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August 12, 2017 18:06

Tandoor own hands

Many nations have their own kinds of stoves for cooking everyday and holiday dishes.The most famous of these devices - barbecue, grill, barbecues, but not many more know this stove as tandoor, which is used for the preparation of national dishes in Central Asia.

Tandoor own hands

Tandoor own hands

Construct tandoor with their hands at their summer cottage or in the yard of a private house - it is possible if you know what it is, and step through all stages of its construction.

What is tandoor , and that can be cooked in it ?

Article Contents

  • 1 What tandoor, and that it is possible to prepare?
  • 2 design tandoor
  • 3 Tandoor with the installation of the finished tabs
    • 3.1 Manufacturing tandyrnoy tabs
    • 3.2 foundation for tandoor
    • 3.3 masonry walls
  • 4 Tandoor brick
    • 4.1 Video: version built brick tandoor
  • 5 simplified version tandoor
    • 5.1 Video: construction tandoor under a simplified scheme
  • 6 Ready tandoor
  • 7 how to cook intandoor?

tandoor oven- in Asia is used for cooking, you can say, literally all , from bread and ending hot meat.Therefore, this structure can be found, perhaps, in every yard of a private home in those places.Amazing flavor cooked in a tandoor dishes were able to assess and Russian Oriental cuisine lovers, so more and more are appearing on the stove suburban areas and areas in Russia.

In terms of cooking , the functionality in the tandoor - a huge

In terms of cooking, the functionality in the tandoor - a huge

Fragrant Uzbek cakes of various kinds, baked vegetables, kebabs, roast chicken - all this can be cooked in this relatively small but very multifunctional oven.

in Central Asian countries has always been a deficit for the wood burner, as in these areas there are no significant woodlands and even the rare landings.Basically grow low shrubs, solitary trees and grasses that do not require a large amount of moisture.It is their traditionally used for heating tandoor .It has a structure that can be heated bundle simple haloxylon - bushes growing on sandy soils and on burning giving a short-term high fever.Oven long still hot, which allows to bake a large amount of grain products, and therefore it can be called a very economical device for cooking.

cakes , baked in tandoor , in Asian countries called « tandoor bread », which translated from Turkish to significant tandyrny bread.

design tandoor

design tandoor quite simple. task of its construction - doable for a beginner, and the presence on the implementation of each step in the construction manual, will not allow to admit any mistakes.

Overall concept tandoor

total concept tandoor

furnace installed on the foundation, which is located at 150 - 170 mm above the ground level and deepen as much below the floor if tandoor installed indoors kitchen or gazebos.However, the usual place of its location - outdoor courtyard section.

immediately over the ash-pit foundation arranged chamber with a door, and on top of it fit cast iron grill .

Next, built of brick inner chamber tandoor, which tapers upwards and forms a dome shape. Its internal surface should be covered with a layer of clay and well smoothed.On their surface, and will cleave raw cake dough, which will be after baking fragrant bread.

The internal surface of the walls - a place for baking cakes

The inner surfaces of the walls - a place for baking cakes

Tandoor can have different sizes, but it is traditionally done in the altitude of 1,000 - 1500 mm and the diameter of its bottom is about 1000 mm.If it is built in the country and will not be considered as the only place where you can cook the food, the planned small-sized oven.

Since the top of the inner chamber narrows between it and the outer wall is filled with heat-saving material.Most often used for this purpose small stones, salt, sand or a small fraction expanded clay.This layer helps to maintain for a long time tandoor hot after burning it in fuel.

If tandoor bread is baked, then after burn through wood and warm as well wall, coals from the oven must be removed, so that the smoke does not infiltrated cakes .When at prepara- meat, this can not do, because the smoke will give a shish kebab or barbecue distinctive flavor.

Form tandoor and materials from which it is built, promote the return of heat from the warmed up walls inside camera rather than outside. Therefore, even after the extraction of coal, accumulated heat will be enough to cakes or vegetables completely propeklis and roasted meat.

