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August 12, 2017 18:06

LED strip for illumination of ceilings

Every year in the interior design of residential and special buildings includes new elements.LED strip for illumination of ceilings was one of them.

LED strip for illumination of ceilings

LED strip for illumination of ceilings

This functional decorative detail is able to transform even the most boring interior.Often, it can shine in different colors from which to choose for the current mood or the prevailing atmosphere.

What is LED ribbon?

Article Contents

  • 1 What is LED ribbon?
    • 1.1 Advantages of LED strip illuminated ceiling
  • 2 Criteria for selection of LED strip Ceiling
    • 2.1 applied in strips LEDs
    • 2.2 Getting white
    • 2.3 Variety of LED strips
    • 2.4 importance of quality LED strip
  • 3 design and self-assembly of LED strip
    • 3.1 Financial issue
    • 3.2 Video: installation and connection of LED strip

LED strip isa flexible strip which can have a width from 5 to 50 mm.On one side of the tape positioned LEDs and resistors, electrical conductors combined into a single scheme.On the other hand it

is usually glued on the double-sided tape, on which the band is secured in place chosen for it.

Double-sided adhesive tape (Pos . 1 ) and a protective substrate (Pos . 2 ) , which is removed when you install tape

double-sided tape (Pos. 1) and a protective substrate (Pos. 2), which is removed when you install tape

On LED ribbons of different models are located and different number of LEDs, and they also can be different sizes.If necessary to achieve greater brightness, sometimes soldered LEDs additional second or third row.

Advantages of LED strip illuminated ceiling

Band LED backlight is capable of transforming your home decor

Band LED lights can transform interior space

The advantages of this lighting decorative device are many, and include the following indicators:

  • Affordable Price and significantenergy savings at a sufficiently high brightness.
  • Easy installation like lighting equipment, which it is possible to make yourself by following the enclosed instructions.
  • wide choice of colors.LED strip may be composed of single color LEDs, for example, white - light to enhance or accentuate lines, or different from the emission elements for creating special mood in a room.
The perimeter of the ceiling of the room , lit by a green tint

perimeter of the ceiling of the room, lit by a green tint

  • Long service life, since high-quality LEDs can be 10 or more years.

Selection criteria for LED strip ceilings

applied in strips LEDs

purchasing LED strips to illuminate the ceiling, you need to know what types of LEDs used for this purpose.

main types, which are currently used for the production of luminous tapes for ceilings are LEDs SMD 5050 and SMD 3028.

Ribbon with LED SMD 3028 (Pos . 1 ) and SMD 5050 ( item 2)

Ribbon with LED SMD 3028 (Pos. 1) and SMD 5050 (item 2)

SMD - letter data in the marking are an abbreviation, an acronym for the names of «surface mounted device», translated it means, like "device that is mounted on the surface", as the LED reliably soldered to the surface of the belt.

figures walking on the labeling after the letters indicate the size in millimeters of the LED.For example, SMD 3028 - is an element of dimensions 3 × 2.8 mm and, respectively, SMD 5050 - 5 × 5 mm.

Size class LEDs SMD 5050

size class LEDs SMD 5050

LEDs have the same mark has six "legs" coming out of the body, which he soldered to the tape.The item itself is equipped with three light-emitting crystals.Such LED light radiation will produce about three times more intense than the one-chip SMD 3028 connected to only one pair of strip contacts.

To determine the characteristics of the LED light intensity using a term such as luminous flux, which is measured in lumens.So, officially defined values ​​of this parameter for SMD LEDs 5050 are equal to 12 lumens, and for the SMD 3028 - only 4 lumen.One LED SMD 5050 with the brand shines just as intensely as three near placed SMD 3028.

Light color LED strip will depend on the light-emitting diodes, which are installed in it.In the case where the feed contains 5050 SMD LEDs, in each of their casings can be installed three crystals of different colors - red (Red), green (Green), and blue (Blue).These are the English flower names given as an abbreviation often used RGB.

