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August 12, 2017 18:06

Metal garage with his hands

Inside the big cities now have their own garage for a personal vehicle - an incredible success.But the owners of suburban areas do not have reliable shelter for cars - just a shame.It is clear that those who visit their cottages possession from time to time, only on weekends, often limited to a parking area, sometimes complementing its light canopy.And those car owners who spend out of town most of the time or permanently reside there, simply obliged to build a real garage to protect your car from rain, dust and dirt, wind- blown bird "marks" and etc .And sleep is much calmer, knowing that your car is locked up in a shelter.

Metal garage with his hands

Metal garage with his hands

course, nothing on reliability not compared with major stone (brick) garage, but thing is - quite expensive, the construction process - long enough, and the ability to conduct suchlarge-scale construction work is not at all.Do not worry - it is possible to manage and more simply by building a metal garage with his hands.When the as

sembly quality and well held warming, it will also be a car is quite cozy "house."Costs in this case - is much lower, well, basic skills of general construction, plumbing and carpentry work have, should have, the vast majority of Russian men.

Which metal garage choose to build?

Article Contents

  • 1 Which metal garage choose to build?
    • 1.1 Video: assembly of the finished garage kit "Zhiguli»
  • 2 Basis for metal garage
  • 3 frame garage
    • 3.1 necessary materials and tools
    • 3.2 Carrying out installation work
  • 4 Lining of walls and roofs
  • 5 warming metal garage
    • 5.1 Video: insulation of a garage sprayed polyurethane foam
  • 6 Video: a simple version of the light metal garage or shed

Thisquestion is important from the point of view that the financial capabilities are different, and the degree of accessibility of a metal garage - too.

Ready collapsible prefabricated garage - convenient, but , alas , expensive

Ready collapsible prefabricated garage - convenient, but, alas, expensive

A. Most probably, convenient from the point of view of construction, option - to buy ready-made factory kit containing all the parts needed for assembly.Collect a metal garage with his hands, forces two or three people, using only the most basic tools locksmith -. Wrenches, screwdrivers , pliers, hammer and etc , easy and takes quitea little time.Of course, if the set really high-quality, made with modern equipment and all parts fit exactly to each other.

Set collapsible garage always has detailed instructions for the installation

kit collapsible garage always has detailed instructions for the installation

These kits for the construction of a metal garage necessarily accompanied by detailed instructions on assembly, a responsible manufacturer gives a guarantee on the quality of its products and podognannost.Ease yet and that you can "personalize" the order, that is to give the manufacturer the exact dimensions that correspond to sites allocated for construction, and a host of needs.On websites of some companies, which are engaged in manufacturing of of metal, often have special built-in calculator - simply enter the dimensions - and will be offered the best option design.

Video: assembly of the finished garage kit « Zhiguli »

It would seem - here it is, a solution! But only if look at the current prices, the desire to buy a garage can immediately and the abyss.Good luck, if you can find variants reflux ysyach 70 ÷ 80. As a rule, the standard size of a garage in the base can not cost less than a used domestic car, « zashkalivaya » price for a hundred thousand.It is clear that not everyone will be the average car owner can afford such a purchase.

"Гаражный калькулятор" на сайте одного из производителей

«Garage calculator" on the site of one of the manufacturers

B. can, of course, go the other way : search ads from metal prefabricated garages b / in - they meetin large enough quantities.Price is, of course, is low, but there is also considerable, reaching sometimes up to 40 ÷ 50 thousand rubles.But apart from that, the customer can wait for some other «surprises»:

The acquisition has already served as a considerable period of metal garage to install it in a new place - it is very risky

acquisition has served as a considerable period of metal garage to install it in a new place - it is very risky

- Usually found the phrase "metal folding garage b / yno place, "and the new owner often still rests and the obligation to carry out disassembly and removal of metal constructions.But to make out there is not so simple - a few decades of operation fixing elements can greatly rust, and if we use "power method" or cutting, the high risk of deforming parts.