Tandoor can be made in two ways - with the installation of the finished clay tabs, or with by forming a thick clay layer on the inner walls lined with brick.

Clay tab can be purchased off the shelf.It is, in principle , is a pitcher who does not have bottom .If there is the possibility of acquiring such, the process of manufacturing tandoor will be greatly facilitated and take place much faster.

Tandoor with the installation of the finished tabs

tab can produce on its own, but it is necessary in advance to realize, that this work - proportionate to the art, and not a fact, that allsucceed the first time.

Making this tandyrs - a special skill

Making this tandyrs - special skill

Manufacturing tandyrnoy tabs

to manufacture clay tabs suitable not any raw - need fireclay clay medium viscosity, which has good ductility.

molding composition for the manufacture of the furnace consists of a salt, clay, sand and wool, in the proportion of 1: 4: 1: 2.To add to the solution used camel or sheep wool - it contributes to better thermal insulation and serves as a reinforcing element for clay products.

clay should be well cleaned from impurities (stones and roots of plants), rubbed through the screen, Shuffle and soak on to ÷ alone for two days.

Preparation and soaking clay

Preparation and soaking clay

Next, the solution is well kneaded to a dough uniform - this proce ss etc. Gadfly feet.The mixture was literally trampling long time.

Kneading clay solution

kneading clay solution

Tandoor made in a special way, different from the classical pottery . called tape method because of the clay solution are rolled strip in a thickness of 15 ÷ 20 mm and a length 2000 and a width of 200 ÷ 250 mm.The process of manufacture is carried out in the shade under a canopy roof, as clay in the sun will dry quickly, losing its elasticity.

The molding blanks - clay tapes

Formation blanks - clay ribbons

Next, prepared clay strips are carried in the sun, and they form the cup without a bottom - it will lower portion tandoor .Form neatly displayed in the ring with smooth walls.As the carcass may be used a metal barrel, but forming the lower part, the frame must be removed immediately.And it's easy to clay "let go", metal barrels can be spread with vegetable oil.

First hatches lower cylindrical part ...

first vyleplivaetsya lower cylindrical part ...

next step one or two strips attached to the bottom of the bowl, which form a tapered up of the jug with rounded sides, like a dome, but without the upper neck.

... Then the top , domed

... then the top, domed

After that the walls of the compaction process with two special tools - kind of wood or metal trowel to smooth rounded edges, which has the shape of a disk, and the wooden blades with diagonalembossed stripes.

Sealing of wet clay tandoor walls

seal wet clay tandoor walls

Master with one hand holding a trowel, pressing it against the inner surface of the jar, and with the outside, through the clay wall neatly has shovel on it.At this time, the clay is compacted and formed thereon a pattern of diagonal stripes.

Forming the upper part with a neck

Formation of the upper part with a neck

After that formed the upper part with a neck which should be Dia tr in the Far East and times lower than the bottom of the insert.

Gly on on top of the jug is compacted and leveled in the same manner as in the bottom and middle part.

While clay paste is dry, you can proceed to the arrangement of the foundation to install tandoor .

funda nt to I tandoor

If tandoor will have finished tab, the foundation under it can be , ka to to rugloy and square shape.The same can be said construction and brick walls - they are laid in a circle or in the form of a cube.The second option is even preferable, as between the tab and the outer walls, a sufficiently large gap that can be filled with insulating or heat storage composition.

diameter or size of the foundation must be greater than 120 ÷ 150 mm than bottom of the outer brick walls tandoor .The pit under the foundation is not made too deep, enough to choose the ground on 120 ÷ 170 mm.

Too deep foundation - not needed

too deep foundation - no need

next stage pit is filled with a layer of sand, 50 mm thick and well compacted.

Sand bed

Sand bed

Then, we can proceed in two ways: laid reinforcing mesh, or first make a mound of rubble and the middle fraction has him put armature.The second variation nt sd elaet foundation stronger as gravel solution to form a kind of additional reinforcing layer.

