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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to choose a gas boiler

The choice of the necessary equipment for the heating system - an extremely important task.Since it is required to face the owners of private houses, and in recent years, and many owners apartments seek to achieve full independence in this matter, by creating their own autonomous systems.And one of the key moments, of course, is a matter of choice of the boiler.

How to choose a gas boiler

How to choose a gas boiler

If the housing is connected to the backbone supply of natural gas, there is nothing special, and to think - the best solution is to install gas equipment.Operation of such a heating system is incomparably more economical than all the rest - the price of gas is relatively low, especially when compared with electricity.Fall away all sorts of problems for the additional purchase, transportation and storage of fuel, characteristic firmly - or liquid fuel plants.If all the requirements for installation and compliance with the rules of use is completely safe, it has high performance.The main thing - the ri

ght to decide on the right model for what you need to know how to choose a gas boiler that he full extent consistent with the specific conditions of use, meets the wishes of the owners in terms of functionality and usability.

main parameters of the choice of a gas boiler

Article Contents

  • 1 main parameters of the gas boiler selection
  • 2 first step - properly define the capacity of the boiler
    • 2.1 thermal power calculation calculator
  • 3 type and place of installation of the boiler
  • 4 burner type and flue gas discharge system
  • 5 Features of floor and wall boilers
    • 5.1 Features floor boilers
      • 5.1.1 Video: an overview of a gas floor boiler «Protherm Bear KLOM»
    • 5.2 Features wall double gas boilers
      • 5.2.1 Double-circuit boilers with heat exchanger bitermalnym
      • 5.2.2 Double-circuit boilers with a secondary heat exchanger
  • 6 degree of automation, control, protection levels
    • 6.1 Video: technical presentation of modern combi gas boilers "Neva»

There are a number of criteria by which to evaluate the model purchased boiler.It should immediately be noted that almost all of them are interrelated and interdependent, even among themselves, so they need to be seen immediately, and in the complex:

  • key parameter - the total heat capacity of the gas boiler, which should correspond to the specific objectives of the heating system.
  • place for future installation of the boiler - this criterion will often depend on the capacity of the above.
  • boiler type in layout - wall or floor.The choice is also directly dependent on and power, and from the installation site.
Perhaps , it will be quite compact wall model

Perhaps, it is fairly compact wall model

  • From these same criteria will depend on the type of boiler burner - open or closed.Accordingly, it is organized and exhaust pipe system - through a conventional chimney with a natural draft or forced through the system of smoke.
  • of circuits - whether boiler used only for heating , or take the still and providing hot water.If you choose to double- boiler, it takes into account its type in the structure of the heat exchangers.
  • degree depending on the boiler power supply.This option is especially important to take into account in cases where power failures in the settlement paragraph occur with alarming regularity.
  • Great value can have additional equipment boiler elements necessary for the efficient operation of the heating system, the presence of embedded control systems and ensure safe operation.
  • Finally, the manufacturer of the boiler, and, of course, the price of which will depend on many factors listed above.

first step - properly define the capacity of the boiler

enter the selection of any boiler is simply not possible if there is no clarity, what power should be the heating system.

in the technical documentation of the boiler is required to indicate the value of the nominal power and moreover, often makes recommendations on heating of approximately volume premises it is designed.However, these recommendations can be considered sufficiently conditional, since they do not account for "specificity", ie the actual operating conditions and features of the house or apartment.

With the same caution should be exercised to common «axiom" that for heating 10 m² living space needs 1 kW reflux eplovoy energy. value is also very rough, which can be valid only under certain conditions - the average height of the ceilings, one outer wall with one window and etc .Furthermore, it is not taken into account climatic zone, the location of the premises with respect to the cardinal points and a number of other important parameters.

Thermal calculations duly able to carry out only by specialists.However, take the liberty to offer reader methodology for calculating self power, taking into account most of the factors affecting the efficiency of home heating.In this calculation error will certainly be, but it is in an acceptable range.

The technique is based on the calculation of required heat output for each room, which will be installed heating radiators and summing values.But as the initial data are the following parameters:

  • Area.
  • Height.
  • number of external walls, the degree of their Insulated , Orientation.
  • level of minimum winter temperatures to stay in the region.
  • number, size and type of windows.
  • «Neighbourhood» space vertically - for example, heated rooms, cold attic and etc .
  • presence or absence of a door on the street or on a cold balcony.

Any owner of the house or apartment has its housing plan.Put it in front of you, it is easy to create a table (in the office application or even just a piece of paper), which lists all the heated rooms and their characteristics.For example, as shown below:

To calculate the need to plan a house or apartment buildings

To calculate the required plan of the premises houses or apartments

room: area, ceiling height outer wall (number, which look) The number, type and size of windows Availability doors on the street or balcony required thermal power
TOTAL: 92,8 m² 13,54 kW
1 floor, heated floors
Hall 9.9 m², 3 m one, West one two-chamber glazed minutes, 110 × 80 no 0,94 kW
Kitchen 10,6 m, 3 m one South single, wooden frame, 130 × 100 no 1,74 kW
Living 18,8 m², 3 m three, North, East four, double-glass, 110 × 80 no 2,88 kW
Tambour 4,2 m², 3 m one, West no one 0.69 kW
rooms bathrooms 6 m², 3 m alone, North no no 0,70 kW
2nd floor, above - cold attic
Hall 5,1 m², 3 m alone, North no no 0,49 kW
Bedroom №1 16,5 m², 3 m three,South, West one, double-glass, 120 × 100 no 1,74 kW
Bedroom №2 13,2 m², 3 m two, North, East two double chamberglazing, 120 × 100 no 1,63 kW
bedroom №3 17,5 m², 3 m two, East, South two, double-glass, 120 × 100 one 2,73 kW

