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August 12, 2017 18:06

Installation of artificial stone with their hands

qualitatively laid Facing the artificial stone wall structure is able to protect against the negative influence of external environmental factors at the same time giving them an impressive appearance, dividing like small castles.Therefore, the owners of private houses, decided to produce a facade finishing work, very often there is a question as to whether the installation of the artificial stone with their hands possible?To answer this question, you need to start to get information about how the process is carried out and that it is necessary for him, as well as the materials used for production of artificial stone, and what solutions can be made of its masonry.

Installation of artificial stone with their hands

Installation of artificial stone with their hands

Artificial stone is used as an ornamental decoration for the individual sections of the walls, or completely cover the surface of them all.Can be used for cladding of one type of material or a combination is used, that is facing combine several embodiments having various sizes, color an

d texture, making the surface of the walls and plinths more decorative and original.

To get quality masonry and served for several decades, will have to take into account the many nuances associated with both the characteristics of the material of the working process and production of the masonry cladding material and its installation technologies.

What makes artificial stone?

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  • 1 What makes artificial stone?
  • 2 How to choose artificial stone right?
  • 3 Wall artificial stone
    • 3.1 Tools for masonry work
    • 3.2 few recommendations for exterior finishing of walls artificial stone
    • 3.3 Work on laying of artificial stone
  • 4 Benefitswall decoration artificial stone
  • 5 video: Small video lesson on facing walls artificial stone

artificial stone can be made on different technologies and based on different raw materials.By purchasing a product finishing agent, or of making the its own, it is important to keep in mind that the composition to be used for fixing it on a wall, must have the same basis as the artificial stone itself.This requirement is especially necessary during facade work, since if materials having different characteristics, will be exposed to significant temperature differences (which is inevitably on the external walls), the tiles just begins to flake off from the base.

The composition of the various components of the forming solution may include for the manufacture of artificial stone

The structure of a spinning solution for the manufacture of artificial stone can include various components

So, for the manufacture of artificial stone used the following components:

  • basis. The basis of artificial stone can take two materials - a cement or gypsum.Because of differences in their physico-chemical properties, manufacturing technology of artificial stone cladding also have their own characteristics.
  • filler. From this constitutes direct artificial stone quality and strength depend.As a filler to the base using fine expanded clay, sand, ceramic or marble chips, pumice, and other minerals, and even polymer components.

In various embodiments, the composition for the production of stone tiles of the solution may vary and components, and their proportions.

  • additives. for hardening the artificial stone of the introduced plasticizers and reinforcing materials, as which can be used, for example, synthetic fiberglass.
  • pigments. main color and various shades, as well as the required brightness and saturation of the artificial stone give a special color pigments.Their quality will depend on the finishing exposure to burnout, ie longevity - how long it will retain its original color.Or pigments are added to the solution from which the tiles are made or applied to the surface of the already molded preforms.
  • Protective Coatings. At the final stage, when the blocks or artificial stone tiles are almost ready, they are covered with protective water-repellent compositions.Most of all - it's a variety of paints for external works, which are able to protect the finish, not only moisture, but also from the effects of UV rays.

Production of stone Artificial stone can be made, and yourself!

If there is a desire to save money, putting their own strength and skills, and make a finishing material at home, it makes sense to pay attention to the special publication of our portal dedicated technology independent production of artificial stone .

How to choose artificial stone right?

If artificial stone will be purchased off the shelf, then when you select should pay attention to some of the nuances that will help determine the quality of the material and, consequently, the future aesthetic finish:

  • Appearance artificial stone .

for facades to choose different types of cladding, depending on the general style in which the house will be made out.To cap is usually chosen more severe on the appearance patterns that even their views will give the building thoroughly - it boulders of different sizes, which are at work laying matched to each other.

For good fit caps imitation large boulders

plinth well suited imitation of large boulders

also perfectly suited for this type of stones "rock" that mimic the rock layers, acquired under the influence of natural factors intricate wrong, "wild" form.

Искусственный камень под выветренную "дикую" скалу

Artificial stone weathered by "wild" rock

For facade walls is most often selected a sleeker version of the stone, as it gives the surfaces and corners accuracy.

addition, we must note that natural stones almost never have the same hue and standardized, regular shapes and sizes.Therefore, if you want to artificial stone look with maximum reliability, was virtually indistinguishable from natural, it is not necessary to select a material made in one flat shade.Facing that has not only relief but also color transitions inherent in natural minerals, it will look beautifully, so - more fun, as opposed to monochrome.If purchased artificial stones from one collection, but different production batch, they are usually mixed prior to laying.

  • quality artificial stone surfaces.

is very important when buying explore artificial stone surfaces.The front side of them should not have irregularities and growths, uncharacteristic for a natural material.Rear, on the contrary, should be flat and have a small roughness for good adhesion to the adhesive and the wall.

First , artificial stone must be really similar to the present

First, artificial stone must be really similar to the real

If you select the stone, made from solution with the filler in the form of solid inclusions up to 5 mm, then they should not stick out beyond thestone surfaces.Besides, inclusions must not exceed the fixed fraction of the average, as this factor may directly influence the reduction in strength of the artificial stone, and may lead to premature cracking and crumbling blocks.

Visual assessment of the quality of the tiles

Visual assessment of the quality tiles

These filler elements are particularly clearly visible from the back of the stone and its cut, so these areas need to pay special attention.

  • coloring method stone.

to when casually appeared chipped finish did not show NOT, sites, it is recommended to choose a tile made of fully pigmented solution.This index can be determined by looking at the cut tile.