With electronic control circuit can optionally include any of the colors.Moreover, it is possible to obtain an infinite variety of beautiful colors, changing the brightness of red, green and blue crystals.By such mixing turns new rich light background - it's hard to believe, but the "game" of all three colors, when mixed as a result can provide up to sixteen million different colors.

management intensity and brightness of LEDs is usually done through the console using a special device - the controller.

An example of some colors that can be obtained by mixing two colors.

example of some colors that can be obtained by mixing the three colors.

Very interesting shades can be obtained by adding to the existing background of white light.It dilutes the brightness of red, blue and green, and are formed as a result of the gentle, pleasing to the eye shades, such as light blue or light pink.

These shades can get and when you turn white at full brightness with the addition thereto of other colors that are included with a lower intensity.It is necessary to take into account the fact that in different lighting conditions almost completely changed view of the interior design, as it can each time appeared as different colors.

recommends to illuminate the ceiling to use LED Strip with white light or combination consisting of white and tri-color elements.These tapes will give the ability to change colors in the mood room.A white color intensity could be so high that it can be compared with natural daylight on a fine day.

Getting white

Since LEDs with "pure" white light does not exist, it can be obtained in two ways.

  • One of them is the fact that use crystals with a blue glow that covered the top phosphor.

Phosphor - it's kind of a pale yellow substance causing the surface of the LED chip.This structure is able to convert the energy absorbed into the white light emission.By the presence of LED light yellow substance can clearly determine that the elements which are to emit white light.

A phosphor layer in LED (arrow ) indicates that it is an element of white luminescence

phosphor layer on the LED (arrow) indicates that it is an element of white light

It should be noted that over time, the phosphor gradually loses its quality converter, and blue color begins to break through the white and the light becomes bluish.

If LED tape used continuously throughout the year, its brightness can be reduced by 25-30%.Therefore, the acquisition of the "lighting unit" should be familiar with its specifications and operating instructions, where the manufacturer must specify the warranty period.

By reducing the intensity of the white light or the appearance of a blue color, you can use the second method of its production.

  • The second method is based on the laws of optics, of which it is known that a white color can be obtained by mixing all the colors available (in this case, green, red and blue) at the same time enabling them to full capacity.Thus, we can "create" a white light, and the problem with the influence on him "run down" the phosphor will not matter.
RGB- ribbon, which can shine and white and other shades

RGB-ribbon, which can shine and white and other shades

best option choices to install lighting on the ceiling can be RGB-LED tape, since it set three-color LEDs that will help to obtain, if necessary,white light, as well as other colors.

RGB- LED in the tape

RGB-LED is mounted in the tape

This variety of LED strips will last long enough.They are quite easy to use - taxes they have the opportunity to include white light, if only need intense lighting, or color gamut, matching the mood.color adjustment process is carried out with the remote control and do not take much time.

Variety of LED strips

Some types of tapes with different types of LEDs and varying the frequency of their installation.

Some types of tapes with different types of LEDs and varying the frequency of their installation.

1 - strip with SMD 3028 LED with a density of 60 units of accommodation / rm.

2 - the same, but with the placement density of 120 pcs / running meter.

3 - two-row feed with LED SMD 3028, with a density of installation 240 pcs / running meter.

4 - tape with a rare type of placement of LEDs SMD 5050 - the density of the whole 30pcs rm / m..

5 - the same, but with a density of 60 pcs / rm.

6 - two-row LED Light Strip with SMD elements 5050 and a density of 120 accommodation units / rm..

Experts recommend installing lighting to illuminate the ceiling strip SMD 5050 having one meter 30 or more LEDs warm white light, or tape from the RGB-LEDs.

If you plan to install decorative lighting for niche ceilings, furniture or the desktop in the kitchen, it is better to use SMD 3028 strip, which has 60 LEDs per meter.It will be enough for it to cope with its task.LED strip with very high intensity of light is unnecessary, as it can dazzle the eye, the more that will require greater brightness high power supply unit and is larger in size, so it is more difficult to find a quiet place.

importance of quality LED strip

Having decided to make in an apartment or extra lighting to decorate the interior with LED strip, it is not recommended to buy the cheapest options.Such products do not last for a long time in its original condition - they tend to be quickly broken color balance, or even diodes can burn out completely.The cheapest tape lighting typically installed elements are not too high quality, which determines the lowest price.

