat removal efficiency of the stove-rockets
    • 2.1 oven-cooker
    • 2.2 oven-rocket with a water circuit
    • 2.3 rocket stove with stove bench
    • 2.4 Video: another original solution to improve the efficiency of the heating furnace missile
  • 3 is made up of brick rocket stove with stove bench
    • 3.1 What You Need?
    • 3.2 poryadovkoy brick oven-stove bench missiles:

Despite the simplicity of the furnace-missile device, its design uses two principles work that developers have borrowed from other types of furnaces, solid fuel.So, for her effective work were taken following principles:

  • free circulation principle extracted from the fuel gas generated by furnace channels, without the forced creation of the chimney draft.
  • principle afterburning pyrolysis gases extracted during fuel combustion in insufficient oxygen supply mode.

In the simplest designs of rocket stoves that are used only for cooking, can only act first principle of operation, as they quite difficult to create the necessary conditions for the flow and organization of pyrolysis gases afterburning.

To understand the structures and understand how they work, you need to consider some of them in turn.

simplest design of the rocket stove

First, let's consider the simplest device is a direct missile furnace combustion.Typically, these devices are used only for heating water or cooking, and only outdoors.As can be seen from the following drawing - two pipe section connected at right angles to the tap.

The simplest design of a missile furnace

the simplest design the rocket stove

furnace for a furnace design is the horizontal part of the pipe, and it lays the fuel.Often the furnace has a vertical load - in this case, for the manufacture of the stove is used simplest three elements - are two pipes of different height erected vertically and connected to a common horizontal channel bottom.The lower pipe and will serve as a often used brick, installed on a heat-resistant solution for the manufacture of a stationary version of the simplest scheme design.

The simplest oven - rocket, built of bricks

simplest oven-rocket, built of brick

To achieve a high efficiency furnace was improved, and it appeared additional elements, such as steel pipe installed in the body, which increases the heating structure.

The scheme is simple oven - warmed missiles riser

scheme is simple oven-warmed missiles riser

1 - outer metal casing of the furnace.

2 - pipe - combustion chamber.

3 - channel formed by a jumper under the fuel chamber and is intended for free passage of air in the combustion area.

4 - the space between the pipe (riser) and the housing tightly filled insulating composition, such as ash.

Protaplivanie furnace is as follows.In the furnace, first laid a light combustible material, such as paper, and when it breaks out, the fire thrown in wood chips or other primary fuel.As a result of the combustion process of intensive form hot gases rising along a vertical channel tube and stretching out.The open section of the pipe and the capacity set for boiling water or cooking food.

important condition for the intensity of burning fuel is the creation of a gap between the pipe and the installed capacity.If its aperture will be closed completely, the combustion stops within the assembly, as traction will not be available which supplies combustion air area and picks up the heated gases.To this there were no problems on the top edge of the pipe is installed portable or fixed rack capacity.

Support for the installation of dishes

Stand installation dishes

This diagram shows simple design, at charging hole where the door is installed.A rod is provided for creating a special channel, which forms the bottom wall of the combustion chamber and welded at 7 รท 10 mm away from the plate.Even when fully closing the furnace door air supply stops.In this scheme, already it starts to work and the second principle - without the active oxygen to the burning wood pyrolysis process can begin, and continuous supply of "secondary" air will contribute to the afterburning gases released.But to fully process still lacks another important condition - a certain temperature conditions of quality thermal insulation of the secondary incinerator, since combustion chamber gases are needed.

The operating principle of a simple rocket furnace

operating principle of a simple rocket stove

1 - air duct in the combustion chamber, through which the blowing furnace with the door closed;

2- zone of active heat transfer;

3 - upward flow of hot gases.

Video: option simplest raktenoy oven from the old cylinder

advanced design missile furnace

Rocket stove is quite amenable to improvements

Rocket stove is quite amenable to improvements

design, intended for cooking and heatingspace, not only equipped with a furnace door and a second body, which provides a good external heat exchanger, and the upper surface of the hob.Such a rocket stove is already installed inside the premises of the house, and the flue pipe is derived from it on the street.After such a modernization of the furnace, its efficiency significantly rises as the device gets a lot of useful properties:

  • By the second outer shell and insulating refractory materials that are thermally insulating main furnace pipe (riser), sealing the upper part of the structure, the heated air keepsheat at much longer.
Improved design of the missile furnace

Improved design furnace missile

  • In the lower part of the body has become a channel for the installed secondary air supply, successfully carrying out the necessary blowing for which an open firebox is used in the simplest design.
  • chimney pipe in a closed design is not the top, as in the simple missile furnace and the bottom rear of the chassis.Due to this, the heated air does not go directly into the flue, and is able to circulate through internal channels of the device, heating primarily hob and then dispersing within the housing, and providing heating.In turn, the outer body loses heat to the air surrounding it.
The scheme and action - improved rocket oven ( with the recommended size )

scheme and action advanced-rocket oven (with the recommended size)

This diagram clearly seen the entire process of furnace operation: in the fuel storage tank (. Item 1) comes pre-fuel combustion (item 2) in the air supply failure mode "A" -. this is regulated by valve (item 3)..The resulting hot pyrolysis gases are fed to the end of the horizontal firing channel (Pos. 5), where there is their post-combustion.This process is due to the good thermal insulation and the implementation of the continuous supply of "secondary" by a specially provided channel "B" air (item 4).

