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August 12, 2017 18:06

Stretch ceilings in the bathroom pros and cons

Nowadays, more and more innovative materials that are able to transform the interior of the house appears every year.Developers try to make them not only aesthetically appealing, but also the most simple to install, suitable for daily care.

Stretch ceilings in the bathroom pros and cons

Stretch ceilings in the bathroom pros and cons

Stretch ceilings in the bathroom advantages and disadvantages which become particularly obsuzhdaemy the appearance of this type of finish, deserve special attention, if you decide to install them in making repairs.This kind of processing facilities is becoming increasingly popular because it can quickly and without much effort to make the ceiling surface is perfectly flat and smooth - this is one of the many advantages of this unique design.However, not all the ceilings have the same qualities, and not to make the wrong choice, you need to know what materials they are made, and how they differ from each other.

Types of suspended ceilings in material manufacturing

Article Contents

  • 1 Types of suspended ceilings in material manufacturing
    • 1.1 Fabric ceilings
    • 1.2 PVC film
    • 1.3 VideoComparison of tissue and membrane stretch ceilings
  • 2 kinds of surface tension PVC ceilings - "pros" and "cons»
    • 2.1 matte surface
    • 2.2 glossy surface
    • 2.3 Satin surface
  • 3 forms of suspended ceilings
    • 3.1 arched
    • 3.2 The wavy shape of the ceiling
    • 3.3 conical
    • 3.4 Smooth surface
    • 3.5 Multilevel design
  • 4 Additional criteria for the selection of suspended ceilings
    • 4.1 Video: design ideas - a bathroom with a stretch ceiling

Basic design any stretch ceiling consists of a fabric and a special frame, which stretched material.

Modern ceilings are made of two types of material - a PVC film (PVC) and special fabric, which took some impregnation.Materials are radically different from each other in physical qualities and performance, so when choosing finishes at this factor you need to pay special attention.

Fabric ceilings

Fabric options stretch ceilings appeared relatively recently, much later film.They have been widely used because special polyurethane were developed for impregnating polyester fabric that can make the material more durable and resistant to many external factors, including mechanical.

Tissue samples for suspended ceilings

Tissue samples for suspended ceilings

Typically, fabric ceilings makes a seamless, that is composed of one single leaf.However, it is possible to order and made an option.

Bonded fabric web will be much more expensive than consisting of a single leaf.This is understandable, because the work on them takes more time and effort to master.Typically, these options are performed by individual order.

Fabric fabric have a number of positive and negative characteristics.

By advantages of this material include its following qualities:

  • Fabric - much more "warm" and the usual material for the interior of the house.It is much more harmoniously fit into the interior design and creates a comfortable climate in the room.As used in the fabric impregnation compositions are completely harmless to human health.
  • ceilings are made of cloth are "breathable", allowing air to circulate freely in the ceiling void and, therefore, decreases the likelihood of their condensation and mildew stains.This feature substantially increases the service life of the surfacing material.
Fabric paints to decorate the ceilings can at their discretion

Fabric flows can decorate paints at its discretion

  • Fabric ceilings, unlike film, endure subzero temperatures.Under the influence of frost fabric will not crack or shrink, so it can be used for registration of unheated spaces, such as balconies or terraces.
  • This kind of fabric is strong enough - it is difficult to accidentally damage a sharp object, as opposed to PVC ceilings.
  • Fabric cloth can be set independently for their installation does not require additional equipment.
  • This type of suspended ceilings can be painted.Moreover, this process can be repeated up to five times that allows you to change, if necessary or desired, to update the interior color scheme - "adjust" it to the general style of the premises.
  • material is available in rolls, width can be up to five meters, which allows you to close a very significant area of ​​the canvas.

have this type of paintings and their disadvantages , which limit its use in some areas:

  • Although impregnation of the material, its micropores eventually clogged with dust, so the ceiling requires periodic cleaning.
  • Fabrics tend to absorb odors and fumes, so the ceiling of this type is not recommended to be installed in kitchens or bathrooms.
  • Fabric cloth are not able to hold the water in case of emergency - flooded apartments upper neighbors.
  • stretch ceiling made of cloth, in contrast to the PVC film can only be frosted.
  • In case of accidental damage or deformation fabric, re-installation is not possible, since the material can not be restored.
  • Prices of tissue types of the ceiling is much higher than on the film webs.

PVC film

sale in ceilings made of PVC film comes in rolls having a width of 1400 to 5600 mm.Such linear parameters is enough to draw the ceiling surface of even very large living room.

Rolls of black and white PVC film

Rolls monochrome PVC film

By itself, the film has a very small thickness - on average it is about 0.22 mm.However, despite this, the material is very durable and elastic, allowing it to withstand loads up to 100 kg per 1 m.

should be noted that the wider the acquired whole cloth, so it will be more expensive for the price.If the suspended ceiling is glued together from several smaller paintings, the price will be much lower.

PVC film has its advantages and disadvantages, but the positive aspects of this material is much more than the negative.