You can do a little reinforcement

can do a little reinforcement

then to raise the foundation above ground, it is possible to make the height of the formwork, about , 100 ÷ 150 mm.If the foundation is raised, it avoids the risk of cleaning the masonry rainwater.

In the end - the foundation is poured concrete

In the end - the foundation is poured concrete

The formwork or directly on the valve is filled with concrete mortar consisting of sand, gravel and cement .He leveled with a rule, the surface flatness is checked the building level.

masonry walls

After drying and hardening of the concrete, from the edges resulting plate is measured inside the scheduled distance 120 ÷ 150 mm, and the outer walls are drawn in chalk border tandoor .

Along these lines, and will settle the first row, where the ash-pit camera channel will be formed.Ash-pit door mounted on the first or second row of the chamber walls.

Do not forget about the passage of air

Do not forget about the channel to access the air

Some prefer instead to build into door masonry metal pipe, but it also need to install the valve, which will make it possible to regulate the amount of incoming air or even block it completely.

The channel can be equipped with an adjustable valve

channel can be equipped with an adjustable valve

Sometimes in the construction tandoor refuse and ash-pit of the camera, preferring to burn the wood at the bottom of the oven, but in this case it will be inconvenient to make it cleaning of combustion products.

If the camera is arranged, the top her fit cast iron grill , which takes place burning firewood.Ash falls into the ash pit, from which, by opening the door, it will be easy to remove.

Grid can be made independently of the reinforcing rods or buy ready-made cast-iron in a specialty store.

Cast iron grill

iron railings

Especially that the market can find and rectangular, and round versions arrays, which can be chosen according to the diameter of tandoor .

On top platform lattice neatly set tandyrnaya tab, and the joint between the its lower edge and a brick platform is greased with clay mortar.

Further, around the tabs until her neck, built brick walls, and then the gaps between the clay and brick walls are filled with the above-mentioned materials.

The space between themselves tandyr and external brick walls filled with thermal storage materials

space between themselves tandyr and external brick walls filled with thermal storage materials

next stage all the top than in the middle of the round holes, overlaps brickwork.

Further, before furnace operation it takes a few days moderate heat thoroughly, so that the drying of passed smoothly and gradually.

for holes made wooden lid with a convenient handle that will be tightly closed neck.

After complete drying of all materials can be proceed to food preparation.

Tandoor brick

for interior decoration tandoor of brick clay solution is prepared in the same manner as for the creation of tandyrnoy tabs, but for the rows of masonry - a mixture excluded wool.

To build a brick inside the camera, which will replace the finished clay tab, choose red or refractory silica brick that can withstand very high temperatures for a long time.

First of all, in the same way as in the first case, the device for the foundation pit dug and poured the foundation.

markup is the foundation, that is, a circle is drawn, which will determine the outer limits of the walls of the lower part of the dome camera.

In this case, a model that has the following dimensions:

  • diameter of the bottom of the 1000 mm;
  • structure height 1290 mm ;
  • height of the dome from the start of contraction - 545 mm.This dome is displayed for only 10 rows of masonry.

on marked lines will be laid the first row of masonry with opening for the ash-pit chamber.Carrying out masonry, it is necessary to immediately coat the inside of the clay solution, for the manufacture of which, by the way, instead of clay can be used mortar, fireclay fine grinding.

The first course of masonry on the base plate

first course of masonry on the base plate

next stage of the second row is laid, which will block the ash-pit chamber completely, leaving only the central part of the window opening for placing it in iron lattice.In this model, it size is 700 × 200 mm.

Second row - continuous , with window to the lattice

second row - continuous, with window to the lattice

Since the third and finishing thirteenth laid in a circle next to smooth walls tandoor and daubed inside a thick layer of clay mixture. And , the coating should be as smooth, so smooth the clay by hand, periodically dampening it in water.