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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to make a bunk bed with his hands

question of how to make a bunk bed with his hands, it is often on the "agenda" due to the fact that the standard apartments do not differ impressive squares and open space.Even if the children in the family is allocated a completely separate room, you should not clutter up her excess furniture - better to leave more space for games and sporting activities.

How to make a bunk bed with his hands

How to make a bunk bed with his hands

Therefore, for the family, which is growing two or more children, a bunk bed design becomes a real boon.And not necessarily delve into the online directories or run around the furniture stores - this bed is quite possible to produce in-house.

Certain types and models of bunk beds

Article Contents

  • 1 Certain types and models of bunk beds
    • 1.1 traditional model
    • 1.2 Option bed with sofa
    • 1.3 bed model with drawers
    • 1.4 model with a double bed on the first tier
    • 1.5 bed for large family
    • 1.6 loft bed
    • 1.7 Children's loft bed
  • 2 making beds with two tiers
    • 2.1 Principles build quality wooden bed
    • 2.2 Bunk wooden bed "classic" type
    • 2.3 loft bed
    • 2.4 Video: how to make a children's bunk bed

in our days, in the range of shops you can find a variety of models of beds with two tiers, and based on them is quite possible to create your own version of a berth with suitable under specific conditions and the size and location of the specifics of a comfortable staircase.In addition to the traditional two-tier structures can be made and a loft bed, which will free up valuable space in the room.

If we consider several different options, it will be easier to choose the most suitable design for your apartment.

traditional model

This bunk bed is traditional and has a very simple design with all, what only can be.It is readily available for independent production and require a minimum amount of materials.

One of the simplest designs of bunk beds

One of the simplest designs of bunk beds

This model is perfect for a child's room and significantly save valuable space in it, which can be used for the arrangement of the workplace or the playing area.In addition, the design can serve as a good platform for children to play intricate, so it should be fairly stable, and in some cases, it is recommended that all rigidly fixed to the wall.

The big advantage of this model is the natural wood, from which it is made, it is very important for a child's room.Drawings and detailed description of the manufacture of the model bed will be discussed below.

bed version with sofa

bed having on its first tier of the sofa, will save even more space in the room than usual bunk design.If on the first floor is arranged regular bed, it will be uncomfortable to just sit and watch TV, because there is no comfortable backrest.Therefore, in addition to the above presented embodiment of traditional bunk bed in the children's room have still to find a place for the sofa or two armchairs, which, of course, will occupy a large area.Well, if the sofa built into the two-story complex at night he will be sleeping and during the day - create a comfortable sitting area sitting or lying down.In addition, the folded piece of furniture that does not take any extra centimeters square, and in the spread - will be a large full bed.

The successful combination of bunk beds and a sofa

successful combination of bunk beds and a sofa

To make such a complex alone, will have to buy or use an existing sofa and have it attach to the rest of the construction, which, incidentally, is a robust and reliable thanks to the massiveness of the lower tier.

bed model with drawers

This option is a bunk bed for up to three beds and additionally equipped with drawers and shelves, will take a bit more space than the usual traditional bed, has two tiers.However, because the nursery is still not do without the various cabinets and drawers for toys and educational supplies, and for which an attached design can be used at the same time playing the role of a reliable, stable staircase leading to the second tier.

And in this version - even three beds and lots of useful built-in cabinets

And this version - even three beds and lots of useful built-in cabinets

themselves berths occupy the area in which to stay in a regular bed.As you can see in the illustration, the third bed is a pull-out design that on the day the period is hidden under the mattress of the first tier.

Thus, three children will be provided not only beds, but its drawers and shelves, but other than that - and excellent gaming complex, in which a similar two-tiered structure can develop.

model with a double bed on the first tier

bed, having first tier double, can be used in a studio apartment, or in the bedroom, where one of the premises decided to allocate a living room with workspace.Thus, the first floor is taken away under the bed adult bedroom, and the second is for the child.

double bed was placed in the first tier of a trapezoidal design

In the first tier of a trapezoidal design placed a double bed

This option takes the trapezoidal design of the room area, which is usually given to a spread out sofa.For its production will require little material, but due to the wide-set legs and large massiveness of the lower tier, the bed is stable and durable.

Bed for large family

Bunk structure consisting of four beds - a great choice for families with four or more children live.Produce this option more difficult and will require a lot of material for it, but the room will be spacious, and the bed will look carefully along one wall.

Bunk Bed , designed for a large family

Bunk Bed, designed for a large family

design can be modified and extended even up to six beds, if it is set in the length of the room and add another section of the two-tier, or to arrange a lower tier two pull-out mattress.

loft bed

loft bed is also used for the purpose of rational use of usable space in the room and sort of "camouflage" sleeping place.This option is suitable not only for young children - it quite often opt for adults, especially if the apartment consists of one room.

Very effectively save storage space a loft bed

Very effective useful space a loft bed

This design allows the use of a flat zone in a dual purpose - on the second floor is wide and comfortable bed, and the bottom area of ​​the first tier - it is a spacious room, which provides allfor comfortable work.

important condition for improvement of such a construction is its strength, especially if the bed is for two people.Typically, such an additional loft bed securely fixed to the wall.