Required estimated artificial stone color quality

Required estimated quality color artificial stone

If there is a desire to bring to the surface pattern of artificial stone color adjustments, then it can be made on an already fixed to the wall tile, in which case it will be much more clearly see where they are really needed.

  • Manufacturer finishing material

First of all it is recommended to pay attention to the products known manufacturers that have proved themselves by high quality and proven durability of its products.Incidentally, experienced master-finishers, a long time working with artificial stone, it is recommended to give preference to domestic products, as it is designed and adapted for mounting in local climatic conditions, and thus often do not even require any additional protective treatment.

  • packaging of finished products

choosing an artificial stone should immediately take an interest in what package it is implemented.It would seem that such a minor detail, but it is, by the way, just helps determine the ratio of the manufacturer to their products.In addition, it is necessary to take into account the fact that no matter how high-quality and beautiful were no tiles, no reliable elaborate packaging during transport material may lose integrity, and decorative.

most optimal variant for such products are corrugated cardboard boxes with bottom firmly reinforced.

Wall artificial stone

Tools for masonry work

After selecting and acquiring vending artificial stone, the next step should be to take care of the preparation of instruments, many of which may exist in the home "arsenal"host.So, it will be necessary to have available the following tools and accessories:

Standard set of tools for tiling

standard set of tools for tiling

  • Spatulas - a 400 ÷ 500 mm, serrated with a height of the ridge 8 ÷ 10 mm, and a smooth, wide100 ÷ 120 mm.
  • brush with metal bristles to clean the surface of the wall.
  • rubber hammer pristukivaniya laid on the tile adhesive.
  • Building level to control the horizontal rows.
  • grinder with the disc on the concrete or stone.
  • Files to process sections and the rear surface of the tiles.
  • line length of 1000 ÷ 1200 mm.
  • gun or cone bags to fill the joints.
  • Fancy - a tool for leveling grout in the joints.
  • Gauge rails of varying lengths, and of uniform thickness to meet the selected seams of thickness.
  • Brushes with long soft and hard short nap.
  • Roller wall primer.
  • electric drill with paddle-mixer.
  • Water tanks for breeding glue and grout.
  • Roulette.
  • Safety goggles, gloves, respirator will be needed when sawing and processing of artificial stone tiles and in the preparation of the surface of the walls.

few recommendations for exterior finishing of walls artificial stone

to artificial stone was firmly fixed on the outside of the wall, when the tiling should follow some of the recommendations.

  • Artificial stone is placed on the wall in the adhesive composition, which is mixed in the water.Therefore, work on the wall is recommended to be carried out at temperatures of air and a finished surface from +5 to +25 ° C.If you meet this condition, the use of additional materials or the use of special technological approaches will be required.
  • If necessary, carry out finishing at low temperatures (but in any case - not less than -5 ° C), it is possible in the area of ​​masonry work to build the so-called greenhouse, consisting of a frame and dense polyethylene, which is set to heat the heat gun.However, it should be remembered that in this case the work takes a lot of time, so as to seal the seams have to wait for the complete drying of the adhesive, and under such conditions, this process will be long enough.
  • Another way in a situation where an urgent need to carry out finishing work at low temperatures, can be a cool frost-resistant mixture enriched with special additives that allow to carry out work in a frost.But the quality and reliability of the lining will still cause some concern - it makes sense to still wait for warmer days.
  • Another serious problem may be too high a temperature, if the work is carried out at the height of summer.Hardship is too fast-setting glue, as it loses moisture over a shorter period than that provided by the manufacturer.Therefore, the adhesion of this composition decreases, i.e. adhesion to the surface, which means that the artificial stone may not be the long stay on the wall.Laid at a high day temperature tiles in any case can not be left to dry in direct sunlight - areas for trimmed necessary to provide shading.

Work on laying of artificial stone

prepare materials and tools for the laying, you can proceed directly to the process of installation.Example of facade cladding artificial stone discussed in detail in the table below:

Illustration Brief description of the operation being performed
uk 1 Before starting work on the decoration of walls artificial stone, the surface should be cleaned with a metalbrush or sander with a brush attachment.
Then, if a crack or gap will show up, they must be first to cut to a depth of 20 mm, primed, and then seal the repair mortar or putty.After complete hardening of repair "patch" their newly cleaned.
Further, the surface of the tested rule on evenness, and tile adhesive and align well dried, if necessary.
If masonry is carried out on a flat concrete wall, then to the artificial stone held firmly and masonry was not subject to warping or cracking on the surface of the wall before applying a leveling layer on it is fixed by means of fixing anchors reinforcing mesh.
uk 2 When laying an artificial stone made on a brick wall, which has significant irregularities, then it is first laid plaster layer.
Plaster will help significantly to save on the adhesive composition, which is not cheap.
uk 3 To finish the external surfaces is recommended to use the professional mixes that are required for priming, fixing tile and grout.
It is necessary to pay attention to packaging, which have to be stated that this mixture is designed specifically for outdoor use.
In addition, as mentioned above, should be selected materials made on the same basis as self trim stone.The only way to get good traction surfaces.
to work, it is desirable to choose the products of famous manufacturers such as «Art Stone», «Ceresit», «Eunice Plus», «Coral», «Litokol», «Acrylic», «Montelli» and others.
uk 4 prepared, dried by the wall must be primed with a very high quality.
primer composition prior to its application should be a good stir until completely smooth.
uk 5 soil application is carried out in two layers, each of which should be well dried.
uk 6 The dried primer and the wall, prepared for masonry, should look this way, as shown in this illustration.