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August 12, 2017 18:06

Warm wooden entrance doors

Despite the emergence of a wide variety of construction materials, wood for centuries is not out of fashion.The reasons for this popularity lie in its unique qualities of this material to create a cosiness in the house and transform his appearance.An important advantage of wood can be called its ecological purity, low thermal conductivity and, with proper treatment, an enviable longevity.Modern technologies and tools provide new opportunities in wood processing and increasing its surface to perfection and at the same time emphasizing the natural beauty.

Warm wooden entrance doors

wooden entrance doors insulated

wooden entrance doors insulated various models and designs can be found in specialty stores or ordered from specialized companies engaged in processing of wood and manufacture of her door sets.However, if desired, and possession of basic technological skills to perform joinery, wooden door with insulation it is possible to do on their own.

Moreover, it should be noted, if the wood itself will be of high quality a

nd the necessary pre-processing, in the process of manufacturing the door can be done without expensive professional tools.Of course, in this case, the work will take more time and effort, but after spending the assembly yourself, you can save a decent amount.

As you know, during the cold season of a heated inside the house heat loss occurs through the different elements of the building design, and the doors are no exception.So, how to qualitatively produced and insulated box and its door, and depends total heat losses.

Species entrance doors

Article Contents

  • 1 Species entrance doors
    • 1.1 Timber massive doors
    • 1.2 paneled doors
    • 1.3 Frame and panel board design
  • 2 Tools for
  • 3 materials for the manufacture of doors
    • 3.1 How to choose a wood?
    • 3.2 How to apply insulation?
  • 4 Manufacturing and insulation panel doors
  • 5 Fabrication and insulation of framing the door
    • 5.1 Video: making a simple insulated door frame type

Front doors can have different designs, respectivelyand made them to different technologies.Thus, they can be massive, paneled or carcass.

Timber massive doors

Doors made of solid wood often does not even require insulation

Doors made of solid wood is often even do not require insulation

Massive doors are made of high-quality boards, a minimum thickness of 50 mm, which is connected between a tongue and groove joints in one plane.Massive web may have a flat surface or carved.Relief can simulate paneled design or have the original drawings with different landscapes, animals, plants, or fancy folk designs, etc.

Carved decorations massive doors

Carved decorations massive doors

To input a massive doors are mainly used for dense tree species structure, such as larch, cedar, oak and others with a beautiful textured pattern and color tone.

board should be allowed to dry in moderation and have high-quality processing.This door generally and does not require special insulation as wood selectable for it generally has low thermal conductivity.However, in this case, it is very important to produce high-quality thermal insulation of the door frame.If the door will be installed in a private home in the region with severe winters, it is often from the inside sheathe imitation leather with a thin insulation, for example, izolona.

Massive doors are selected not only for installation at the entrance to a house or apartment, but inside the premises, as well as in the bath.

paneled doors

wooden paneled doors can be completely made of natural wood or laminated veneer lumber, but are often used, and composite materials such as MDF - for the production of panels.This model is also suitable for installation in the entrance, but it is still often used for doorways of apartments or private houses located in areas with mild winter climate.Often, to use a similar design as input, it is placed inside the heating material, lockable leatherette.

Very popular panel doors

very popular panel doors

Paneled doors themselves are not enough to "warm" the assembly, as parts of which it is made, can be made of different materials, have different thickness, density, heat-conducting qualities.

If the belt is assembled from different species of wood, differing in color and texture pattern, in order to achieve harmony of aesthetics and appearance, parts glued over natural veneer, which further reduces the thermal conductivity of the material.

paneled structure is made of solid or laminated veneer lumber, it includes top, bottom, one or more of the average horizontal beams and vertical mullion (also takes place one or more).Horizontal cross member are "stiffened" to fabrics, and it is found more of these elements, the lower the risk of deformation of the structure.

Basic structure of paneled doors

basic design paneled doors

design elements are interconnected finger-jointed, and then fastened by means of pegs.

The windows, which forms the skeleton glued panels made of MDF or natural boards, treated on the edges of a router.The thickness of the edges of the panels panels should be about ⅓ frame beam.Panels installed in selected them in the frame tool bar grooves or fixed shaped glazing bead.It should be noted

- despite the fact that the paneled door consists of numerous elements glued together, the qualitative performance reliability and it is not inferior to the strength of solid.

Paneled doors of the present masters, sometimes have a cost in excess of the price of the massive structure, as much in the definition of this criterion depends on the breed and the manufacture of the material from the aesthetic design.

Frame and panel board design door

Frame doors can be described as the most common option, as they are mostly affordable.There are, of course, quite expensive and model - this parameter will depend on the materials from which the frame structure is made, its filling and finishing.

The front door frame type

front door frame type

frames of this type of doors made of solid wood or laminated veneer lumber.For the external cladding used MDF, chipboard or linings made of natural wood, 10 mm thick, of varying width, which is mounted horizontally, vertically, diagonally, or making to various geometric figures.The variety of material used as insulation filler.This criterion guided, choosing a door at the place of its installation or climatic conditions of the region.So, as a thermal insulation material used foam, mineral wool, shavings, cardboard or paper honeycomb.Sometimes

frame consists of strapping timber, and the space between the sheathing panels filled low-grade lumber.

framing or shield design doors are solid, hollow or melkopustotnymi:

  • shields called solid door construction, that is, from not edging or low-quality lumber is going to shield that from both sides sheathed fiberboard or MDF.The wooden battens in this type of doors, as a rule, do not use, otherwise the door will turn excessively massive.Such a structure can be used as an input-only high-rise apartments, as the entrance premises themselves are certain obstacle, hindering the cold street.But even in such circumstances, the entrance door to sheathe good home insulation material combined with imitation leather.

