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August 12, 2017 18:06

Air Purifier for some select apartments

More and more people living in metropolitan areas or even in medium-sized cities, are increasingly thinking about how to clean the air in the apartment from the harmful substances in a human, capable of causing a variety of diseases or allergic reactions.This problem can be solved by applying one of the types of air purifiers, which are now in specialized stores abound for every taste and budget.

Air Purifier for some select apartments

cleaner air for some apartments to choose

Air Purifier for apartments which to choose - this is a question for all consumers who decide to purchase this useful, and sometimes even a vital instrument.Air purifiers are usually sold in specialized stores, dealing with the implementation of HVAC equipment, and it presents such a wide range that is easy to get confused when choosing the correct model.So before you go shopping, it is necessary to understand all the advantages and disadvantages of devices that perform air purification in different ways.

main types of cleaners and their purpose

Article Contents

  • 1 main types of cleaners and their purpose
    • 1.1 instruments with plasma (electrostatic) filter
    • 1.2 devices - air ionizers
    • 1.3 devices with HEPA filters
    • 1.4 cleaners-photocatalysts
    • 1.5 air Cleaner - ozonator
    • 1.6 air purifiers with carbon filters
    • 1.7 Gidrofiltratsiya or wash the air
    • 1.8 Humidifiers-ochistiteli air
  • 2 Additional features air cleaners
  • 3 selection criteria air purifier
  • 4 overview of models of air purifiers
    • 4.1 Video: air Purifier with humidifying function of the SHARP KC-850E

sale presents a variety of types of cleaners that use different operating principles, and each of them is able to solve certain air pollution problems better than others.The most important element in the design of air cleaners is the filter - that it determines the quality of the human environment of the respiratory treatment.Having an idea of ​​the characteristics of filters and their capabilities, it would be easier to decide which one is more suitable for a particular application.

instruments with plasma (electrostatic) filter

Wall cleaner with electrostatic filter

Wall cleaner with electrostatic filter

devices performing air cleaning using a plasma filter, which creates an electrostatic field that attract dust, well established inconsumers.Metal plates, performing the role of a filter of this type, easy to clean, so do not need to be replaced - this factor is also quite attractive to users.

The principle of " cold plasma " - electrostatic air filtration

The principle of "cold plasma" - electrostatic air filtration

However, electrostatic devices designed to remove from the air a certain amount of dust, which is 85 ÷ 90%, and if it is too much, then they can just to her fullnot cope.Therefore, if you want a high-quality cleaning of air masses apartments, for example, if there are living people with allergies or who are suffering from asthma, you should choose the device that includes multiple stages of purification.

devices - air ionizers

Cleaner - ioniser column layout

cleaner-ioniser column layout

Ionizers are a complex consisting of several elements, conducting purification by various methods, so it is able to release the air masses from various harmful impurities.

Air purification device that is carried out in several stages:

  • inside the unit powerful fan draws in contaminated air masses.
  • Further, there is a preliminary air cleaning with the foam pre-filter, which traps larger particles of dust.
  • Then, in the air, gets into fotokatalizatorny filter destroyed chemical and toxic substances and odors.
Work purifiers - ionizers of air , Fig.1

Work purifiers-ionizers of air, Fig.1

Work purifiers - ionizers of air , Fig.2

Work purifiers-ionizers of air, Fig.2

  • germicidal UV lamp produces air disinfection.
  • Further, plates in which an electrostatic field is created, smaller hold remaining airborne dust particles.
  • then fed negative ions generated in a special device in the air.
  • last stage of the process, the last disinfection and cleaned of dust air is fed into the room through an outlet grille device.

advantage of air cleaners this class can be called what they are not collected within the dust, so it is not the filter should be changed to help avoid significant expenses for maintenance of the device.It will be sufficient to carry out periodic washing of metal plates, and vacuum the pre-filter.However, using this type of air purifier, you need a wet or dry cleaning of the apartment can be carried out more frequently, removing from the surfaces of deposited dust on them.

devices with HEPA filters

Fibre HEPA filters can trap microscopic dust particles

Fibre HEPA filters can trap microscopic dust particles

If you want high, quality air purification from dust, then devices with HEPA filters - is the best option.By itself, the HEPA filter module (from the English "Nigh Efficiency Rarticulate Arrestance", that is, literally, "highly effective retention of particles") is a special configuration in the folded "accordion" fibrous material, with openings between the fibers, not exceeding a few microns.

