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August 12, 2017 18:06

Bath of cinder blocks with their hands

Even the owners of the private houses, "with all the amenities" that have which has and hot water and is equipped with a bathroom, all still in his most always reflect on their own bath.No bath or shower will not allow such relaxation, relaxation, mood and concept of the burst of vitality.And when you consider and even that room very often assumed as a place of relaxation and comfort in good company, you have the desire to build on the site is quite understandable.

Bath of cinder blocks with their hands

bath of cinder blocks with their hands

That's just not always build the traditional real timbered bath is afford - can not afford exorbitant costs of such construction, and good carpentry skills for self-erecting purchased quickly by no meansout.Therefore, many site owners are looking for alternative construction options that would inexpensive, and which could be perform himself, with the help of relatives or friends.For example, one option could be room cinder block with his hands.

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the specifics of the construction of a bath of breeze blocks - possible, is exactly what will be the most affordable for self-fulfillment.

few words about cinder block

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  • 1 few words about cinder block
    • 1.1 Video: Features, the main advantages and disadvantages of cinder blocks
  • 2 baths project
  • 3 Foundation for a bath cinder block
  • 4 masonry walls made of breeze blocks
    • 4.1 Preparation masonry mortar
    • 4.2 masonry monolithic cinder block
    • 4.3 masonry hollow cinder blocks
    • 4.4 Video: methods of masonrymonolithic cinder block
  • 5 Roof
  • 6 wall insulation cinder bath
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First we need to take a closer look this building material - cinder blocks.It is not quite common, so the construction of a bath will need to take into account some of its specific features.

As is clear from the name, these blocks at the beginning of his appearance made from waste steel industry.So simultaneously to some extent solved the problem of disposing of huge heaps of blast furnace slag and production of building materials.

Blast furnace slag - the usual abundant waste of large metallurgical enterprises

Blast furnace slag - the usual abundant waste of large metallurgical enterprises

slag is crushed, sorted fractions, initial training - moisture and then is mixed with cement 10 proportions: 1. This mass is fed to Plots molding, where it on a shaker filled with special forms, allowing to obtain a solid and hollow blocks.After that, the product comes to the area of ​​autoclave drying or steaming, which are rapidly gaining strength, the necessary storage and final "ripening".

produced a lot of different varieties of cinder block linear dimensions (as a rule - quite impressive, much more than a standard brick), and with varying degrees of emptiness .For example, in the table are a few varieties of industrial production units.

Monolithic wall cinder block cinder block with emptiness 28% cinder block with a hollowness of 30%, two cylindrical cavities
full 28 thirty
cinder block with a hollowness of 30%, three cylindrical cavities cinder block with a hollowness of 30%, four rectangular cavities cinder block with a hollowness of 40%
38 35 40

Production shlakoblokovengaged in many enterprises and private firms with access to cheap or even free source of raw materials.Often the owners themselves houses practicing independent production of the building material - form easy to do, and vibrating table - too.A processes with a ears can be carried out in the "atmospheric" conditions by posting your production area under a canopy to protect the shaped blocks from rain and direct sunlight.

By the way, the term "cinder block" can now hide blocks manufactured with the use of other loose materials, waste of industrial production or construction - broken bricks, crushed gravel or expanded clay and etc .

What are the advantages inherent in a cinder block:

  • simplicity and cheapness of production - cement requires quite a bit, but mostly filler generally worthless.Produce can be cinder blocks and own.
  • Commercially cinder blocks are usually very accurate geometrical dimensions, which simplifies the process of building walls .
  • Work with cinder blocks is easy, and their large size allows to raise the wall very quickly.
  • Material absolutely fireproof .

Unfortunately, the shortcomings and "weak points" in a lot of breeze blocks.Some need to be considered when at gaining lot of material with other have «struggle» during construction:

  • cinder blocks can not be attributed to a fully environmentally friendly materials.The catch - Original raw , as the blast furnace slag can often produce radioactivity, or contain chemical components unsound to humans.Therefore, when buying it is not necessary to rush too cheap goods, not having the certificate of conformity - unfortunately, not all manufacturers differ honesty in this matter.
Never be shy to request a certificate for acquired units

Never be shy to request a certificate for acquired units

  • units are not characterized by high frost resistance.Typically, this figure lies in their range of F15 ÷ F30 (deep freezing and thawing cycles).Then, the walls themselves will require good thermal insulation.
  • Slag - highly thermally conductive material, ie building them it would not have good protection from any winter cold, nor from the summer heat.In certain extent, this is solved by using hollow blocks, but cold bridges all still be very significant.It - still one argument to the fact that the bath of cinder blocks need reliable sided insulation.
  • blocks Material - hygroscopic, it absorbs moisture and tends to gradually collapse under its influence.This places special demands on the hydraulic and vapor barrier.It is Col a bath, then this protection will need to equip both sides with walls.
  • material has a very modest sound absorbing qualities, that is, quite freely passes from the street noise.However, this option is not so important for the bath.
  • Slag has high hardness , making it difficult to process (cutting, drilling, shtrobovku ), but is nevertheless quite fragile - crashed block can easily crack.So, special care and transportation, and the performance of work.
  • large size of the blocks is convenient for quickly carrying masonry walls, but it will require considerable physical effort, as weight in the blocks, especially solid wall - significant.
  • On the wall of cinder blocks very bad plaster is held.However, if the external wall insulation is carried out, the most used cladding facade panel materials.
  • We must be prepared for the fact that in the breeze, even monolithic, very securely fastened conventional dowels.Depending on the type of units will need to pick up a special attachment to the unstable, unconsolidated basis or for hollow walls.
Dvuhraspornye anchors

Dvuhraspornye anchors

All this is told in detail in order to host the site, planning the construction of a bath of breeze blocks, firmly learned that cheap material and high speed lift walls translate into a "pile" of other additional problemswho have anyway addressed.If this does not scare, it is possible to acquire (produce) blocks and start working.