- Next - metal parts must have already received a certain deformation simply "on time" as affecting the internal stresses and so-called "metal fatigue» .So you can forget about the exact fit them together - certainly when building a lot of problems there.This, of course, will affect the overall strength of the newly collected design.

Fitting details , of course, is not the same , and often have to suffer during assembly

fitting parts, of course, is not the same, and often have to suffer during assembly

- And finally, the statistics show that in this market segment are often used fraudulent schemes where criminals sell the old garage, which atthey have no property rights.

thus should be very well thought out all the details before purchasing an old folding garage.

V. finally coming to an embodiment of a fully independent production of the garage.Here we have all will depend on the capabilities and abilities of the host.He is free to choose and purchase a reasonably priced material for the construction of the frame.It is possible that some details can be made from "old stock", remaining after the construction of the house or garden.

Металлический гараж можно полностью построить самостоятельно - от "А" до "Я"

metal garage can completely build their own - from "A" to "Z»

There is a possibility of variation and material for wall and roof.If the garage will be under almost constant supervision, it is possible to confine the metal floorings. In case you need more sturdy structure, apply Kata metal sheet 2 ÷ 3 mm, which is certainly already considerably more expensive.

It is also important that the host he is planning the configuration of the garage, its size on the perimeter, height, type of roof - all this allows you to accurately "fit" their project under the existing financial possibilities.If the factory garage komple Prospect Ave iobretaetsya time, there is nothing to prevent conduct gradual accumulation of the necessary materials, to only then start building.There is an opportunity to identify and construction of technology - whether it is the construction of assembled threaded connections, or is it better to use welding, if there is the appropriate skills and equipment.

In short, why not try to do everything yourself?Yes, it is certainly more difficult, but with due diligence all should have.

Basis for metal garage

Space for Garage, certainly , has already been defined, but it requires proper training.

first - you need to spend the markup, and then , defined and precise dimensions of the future construction.It all depends on whether the garage is seen as a narrow close box, which allows only drive the car and open the side door, or else there will be provided the elements of "garage Interior» - work workbench, shelves or cabinet for spare parts and tools and tons.n . Most hosts , of course, elect second option , in which case the optimal seen dimensions 6 × 4 meters.

The optimal size of the garage

Optimal dimensions of the garage

Door height - from 1.8 to 2 m , with regard host growth to prevent head injury.

design must be installed on on level and solid ground.The optimal solution would be the construction of special foundations.Large loads on the part of the garage is not expected, ie strong penetration is not required.

Fill strip foundation for the garage

Fill strip foundation for the garage

  • Very often, preference is given to strip foundations.The tape will be enough deepened into the ground at 200 ÷ 300 mm plinth height and width of the foundation - also the order of 200 mm.This option is convenient because after the construction of the garage inside can further arrange a viewing hole or the cellar, and then make the flooring of any type of garage floor.

consider all the nuances of the fill strip foundation in this article does not make sense - everything is much more clear and is set out in a special publication of the portal.

A metal garage can be arranged on a monolithic slab

metal garage can be arranged on a monolithic slab

  • Another frequently used option - the so-called floating slab or foundation.In this case monolithic pour plate is not only the basis for the design of the garage, but the sub-floor, which has, in principle, it is possible to drive the vehicle.

Whatever type of concrete foundation any unused , it must be carefully aligned horizontally - it's much easier further build a garage.The cast strip or plate is recommended a one-time, in a single day, in order to achieve their desired solidity.

One of the options embedded anchors

One option embedded anchors

very important question - and immurement advance setting in concrete embedded parts.This reinforcement may be 16 mm diameter pins, projecting above the foundation 150 ÷ ​​200 mm, or apply special anchors embedded with a threaded upper portion.These parts welded or threaded connection is secured the lower belt (harness) garage frame.Thus, they must be set very accurately positioned at least at the corners of the structure, and if there is a need - and additionally on the wall line.