Scheme of the air cleaner equipped with a HEPA filter

Scheme of air purifier equipped with a HEPA filter

fan installed inside the device draws in air masses, which, passing through the HEPA filter, fully cleaned even microscopic dust particles in it of bacteria and pollenvarious plants almost 100%.Therefore, this type of air purifier is perfect for apartments, where there are people with a predisposition to allergic reactions.

The device is released from the accumulated dust with a vacuum cleaner once a month, and the replacement of the filter unit is usually done once or twice a year, depending on the contamination and cleaning of air quality.


Almost perfect , close to a sterile, air purification devices provide a photocatalytic system and UV irradiation

Almost perfect, close to the sterile, clean air provide devices with photocatalysis system and UV irradiation

Photocatalytic air purifiers as well as a HEPA filter, include severalpurification steps, so are able to cope not only with the different sizes of dust particles in the air, but also dust mites and mold spores and fungi.But these factors are a major cause of allergy in various forms.

Such kind of air purifiers is necessarily in its design and catalyst ultraviolet lamp, but in addition, the device can be supplemented by the ion generator, plates, creating an electrostatic field or a carbon filter.

Scheme of the air cleaner with photocatalytic stage

Scheme of the air with the level of photocatalysis

Polluted air gets into the housing through the dust pre-filter, installed at the entrance, and it retained a large part of the large particles of dust and animal dander.

Further, it enters the chamber, where they interact by two factors - the catalyst and ultraviolet light from the lamps, so that there is photocatalysis process in which decompose toxic pollution in the air, to safe substances, such as oxygen, water, andcarbon dioxide.Thus, within the device hardly accumulated dust cake, so it does not require frequent filter replacement.

air cleaner, which is based on photocatalysis, able to cope with the following negative factors:

  • vapors of phenol and formaldehyde, allocated from the building materials from which the furniture is made, for example, particleboard or fiberboard.
  • exhaust gas entering the apartment through the gaps in the window openings, if the house is located near busy highways.
  • Carbon monoxide and soot, which can occur in the air at the firebox fireplace or stove.
  • Tobacco smoke and odor resistant tobacco.
  • dust containing various harmful microorganisms - viruses and bacteria.
  • Allergens of plant, animal or domestic origin.
  • toxic organic compounds, which can come from fluids and powders household chemistry.

Thus, photocatalysis can be called one of the most effective ways to clean the air of pollutants.In addition, the device of this class usually consumes a small amount of electricity is environmentally friendly and safe, requiring a minimum of maintenance - cleaning vacuum cleaner once a year.

disadvantage of this can be called excess air cleaner cleaning air mass, that is not only harmful organisms but also on the neutral because it is not able to distinguish between them.This factor may have a negative impact on the child's immunity, so do not get carried away too much cleaning of rooms, where children live.

Air Cleaner - Ozonator

Compact desktop ozonator ionizer

compact desktop ozonator ionizer

Ozonator - a device that cleans the air by allocating a small amount of ozone.Ozone - a gas derivative conventional oxygen which in high concentrations is destructive to all living things, which is why it is used, and for the destruction of bacteria and disinfection of premises.Gas is the result of the impact of electric discharge on oxygen, splitting it into atoms - a process familiar to everyone, as it occurs in vivo during a lightning storm, and after its characteristic smell of ozone appears on the street.

operation principle is in principle based on the natural phenomenon of air oxygen collision with an electric current that occurs in an artificial way ozonizer, thereby forming ozone.

