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August 12, 2017 18:06

Barbecue your own hands

Country rest on Sundays in most cases associated with preparation of delicious meat, fish and vegetable dishes on hot coals.Of course, you can always whip up a small barbecue to organize, even just digging in the ground deepening and come up with some kick to the grid or skewers.But, you see, is still much better and tastier, with a lower consumption of fuel products are prepared, in the case of special designs - barbecue, grill or barbecue.

Barbecue your own hands

BBQ with their hands

owners of suburban areas general , probably a sin not to have at their disposal such devices, stationary or portable.In the stores is a fairly wide range of such devices, welded metal.However, if the owner of the site has at least basic skills in carrying out construction work or in the processing and welding of metal is probably not present CCA bo bo for him to build a barbecue lshoy problems with his hands, to varying degrees of complexity.

What does the word "barb

Article Contents

  • 1 What does the word "barbecue"?
  • 2 simplest roaster barbecue for ten minutes
  • 3 metal brazier-barbecue from scrap materials
    • 3.1 Video: interesting model BBQ grill with oil lamp
  • 4 Stationary barbecue brick
    • 4.1 Choosing the best location for the complex BBQ
    • 4.2 foundation for a brick barbecue oven
    • 4.3 Simple variant without chimney
    • 4.4 Challenger - BBQ with a chimney
    • 4.5 Video:instructions for the construction of a barbecue set brick

First of all, you must understand that we must have, if the goal is to create a barbecue.

The etymology of the name is not entirely unique - there are several versions of its origin.The most plausible option seems to be linking it with ancient Greek , and then the Latin word «barbarus» , which meant alien, alien, alien culture.In our language, the word is gradually transformed into a "barbarian."

Возможно, слово "барбекю" пошло от "варварского" приготовления пищи в очагах и на кострах

Perhaps the word "barbecue" has gone from "barbaric" cooking in the centers and at the stake

Perhaps a way of cooking most of these semi-nomadic tribes - barbarians - in open fires or in the stone cave outbreaks, and lay down the basis of established names.But you will agree that this "barbaric" way all us very and very like!

How to make barbecue decided to build a barbecue oven?

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But the question immediately arises - found many recipes meals on the grill, grilled or barbecue cooking technology. What difference, what that subtlety that distinguishes one from the other?

By and large account, difference is small, but nevertheless it is.

  • Common BBQ usually represents some sort of metal or brick container for coals (box, box and the like .), On top of which lay down, or set the rotisserie grill , which are laid out products.The height of the installation at the same time is not regulated - delivery is always top edge of the barbecue.Top prepared foods freely blown air, which does not create any obstacles.In the box to make a hole for blowing air necessary for combustion of the wood and subsequent smoldering coals. No further traction in the grill, in principle, do not create - in the cooking process involved only transmissible by direct thermal heat radiation, which is immediately dissipated above skewers level or lattice.
Самый простой в "семействе" - обычный мангал

easiest in the "family" - the usual BBQ

This, apparently, is the simplest of these devices.Cooking meat on it requires certain skill, because the heat comes only from the bottom, and it is important not to overdo, not dry up towards the products, facing the fire.

  • Grill also involves cooking over charcoal, but the principle is the other - is important indoor volume , which is in the process.Meat products can also be strung on skewers or lined the grid over on who took glow glowing coals, but then be sure the grill lid closed.
Grilling requires a cover that is open on all sides of the space for food preparation

Grill requires a cover that is closed on all sides the space for cooking

hot air in a closed volume more evenly distributed, and the roasting process occurs simultaneously on all sides .Of course, the need for combustion air supply channels and outputs dyma¸ therefore grills are often supplemented by a small tube.

  • But roaster BBQ occupies an intermediate position between the usual barbecue and grill and is closest to the "cave", "barbaric" conditions of cooking meat.She reminds center with one open face.

For the barbecue is necessary or enclosed on three sides by the hearth ...

barbecue needs or closed on three sides of the hearth ...

Another option - when around lattice barbecue necessarily there a ledge, wall, which not gives immediately heat to disperse to the sides of the slightest breeze.

... Or wall - surrounded grille rim , delaying the heat at a certain height from the fried foods

... or wall-surrounded grille rim, delaying the heat at a certain height from the fried foods

walls of the rim, or focus too hot and are involved in the cooking process.It turns out a kind of thermal pad that envelops produ ct explaining the study and edges, and in the case of the focal type of barbecue - still and to some extent from the top.It is clear that in such circumstances the meat is cooked faster and much less risk than the grill it dry up or even burn the one side.As a rule, all the barbecue is thought out or that the ability to adjust the height of the lattice over the coals.

Artificial traction in the barbecue does not create - the more slowly moving hot air - the better.The barbecue focal type , of course, can not do without the organization of removal of smoke, but pipe should not be high - usually from broiler level to the upper tip - no more than one and a half meters.

Frankly, all three of these cooking devices so "closely related" to each other, which is very often quickly and easily transformed one to another.For example, installed or suspended below the level of the walls of the barbecue grill immediately transforms it into a barbecue.And if you close the lid on the barbecue or fireplace to cover the door, then, respectively, can be prepared by grill technology.

Barbecue , barbecue and grill are often easily transformed from one type to another

Grill, barbecue and grill are often easily transformed from one type to another

Perhaps part of the reader to follow the objection against such a gradation of devices for cooking on an open fire and charcoal, as a variety of opinions on the Internet at this expressed through a lot. Nevertheless , later in this article will be considered those options fabrication or construction brazier-barbecue, which are suitable according to the criteria described above.

options under consideration are in sequence from simple to complex , from time to portable brazier, and then - to the stationary complexes.