Video: Features, the main advantages and disadvantages shlakoblokov

project baths

begin work without drawing project, even if it is not performed on all the architectural canons - is impossible.By embracing the self-construction, the owner must clearly to know in advance which part of the territory allocated for the construction of baths, what is its area.

Баня должна быть заранее "вписана" в территорию участка

bath should be in advance, "inscribed" in the territory

site is very useful information about the state of the soil to the desired location - depends on the type and depth of the foundation, sewer or drainage device pit.Provision should be made immediately, any necessary communications will be summed up (water, electricity, perhaps - gas pipeline) and how they will be put into a bath building (under ground or in the air).

Usually, too much on the type rustic plot bath is not erect, especially when it comes about the structure of cinder blocks.It is enough to be building up to a length of 6, up to 4, and the height of the walls up to 2,5 ÷ 3 meters.Such a compact structure is easy to heat with good thermal insulation.Even with such dimensions it is possible to divide the inner area 3 ÷ 4 rooms required in the bath - entrance hall (vestibule), recreation room, car wash (shower), and the steam room itself.

The project , drawn up by yourself in the CAD-application

project, independently compiled in CAD-application

Actually, the project is easy to make yourself and if there is at least basic skills in this area.For these purposes, developed a lot of application, with the Russian interface, relatively simple and intuitive.

He - in the 3D- projection

He - in the 3D-projection

Ease of still and that such an application can not only draw a plan with all the necessary size "setting in places" windows and doors.It is possible to switch to 3D mode - view, and even virtually "walk" around the building and its premises.

In addition, the program will help determine with the required amount of materials - they implemented this feature calculation .

When bath design must take into account a number of specific requirements - this is discussed in detail in the relevant article of our portal.

If the propensity to self-design no - does not matter.On the Internet and in the public domain, and certain fee you can find (or order) the right project, which will have like owners and will match the size of the selected area for the construction .

Having before our eyes the project, it is easy to calculate, and the required number of blocks for the construction of the walls of the bath.For example, let us turn to our drawing and the units, which are shown in the table above:

  • Suppose selected blocks emptiness 40%.The size of the one on the front side - 390 × 188 mm .At 10 m m m ozhno safely give to the seam thickness.Thus, with an acceptable approximation accuracy can be take 400 × 200 mm .Thus, a useful one block area of ​​0,08
  • height of the walls of the future baths project - 2400 mm .It is easy to calculate that it would take to put 12 series.
  • define Perim mp rear anija and multiply it by the height - get the total area of ​​the walls:

(6,2 × 2 + 3,7 × 2) × 2,4 = 47,52

  • Divide the total area in the area one block.So, for the construction of solid walls need:

47,52 : 0,08 = 594 block

  • On the walls we have: one door size 0 , 88 × 2, 0 m , two windows 0,9 × 1, 2 m and one ventilation window 0,2 × 0,8 .There will be no clutch, so that this area can be deducted:

0,88 × 2,0 + 2 × 0,9 × 1,2 + 0,8 × 0,2 = 4,08

  • Divide obtained in the block area:

4,08 : 0,08 = 51 block

  • subtract them from the total number:

594 - 51 = 543 unit .

  • Probably, it makes sense to have at least a small margin.Add still 7 pieces for even account - 550 blocks.

Calculation other materials necessary for the construction and finishing is carried out by other methods, but they are beyond the scope of this publication - all this can be easily found on the pages of our portal.

After drafting and implementation calculations can proceed directly to the construction of the bath.

funda nt to I baths cinder block

work begins with the markup site, the binding provisions of the future structure in accordance with the plan of the site.If necessary , made planning (alignment) site, removal of stones, tree stumps, and other dimensional interference for construction.

Further work will depend on what type of foundation will be elected for a bath.Large loads are not supposed to - a small building, but without a reliable support nonetheless - can not do.And the foundation of choice mainly depends on the characteristics of soil at the site of construction.

on a stable, dense, rocky or sandy soil it is possible to do columnar foundation, raising it to a height of 300 ÷ 500 mm from the ground level.Poles-reliance in this case will need to link the reinforced concrete belt - raft, which will basis for further masonry.This method makes it possible quite significantly save on cement consumption.

Pier foundation , tied with a reinforced concrete raft foundation

pier foundation, tied with a reinforced concrete raft

If the soil unstable, clay, prone to swelling, the have pour a strip foundation.The main condition - the tape must rise above ground level at 400 ÷ 500 mm.This is because, as already mentioned, cinder really "does not like" water, so we need to prevent and capillary its lifting on the cap, and getting bry sr etc. and rain, and the Comte kt bl shackles with snow drifts.If you can not pour concrete strip to such a height, that have cap put on the desired height of the water-resistant silicate bricks or other units.

After pouring the foundation it is necessary to open up to the base and be sure to seal the wall (pillars) special mastic asphalt or bitumen roll materials on the basis of the level of at least 200 ÷ 300 mm from the ground, and better - to the top.

Strip foundation with a damp-proof walls

Strip foundation with a damp-proof walls

Whatever the foundation of any life erected , after full readiness of its horizontal plane is subject to mandatory waterproofing of 2 ÷ 3 layers roofing material, the best - laid on the hot-melted mastic. blocks Masonry will it is from this insulation coating - so completely the threat of capillary penetration of moisture from the soil will be eliminated on wall.

Waterproofing horizontal foundation tape

Waterproofing horizontal foundation tape

When preparing the foundation we must not forget about leaving channels in the belt for the communications channel or for ensure ventilation of the underground space.