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August 12, 2017 18:06

MDF wall panels installation with their own hands

Wall decoration MDF panels has recently become more popular due to the fact that using them can lead quickly to order a large surface area enough.In addition, the installation of the panels did not take long, because they do not have to wait for drying multiple layers, such as in the case of plastering work.On the hand, and then plays that leveled surface E does not need any additional finishing, as with drywall.Another advantage of this material may be called an affordable price for it.

MDF wall panels installation with their own hands

Panels MDF wall installation with their own hands

Panels MDF wall installation with their own hands which can be carried out even in the event that absolutely no experience in this work, are set quite easily.The main thing - to understand the principle of a liner, hold the preparation surface, and pay special attention to accurate calculation and markup.

What is MDF?

Article Contents

  • 1 What is MDF?
  • 2 tools for finishing works
  • 3 main methods of installation of MDF panels and the necessary mate
  • 4 Prepare wall surface for facing MDF panels
  • 5 Mounting frame structure
    • 5.1 Carrying markup
    • 5.2 Wooden frame
    • 5.3 Metal frame
  • 6 Installation MDF panels to the frame
  • 7 Installation MDF panels glue
  • 8 Advantages and disadvantages of wall decoration panelsMDF
  • 9 Video: how to mount MDF panels on the walls

abbreviation "MDF" stands for finely-dispersed fraction, from which it is made and decoration material, including - and wall panels.MDF manufacturing process is a dry compression mass of fine wood shavings and sawdust, with the use of high temperatures and pressures.For ligament weight it added urea-formaldehyde resins modified with melamine, which prevents the evaporation of formaldehyde, chemically linking it (class of formaldehyde emission - E1).MDF panels are considered to be environmentally friendly material, so they are not allowed to use for interior decoration.The principle is similar to the installation of panels with the installation of natural wood lining, but they have a lower price than the last.

Installation There are two ways of wall panels MDF - fixing them on the skeleton crate or fixation to the wall surfaces using adhesive type "Liquid nails".This adhesive is used for mounting not only of wood products, and its products, but also for sealing cracks, since it contains the filler of sawdust.If Shpatlevanie defects will be visible on the remaining sections of the wall, it is necessary to choose the glue putty color to repaint any areas not allocated on the general background.

A wide variety of wall panels MDF

wide variety of MDF

Panels MDF wall panels are manufactured in a wide variety of colors and can be textured moth-eye pattern, simulating various types of wood or stone, so they can be matched to any interior design.Additionally, the panel can be easily combined with each other and can be mounted vertically or horizontally, depending on what effect purports to obtain masters.

For example, if the ceiling is too high, and makes the room uncomfortable, you can install panels horizontally using different hues alternately.If you need to visually raise the wall, the panels are installed vertically.

Visual ceiling height correction of MDF panels of two colors

visual correction of the height of the ceiling panels MDF two shades

panels are made of different lengths and widths, so before you choose the color and shape of the material, you need to consider what the effect will need to achieve.

tools for finishing works

to work more comfortably, you need to prepare in advance tools that speed up the installation of finishing material, making it as simple as possible.Thus, the tool will need:

  • Electric jig saw or vertical saw.
  • Building level and plumb.
  • Roulette, metal ruler and building area, a pencil or marker.
  • electric drill, screwdriver, or even an ordinary screwdriver.
  • staple gun.
  • Hammer.
  • pliers.

main methods of installation of MDF panels and the necessary materials

For MDF installation will require certain auxiliary materials.Moreover, the purchase of some of them will depend on the choice of fastening method.

Mounting panels on the walls can be carried out in two ways:

  • adhesives.
  • framing.

Both methods can be used to install the panels in a private home or in an apartment, but for adhesive mounting, observe the main condition - the wall must be perfectly flat.Therefore, if the panels are glued to the surface, it is first necessary to align the drywall or painting and plastering method.

expression How to align the wall in the home?

There are several technologies available leveling walls in rooms .They can be found by clicking on the links to the special publication of our portal.

for mounting panels on the glue required quite a bit of support materials - is part of "liquid nails" and fitting elements.