After table is compiled, you can proceed to the calculations .To do this, it is placed below handy calculator that helps you quickly identify the needs of thermal power for each of the premises.

level negative outdoor temperatures taken from the medium, which is characteristic for the coldest winter in a decade the region of residence.

Calculator calculation thermal power

calculation is carried out for each room separately.
Consistently enter requested values ​​or select desired options in the proposed lists
Enter room area, m²
100 watts per square meter.m
number of external walls
one two three four
External wall look at:
North, Northeast, East, South, Southwest, West
What is the degree of warming of external walls?
Exterior walls are not insulated average degree of insulation of external walls have a high-quality insulation
level of negative air temperatures in the region in the coldest week of the year
- 35 ° C and below - 25 ° C to - 35 ° C to- 20 ° C to - 15 ° C not lower than - 10 ° C
ceiling height in the room
to 2.7 m 2.8 m 3.0 ÷ 3.1 ÷ 3.5 m 3,6 ÷ 4,0 m over 4.1 m
"neighborhood" vertical:
to the second floor - on top of the cold attic or unheated and insulated room to the second floor - the top insulated attic or other premises for the secondfloor - on top of a heated room Ground floor with heat-insulated floor ground floor with a cold floor
type installed windows
ordinary wooden frames with double-glazed windows with a single-chamber (2 glasses) glazed windows with double-chamber (3 glasses) glazing orargon filling
number of windows in the room
window height m
width of the window, m
Doors,facing the street or on the balcony:
no one two

After this will sum the value of the power to get the total.

Please note that the total area of ​​92.8 m² in the house is not required 9.3 kW of energy that would be obtained from a simplified ratio of 1 kW to 10 m².And is still though , that as an example for calculation undertook level of the most severe frosts - up - 20 ° with (and in many regions there is also much colder), almost all the windows - with double glazing, insulated floor of the first floor and etc .In reality, the power requirement can be even higher.

resulting value is rounded.But this still not all.No host not want to in the coldest days of his equipment working at peak opportunities.So, it is advisable to lay still and power reserve - about 20%.

There still one caveat.If you plan to use a boiler for hot water at home using indirect heating boiler, it is recommended to increase the power still about 30%.

In the example considered above will: 14 kW + 20% + 30% = 21 kW.

Use of the boiler of indirect heating will require additional power reserve boiler

use indirect heating boiler require an additional power reserve boiler

way obtained heating output figures for each of the premises, and certainly require further for one problem.Relying on them, we can find the right best radiators, determine the number of battery sections or overall heat transfer non-separable models.

type and place of installation of the boiler

Knowing the needs of the power of the heat generator, the real conditions of planning your home or apartment, you can decide what boiler will be more convenient to use and low-cost in terms of acquisition and initial installation.

  • If the boiler output is in the range of 30 kW, it is possible to completely acquire the wall mounted boiler, which is allowed to install any non-residential premises - for example, in the kitchen or in the lobby (the corridor) at home.
Wall-mounted boilers of small capacity can be set , in principle , in any non-residential premises

Wall boilers of small capacity can be set, in principle, in any non-residential premises

  • When necessary capacity to 60 to W VC lyuchitelno can buy outdoor boiler, which also quite possible set in the kitchenobserving certain requirements its equipment. And , to such an installation does not even affect the presence of the kitchen stove or gas instantaneous water heater (column).However, we should not forget about that, floor boilers that this level of power can already vary quite noisy work, and it is not always comfortable for living.It is better for them, of course, to provide a separate room.
medium power boilers often set in the back rooms of house

average power boilers often set in the back rooms at home

  • boilers up to 150 kW (total, for heating and hot water) always require only a separate room, although it does not stipulate floor.
The most optimal solution - a separate boiler room equipment

most optimal solution - a separate boiler equipment

  • But outdoor assemblies of more than 150 kW are allowed to be installed only in separate rooms on the first floor, in the basement or the basement, if it is a private house belonging to one owner.The room should be isolated from the other and have their own door to the street.More often for installing such a powerful equipment is being built separate annexe -boiler .

However, such powerful boilers in the practice of private construction are used very rarely.But for a "weak" installation, many owners prefer to provide for a separate boiler room.

cat screen How to equip a boiler room?

course, wherever installed gas boiler required to comply with a number of mandatory rules. What are the requirements for boiler - read in a special publication of our portal.

burner and flue gas discharge system type

This selection parameter is echoed in many respects to the previous one, as it depends including from the boiler installation location.

Installation of whatever gas equipment will be monitored by the relevant supervisory authorities.Under any scenario homeowners do not get the right to operate independent heating, if not met certain rules on the organization of flue gas exhaust system.