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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to make a chest of drawers with their hands

Chest - this is a very popular piece of furniture that does not go out of fashion for several centuries in a row.Its design varies depending on the style of interior, but the essence is still the same - comfortable to use, compact, but roomy cabinet with countertop on top.

How to make a chest of drawers with their hands

How to make a chest of drawers with their hands

To answer the question, how to make a chest of drawers with his own hands, we must first decide what it should be in height and width, as well as drawers must be the owners.Therefore, first of all, is a sketch or drawing, which are put down all the dimensions, taking into account the place, which can be set aside for such a stand-in wardrobe.On the basis of the developed drawing produced estimates of the number of necessary materials, made their purchase.

Chest can be made from natural wood or chipboard.High-quality wood and its processing cost is definitely more expensive than wood composite, but it is not only environmentally friendly material, but also more durable than a mo

lded plate of chips and glue.

If a task to perform is really beautiful and comfortable piece of furniture, it is very important to choose high-quality materials and manufactured out of it, just the size, all the details, which are then to be well, until smooth, handle and adjust to each other.

However, the first step is still selected chest model, depending on its purpose and the growth of the owner, so that the combined and capacity, and ease of use.

Common model dressers

Article Contents

  • 1 Common model dressers
    • 1.1 Standard linen drawers
    • 1.2 Chest-case
    • 1.3 Chest Nursery
    • 1.4 chest with an open shelf for the living room or bedroom
  • 2 preparation example, parts processing and manufacturing chest
  • 3 «Classic» chest of drawers with six drawers
    • 3.1 design details
    • 3.2 Ground chest
    • 3.3 frame Making
    • 3.4 frame Mounting on the basis of
    • 3.5 Installation of the front frame
    • 3.6 countertop chest
    • 3.7 drawer
  • 4 chest with fivedrawers
  • 5 chest with a table for baby changing
  • 6 Video: chest with his hands - "debriefing»

Cabinets are manufactured in different versions, depending on the purpose of their use.And in order to correctly determine the choice, it is advisable to consider several models.

Standard linen drawers

Traditional chests were always intended for storage of clothes and small items of clothing.In contrast to the massive construction of cabinets, they occupy a small area and look quite aesthetically pleasing.Therefore, this piece of furniture is quite popular today.

"Классический" тип бельевого комода

«Classic» style underwear chest

Its convenience is a compact storage of different things apart from each other, so you can easily find them.Chest of drawers for clothes can be equipped with a different number of drawers with a width of the structure, they can be from two to six, but there are other models that provided a greater number of smaller drawers lockers.

And, of course, "usable area" and becomes a countertop where they ask and decoration items interior room.


Bureau may have a different shape and height.Since the hallway is usually a small area, it is more suitable for narrow and compact high-case option, which is also quite roomy.

The elongated vertical dresser -case

elongated vertical dresser-case

It can be stored raznosezonnaya shoes, a variety of means to care for her, as well as hats and scarves.For all these things, one way or another, it is necessary to find a place, and it may well be a comfortable piece of furniture, a chest of drawers, pencil case.

Chest Nursery

chest for a child's room can be called a necessity, since it is able to replace several pieces of furniture.The special design with a hinged panel that opens and closes as needed, so as not to interfere with the use of the drawers.

Chest of drawers for children

chest for a child's room with folding table for swaddling baby

in a chest of drawers can accommodate a large number of children's accessories and necessary baby items, distributing them on the boxes.Since this piece of furniture is small enough, it will not clutter up the space of a children's room, which is very important for a child.

not become the accessory furniture unnecessary and when the baby grows up, as in the chest, you can store not only clothes, but also toys.If the cabinet originally decorated in pastel shades of children, that as children get older it can be painted in other, more "adult" colors.

chest with an open shelf for the living room or bedroom

This option dresser is perfect for the living room.On it you can set the TV and open cabinets used to store books that I want to have on hand.In closing the boxes perfectly will hide various little things, which in any home is always enough.

Chest of drawers with the top shelf

chest with an open top shelf

In this bedroom dresser is an excellent bedside tables, suitable for storage of linen, night lamp installation and other commonly used accessories in the room.

It is suitable for such a structure and a bathroom, but in this case, for its production need to choose exactly natural wood, which is to be processed vlagoottalkivayuschey compositions.

From information as functions capable of performing this piece of furniture, and how it is comfortable to use, it begs the logical conclusion that the chest of drawers can be considered a necessity for most homes and apartments.If there was a desire to make it yourself, before you start working, it is necessary to familiarize with the process technology to be able to realistically assess their own strength.

Sample preparation, processing and manufacturing parts of the chest

On how accurately fabricated and machined parts, in the most direct extent will depend on the quality and appearance of the finished product, so to begin to consider the nuances of this process.

details for each model are made on a specific drawing, and their connections can be various different.The following table presents the various moments of the treatment of wooden parts and assembly designs chest, which often raise questions.By the way, the above example can also be seen as a "role model" and fit the model demonstrated by chest by its size.

dresser shown in Table boards made of natural timber and 20 mm-thick plywood with a thickness of 10 mm inserts.