There are different schemes of ozone, which can differ in some details, but in each of the devices, there are inherent to these elements - is the ozone generator (they can also differ in design), the converter supply voltage in high voltage and fan.

This device is quite popular for use in the home, since it is able to create a number of positive effects:

  • disinfection of air in the house or apartment of pathogens, including mold.
  • Getting premises of putrid odors.
  • purified drinking water from the chlorine and harmful metals.
  • Cleansing products such as fruits, vegetables and meat from antibiotics, chemicals.
  • disinfection and disposal of odors refrigerating chambers.
  • ozone treatment of bedding, as well as underwear, shoes and even furniture.
  • Removal of mold in the air conditioner filter.

However, with all the positive qualities of the Ozonator, doctors warn against overdosing its impact on the human air.It is recommended to use it carefully at home, strictly adhering to the instructions attached.Some experts advise to do to use this device only at a time when there are no people in the house.

Air purifiers with carbon filters

Household air purifier with carbon filters

Household air purifier with carbon filters

Air, equipped with carbon filters, are a class of thin clearing equipment, and can clean up the air masses of different contaminants, including gases.Typically, these cleaners are equipped with an additional element of the pre-treatment, as well as such as HEPA filter or photocatalytic as carbon filters are not able to qualitatively clear the air masses from the eco-pollutants, which abound in a city apartment.Also additional filters in this kind of cleaners is added ultraviolet light which are good barriers to biological contaminants in the air.

The scheme of the compact air purifier with activated carbon filter

Scheme of compact air purifier with activated carbon filter

Carbon filters can be filled with fine powder of activated charcoal, which creates a high resistance to air flow.It follows that it is better to choose the air purifier with a filter having in its structure large granules.In addition, corrugated carbon filter is more effective to clean the air than the net universal, because it has a large absorption area of ​​small and large dust particles.Therefore, choosing a device, this fact should be paid special attention.

carbon filters are changed in the cleaners twice a year, or they themselves are beginning to pollute the air - it's one of their typical drawbacks of devices of this class.

not necessary to install, with a charcoal filter equipment in wet areas as well as coal absorbs moisture, "baked" and quickly loses flowability and, consequently, its cleansing qualities.

Gidrofiltratsiya or wash the air

Device gidrofiltratsii , or in common parlance - air cleaning

Device gidrofilratsii, or in common parlance - air cleaning

cleaners that use gidrofiltratsiya or cleaning the air, work as follows:

  • Airmass drawn into the room by the fan unit.
  • Next, they enter a zone where by means of special rotary impellers with blades with a particular configuration are mixed with water to form a mixture substantially dispersed, and are purified from various impurities that are deposited in the tray device.Further, the purified air is separated and directed towards the outlet openings.
Schematic diagram of the device works with a hydraulic air filtration

Schematic diagram of operation of the device with a hydraulic air filtration

  • air sinks usually have a function and ultraviolet photocatalytic purification, which are included as needed.When they interact achieved the most effective result - the device removes air from viruses, mold spores and various odors.
  • addition, general cleaning can be integrated air ionization unit - that negative ions make the air more clean and fresh
  • purified and humidified air is supplied into the room.

Thus, such a device has several functions - it moisturizes the air in the room and removes the small and large particles of dust, along with allergens and cleans it from foreign odors.The effectiveness of air purification using a washing estimated at 85 ÷ 95%.

humidifiers purifiers

air humidifier unit is called, creating the atmosphere of the room with the most comfortable for the human level of moisture by applying the purified steam.Setting up the device is made by the owner, with the help of spray intensity regulator.

Humidifiers are divided into three types - it is ultrasonic, steam and traditional instruments, but they are a function and an air purifier.The principle of operation of these devices is based on the evaporation of moisture or vapors in the e by sonication.Most household installations of this class are able to not only moisturize, but also flavored the air.

Work humidifier , air purifier ultrasonic action

Work humidifier, air purifier ultrasonic action

  • Ultrasonic devices are a more modern version of the humidifiers.