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August 12, 2017 18:06

Sliding doors on the rollers with their own hands

Tightness standard urban apartments owners forcing them to use a variety of tools and construction, the operation of which will help save precious living space.Having made sliding doors on the rollers with your hands and install it in place of traditional swing, the owner will be able to make room for the installation of furniture, or simply to increase the space facilities.In addition, the sliding design is often installed in large openings between rooms and become a kind of mobile partitions, allowing, if necessary, to divide them into different rooms or combined into one large room.

Sliding doors on the rollers with their own hands

sliding doors on the rollers with your hands

dismantled in such a construction assembly principles, self-assemble and install sliding doors, saving on attracting artists, it is quite possible, if the hand has the necessary tools, and the owner has a stable skills carpentry andlocksmithing and due care.

Advantages and disadv
antages of sliding door constructions

Article Contents

  • 1 Advantages and disadvantages of sliding door constructions
  • 2 Species sliding doors
    • 2.1 Traditional sliding door coupe
    • 2.2 Cascade sliding design
    • 2.3 sliding design - "accordion»
    • 2.4 Curved sliding design
  • 3 Production and installation of sliding doors on rollers
    • 3.1 Materials for the assembling hanging door design
    • 3.2 Tools for
    • 3.3 Making leaf
    • 3.4 Mounting harness
    • 3.5 Video: Another example of setting an overhead roller door structure

choice of specific models of sliding doors dependsfrom the layout of the apartment, as well as designer decorated rooms.But before purchasing interior sliding systems, you need to learn not only about their positive qualities, but also about their weaknesses.

So sliding doors have the following positive qualities:

  • They provide considerable savings in space space.
  • Unlike swing design, sliding door will never be randomly opened and closed from drafts.
  • These doors help even visually expand a small apartment space.
  • advantage is the absence of certain types of structures such thresholds, which is extremely useful if you live in an apartment the elderly or the disabled, as well as small children.
  • sliding double doors is able to divide the room into separate areas, which helps to make optimal use of studio space.
Sliding doors allow you to save room space and become a good interior decoration

sliding door saves space of the room and become a good interior decoration

  • With the right approach sliding door is not as difficult to install and easy to operate.
  • sliding design can make to the standard layout of the apartment personality aesthetically transform.
  • Thanks to modern technology, the sliding door is not difficult to automate, and this distinctive feature can be called one of the key advantages over hinged structures.

However, it is equally important to know and "cons" of such doors as setting them, will need to comply with certain conditions of operation:

  • roller system and guide rail on which will move the door leaf, you must always maintainserviceable and clean, otherwise they may be damaged, and once the door gets stuck in one position.
  • Usually standard sliding design, as opposed to swing, incapable of qualitatively soundproof room separated as between the door frame and door leaf will remain, even small gaps.
  • door will not be able to contain and smells of cooking, if it is planned to install at the entrance to the kitchen area.
  • All design parameters during its installation should be well measurements, and its elements - fitted perfectly accurately vertically and horizontally, otherwise the door can pereklinilo.However, this requirement must extend to all types of door designs.
  • Installing double-leaf doors - a more complicated process than consisting of a single leaf, as the mobile web will need to accurately adjust not only to the doorway, but also to each other.
  • The high cost of sliding structures also can not be attributed to the merits.

Species sliding doors

There are several types of sliding doors.They differ in structure, appearance, and installing an operating mechanism.

All varieties of sliding doors have the same working principle, which distinguishes them from the hinged structures - they move along a horizontal line along the doors and walls.However, these systems are divided among themselves on the different types and can be:

- traditional sliding;

- cascade;

- folding - "accordion";

- Curved sliding.

Any of the existing structures can be single or mnogostvorchatoy.Thus, in mnogostvorchatuyu system may be included between two and four door panels.

If the door has not yet been selected, you should consider the characteristics of each type, and only then decide on the design.

Traditional sliding door coupe

Traditional sliding doors are divided into pendant, cassette ceilings, and having two rails - top and bottom.

  • design with upper and lower guide

This type of sliding door - the most common, and most often selected for installation in apartments, as it is considered the most reliable, of course, when properly exposed and fixed guides.In this construction, one or more flaps are moved on the upper and lower rails.

Door with upper and lower guide rails

doors with upper and lower guide rails

It should immediately be noted that this type of sliding doors is rather complicated for self-assembly, because it is necessary to fit perfectly together the upper and lower rails.

disadvantage of this system is the fact that the bottom rail is mounted on the floor, that is, or will form the threshold, or have cut out recess.The guide profile, which is set in the floor, be sure to gather dust and debris that can hinder, slow down, and sometimes even block the movement of the door leaf, so we need to be constantly very carefully monitor the cleanliness of the site.

  • Suspended sliding doors

Suspended designs are also quite popular, as it does not require the installation of the rail to the floor and do not have a threshold, and move only the upper guide.

Sliding doors suspended structure

sliding doors suspended structure

rail attached to the wall above the doorway or ceiling, depending on the height of the selected doors and premises.The guide can be positioned open or closed masking or decorative casing.

door leaf, in this embodiment, will be in limbo, at a distance of 10 ÷ 15 mm from the wall, so you need to take into account the fact that the wall in the direction which will open the door, put one of the pieces of furniture will not work.