By advantages might include the quality of the material:

  • wide range of toning performance and a wide variety of graphics and photo images.This allows not only to align the ceiling with the help of the web surface, but also to decorate it with decorative.Film stretch ceiling can easily be matched to the design of any room design.
  • Possibility to order any film playback on the selected pattern, which is applied to the canvas with the help of photo printing.However, please note that this option will be expensive and will cost about 100-150 u.d.e.for 1 sq.meter.
Very nice look film ceilings with photo printing

Very nice look film ceilings with photo printing

  • ceiling may have a different surface - glossy, matte or satin.Structural drawing canvas is divided into imitation plaster, painted ceiling, perfect gloss or weave.
  • PVC film is able to hold large amounts of water in emergency situations, such as the sinking of the upper apartments neighbors.This quality material will help protect the interior from damage, as gathered in the film can be pumped out water, then dry the surfaces and re-stretch the canvas.Thus, not a single drop will not fall on the furniture and decorative flooring.This "rehabilitation" process is generally carried out masters of the same company that installed the suspended ceiling.
Qualitative suspended ceiling is able to save a bath room on top of the flood

quality suspended ceiling is able to save a bath room on top of the flood

  • Although the water resistance of the material, on its surface will not start a fungus.
  • Qualitatively produced installation will make the ceilings quite durable - they last about 15 years without any problems, allowing it time to forget about repairs and crumbling, poorly applied plaster.
  • material, with careful handling, does not require special care - enough to periodically clean with a damp sponge.
  • do not need to carry out time-consuming process of leveling the surface before installing the tensioning webs, as capital ceiling will be completely hidden.
  • PVC ceilings are absolutely safe for human health, and in the operation does not emit toxic substances and odors.When installing the blade may issue a special smell, but it will wear off after about 20 ÷ 24 hours after application.
  • Stretch ceilings not only easy to install but also easy and dismantled, and can be reused - for example, for installation in another room if fabric is suitable in size.

By disadvantages ceilings made of PVC-films are as follows:

  • Stretch ceilings of this type can not be installed in unheated rooms, as they can not withstand temperatures below five degrees.When this happens the film may lose its elasticity and begin to crack.
  • high price often makes a seamless film of the economy, to choose narrow fabric from which the whole is glued with the help of special equipment.Depending on the quality of gluing, seams may be accurate, but it happens that they are very distinguished, immediately caught my eye.If you choose textured surface of the fabric, then stitch it will almost not visible.
At the junction of the weld can peep

At the junction of the weld can peep

  • However, gluing technology, in some cases wrapped and positive quality material because in this way can dock two or more webs of different colors.
"Мозаика" из пленок различных цветов

«Mosaic" of films of different colors

  • to install the tensioning structures made of PVC requires not only knowledge, but also special equipment.Without experience in this area is not necessary to take up self-assembly, because you can easily damage the expensive material /

Video: Comparison of the tissue and membrane stretch ceilings

kinds of surface tension PVC ceilings - "pros "and" cons »

As mentioned above, the ceilings of PVC may have a different surface texture.Each of them has its own characteristics, and how they are different - also need to know the one who decided to prefer this method of finishing the ceiling in the bathroom.

matte surface

matte surface often resembles qualitatively plastering.Such ceilings are the most popular among all the existing ones, as they do not give undue glossy shine and look natural.In addition, the matte canvas stretched well with classical interiors, dominated by straight lines.

Stretch ceiling with a matte surface

stretch ceiling with a matte surface

Those who would like to have in the room a regular bathtub, ideally aligned "plastered" the ceiling is the best fit is matte painting, the more so, its color, you can choose at its discretion.Another advantage of a stretch ceiling, in contrast to the usual plastered surfaces can be called fast installation, because it does not need to wait for the final drying of each layer of plaster.

Advantages matte surfaces:

  • This type of surface is a feature scatter light, making it softer and more pleasing to the eye.This effect helps to create an atmosphere of comfort and warmth.
  • For a matte surface is easier to care for, because on it, unlike the glossy ceiling will not be much noticeable drops or slight pollution.
  • Stretch ceilings with matte surfaces have anti-static coating, so they do not attract and collect dust.
  • lower cost of such fabrics, as compared with other kinds of PVC ceiling, can also be attributed to the "pluses" of the material.

Disadvantages matte ceilings:

  • matte paintings have a maximum width of 3000 mm, therefore, if the room has a large area, it is necessary to make gluing.However, this lack of bathrooms is not important, as they are rarely such a large size.
  • matte PVC fabric can not be installed in unheated rooms, since the temperature of minus 5 degrees they lose their elasticity, and it cracks begin to diverge.
  • Installation of this type of ceiling requires additional equipment, as it will not work without pull heat gun.
  • tensioned fabric is easily damaged by contact with sharp objects, as well as all other PVC ceilings.

glossy surface

glossy fabric also have their fans.Particularly relevant are the surface in the room with a small area, since with their aid conveniently zonirovat room combining one web two or three colors.Perfectly suited for high-gloss surfaces poorly lit corners, because they reflect light objects or lighting, creating an additional backlight.

Glossy ceilings set up as if for decoration of bathrooms

Glossy ceilings created as if especially for decoration of bathrooms

Advantages glossy ceilings

Such a surface is able to visually expand the space due to the fact that it reflects all the items placed in the bathroom.This effect makes the room above, which is especially important in the bathroom with a very small area.

Glossy web presented in a wide color range that allows you to develop the most incredibly bold interior design solutions.

on the ceiling, with a reflective surface, lights look great with powerful lamps.

Disadvantages glossy surfaces:

  • glossy ceiling clearly visible traces of drops and stains, so they require more care as well as how to remove these contaminants from the surface will not be easy.This process will be difficult to hold still and due to the fact that the PVC film has a very small thickness, and completely remove the stains by applying some effort - will not work.In this case, of course, you can hire the services of firms that install and maintain mounted ceiling structures - they are often engaged in cleaning their surfaces, but this process will result in new costs.If
  • glossy ceiling is assembled from fabrics of different colors, the welding seams are clearly visible on them.Therefore, for the bathroom, which has a large area, it is best to use the imported goods having the desired width.However, their costs - are several times higher.
  • glossy PVC stretch ceilings also using special equipment.

Satin surface

Satin surface is a cross between matte and glossy web.If the matte variant is more like a plaster, like the satin on the painted surface, having subdued light shine.It is used as a background element of the interior, which will work on the selection of other, more important bathroom accessories.