Further, the hot air rushes into the interior design of the pipe called riser (pos. 7), climbs on it under the "ceiling" of the body, which is the cooking plate (pos. 10), ensuring its high-temperature heating.Then the gas stream passes through the space between the riser and the outer casing, the drum (pos. 6), the housing providing a further heating for heat exchange with the room air.The gases are then lowered down, and only then go to the chimney (pos. 11).

To maximize heat transfer from the fuel and ensure the necessary conditions for complete combustion of the pyrolysis gases, it is important to maintain the highest possible and a stable temperature in the channel riser (item 7). For this purpose, the pipe riser is enclosed in another large-diameter pipe - shell (pos. 8), and the space between them tightly clog heat resistant mineral composition (pos. 9), which will serve as thermal insulation (a kind of lining).For these purposes may, for example, apply the mixture to the furnace masonry clay chamotte sand (in a ratio of 1: 1).Some artists prefer this space is simply very tight fill sifted sand.

Increasing the heat removal efficiency of the stove-rockets

To increase efficiency, the rocket stoves, have been developed and other structures with a more efficient removal of heat, for use of the device in the streets, as well as for internal use - for heatingspace or water heating.


for cooking or blanks for the winter made the furnace, arranged according to the principle, but with an extended cooking surface as described above, which allows you to install several tanks.

In this model rocket furnace vertical pipe with mounted therein a furnace with vertical load, having a door, located under the hob.Therefore, the hot air heats it directly, but to the entire panel was hot, hot gases, going under the panel are sent to the horizontal channel passing under its entire surface and connected to the vertical segment of the chimney.

Rocket stove - stove

Rocket oven - stove

Advanced design features legs that gives it stability and reliability.It should be noted that when such a furnace is not used for its intended purpose, it may well be used as an ordinary garden table.

addition to this street model for internal use have been developed several types of structures to effectively heat rooms or to heat water.

Oven-rocket with a water circuit

Oven-rocket with a water circuit consists of the following elements:

Driving - rocket stoves with water heating circuit

Scheme-rocket stoves with water heating circuit

  • furnace is set on a solid concrete foundation, in order to avoiddistortions and structural deformation.
  • lower part of the structure, which includes the separation of fire box (item 2) and the header channel is laid out firebrick (Pos. 1).The furnace has a vertical load.Below undeveloped sinus-ash pan (Pos. 3) with a side door for regular cleaning of the oven from the accumulated ash.
The lower part of the furnace , built of firebrick

lower part of the furnace, lined with fireclay bricks from

  • Vertical channel (riser) (item 4) is made of a steel pipe, which is dressed in a thick layer of insulation (pos. 5) and the outer metal casing.
  • top of the outer casing is hermetically attached heat exchanger unit with a water jacket in the walls (Pos. 6) and the horizontal plates, creating a kind of labyrinth (pos. 7) in order to maximize heat transfer area and time.

Attempts installation at this point and the water register.However, as practice shows, this approach is impractical - the temperature here through pyrolysis gases afterburning - very high, and the shout of the register has the potential to quickly burn.

  • hot air passing through the heat exchanger, bypassing the metal plate, heats the entire massive block, and the metal gives up heat to the water circulating through the water jacket.
  • Next, the flow of cooled gas goes into the chimney (pos. 8).
  • Water circulation occurs through the heat accumulator (pos. 9), which may well be made of the old boiler or other closed container with valves to connect the cold and hot water intake.Do not rule out the possibility connection and radiator, although, in truth, such a furnace can hardly justify itself in a similar role.
  • hot water from the heat-accumulating tank connected to it by a pipe (pos. 10) can be directed to the water intake points for household needs.

This rocket stove is perfect for installation in the country or in a private house, where there is a possibility to connect to include such a heat storage tank in the system of independent water supply.The furnace can significantly reduce the cost of heating water and for heating, since it does not require large amounts of solid fuel or its connections to some additional energy source for this model.

Rocket stove with stove bench

Another way of effective use of rocket-oven - this arrangement sufficiently robust construction with a heated stove bench.It should be noted that this bench can take the form of a bed or a sofa, with success replacing these pieces of furniture, as, after putting the mattress on the surface, you can comfortably get a day or a night's rest.Beds can be made of brick or stone and clay mass.

This furnace will warm stove bench , not only , but also decorate the room

This oven stove bench, not only will warm, but also decorate the room

The construction of this embodiment, the rocket furnace consists of the following components and elements:

  • fitting lid insert with vertical load of fuel with the camera receipt of the secondary air, located in theits lower part.
  • Furnace goes into a horizontal fire channel, the end of which there is post-combustion of the pyrolysis gas.
  • hot gases flow up the vertical channel (Reiser) in hermetically closed "ceiling" housing, where a portion of the horizontal plate heat - the cooking surface.Then, under the pressure of a hot gas, running track, diverges in the heat exchange channels, giving heat to the drum surfaces, and falls down.
  • is the entrance to the pipe horizontal channels that extend east across couches beneath the surface at the bottom of the furnace.Moreover, in this space can be laid one, two or more turns of the corrugated tube in a coil, which circulates the hot air heating the couch.This heat exchange pipe is connected to the end of the flue pipe, through the wall outwardly derived home.
The general scheme of missile furnace heated stove bench

general scheme missile furnace heated stove bench

  • should be noted that in the case of the manufacture of couches made of bricks, the channels can also be lined with this material without the use of metal gorfrotrub.