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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to make the built-in furniture

In many apartments there is an old, Soviet era, has long out of fashion furniture, old physically and mentally, cluttered space and so there are smaller rooms.However, at the same time it should be noted that most of the material from which it is made, has retained a good quality, and it may well be used for the construction of modern variants of cabinets and bookshelves.

How to make the built-in furniture

How do built-in furniture

If you recall the furniture wall with numerous tables, drawers and cabinets, you can easily imagine the number of panels of different sizes can be obtained in order to produce a more compact, comfortable and contemporary furniture.How to make the built-in furniture in a modern design, spending on it a minimum of means, and at the same time free from bulky room outdated structures and will be discussed later.

advantages of built-in furniture

Article Contents

  • 1 advantages built-in furniture
  • 2 Where can I set the built-in furniture?
  • 3 calculation drawing size and drawing
    • 3.1 Video: example of the design closet using specialized applications
  • 4 Built-in wardrobe with the back panel
    • 4.1 details for assembling the cabinet
    • 4.2 Production of details
    • 4.3 Assembling cabinet with rear panel
  • 5 Built-in wardrobe, attached directly to the wall
    • 5.1 first option - the team panel construction
    • 5.2 The second option - a frameof timber
    • 5.3 third option - with aluminum profiles
    • 5.4 Video: assembly built-in wardrobe with no back wall

Before proceeding to the following sections, it is advisable to understand what are the advantages of built-in furniture,made independently.

Built-in furniture elements - is the maintenance of the interior style with simultaneous space saving

Built-in furniture elements - is the maintenance of the interior style while simultaneously saving space

  • If the furniture will be made of a material which is obtained as a result of dismantling of old cabinets or other pieces of furniture, it can result in substantial savings of the family budget.
  • Everybody knows that even in panel houses walls are often no different perfect evenness.Well, with the help of built-in furniture can be perfectly mask that flaw, and, again, to save on construction work on the alignment of surfaces.
  • The owners have a great opportunity to show their creativity in the development of the project, and then play your own design and engineering decision, having made the most comfortable to use a piece of furniture.
  • achieved serious saving utility room area.Almost every apartment has areas that are difficult to fit the standard pieces of furniture, and for those products that are made to order, will have to pay double the price.Developing your own project, you can provide all the details and dimensions of the site, where it will be built a cabinet or shelf.
  • And, of course, made his own furniture will give a reason to be proud of their well-founded amateur talent.

materials for the manufacture of built-in furniture

addition chipboard panels inherited "inherited" from the dismantled cabinet, and other materials can be used for the manufacture of furniture.

The original cabinet , built of drywall

original cabinet, built of drywall

  • today extremely popular drywall from which to build not only the built-in wardrobes, and even entire walls with niches and cupboards to one or two rooms.Such a wide distribution, this material won thanks to its ease of processing and availability of the installation carried out, which can hold even novice master, having no experience.It draws its low cost and environmental friendliness.

545 Try to make innovations in the interior of the room with the help of drywall!

How to work with this material quickly and easily create a variety of designs can be found in a special publication of our portal dedicated to the construction of independent plasterboard walls and partitions .

Natural wood - the best , perhaps the material for furniture , but for the high-grade material would have to pay a lot

Natural wood - the best, perhaps the material for furniture, but for the high-grade material would have to pay a lot

  • Natural wood is traditionally an excellent material for making furniture.The old masters managed to build cabinets without a single nail, and some of these pieces of furniture made at the beginning of the last century, used until now.Wood has a number of very important advantages over other materials - it's environmental friendliness, natural natural pattern and relief, ease of handling and aesthetic appearance.
For many elements built-in furniture using plywood

For many elements built-in furniture using plywood

  • Plywood - is another material of which, too, can be made built-in furniture.Often it is used in combination with the wood sheathing plywood frames and making the panels.plywood manufacturing process involves the use of glue, so it can not be called environmentally friendly material to 100%, although there are varieties with minimal, almost zero emissions phenol substances.
The vast majority of the furniture in our time is made of chipboard or MDF

vast majority of furniture in our time is made of chipboard or MDF

  • chipboard - a stove, produced from sawdust and shavings, which are mixed with glue and then giving a predetermined shape by pressing.Then the plates attached to the aesthetic appearance of lamination or veneering.Such plates can be harmful to health or dangerous, depending on the adhesive which has been used in their manufacture.Soviet furniture often consists of plates produced according to GOST under strict control, so it can be called a relatively safe compared to current products completely unknown origin.If the furniture panels are purchased in the store, pay attention to the environmental safety of the group - for living rooms needed E0 or E1.
Features furniture fittings presented in specialized stores in a very wide variety of

Features furniture fittings presented in specialized stores in a very wide variety of

  • Besides materials for the manufacture of furniture, you need to find a suitable design modern accessories - handles, locks, canopies, rails, rollers, hangers, etc.Problems with these furniture accessories will not, because today they can be found in specialized stores accessories to any request and taste.

Where to install built-in furniture?

Built-in furniture - this is a great way out of the situation of small-sized or one-bedroom apartments.It can be mounted, as mentioned above, some of the walls, which were never used for their installation along the cabinets.In addition, it will fit perfectly into the wall and having a small surface area and are too small to install a standard cabinet.These areas of rooms mainly includes outer walls disposed therein with window openings, and interior - located in the middle with the door frame.