  • Sometimes metal garage place altogether without foundation, for example, an existing asphalted or concreted area.In this case, fixing binding strip can be carried out Drop-in anchor.
Garage, mounted on a tubular skids

Garage mounted on tubular runners

  • More one option when the garage is not attached to the surface.Thus, some master set its structure at wide skids made of a pipe diameter of 100 mm.With runners on both sides of the bends made short section of pipe installed at an angle and welded or retraction of the corresponding diameter.This garage can be placed on any solid ground, for example, the buried layer and compacted gravel .However, in addition have to do floors of thick boards capable of supporting the weight of the vehicle.And besides , it will be necessary to consider entry ramp , as the gate will rise above ground level.

frame garage

necessary materials and tools

key to successful construction of the metal garage - it reliable and stable framework.Material for its manufacture may be used - use corners, rectangular profile pipe, and even galvanized profiles, which are normally intended for drywall construction.

To use the framework , even galvanized profiles

For framework used even galvanized profiles

Yet, perhaps the best is the use of shaped pipes - they, at a relatively low weight, excellent performance of the bending strength, and the design will reliable .Ease of them that can be used as welding or threaded connections.

About frame structure.It is difficult to give precise recommendations - it all depends on the size of buildings, type roof - pent or gabled, plating material, and other parameters, including material possibilities.

One of the simplest designs with pent roof

One of the most simple structures with shed roof

the Internet is very easy to find a lot of plans and designs, which can be taken in whole or as a basis.In this same publication will be considered a lightweight frame assembly process type, made of two types of profile pipes.It is assumed that the owner no welding or he does not know how to use it - the entire assembly will be held on on threaded connections.Thus, the necessary tools - a standard set of metalwork, carob and end spanners 10 and 12, an electric drill with a drill 6.5 mm, circles grinder for cutting and grinding metal, screwdriver .In short - everything that , as a rule, is in "home arsenal" country house owner.Too much physical effort is not required, so that the work can be performed alone, but it is better to enlist an assistant, so ka be installation rather long and bulky parts.

Diagram of the garage frame representation on on below:

That such a scheme will be considered further

That such a scheme will be considered further

red lines shows the main load-bearing parts.They used pipe profile 50 × 25 mm.Blue - four frames that reinforce the roof structure.Material - same as 50 × 25 mm.

Green - additional support posts and cross bar.They can be purchased for a pipe 40 × 20 mm.From the same pipes are made diagonal and standing in the corners of the side walls of the tightening - shown brown lines.It - additional element , which can not be used.

Two types shaped tube : 50 × 25 and 40 × 20 mm

Two types of profile pipes: 50 × 25 and 40 × 20 mm

Total carcass will need:

pipe section 50 × 25 mm:

- 6m - 8 pcs.(4 pcs - horizontal crossbar of the side walls.);

- 4 m - 7 pcs.(4 pcs -. Crossbar front and rear wall, 3 pcs -. For the foundation gable roof triangles).

- 3 m - 8 pcs.(For the longitudinal sides of the roof frame).

- 2 m - 12 pcs.(4 pcs -. Corner posts, 8 pcs -. uprights and crossbar bivalve gate).

- 2, 1 m - 6 pcs.(Rafters).

- 1, 9 m - 8 pcs.(For roofing crossbeams frames ).

pipe sections 40 × 20 mm:

- 6m - 2 pcs.(Additional jumpers on the side walls ).

- 4 m - 1 pc.(Horizontal reinforcing jumper back wall).

- 2 m - 8 pcs.(Reinforcing strut on the walls).

also require screws M6 length of 40 mm and 60 mm with washers, nuts, growers and etc .

In current prices, in 2015 on a set of Metal is quite possible to buy for 10 ÷ 12 thousand rubles.

When everything is ready, you can begin to assemble the frame.

Carrying out installation work

Illustration Description of the technological operations
to 101 all cut to size delivered to the place of the frame assembly.