Depending on how the interior will be decorated bezel, which will cover the upper guide can be fixed only on the part of the travel of the door or the wall-to-wall, and sometimes similar to "curb" feature and around the perimeter of the room.In the latter case, it will serve as a decorative element of the interior, and will also disguise the cornice for curtains.Option secure border on all walls of the room is possible, if the door guide will be high enough on the wall.

  • Suspended cassette sliding doors

This option sliding doors may have a suspension structure or move on two rails.Its main difference from previous versions is rails and the location inside of the doorway leaf.That is, when the door is moved along the guide, it will go into the recess adapted to its wall for this purpose.

Sliding door , cassette-type hides in a closed niche wall sheathing

sliding door, cassette-type hides in a closed niche wall sheathing

If such a design is chosen in a private house, it will usually provide advance in the construction of walls or partitions.Well, the apartment is formed from such a niche drywall construction, but in this case, we must note that the room size is reduced by about 100 ÷ 120 mm.

advantage of this option can be called a snug fit of the end side of the door when it is closed and no open gap between the wall and the web, which means that the sound insulation of rooms is much higher than in any other sliding design.

In addition, by setting such a variety of doors, you can free space in front of the wall and there, adding to the interior aesthetics and comfort.

However, given all the alterations that need to be produced by setting the cassette sliding doors, it is clear that the overall cost of their installation will be quite high, even if all the work yourself.

Cascade sliding design

Cascade option of sliding doors is arranged in the same way as the traditional, with upper and lower rails, but differs in that it consists of several blades, each of which moves in its individual rail.Therefore, such a system can be moved apart to form partitions, dividing the room into two zones, or be collected near one of the walls of the room and overlap only the width of one blade.

Cascade - sliding door partition

Cascade-sliding door partition

Such systems are typically used as partitions, but they may well become a wall with a door if it moved only one of the panels.Made like sliding design is most often made of natural or polymeric glass of different shades and has a height from floor to ceiling, so the bottom rails embedded in the floor, and the top fixed on the ceiling.

Very often, these systems are used to create glazed verandas or terraces - there is always the opportunity to turn the room into an open summer recreation area.

2016-03-02_113135 How can rational use the veranda or terrace

modern window and door designs allow full use of the house or room additions in the winter, and turn them open cozy seating areas in the summer.Example - sliding windows to the terrace about which is told in a special publication of our portal.

sliding design - "accordion»

sliding system "accordion" can act as partitions or doors.It consists of several webs of interconnected end loops.

Раздвижная складная конструкция двери - "гармошка"

foldable sliding doors - "accordion»

This is a fairly complex structure for independent manufacturing and assembly is best carried out with an invitation to an experienced specialist.

width of door panels may be different - depending on the size of the opening and the free space that can be allocated to the folded structure.

«accordion» system can be installed in a standard or wide doorway, as well as a partition dividing the room into zones.When setting it to act as partitions, guide mounted to the floor and ceiling.

The characteristic disadvantages of this design include the almost complete absence of sound and heat insulation.

Curved sliding design

curved sliding system give any room a special charm, but their installation will have to create a plaster semicircular wall.This kind of structures can be used for installation in the doorway of the room or to serve a full wall, installed from ceiling to floor.

Original sliding door radius design

original sliding door radius design

Radius option is installed on the upper and lower guide, and can walk on the outer or inner side of the wall, and to be built into it, that is, the empty cartridge will be inside the wall, which will hideleaf doors when they are opened.

Quality construction and correctly set design of this type is able to create a sufficiently high sound and heat insulation.However, if you have no experience in the installation of radius sliding door system and drywall constructions, but there is a great desire to have such a decorative and functional element in the interior of the apartment, it is better to entrust it to the installation of an experienced master - self-installation will be extremely difficult.

Production and installation of sliding doors on rollers

Materials for the assembling hanging door design

Suspension design is the easiest option for self-installation, so it is worth considering how to carry out all the work, and what materialsThey will be needed for them.

  • Depending on the size of the door opening is required, one or two of the door leaf.It should be taken into consideration massive canvases, as in this parameter will be selected hardware elements that should keep them aloft.

for hanging fabric structure should be larger than the doorway.

  • upper guide - rail, on which the web will move doors with roller mechanisms mounted on them.The length of the guide should be equal to twice the width of one or two door cloths.
The upper guide - metal profile .To this must be the same length of timber

upper rail - metal profile.To it needed a bar of the same length

  • wooden bar equal to the length of the rail, and having a size of at least 50 × 50 mm in cross-section - it will be fixed guide.
  • set of rollers and fixtures selected by weight and the thickness of one or two paintings.
Rollers are sold kits with all the necessary parts for installation

Rollers sold kits with all the necessary parts for installation

  • quality boards or panels framing the doorway - manufacture of boxes.
  • Three casing - two vertical and one horizontal, in the doorway, and bezel, which will close the timber and the guide, fixed on the doorway.In
  • structure, if desired, it can be integrated closer, it is set for easier closure of the door leaf.
  • One or two sets of handles for doors.
Handles for sliding doors , as a rule, choose recessed

handles for sliding doors are usually selected recessed

  • Anchors for fixing timber to the wall.
  • Self.
  • Fasteners for mounting casings and trim panels.
  • Mounting polyurethane foam to fill the gaps between the door frame and the wall.

The table below presents the dimensions of blades sliding design with a sash and the corresponding size of the doorways:

door coupe Size (width × height, mm) size doorway (width × height, mm) External dimension door unit with frames (width × height, mm) height mounting laying beams from the finished floor, mm Length laying timber, mm
borderless with frame