It would seem " useless ," the wall , but it can be used efficiently

would seem "useless," the wall, but it can be rational to use

walls around the windows usually try to close the curtains, even without thinking that it may be functional - so goes the vast majority of apartment owners.However, if the surface of the shelves fasten complex having a small depth sufficient to accommodate the book, the structure does not put the same curtains and eaves.They may be attached not only on the ceiling panels and the upper shelves.Having established such a structure, you can immediately see which area of ​​the room will be freed from the cabinet, and plan it for other purposes.

This room wall can be used only if it is completely dry and free of symptoms of mold formations, different pathogenic microflora quickly move to the book and its arguments will hover in the air of the room, that is dangerous to human health.

Paper - excellent insulation, and book rack mounted close to each other, create a kind of thermally insulating barrier, so the room will be warmer.

Built-in cabinets surround the door

Built-in cabinets surround the door

Another common option to install built-in cabinets - is the area around the interior walls or doors.Securing the furniture so that you can solve two problems - saving space and additional sound insulation of the room.

Dimensioning and preparation of drawing

If you choose to place a cabinet or shelves, you can begin to plan the location of the shelves and doors will be installed.The process of making sketches and drawings with accurate dimensions can be produced with the help of special applications - they can be found in the pages of the Internet.In case this way seem to be difficult, and it is suitable plain paper, pencil, ruler.

Key to successful installation of built-in furniture - an elaborate drawing

Key to successful installation of built-in furniture - an elaborate drawing

first version of calculation will be more accurate, since the program is designed not only to all the parameters of the cabinet, but the number and even the approximate cost of parts and fitting elements.

Video: example of the design closet using specialized applications

independent planning method helps to understand all the nuances on the spot, giving the opportunity to immediately make the necessary corrections.But over the drawing will have to work very carefully, because on it will be made all the necessary details.The special accuracy in the preparation of the scheme required, if the items are made to order for her in the studio.

If the object is built-in furniture constructed from chipboard, plywood or solid wood, with approximately the same thickness, the drawing for them are the same.When used for the manufacture of plasterboard or cabinet shelves, calculations are carried out taking into account the width of the metal profiles, from which the frame is to be mounted, so as the most narrow one is 50 mm in width and 27 mm in depth.

Built-in wardrobe with the back panel

This cabinet can be made of particle board, plywood or solid wood 16 mm thick.Built-in furniture equipped with a rear panel that covers the wall surface, and it serves as interior wall itself.

This model cabinet has a height of 2600 mm, width 2400 mm and a depth of 650 mm.This design provides the back panel, but it is possible and easy to fix the cabinet to the wall.

details for assembling the cabinet

Drawing cabinet interior design

drawing of the internal structure of the cabinet

For such a cabinet will need to make the following details:

Description Part details size mm number of parts,PC.
length Width height
side walls 2584 650 2
internal vertical partitions 2568 550 2
The bottom panel of the cabinet 2068 650 1
Ceiling cabinet panel with rounded corner 2584 650 1
Vertical extends beyond the cabinetpanel 2600 308 1
horizontal side shelves with rounded angles 634 285 3
drawers 2568 586 220 3
lower horizontal shelf 650 400 1
800 400 1
upper horizontal shelf 650 550 1
800 550 1
horizontal shelves above drawers 550 586 5
rear panels are made of plywood or MDF (5 mm thick) 2600 665 1
2600 816 1
2600 610 1
panel sliding doors 2600 694 1
2560 669 2
rollers set 2 sets
Guide rails for drawers 550 6 pairs
Holders for shelves 44
Metal tube diameter of 15 mm 816 1
665 1
Details Drawer:
front and rear walls 586 220 6
side walls 518 220 6
Bottomplate (plywood or fiberboard) 586 550 3
guides door- coupe with two lines of rails for movement 2068 50 kit (upper and lower)

Production of details

Manufacturing of parts for any furniture design - a rather complicated and time-consuming process that requires not only a high accuracy, some skill and increased accuracy, but also the availability of specialized tools for working on workpieces.

Illustration Brief description of the operation being performed
vm 1 first step is marking chipboard panels with the transfer to them the size of the project drawing and tracing the lines of cuts.
Further, all parts of the cabinet are cut.It should be noted that if the cut will be made manual hacksaw, it will require a lot of time and effort.Therefore, faster and more accurate work will, if it will carry out with the help of electric circular saw, or, in extreme cases, jigsaw.
To obtain a clean edge, burr, cut must be made with a fine-toothed saw.In addition, on the edge of the cut line is recommended to stick masking tape, which will save from the edge of the laminate chips.
If the edges still have turned out not absolutely equal, they need to trim a file, rasp or plane.
If you want to get a perfectly smooth edge detail or model has rounded corners and other straight-configuration, it is better to address to the workshop, where there is special equipment, which is produced accurate to the millimeter, cut all forms.
BM2 If the furniture is made of panels resulting from disassembly of the old walls, and the height of the panels is not enough to build conceived project, they will have to increase.
dv3 Connecting the individual sheets can be done in many ways - a "tongue and groove", using dowels, or with a special docking strap, which is set to glue the two parts of the panel on both sides.
Last connection method - the most simple and accessible, even to novice master.
The radii of curvature This cabinet model designed shelves with rounded corner.To
drank it nicely, you need to use the building or improvised compasses hold straight-cut line.