Hollow door, which consists of strapping and one or two crossbars, sheathed with chipboard, MDF or clapboard.The space between the facing webs remains empty.It follows that this door is not suitable for installation on its entrance to the house or apartment.Its purpose - to split the interior.

  • Melkopustotnye design can have different content, including thermal insulation material.But if the door is planned to be installed at the entrance, it makes sense to completely fill its cavity using insulation with low thermal conductivity - polystyrene, mineral wool, polyurethane foam, and together with them it is possible to apply foam and foil.

figure out what constitutes each of the types of doors installed on the entrance window, you can select one of them for independent production.First of all, it will be necessary to carry out this process, tools and materials stock.

Tools for

For any carpentry work is necessary to have special tools.Even if you can not buy expensive modern devices, it is possible to do a classic set of hand.

Несмотря на появление современных электрифицированных инструментов, "классические" ручные тоже не выходят из употребления

Despite the emergence of modern electrified instruments, the "classic" manual is also not out of use

  • For the convenience of work need a reliable and stable workbench, which will be manufacturing, processing and assembly of construction parts.
  • work extremely simplified, if the owner has a set of power tools router.It will help to accurately and efficiently process the wood, to give the desired shape and dimensions of the details of the door, select the slots and sockets, and even decorate the canvas some relief pattern.If this tool is not present, you can use the milling drills, setting them screwdriver or drill.Previously, when these convenient devices did not exist, carpenters used for these purposes, chisels and cutters of various configurations.So if you can not buy a mill - stocked set of chisels.
Hand mill will greatly simplify the implementation of many operations

Hand mill will greatly simplify the implementation of many operations

  • Hand plane is also capable, in certain cases replace the milling machine.They are aligned and adjusted in size of parts, cut corners (chamfer) if necessary, performing other technological operations.
  • to door elements were combined with high quality and durable, you can not do without clamps, which pulled gathered fabric detail.
  • To produce workpieces require a handsaw.
  • needed hammers - a regular and a rubber (or wood - Mallet).
  • Finishing require electric sander and sandpaper to it.Polishers can be replaced by a small segment of the bar, which is nailed or screwed sandpaper.
  • To build structures, installation of locks and hinges, drill holes or screws required nageli screwdriver.In an extreme case, you can do a drill and a set of screwdrivers.
  • Required Measuring and layout tools - tape measure, ruler, folding ruler, necessarily - carpenter Area, a simple pencil or marker.

materials for the manufacture of doors

for doors require materials that you need to prepare in advance:

  • Wood - the size, grade and quantity of timber is selected for each product individually.
  • Special carpenter's glue.
  • Screws of different length and wooden pins.Usually professional artists to secure wooden parts together they are used.But some manufacturers prefer metal corners and lining.
  • Insulating material.

should be noted that additional materials may be required for each of the types of doors - they will be referred to in describing the procedure of production models.

How to choose a wood?

to door served for a long time and not rassohlas or deformed, to the choice of wood should be approached with great responsibility.The main construction material is selected on the following criteria:

  • of wood is selected depending on the type of construction and financial capacity.If it is made a massive door without additional insulation, it is necessary to choose the more expensive rock material with a high density - it can be oak or cedar, larch wood or some fruit trees.
  • For making webs or a massive paneled doors sold timber having the minimum number of knots.For strapping frame construction can be chosen lower-grade wood, but if it is sheathed wooden paneling, the facing material should have higher quality.
  • is important to choose timber having optimum moisture content - it must be 11 ÷ 15%.Only in this case the material is easy to process and products therefrom would be a long time without deformation and not swelled rassyhayas.The best option would be wood, held in a special drying chamber.
When choosing a lumber particular attention to - their grade , the degree of drying and evenness

When selecting lumber particular attention to - their grade, the degree of drying and evenness

  • When buying each of the planks (boards) are checked for evenness.This process is carried out visually, and even better - with the laying of the purchased items on a flat surface.For all the shortcomings will be immediately noticeable.
  • To ready the door leaf has a thickness of 50 mm, it is necessary to choose:

- for solid doors - board 50 mm thick;

- for framing doors, five millimeter sheathed with chipboard, timber or board to 40 mm, and is sheathed clapboard desyatimillimetrovoy - 30 mm;

- for binding and cross webs paneled need board 50 mm thick, and for panels, depending on their design - 15 ÷ 20 mm.

  • To design had good rigidity, boards for binding or manufacture all linen better to choose a width of 120 ÷ 150 mm.

All boards and bars before mounting it is necessary to process by machine, setting it nazhdachku fine-grained, or manually.

How to apply insulation?

Since, in general, all homeowners prefer to insulate the doors, should be considered and that any thermal insulation material most commonly used for these purposes.

Whatever door is chosen to enhance the Insulating effect and prevent drafts in the room you want to be sure to seal the door frame.To do this, the most commonly used foams, special self-adhesive foam pads or PSUL tape (pre-compressed self-expanding sealing tapes).Any of these options is suitable for all kinds of doors.

Sealing adhesive tape

Sealing adhesive tape

most common insulation for thermal insulation fabric door:

material parameters Izolon (foam) Styrofoam Mineral wool
Compressive Strengthat 10% deformation, not less (kPa) 0,031 ÷ 0,33 40 ÷ 160 -
density kg / m³ 25 ÷ 200 15 ÷ 50 11 ÷ 50
Thermal conductivity at 25 ± 5 ° C (W / (m × ° K) 0,031 ÷ 0,037 0,038 ÷ 0,041 0,036 ÷ 0,043
Water absorption,% by volume of not less than 1 0 ÷ 1,5 1,8 ÷ 4,0 10 ÷ 15
Group flammability T2 ÷ T4 T2 ÷ T4 NG ÷ G1
It is best to use a thick mineral wool layer with a foiled

is best