If you want to level uneven wall cladding using MDF panels, with the cover of her communication or conduct heat insulation and sound insulation, you must first install the frame that displays all future surface in a single plane.

frame for the installation of the panels can be made of timber or metal profiles.I must say that it is easier to carry out MDF mounting on wood material, since this fit the nails or staples stepplera.When installing panels on a metal profile will be necessary for metal screws, and in this case do not manage without a screwdriver.

When using the frame, between the main wall and facing inevitably a gap in which there will be a ventilation air circulation - these conditions are very "attractive" for mold and mildew.Therefore, before installing the battens must always conduct an audit of the wall.If it is wet, it will need to be dried first, and then treated with a special antiseptic compounds.On the outer thin wall still better like lining does not establish, as it quickly will become worthless, and in addition, in the room over time will create an unfavorable climate, which can cause allergic reactions among the residents.

for installation of wall panels to the frame will need the following materials:

  • Wooden lumber treated antiseptic compositions, section 15 × 30, 20 × 30, 20 × 40 or 20 × 50 mm, or a metallic galvanized profile - the same as that usedwhen installing drywall.
  • Insulating material - polyethylene foam selected thickness.
  • Metal straight hangers, which will help to put the guide exactly on the same plane.
Direct suspension

Direct suspension

  • Klyaymery to secure the panels to the frame.
Klyaymer for concealed fixing panels to guide battens

Klyaymer for concealed fixing panels to guide battens

  • small nails or staples.
  • dowels for mounting brackets (suspensions), or directly to the wall rails.
  • Screws on wood.
  • fitting profile elements - corner and plinth.It should be noted, corner design for MDF panels is convenient because it can be used for decorating both external and internal interface of planes, even from different angles.
The profile area for finishing MDF panels lining the walls

profiled corner finishing MDF paneled walls

Prepare wall surface for facing MDF panels

surface preparation can be carried out only if it is dry.If you find it on the signs of high humidity, you must first determine the cause of the phenomenon, and then try to fix it.Crude wall to close any of the panels does not.

If such obstacles to the installation of MDF panels are missing, like a skeleton system and for gluing performed about the same surface preparation wall.It consists of several steps:

  • Cleaning wall.

If the wall is papered wall-paper, they definitely need to remove completely, or in an enclosed space they can become a breeding ground for mold or insects.Qualitatively new wallpapers, which are difficult to remove, you must first wet with water or steam the same with the help of an iron, and then clean off the spatula.Sometimes you have to resort to the use of specific products for removing wallpaper.

Old wallpaper must be sure to remove

Old wallpaper must be sure to remove

If the wall is plastered and whitewashed or painted high quality water-based paint, then clean it necessarily.

  • Processing wall.

In the case where the wall there are mold spots, the surface should be sure to "treat" - treat with a special compound "Antiplesen" or concentrated the usual means for bleaching linen - "White".Prior to treatment, the surface is recommended for the maximum possible depth clean spatula.When applied composition will be absorbed and dries, the wall should be more time to clean the spatula, and then repeat the treatment.It is advisable to clean the affected area of ​​the fungus to the ground, that is removed at this point, the plaster is fully and well handle the main wall itself.

"Лечение" пораженных участков стены антисептическими составами

«Treatment» antiseptic compositions lesions walls

This work should be carried out in compliance with the mandatory safety measures, a respirator or a special mask to prevent inhalation of the particles affected by a fungus plaster.

  • Sealing cracks.

If after removing the wallpaper or "weak" plaster on the wall will show up the cracks, they are advised to close up, especially when planning the placement under the MDF panels heat and sound insulation.Cracks must be sealed so that they do not become cold bridges, as well as a place where moisture accumulates, can find shelter various insects, or still the same mold.

Burke first cracks in breadth and depth , ...

Cracks beginning Burke in breadth and depth, ...

to putty or plaster is well kept in the lumen of the crack, it needs a little to widen and deepen.It was then purified by remnants of the old plaster and treated using brushes primer deep penetration.