Design and installation of a separate LED tape

LED ribbon lighting system is often sold in a set.You can certainly buy all of its elements and separate, but they are harder to guess correctly the parameters.

An example of a set of LED tape light

example sets the LED ribbon lighting

kit LED backlight consists of several electronic devices:

  • power supply, which is needed to convert the AC power required for the diodes in the DC voltage;
  • controller with a sensor that changes the color of the light with the remote;
  • remote control, the regulatory changes in the intensity and hue of the light flux;
The remote control lighting system from the RGB- ribbon

Remote control for lighting control system from the RGB-ribbon

  • LED strip the required length.

Scheme mounting system looks something like this.

Sample wiring diagram LED backlight with parallel sections

exemplary wiring diagram LED backlight with paralleled portions

This diagram shows a system with RGB amps, which is necessary to sustain the control signal in those cases when it is necessary to extend the tape or she initially has a greater length.In this figure, the connection point are clearly visible, so relying on it to be easy to understand the sequence of operations.

  • first step is switched to the power supply network cable with a plug for its connection to the network, that is connected and contacts N L.
  • Further, two controller contacts are connected to the same power supply, provided that will be used to illuminateRGB LED strip.
  • After that, the controller to join pin cables, accedes to the tape.
В качественных комплектах цветовая маркировка проводов соответствует "реальности". Желтый провод - плюс питания.

The quality sets color-coded wires corresponds to "reality."Yellow wire - plus food.

  • If the controller is designed for a certain length of tape, and requires the use of a larger number of LEDs, then to extend the wiring or elements necessary to use an amplifier that is connected to the power supply and the other end of the tape.Then the amplifier on the other hand it secured another segment LED strip.

fact that it is dangerous to connect a supply line in series of more than 1500 mm belt, as current conducting paths can not withstand the load.But the control signals - are precisely sequentially from segment to segment, gradually fading.Here, in these cases, for parallel connection to a power supply of several segments, and an amplifier control signals.

  • Once everything is collected, it can be checked by inserting the plug into the socket.
  • During the compounds need to be sure to follow the correct polarity and voltage matching controller, power supply and tape.
  • If necessary, increase the tape, if it allows other devices in its power, this process is carried out using specially designed connectors.
  • If the tape must be shortened, the incision is made exclusively in the target manufacturer in a certain place, it is usually -0 indicated thereon a dashed line.The cut is made using conventional scissors.
Cutting the ribbon can be made only at designated places on it

Cutting the ribbon can be made only at designated places on it

A few words must be said about the correct mounting tape on the intended place for it.

  • Secured tape double-sided tape, which is released from the protective film before the gluing.If done
  • ceiling lights, it is usually a tape secured below the surface in a small niche, made of plasterboard.This installation method is effective in that the light on the light receiving direction of the ceiling plane, which by illuminating LEDs in a more even illumination of the room.
Illumination is installed in an alcove suspended plasterboard ceiling

backlight installed in an alcove suspended plasterboard ceiling

Ceiling And it difficult to mount a ceiling on their own?

Installation of similar design solves many problems at once the repair and upgrading of facilities.With the materials and components in our time there are no problems, and make ceiling plasterboard own hands - quite a feasible task.Detailed instructions - in a special publication of our portal.

  • Another option to increase the efficiency of the backlight is fastening tape on the cornice (for curtains or specially installed around the perimeter of the entire room just for lighting purposes).

tape in this case is fixed in such a way that it is a light flux on the wall and on the ceiling of a certain area in which the light is scattered, increasing the illuminated area.A well-lit ceiling will not only make the room lighter, but also help save on electricity.

Proper placement of the tape (Pos . 1 ) and the power supply unit (Pos . 2 ) in an alcove ceiling

Proper placement of the tape (Pos. 1) and the power supply unit (Pos. 2) in an alcove ceiling

  • to tape was fixed on the surface without problems, the place of its bonding is cleaned of dust and it is desirable to degrease, and then welldry.