Children's loft bed

Children's version of the bed-loft - is a complex, which includes a table and a cupboard, which can be stored not only toys, but also clothing.Such a complex with some reason it is possible to even be called a small room, which is a favorite place for children, since most of the children are always trying to create a "secret" area, building of chairs and blankets, tents and cabins.

The whole complex for a child of any age

whole complex for a child of any age

Having made such an option the bed with all the necessary for play and learning elements, we can solve several problems at once, and save money on buying furniture for a child for many years, since the complex is suitable for a five-yearbaby, and for fifteen teenager.Moreover, since drawing up the drawing, it is possible to include the existing cabinets and tables, which are perfect for the first construction stage.

Upon completion, all the elements of the bed-loft is the general color that will blend in with the design of the whole nursery.

Making beds with two tiers

Next publication will address the manufacture and assembly of two different models of bunk beds - the "classic" type, and the bed-loft.However, many elements of the designs and their assembly principles - are exactly the same, and not to be repeated, for a start it will show these details separately, by the example of the conventional wooden bed.If these principles are learned, and the creation of a second tier will not be easy, of course, taking into account specific features.

Principles build quality wooden bed

To score it neat, you must make perfectly sure and handle all the details.The following table ballpen instruction are illustrations in which the master uses professional tools - they're a lot faster and easier operation.However, that same operations can be carried out quite a common tool, which is in almost any good, "rukastogo" host.Of course, we will have to make more effort, and production takes more time, but still it is - maybe.

Illustration Brief description of the operation being performed
lz1 So, all boards should be planed, their surface - perfectly aligned and fitted to the desired size.
This illustration shows the production of side-bar - sidebar bed supporting structure.
lz2 to cross the board, which will be laid a mattress, have a reliable and durable support, fixed on the side-bar is well-treated bars.
lz3 On the panel side-bar, for gluing timber line, carpenter's glue is applied.
Then it fits pasted element.
Bruce well pressed and contracted clamps in several places.
Once the glue is dry, parts are held together with screws through holes drilled "under the jackpot."
lz4 very important point is the production of side-racks legs as they fall high load.
on these items in the future will be fixed side and end panels bed.
therefore they are usually collected from two layers, one of which is basic, and consists of a timber.
second layer is assembled from individual elements arranged at a certain distance from each other.
lz5 This distance depends on the width of the side-bar, the edge of which will be set in the resulting groove.
individual pieces of lumber glued on first marks on the whole piece, and then they drilled holes "under the jackpot" for self-tapping screws.
lz6 Another thing that causes trouble - is to create a straight-forms in some detail, for example, in the manufacture of semi-circular backs headboard and footboard.
To avoid mistakes, and do not draw unnecessary roughing lines on most of the wood element, it is recommended to make a paper template from which the form is carried on board neat dashed contours.
lz7 then taken a flexible plastic strip, which can be bent by bending the cut, and already it is carried out finishing curved boundary of the cut.
lz8 Further, sawing planks produced by the marked line using an electric jigsaw.
This photo shows professional stationary machine, but it can also be used hand tools.
AH 9 After this cut-off line is treated by manual or fixed a router that rounded edges and deliver them from the protruding wood fibers.
In the same way are cut and processed all the boards needed to create elements for the headboard and footboard.
lz10 When will be made all the necessary parts to build a bed, you should make them a fitting and making the necessary layout.
AH 11 Further, manufactured, or purchased ready-made connecting dowels.
They may be circular or have a planar shape as shown in this illustration.
AH 12 Ready dowels are arranged on the parts to be put together.
At the same time it will be possible to visually assess how many of them need.
AH 13 In places where there are drilled holes for dowels, made a pencil mark.
Simply drill holes for dowels round, picking up the drill size.
If the compounds are used in flat dowels, the drill holes are drilled next to a few, which are then combined with a chisel or a cutter.
AH 14 dowels are inserted into the holes, no glue is, as you must first carry out a preliminary assembly structure, to ensure that there will be no distortions.
AH 15 After that, the free ends of the dowels to put on the bed stand.
rubber or wooden hammer (mallet) can be used to complete prosazhivanie parts during assembly.
AH 16 Making the Connection details of one of the sides of the back pass to mount a second rack.
AH 17 Gathering individual elements bed, you must make a pre-assembly of the whole structure of the "first floor" to make sure that all parts are precisely matched to each other.
AH 18 on the bed frame laid the foundations of the board - the process is carried out to determine the optimal distance between them.
dya19 When the size of the gaps between the boards will be determined by him cut and pasted fragments of the bar between the boards on support beams, which laid the foundations of the board.
These elements allow the boards to be in a predetermined position without shifts, so they just placed without fixing screws edge.
lz20 After all the preliminary operations m making possible the necessary adjustments, the entire structure assembled and disassembled again, but "tightly", ie with the use of glue.
dya21 The illustration shows well how the connection is resistant beds with paneled headboards backrest using dowels, glue lubricated.
dya22 Glued bed frame is required to pull the clamp to the complete drying and then it is further fastened with screws through holes drilled "under the jackpot."
dya23 The illustration clearly visible pieces of timber, fixed to the longitudinal support shelf tsargi - between them and will be subsequently laid the foundations of the board under the mattress.
dya24 final compound tsargi backs and headboard and footboard made screws.
AH 25 This illustration shows a cut must be made at the bottom of the feet under the plinth to the bed could be installed against a wall.