... And then densely filled with repair mortar

... and then densely filled with repair mortar

After drying the primer composition crack sealed with putty or a mixture of plaster solution.It is necessary to try to extended the gap was filled for all its depth.

  • primer surface.

next step is priming the entire surface of the walls.Moreover, it is necessary to choose a primer composition containing antiseptic ingredients that will withstand the emergence and development of mold and other harmful to human manifestations.

Required operation - careful priming the entire surface of the wall

Mandatory operation - careful priming the entire surface of the wall

If you plan to sheathe the wooden walls, it is recommended to choose primer, which include not only antiseptic, but also flame retardants - they will increase the fire resistance of wood.

primer is applied to the wall with a roller two - three layers, each of which before applying the next must thoroughly dry.

  • Installing insulation material.

Further, if the panels are attached to the crate, you can move on to the gluing of insulating material.For this purpose, well-fit "penofol", which is glued onto the primed surface.

Самый удобный в работе - "пенофол" на самоклеящейся основе

most easy to use - "penofol" on the basis of self-adhesive

Today the market can find a self-adhesive "penofol" - it is very easy to fix on the wall foil side of the room, removing the protective film substrate.If such material is not found, then it sold the usual "penofol".His raskraivajut height walls and stick to the glue "TEPLOFLEX" caused an even layer on the surface of the wall or directly on the heater.Fabrics "penofol" pressed against the surface, and with a rubber spatula from under him driven out air.

Проклеивание стыков соседних полос "пенофола" скотчем

Bonding joints adjacent bands "penofol" tape

sheets of material are mounted back to back, and then the adhesive must be given to dry, after which the joints are glued special foiled tape.

Mounting frame structure

Carrying markup

If you decide to make installation of MDF panels to the frame, you must first define how the elements will be installed vertically or horizontally, as fromthis factor depends on the location of the guide battens.For the horizontal orientation of the panels guide battens are mounted vertically.Conversely, when the panels are mounted vertically, the frame elements are installed perpendicularly to the horizontal.

frame is fixed on top of the insulating material between the guide battens Step is usually chosen in the range 500 ÷ 600 mm from each other, and they must be installed perfectly level.

To find a perfect vertical line, it is necessary to use a plumb with a colored cord with which to beat off the wall straight line.If the lines are kicking on the surface of the foil, then immediately after weaning, each further stands out in black marker with a ruler.

Spacing of vertical lines

Spacing vertical line

To determine the horizontal level resort to help.The most accurate results will give a laser or water.If no such tool, you can use an ordinary building, driving in the middle of the bubble with the utmost care.Outlining currents, they are also connected via lines dyed filament.

to conduct markup will be quite easy to correctly fasten the guide battens.

When markup is necessary to consider that the first guide frame is set at the intersection of the two surfaces, that is, in a corner or along the surface of the floor.The first pillar will serve as a reference line for the other elements, according to established step.

Wooden frame

The easiest way to mount MDF panels on wooden crate

easiest to mount MDF panels on wooden crate

Wooden sticks, despite the marking line, when installed on a wall is still checked on the building level flatness.Then, they are fixed to the wall with dowels, which right through the bars drilled holes into which plastic anchors are hammered, then they are screwed screws (or used precast dowel-nails).Fasteners are installed at a distance of 350 ÷ 400 mm apart.The length of the dowels or screws is chosen in such a way that they went into the thickness of the wall not less than 50 ÷ 60 mm, and this parameter is added to the thickness of the timber battens, given that the cap screw is completely recessed into the wood.

Rail mount directly to the wall

rail mount directly to the wall

more difficult to withdraw all crates stand on the same level, if the wall requires balancing the crate, and the bars themselves will have to fix on hangers.In this case, the frame assembly is done the same for wooden bars and metal profiles.

When the roughness of the walls are fixed on straight guides at a predetermined position hangers

When irregularities of the walls are fixed to the rails straight hangers in position

On the wall on the first marking lines are fixed suspensions.They are fixed on the wall with two anchors maintaining the spacing between adjacent 350 ÷ 400 mm apart.