Illustration Brief description of the operation being performed
KO1 edges of the board must be perfectly smooth, for this they are cut, processed on Planer.
KO2 Even better, there are at the disposal of thickness planer, passing through which the boards become perfectly accurate thickness dimension.
can certainly undertake this process manually, but it takes much more time and effort.
So it makes sense to produce blanks contact the carpentry shop.
to 3 For boards of solid panels, glued them together and pull together in the clamp, leaving in a position to complete drying of the adhesive.
To avoid damaging the wood clamps, gathered panel obkladyvayut timbers, and have it installed clamp and tighten them.
to 4 grooves and spikes in the bars are cut with a router with a special nozzle.
machine can be a professional stationary or hand, but the skill of working with no need anyway.
to 5 The image shows the connection of two bars on a "groove-joint."Thus collected
frame of which consists in some designs a frame drawers.
to 6 Connection frame bars carried on carpenter's glue and certainly contracted in clamps to complete drying.
to 7 Rama during its assembly must be constantly checked for evenness of right angles.This is done
square and sounding diagonal.
to 8 To check the squareness of the design and quality of the subsequent drying of the connecting nodes, the frame is placed in a special pattern, assembled from plywood and timber, fixed exactly at a right angle.
straighten the frame for a pattern in its connection angled drive in one thin nail.
rj9 in the side walls, which are made from previously glued to the boards and the dried boards at the edge of the cut with a router slot - the so-called quarter.
It will help connect denser parts that will make the design more rigid.
rj10 Then, on the side walls are marked and cut grooves into which are glued into the frame-support under the boxes.
grooves are cut with a router and trimming chisel.
slot Home must be located at a distance of 15 mm from the edge of the panel.15 mm -
rj11 , in this case that the frame is firmly in the groove on it to cut corners, equal sized groove depth and distance from the edge of its remoteness.
rj12 Further, the grooves are coated with adhesive, and they set the frame tightly.
to 13 upper frame mounted on the glue in the cut edge on the side panels of a quarter, an additional fixed nails or thin screws in increments of 100 ÷ 120 mm.
to 14 The illustration shows the fixing of frames on in the design.
ko15 When the glue dries in the design, it is rotated and laid down the front side.
By turning the structural elements may be slightly shifted, so be sure to check the squareness by measuring diagonal.They must of course have the same length.
ko16 next step of plywood 10 mm thick cut out the back wall of the structure, its edges are processed.
was then placed in a selected lateral quarter panels.
sheet is fixed to the wall nails or screws, which hats should always sink into the wood.
Then, chest lifted and mounted on the bottom panel.
ko17 In this model, the space between the top two frames should be divided by placing two boxes.For this
determined middle front of the chest, and in this place set the vertical segment of the board.
This bridge will not only separating element, but also make the structure more rigid.
baffle is fixed in the right spot marked by self-tapping screws through the top and bottom of the frame, with the obligatory preliminary reaming thin holes for fasteners to prevent cracking.
ko18 Then, you can proceed to the manufacture of drawers.
The hardest part of this process - this Teeth angles that form the manual will be almost impossible, so without a special machine with a milling attachment can not do.
to 19 Before you start to cut teeth in the boards at the edge of a quarter cut for precise docking of two panels.
They are fixed in a special clamp located on the edge of the workbench.One board is placed horizontally, the other vertically, abutted against each other in the selected quarter.
edges of the boards are moved relative to each other in the tooth pitch.
Then they clamped on top of the template on which will be made cutouts.
to 20 cutouts are made with a router designed for the process configuration selected cutter - straight or "dovetail".
ko21 In this photo you can see that the connection cut cutter teeth simultaneously on one and the other board.
Thus, after she joined the panels of the panel will be reversed, and the edges are aligned, the teeth and grooves should be ideally suited to each other.
ko21a addition studs for angle joints to build the structure in all three boards box-walls and the front wall of a router slots are selected, which will be installed in the plywood bottom panel.
to 22 next step are assembled box walls.Teeth finger joints are aligned with each other and gently rap wooden mallet.
to 23 Thereafter, the grooves walls of the bottom part is pushed, and then installed and the front of the box.
ko24 Next, control performed evenness corners - it Gaugeable diagonal box.Then the plywood bottom is fixed to the front of the box board using nails.
to 25 Then, on the box front wall facade panel fixed to which, in turn, bolted selected pen.
ko26 If you plan to raise the commode on legs connected by arched bridge, as shown in the illustration, the Markup for convenience, you must first make a template.
ko27 For making legs, three boards are fastened to the first gear corners (Shipov) connection.
then made markings on the pattern on the front board.
Further, two arcs are connected by a straight line which is drawn with a ruler (on the horizontal level).
ko28 By the same token, and using the same template and made markings on the sides of the base.
ko29 Then, on the marked lines using a jigsaw made a neat cut-outs, and then processed by their edges.
to 30 When the legs are cut and connected, at the upper edge of the resulting structure is glued and then screwed with screws bar which will create the necessary space for installation on top of his chest box with inner frame.
to 31 Further, the upper edge of the stand under the chest of drawers need to elevate - for that it is treated with curly cutter.
to 32 Then, flip the dresser again, to be able to secure the legs to the bottom frame.Construction
legs planted on the first adhesive and then fastened with screws.
to 33 the back of the chest to the legs glued and then screwed triangular scarf, made from the lower part of it under the cut timber, fixed to the side legs.
to 34 upper edge is screwed to the side of the leg and the lower frame to frame.
This ensures rigidity chest stand.
to 35 next step is cut out and tried on countertop.
In the frame beneath it are marked the place where will be made and countersunk holes through which the panel is locked to the frame and the side frame using dowels inserted into it.
to 36 Next worktop is fixed to the upper frame structure below, screws having a length of 5 mm less than the total thickness of the boards and countertops frame underneath.