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simplest roaster barbecue for ten minutes

This option is available virtually all , even people, completely unpossessed building skills.By itself, the method of construction of such a brazier-barbecue is a lot like child's play with blocks.

To work needed:

- About a hundred bricks (item 1.).Their number may be less - it all depends on the height of the future "structures."

- metal sheet (2 pos.) And grille (3 pos.).The size of these elements should be approximately equal.In fact, their length and width, and will determine the amount of the brazier.

The scheme is simple brazier - barbecue, which can be laid out in a matter of minutes

scheme is simple brazier-barbecue, which can be laid out in a matter of minutes

masonry will be "dry", that is, no mortar is needed.

  • facilities necessary to prepare for a smooth and firm area, so that it is fireproof.For example, it is possible to spread a roasting pan on the compacted unpaved site cleared of dry grass.
  • on finished floor is laid out a circle of bricks laid flat, leaving gaps between them of about 50 mm for the free passage of air from the bottom.Immediately it should be put out by the diameter of a circle to compare with the size of the sheet and lattice - these metal elements must completely cover the it receives a "well".On given scheme laying one series involved 12 bricks.
  • Similarly neatly stacked still four rows, each with an offset to brickwork was « in dressing ».
  • top of the fifth series of stacked metal sheet.Its thickness should be at least 2 ÷ 3 mm, as it was on it will kindle the fire, burning wood and coals to smolder.
  • The next two rows of bricks will create a kind of focus.Principle masonry here remains the same as the bottom, but there is one feature - the front side of a brick is not reported to the bottom and, respectively, two in the second row (4 pos.).This will opening flue window through which will be downloaded and ignite firewood, coal tedding.
  • next step on the brick "well" fit metal grille , which will be posted and fried products.
  • Over lattice fit even two rows of bricks.At the same time should not leave gaps between them - around the brazier should form a continuous rim that was implemented by the "principle of barbecue."It is also permissible to leave the front of the small opening , for ease of manipulation spatula or tongs when turning fried products.

similar brazier can leave on site at year period, but if there is apprehension that the bricks and metal parts may simply "steal" in the absence of hosts , the not difficult its disassembleto close the material in the utility room.If you want to build a new barbecue will not be reflux ore and takes a lot of time.

metal brazier-barbecue from scrap materials

If the owner of the house has good skills in handling and welding of metal is a very good option can be a model of portable barbecue.Task even greater simplified in the case where there are old waste metal barrels or gas cylinders.

In principle, you can do even without welding - it is about this option and will it.Pictures in the left column of the table, you can see more, increasing their mouse click.

Image Description
1 Take normal standard metal barrel in good condition.It is important that before that it is not stored in inflammable products (such as gasoline).On the right flank
done outside marking - two parallel lines between the bottom and the lid.The site, which will be cut should be about ⅓ surface.The figure shows the markings made by two strips of tape (blue arrows).
Note the location of the filler neck barrel - almost on the far line marking level, with a slight shift back (red arrow).This is important, since the neck is then used for the chimney.
2 Transverse cutting line are scheduled about 50 mm from the Extractor lid and bottom connections, and should go strictly parallel to them.Then use the "grinder" cut the scheduled window.
It is very important to make the cuts as straight as possible and carefully, because the selected fragment will be used as a cover, and the gaps at its closure would have to be minimal.
3 Further work will be easier if you just build a stand for a future barbecue.
options here can be very much, but for example, simple design that does not require welding.The circuit shown in Fig.
be required segments of the pipe Ø 40 mm - 4 pieces of length 750 ÷ 800 mm (height, this will provide the most comfortable use of the broiler), and 2 pieces of the same length as placed on the horizontal surface of the barrels with the addition of another 150 mm in the upper attachment points.
Connection legs with rungs made screws for which holes are drilled in the pipes (arrow)
4 now turn to make a jumper, which will give the rigidity of the stand.And cheaper, and easier to make their wood, to be precise - they plywood at least 10 mm thick.For this
two strips are cut in length of 700 mm, and two - 900 mm, a total width of 150 mm.In two of these drill-holes are chosen crown Ø 42 ÷ 45 mm, equidistant from the center and the distance between the centers of the holes in the scheduled 500 mm.
The other two holes are the same, but the distance between centers is increased to 750 mm.This will give a small slope legs inward, increasing structural strength.
first pair of plywood pieces worn on the legs of both the pipe-metal frame halves (blue arrow).For greater rigidity of the jumpers are interconnected by means of screws cross bar, also made of plywood strips (red arrow).
By the way, this bridge can be made wider - then it will serve also as a quite convenient auxiliary shelf.
5 now - how to fix the wooden spacer jumper at the correct height?The easiest way to strengthen each of the legs of conventional collars - they do not give the plywood parts fall down.It is important to place this assembly no closer than 400 mm from the upper rungs, wooden items to burn from the heat when using the barbecue.
This fixation with clamps allow, if necessary, to quickly dismantle the entire structure, simply by loosening the screws and removing the parts from the legs.
Similarly installed and lower jumpers who have holes slightly wider apart.Their height I- 100 ÷ 150 mm from the ground level.Joining them cross member is not required.
6 All barbecue stand ready.It can be installed on top of the barrel and continue to work.The cylinder barrels securely between the metal beams (blue arrow), and ends rested in the connecting nodes (red arrow), which excludes its movement in any whatsoever way.The weight of the barrel all the stand construction, located at a slight incline, into the final rasklinitsya will be fixed.
8 continue to work on the most barrel.
main tools are a drill, screwdriver, wrench, as all connections are threaded.Use aluminum rivet is undesirable, since the thermal resistance of the metal is low.